SAMSUNG GALAXY BUDS PRO vs APPLE AIRPODS PRO: An Audio Engineer’s Review and Comparison

the samsung galaxy buds pro and also the apple airpods professional just how excellent is the galaxy buds pro and also just how do they compare to the apple airpods pro in this video clip we’ll not only look at that yet i’ll offer you some insights from my experience as a professional audio engineer as well as with this crazy looking microphone right here you’ll have the ability to listen to the difference in between each of them right where you are now simply a direct each section of this video clip as well as the middle of most areas will have audio samples that you can directly listen to because of this insane looking thing it’s a binaural mic it’s pretty elegant as well as it cost me 2 100 so rip my pocketbook anyways it’ll allow you to listen to the difference between the galaxy buds pro as well as airpods pro from a selection of musical designs in the default eq settings i’ll place my individual ideas for each and every track in which earbud i assume seems the most effective along with some technical information regarding just how i made this video clip in the description if you wonder regarding it or intend to see if you can hear what i hear

placed on your earphones or earbuds and let’s listen to this initial sample in this one listen to the reduced end the reverb from the vocals and also the arrest the intensity of the hi-hat and the stereo spread from the wawa noise allow me recognize in the comments what you notice in between the two naturally the first point that you’ll notice about the galaxy buds professional holds true it has a nice matte surface contrasted to the glossy layout of the airpods pro that implies it really feels actually nice and also soft in the hand it likewise supports wireless q charging as well as has a usb c port on the back as well as on the front as well as on the inside you’ll see an led battery as well as charge indication currently the earbuds themselves stand out enough to make it super simple to get and they snap back with the ever before so enjoyable magnetic pull that maintains it from befalling easily i love magnets while the instance of the galaxy buds pro looks smaller sized from over it is significantly thicker than the airpods pro which implies that it will stick out a little bit much

more in your pocket oh i forgot to claim if you’re preparing to choose these up or any kind of samsung item there’s a web link in my description that provides you five percent off the majority of samsung products on the samsung shop and also only to compare rates to find the most effective deal on other websites currently prior to we keep discussing the hardware and construct let’s look into one more track this is an enjoyable one to pay attention to for the stereo spread as you listen to the numerous notes moving from left to right currently the galaxy butts professional and also airpods pro have waterproofing with an ipx7 and ipx4 water resistance specifically that implies that the galaxy buds pro is extra immune yet still you should not go swimming with these things currently one thing particularly neat concerning the galaxy buds professional that i have not personally seen in any other bluetooth earbud yet is a speaker style while a lot of audio speakers consisting of earbuds have either one chauffeur or several motorists that are different from each

various other kind of like this typical audio speaker with a tweeter up here and also over down here currently if i’m recognizing the building correctly the galaxy buttons have what’s called a coaxial speaker with a 6.5 millimeter tweeter as well as 11 millimeter woofer that are stacked on top of each other much like a coaxial speaker that’s actually trendy and also i marvel it’s not a lot more typical so keeping that in mind let’s listen to this track which lives sort of on the extremes so pay attention to the low end and after that the high end from the entrapment as well as especially the high hats and also the high end on among these actually sort of injures my ears due to the fact that it’s a little bit harsh on this particular track which one do you assume it is [Songs] when the airpods appeared they were consulted with a great deal of criticism for their design that’s insane just how soon they came to be regular to us but

oddly adequate though when i placed them alongside the galaxy butts pro they just start to reveal their age a bit and look a little out-of-date i actually like the layout of the galaxy buds they have a clean as well as refined appearance oh hello can you listen to that that’s youtube stating that practically 96 of those of you viewing are not subscribed and also this video clip took me over 40 hrs to make so you know hit subscribe and also strike the bell icon to be alerted when i post one more video clip now in regards to fit the galaxy buds pro takes motivation from the airpods professional usually earbuds have a sim that goes right into your ear canal with the ear tip affixed with airpods pro there isn’t a stem the ear idea itself provides a rigidness that enters into your ear and also the galaxy buds professional takes on that style alright for this following track listen to the bass line and also the percussion while we discuss this

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adjustment modes if you squeeze them the galaxy buds pro does virtually the exact same thing but they include in the option of changing the quantity level up or down depending on which earbud you use and releasing spotify sadly you can not personalize it to introduce a various application so that’s a disappointment however you’re at least able to change some setups as well as settings in the app unlike the airbox speaking of those different settings let’s check out exactly how those audio and do however allow’s initial pay attention to this track pay focus to the clarity of the attack on the guitar strings however additionally exactly how 4 the mid-range is in the body of the guitar as well as vocals occasionally when i examine i see you by a fire with your distribute in the open and i question if you’re singing so let’s have a look at active sound canceling our and see initially this is what the earphones seem like when i’m chatting from behind and this is from the right and also then the left however allowed’s placed in the earbuds and see if you can hear what it seems like when it’s terminating audio alright this is what the galaxy

buds pro sound like with absolutely nothing turn on it’s simply off as well as this is what it appears like with energetic sound terminating turned on exactly how does it seem like great so we’re going to listen to exactly how well the energetic noise cancelling executes with this loud follower on all the means up so this is what it sounds like generally what do you assume exactly how was it doing hey if you have not already please think about offering this video a thumbs up for the youtube formula as well as also think about sharing with somebody else you believe might appreciate it or discover it fascinating now we’ll take a look at the openness setting in between both but listen to this one track initial listen to how ahead the vocals sound as well as if you can listen to much of the percussive tools behind-the-scenes or if they appear really hidden the largest distinction is whether or not you can hear the grunge from the bass guitar because 700 to 1k regularity array and this is what the

ambient noise appears like let me understand what you assume what’s intriguing concerning this is it certainly selects up the and also i have actually noticed that a lot when i have actually utilized them as well as this is what the openness mode sounds like on the apple airpods pro they’re actually well recognized for having a great transparency mode with any luck it translates more than this recording in this video i think the galaxy buds professional appears a little bit much more electronic in the openness setting now this track is from my individual pal hannah parrott pay attention to how dynamic the track sounds and if you can hear all the verses in the horns to the really strings and the ariose percussion tools with all the video clip calls and call we’re constructing the microphone has actually come to be much more and much more vital than ever so let’s check them out and also see what they sound like this is the galaxy butts professional exactly how does it appear to you does it sound all-natural or electronic does it audio clear and also full or slim

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and also sloppy and this is what it seems like when i have the air purifier blowing up at full rate so below are the apple airpods pro how does it seem to you does it audio all-natural or electronic does it audio clear and complete or slim or muddy and below are the earpods professional keeping that air purifier going fine this following track is really excellent for sound stage as you can listen to all the reverb and area in the mix likewise listen to the snare and hi-hat one is less complete in the mid-range feeling while the various other makes the air in room of the track extra clear because it removes several of that mid-range now the huge special attribute that the galaxy buds pro deals is vehicle switching off of the active noise terminating if it senses you talking for around 10 seconds approximately so what will occur is it’ll change over to the openness mode and also eventually switch over back over to energetic sound canceling when i very first heard this in the presentation i believed it was truly great but in technique i simply i have to transform it off it just troubles me so much since i notice that it does not work like the airpods max where you can simply hear the songs at a typical volume yet

somehow you can hear your environments or have a discussion with a person else it simply appears truly natural and regular with the galaxy buds pro it just eludes to sound where you can hear your surrounding and also it seems electronic but the music is sort of also reduced it just it simply is sort of a mess and on top of that it would set off all the time when i really did not want it to i wasn’t even speaking with any individual i was simply walking about as well as it just would move over to that setting which indicates my sound is duct actually low as well as i can listen to every little thing around me in a digital sense yet i can not hear what i was originally listening to or enjoying i needed to transform it off anyways let’s listen to another tune pay attention to how clear the bass guitar is on this track as well as the electrical guitar and how intense the symbols are while the apple airpods pro do not really give you a choice to readjust eq or a minimum of some predetermined eq the galaxy buttons professional offer preset eq but not graphical eq yet let’s listen to how every one sounds like by listening to the framework is i directly like the regular settings with the fallout

going too dynamic yet i discover that the included reduced mid boost can muddy up some songs the others i truly do not care for including the bass increase which seems to overwhelm the mix while removing a great deal of the clarity alright we have to listen to a string bell to obtain those honest sinatra vibes take note of how full the strings are the quality of the piano and also the space in the mix created the strings as well as vocals one of these sounds more like a document because of exactly how cozy it seems yet the various other makes the stream seem a bit extra clear if not even more synthetically synthy and also sterile the sunlight is going down is best now now communities are an excellent thing and also a poor thing they aid simplify specific experiences so they’re more smooth as well as robust however they also leave that experience to just one brand or a minimal group of people so while you can use the galaxy buds pro on an iphone as well as you can utilize the airpods professional on an android phone a great deal of those ecological community advantages go away like just being able to open up the situation and it quickly connects to its corresponding tool now interestingly enough though the galaxy but pro

has even more of a sector of distinction while it functions with a whole lot of various other android gadgets greater quality audio is contingent on what kind of android phone you’re utilizing and also particularly what type of hardware remains in the phone that allows that greater top quality audio yet all at once the galaxy but pro is the most airpod pro like earbud to day for android as well as that’s both an excellent and bad thing it’s amazing on samsung phones but functional and also solid on an iphone similar to the experience on the airpods professional on a samsung phone all right let’s pay attention to another track this is loaded with a great deal listen to the below frequencies the luxury from the entrapment and also the hi-hat type seems in the mid-range from the synth one of these has dramatically a lot more energy than the other as for battery life the galaxy crawlers pro are ranked for 18 hrs total from the preliminary completely charged earbuds to each recharge from the case till the instance is drained pipes the apple airpods pro are ranked for 1 day in comparison that suggests that the galaxy buds pro have a

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relatively typical battery life nonetheless if you do not assume anc is something that truly matters much to you you can prolong your battery life by just turning it off now full disclosure i haven’t had adequate time with the galaxy buds professional to absolutely understand how precise the battery life ranking is however i can state that the battery life on the buds themselves has actually required me to put them back in the instance frequently sufficient that it does really feel like the battery life is a little less fine for your other steel heads listen to some tight palm low-key riffs that are secured with the kick drum like a great deal of other sorts of metal pay attention to exactly how tight and punching it seems [Music] currently the price of the galaxy butts pro begin at 50 much less in the retail price of the airpods pro at 199 bucks to be reasonable the airpods pro take place sale typically for 199 however that likewise indicates that the galaxy buds pro might go on sale for also cheaper at some time later now do i think they’re worth the cost in fact yeah allow me discuss why in the following section after we pay attention to this next track this tune has a killer bass line on it focus on that the synth as well as the singing reverb so in its entirety i think the galaxy butts pro are

one of the most airpods pro like earbud offered on the airpod just like the airpods pro there are absolutely other choices that can do several points much better than the airpods pros which’s just the exact same on the galaxy buds pro generally the whole plan is one of the most refined good sounding very easy to use alternative for android users and also also much better if you utilize a samsung gadget i’m really stunned at just how good they sound and actually value that they went for a full noise that not just has a solid reduced end as well as open and clear high-end but an existing in a cozy minutes variety a great deal of earbuds dig the mid-range which is a preferred audio yet i do not choose it because it adversely affects particular musical designs and also tools of all the options readily available to me that i have actually tried until now for android i’m personally choosing the samsung galaxy plus pro and also i assume the overall bundle deserves the rate but you should certainly examine out this video clip testimonial of the new razer earbuds that sound even much better with my customized eq setups so allow me understand your ideas about this video as well as anything else in the comments and afterwards this is technology today community discord chat server many thanks for watching this is technology today until following time you