Review Razer Blade 15 (2020) Super-Portable Gaming Laptop

greetings gorgeous peeps i’m chris from techspur and this beast over here is the razer blade 15 20 20 edition if you’re after a capable game and laptop that can cope with any title you throw it right now but you don’t want to spend more than two grand then the razer blade 15 is definitely a solid option especially if portability is a key factor for you i’ve been reviewing the base model of the 2020 razer blade 15 which can be snuffled for 1 700 pounds here in the uk although my review model costs 1 900 pounds with a bit of a specs bump and that sub 2 000 pound price is still pretty damn good considering the specs it packs into a really surprisingly compact and lightweight chassis so here’s my full review of the razer blade 15 20 20 and for more the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers so the fresh new razer blade sports an aluminium frame which is available in a choice of just two colors black or white otherwise you can no doubt make out there the plain black lid is very important picking up greasy fingerprints and scuffs when you’re opening

and closing it or just carrying it about definitely not an attractive site but it’s pretty common for reason laptops to be fair so i haven’t even been eating nandos or mackie d’s or anything like that that’s just natural finger grease but the great thing about the design of the rear blade 15 20 20 is definitely that slim and light finish if you want something to just chuck in a rucksack and carry about all day this will definitely do the job it’s definitely just as thin and just as lightweight there’s a lot of rivals like the acer helios 300 and triton 300 and the design is pretty subdued here on the razer blade 15 as well as far as gaming machines go in fact obligatory light up lid logo aside you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a business laptop so sure it’s not exactly the most exciting design but if you want something to take into the boardroom without attracting funny glances while also blasting through a bit of doom in your down time then the razer blade 15 will do the job and no concerns with the durability either that lid is proper firm to help protect the display flexing only a little bit under pressure as needed while the rest of

the chassis feels just as solid the rez blade 50 is pretty strong on the connectivity front too you got two usb 3.1 ports and a single usb 3.2 got a bit of ethernet you’ve got some hdmi and also a tasty bit of thunderbolt 3 for hooking up peripherals and 4k monitors if you want to indulge in some ultra hd gaming that’s for that built-in keyboard but it’s actually pretty good for gaming on a budget you don’t get any mechanical switches or other fancy tech but that board is pleasingly firm and while the key travel is rather shallow thanks to the slender build each key does spring instantly back into place once struck of course it also basically just looks like your standard laptop keyboard there’s no fancy macro keys there’s not even a shortcut key to fast load the razer synapse app speaking of which the razer synapse app is of course yes back in action here and that can be used to fully customize the keyboard backlighting and as usual the level of customization is absolutely mental although as you can see here it’s just a single light and zone you don’t get individual zones and you certainly can’t do individual key lighting you’ll definitely have to upgrade to the more advanced model of razer blade 15 if you want all that shenanigans besides that it’s basically your standard windows setup here on the razer blade 15

although there’s no windows hello support annoyingly there’s no face recognition or built-in fingerprint sensor which is definitely a bit of an arse especially if you end up unlocking the bloody thing a couple dozen times a day as for the display well there is blade 15 sports a 15.6 inch oled panel surrounded by dinky wii bezels and my review model offered a full hd resolution although if you’ve got a bit of extra cash you’ve got the option of bumping that up to a 4k display instead if you really want to push that gpu to its very limits and personally i found the visuals perfectly crisp whether i was blasting brains across the nearest wall or kicking back with some netflix to calm down a bit after some frantic blood fest the 144hz refresh rate offers a silky smooth gaming experience although if your stacks are fat you can upgrade that to the advanced model which delivers even faster 300hz visuals to be perfectly honest i think my naked old peepers would struggle to really see the difference but you youngans might find it a bit of an advantage and no complaints for that color accuracy either so creatives can certainly get on board too my spider x pro reckons that almost a full

100 of the srgb gamut is covered off along with 75 of the adobe rgb it’s a slightly warm panel in the default settings and it’s certainly very easy on the eye with gorgeous sharp contrast as you’d expect from an oled nice deep blacks too and on the maximum brightness settings as well it certainly delivers quite a punch it reaches almost 400 nits which is certainly bright enough to work outdoors uh watch movie play it again whatever you fancy and that’s helped along by the anti-reflective display coating the only time i really struggled was when direct sunlight was absolutely pounding the crap out of it but apart from that all good sadly though there’s no touch support here on this base model you’ll have to upgrade to the advanced model for that so now let’s talk power and what you get stuffed inside of the razer blade 15 20 20 edition is a 10th generation intel core i7h series chipset offering strong game and performance for laptops this base model of the razer blade 15 packs in a core i7 10750h backed by 16 gigs of ddr4 ram now of course you’ll need some proper graphical grunt as well for gaming so it’s good to see nvidia’s geforce rtx 2060 also crammed inside here with the option of upgrading to an rtx 2070 or even a 2080 super if you’ve got a bit more scratch still the 2016 doom ran like an absolute beauty on those

top detail settings living up to the promise of that 144 hertz display gta 5 was also no struggle whatsoever for the razer blade 15 20 20 and strange brigade also run with a beautiful frame rate throughout and if you’re a benchmarking fan or you just like to hear people read out big numbers then good news that’s exactly what’s about to happen hooray so first up the time spy benchmark test in 3d mark turn out the score of 5736 while the razer blade 15 was set to the balanced performance mode and that’s a pretty standard score for a 2020 gaming laptop with a 2060 shoved inside when i switched things up to the gaming mode inside the synapse app the result trickled up a tad to 5893 so clearly it doesn’t make too much difference which mod you’re in when you’re using the laptop for intensive tasks as for the port royal ray trace and benchmark test that spaffed out a score of 3377 again pretty standard for a laptop of this sort of caliber and when i run the strange brigade benchmarking test well this spat out a score of 110 frames per second on those high detail settings that’s an average reason and 91

fps on average on the ultra detail setting so impressive work now this base version of the razer blade 15 sports a heat pipe arrangement so all that hot air can pick right off and it seems to do the job absolutely fine even after literally hours of gaming and benchmarking the razer blade 15 showed no signs of throttling at all after you’ve been gaming for a while that area just above the keyboard does get crazy hot and the board itself is fairly warm but all of the areas that you touch while gaming are cool enough to make it a comfortable experience another maximum set and those fans aren’t crazy loud either so they shouldn’t disturb anyone else in the same room as you too badly certainly no worse than any other gaming laptop around this sort of price and not always if you like gaming online either you’ve got full wi-fi 6 support which works like a charm for me and otherwise there’s that dedicated ethernet port if your wi-fi isn’t quite up to snuff my gaming laptops usually suck pretty hard to be fair when it comes to the battery life the reason blade 15 isn’t too bad at all if you just use that for standard everyday tasks like working in a bit of chrome while streaming some media something like that you’ll get roughly four to four and a half hours of use out of the thing of course when you actually start gaming on the thing as you

are apt to do on a gaming laptop you’ll find that that result drops quite dramatically to just one hour and 15 minutes on a full charge and last up a quick note on the story so packed inside my version of the razer blade 15 20 20 i had a 512 gig ssd and it was certainly a nippy bugger crystal disc recorded speeds of 3.2 gigabits per second when reading and just under 3 gigabits per second when writing so certainly download speeds are basically dictated by the speed of your network and games load up nice and fast and so that right there is what i think of the razer blade 15 20 20 edition the base model bear in mind as well if you want the advanced model with even sexier specs 300 hertz display all that kind of shenanigans you’ll have to upgrade and pay a little bit more cash but as i said before this base model will do anyone who wants to play the very latest titles on those high detail settings but also have a good bit of portability as well and spend less than two grand i’m hoping to review a couple of strong rivals to the razer blade 15 20 20 the acer triton 300 and also the helios 300 really really soon as well they were just launched last week so check out my coverage of those for all you need to know and for more the latest greatest tech please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers

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