Razer Hammerhead True Wireless (2021) V2 Review & Comparison: Hammerhead Pro, Galaxy Buds Pro, Pixel

the brand-new razer hammerhead real cordless earbuds 2020 or second gen an extra budget friendly companion to the razer hammerhead real cordless pro thx earbuds that i already assessed there’s a link for that in the summary and also a mistake to the previous razer hammerhead real wireless earbuds yet with a new in-ear design contrasted to the old layout where it just relaxes in your ear so the inquiry is exactly how excellent are the brand-new razer hammerhead real cordless earbuds contrasted to the pros and also how great do they appear contrasted to earbuds like the google pixel buds a collection simply a touch more economical as well as the galaxy buds professional which has the video gaming setting however if you have a samsung phone in this video clip i’ll answer that however it also offers some insight on the sound quality from my experience as an expert sound engineer including my personal eq settings so you can get the very best noise possible around as well as with this crazy looking 2100 microphone you’ll be able to hear the

distinctions in between each of them right from where you are beginning with the default eq establishing ensure to wear your earphones or earbuds to pay attention to this video as each section of the video clip as well as the middle some areas will certainly have some audio examples that you can personally listen to additionally many thanks to razer for sending this bent on me for a truthful review they really did not spend for this have no concept what i’m gon na say and are viewing this for the very first time like you naturally if you do choose to acquire these please consider using the web links in the summary as i obtain a small associate payment from it fine allow’s listen to the first example this track is loaded with a great deal listen for the below regularities the high end from the entrapment and also hi-hat and the mid-range from the synth the brand-new razer hammerhead true wireless earbuds 2021 or 2nd gen been available in at a retail price of a hundred as well as thirty dollars an excellent seventy dollars less than the razer hammerhead real wireless

pros and the galaxy buds professional which are available in at 2 hundred dollars and thirty dollars extra than the google pixel buds a series now i require to make clear that only going to include a sound test for the galaxy buds pro and also pixel buds a collection for a couple of sound tests given that we’re mainly aiming to listen to just how they contrast in concerns to appear for these certain earbuds rather than a point-by-point contrast currently it’s crucial to keep in mind that the galaxy buds pro are significantly a lot more costly than these and while they do have a gaming mode it just works with samsung devices the pixelbots a are being included because they are quite dang enclose rate yet they do not have a gaming mode or active noise terminating let’s listen to the next example we’ll bring these two back as soon as we reach the eq settings and this one pay attention to the low end the reverb from the vocals and also the arrest the sharpness of the hi-hat and the stereo spread from the wawa sound and allow us understand in the remarks what you observe [Music] video clips [Music] the important things that you’ll discover first about the normal hammer heads and also the hammerheads pro is a shiny

coating contrasted to the pros i directly like the matte coating of the pros a lot more and find that they’re a bit much easier to hold on to these uh can get a little slippery but at the very least it’s a ipx4 water immune in instance you drop them they support aac and also sbc codex as well as have a great android rapid pair choice you’ll also see this little beautiful rgb razer logo design here which is rather enjoyable we’ll dive into this a little extra in the video they additionally make use of silicon ear suggestions that come in tiny medium huge compared to the pros which come with a load of ear suggestions to fit your usage instance fit and also preference varying from foam ear tips from abide to silicone ear pointers now both of these feel rather dang comfortable but neither of these look like they’ll fall out if you shake your head around yeah that’s pretty great allow’s try the pros there is a feeling of a more safe and secure fit with the foam ear suggestions i do not know if that’s really real or simply an understanding currently what’s really intriguing is that the buds themselves on the regular ones are larger than the buds on the pro in addition to a larger instance which is fairly fascinating that leads us to the battery yet allow’s listen to an additional track first this is a fun one to listen to for stereo spread as you hear there’s notes moving from

delegated ideal give you a feeling of immersion currently both of these fee by means of a braided usb-c wire that’s offered however there’s however no wireless billing on either the brand-new razer hammer heads have a 32 as well as a half hour total battery life with each fee lasting about 6 as well as a half hours each the pros are 20 hrs amount to with each fee lasting about 4 hrs 32 as well as a half hours on the brand-new ones is quite wonderful so i’m all right if the situation is simply a little bit larger to attain that nonetheless there are some cautions about the battery which i’ll simply put below on the display for you to stop briefly and also consider rather than reading all that off it’s simply that’s a lot so as you can see a great deal of that involves whether or not you’re using the energetic sound cancelling or rgb lighting let’s listen to an additional tune first prior to we inspect those out this song is a really mid-rangey warm and also soulful track pay attention to the vocals the electric guitar lines as well as key-board it’s just not so good active sound cancelling is an intriguing thing in customer sound now we have incredibly differing designs and also levels of active sound canceling there’s the most effective of the ideal that you can find with the sony xm4s or the apple airpods pro they use both external and internal facing microphones for the energetic sound cancelling and sort of gives you a feeling of the an echoic chamber where there resembles no reflections it seems like an actually dead room and after that you have a anc that just reduces sounds in specific frequencies and afterwards anc that makes you feel

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like you remain in a passage as well as seems to just be consisted of to have one more factor on a spec sheet but should not have actually been included in any way for the regular hammerheads they have feedforward anc that plans on minimizing common sounds like hums and city noise but they’re the most one-of-a-kind execution that i’ve heard lately first i don’t really feel the pressure that you generally have with anc which i truly value second the application or influence of anc appears to be rather also as well as natural it honestly really simply feels like you’re simply denying the volume on your phone a bit but on the world around you which is sort of intriguing it does not have that man-made noise or sensation as well as right here’s what it’s mosting likely to seem like with this actually loud air cleanser just typical without the ear buds in ear buds with active noise terminating turned off and also right here are the earbuds with active noise cancelling turn on currently i do wish that it was a little bit a lot more obvious as it appears to be like transforming your quantity down by just one and also a half to one click instead than something a little bit a lot more remarkable like you would certainly have on the top tier choices currently as you can most likely notice the bulk of the nose reduction is easy because you simply have something in your

ears as well as runs as well as seems like a lot like what you ‘d find on the hammerhead pros truthfully if you despise the stress that is so common with anc and you’re fine with simply having a light decrease not a remarkable one to the sound around you this is a truly great option now there’s one point i do want to explain that it’s truly hard to record on the microphone however there is a little of that electronic hiss that’s happening with the typical earbuds simply kind of that standing like type of audio oh wait do you hear that yeah that’s me telling you that just about five percent of you viewing are subscribed that’s crazy video clips like these take me over 24 hr to make so i would certainly love to get that to 10 so please think about subscribing as well as hitting the bell symbol to be alerted of when i post a brand-new video clip for this track pay attention to just how clear the bass guitar is as well as the electrical guitar as well as how bright the icons are [Songs] now together with anc there’s an openness setting that appears to avoid that man-made robot drive-through speaker audio that you learn through a lot of other earbuds allow’s pay attention to what that seems like as well as this is what the ambient audio seems like on the regular razer hammerhead true smart earbuds below’s just how the hammer had professional seem like with ambient setting on it sounds mostly natural but it likewise doesn’t really intensify the audio around you really a lot like you would certainly

discover on other earbuds it’s a little a light touch and also mainly all-natural audio method that seems to be really consistent in terms of what razer is going for with their earbuds all right for this tune take notice of the clarity of the strike on the guitar strings however likewise just how forward the mid-range remains in the body of the guitar and also vocals [Songs] now as for the microphone let’s listen to exactly how they sound while i share how you can assist support the network below’s how the regular hammerhead might seem if you want to aid sustain me and also making material such as this and help spend for points like this 2100 microphone check out the web link below to get a complimentary stockpile to a thousand dollars on public where you can see my thoughts and stocks and also my trades various other influencers as well as celebs remain in public like sarah dc tony hawk andrew edwards and also myself plus subscribing as well as getting complimentary stock is cost-free cash if you remain in a crypto as well as intend to earn rate of interest in your crypto and even on your money you can sign up for a block by account i shop my cash right here in a stable coin as well as a 7.5 interest back on

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it way better than a typical financial institution if you sign up for block fly and deposit a minimum of a hundred bucks well worth of funds you’ll get twenty dollars in bitcoin that does not enjoy totally free money web links in the summary below are the typical hammer heads version two with the air purifier at complete blast you’re the razer hammerhead pro with the air purifier on full blast below’s what the pixel buds a noise like with the air cleanser at complete blast right here’s what the galaxy yet sound like with this air purifier on complete blast you could a minimum of like the video clip as well as share it i ‘d value that anyways what do you think of the microphone sound high quality in between every one of them leave a remark below okay for this one pay attention to the reduced end and the high end from the snare and also especially the high hats to listen to exactly how brilliant and sharp the luxury is now along the top is a touch button surface area for controls it’s pretty requirement with choices that differ depending upon whether you connect with the left or appropriate bud yet you can play and also stop miss forward or back button between settings and also even readjust the volume which i desire was on every earbud anyways you can adjust what these tap gestures perform with the razer audio application which i really like currently what is especially

distinct about the razer hammer heads is a reduced latency gaming setting of 60 nanoseconds or much less i discovered that this considerably improves the latency when playing video games like pubg i even tried it on my pc while playing apex legends as well as it aided a lot yet i still discovered a little bit of latency certainly you can not beat a committed pc gaming headset yet these would be actually fantastic for playing on your phone so if you’re a gamer with the advantages of cordless and also do not wish to dongle these are respectable in addition to a low latency pc gaming attribute is the rgb you have some actually good lights below with a touch surface area as well as with the razer chroma rgb application you can change the rgb to different shades whether it’s a static shade wind in between two different shades pulses with sound that’s playing or does its very own thing it’s a fun little great touch and also it’s rather easy to use okay this following track is from an individual buddy hannah parrot listen to just how dynamic the track sounds as well as if you can listen to all the layers from the horns to the different strings and melodious percussion instruments as for the sound

top quality you’ll possibly notice that’s a little bit dark as well as maybe a bit complete in the low mids to the mids as a real-time sound engineer i’m rather particular about how points sound and observe a lot of specific frequencies that i change in any earbud or earphone so i actually like that razer consists of the option of not only choosing from different sound accounts however likewise changing the eq and some fairly common eq regularities so allow’s have a look at a few of the sound profiles making use of the regular hammerhead second janet earbuds as well as this track we have some actually awesome bass on it take notice of that the synth and the singing reverb now if you’re into adjusting the eq this is where things get actually interesting this attribute made me move from assuming the hammerhead pros are you recognize just alright to assume that they sound way better than the airpods pro so it was quite clutch let’s listen to the hammerhead pros with the default thx noise profile and afterwards my own eq along with the typical hammer heads with its

default eq as well as my customized eq the custom-made eq on the normal hammerheads tidies up a great deal of the mid-range tames a bit that rumbly low mids and lows as well as adds a bit of clearness to the high end so listen to the terrific reverb taking place on the tune listen to how ahead the vocals noise as well as if you can listen to much of the percussive tools behind-the-scenes or if they appear really bird the bass guitar is additionally really incredible in this tune [Music] [Applause] [Songs] incidentally here are my eq settings for the normal razer hammerheads if you get the razer hammerheads allow me recognize what you think regarding this eq in the remarks you can check out the pros eq in the card up in the edge and if you feel inclined to send me a suggestion for the eq settings or the review you can utilize the think function on youtube if that’s turning up and even send out an idea over paypal with the link in the summary it’s always valued now for the big sound comparison allow’s compare exactly how the typical hammerheads stand with the personalized miku with a custom-made eq on the hammerheads pro the default eq on the galaxy buds pro which

sounds terrific and the pixel buds a with the bass increase currently here’s something i truly wish to mention the high end is fairly limited despite it having 10 millimeter drivers as well as a regularity series of 20 hertz to 20 000 hertz which is a complete moist hearing array it does not really feel as full as well as immersive as well as like it’s covering the whole regularity spectrum as i had wished i can’t boost the luxury a lot without it ending up being a bit extreme to my ears so it doesn’t handle eq boost along with it deals with eq cuts which is truthfully just how you ought to eq anyways need to cut first so in its entirety i believe the razer hammerhead pros audio far better and handles eq incredibly well it’s additionally 70 bucks much more so i hope it would certainly appear far better yet it additionally brings a lot of advantages together with that rate the galaxy buds pro also sound wonderful out of the situation but pc

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gaming features are actually limited due to the fact that it only works with samsung phones and also it costs 70 dollars more the pixel buds a collection noise truly wonderful for the rate plus it has all those googly attributes that i love however it does not actually have any video gaming features all right allow’s do another sound contrast with all these it’s a traditional string ballad to obtain those frank’s all-natural feelings pay focus to just how complete the strings are the quality of the piano and also the room in the mix made for the strings as well as vocals i can feel it altering so must you obtain the brand-new razer hammerhead real cordless earbuds well as many of you recognize i like to be nuanced and balanced in my testimonials it inevitably boils down to what you desire and also what you are seeking so if you’re seeking a pc gaming earbud both of the razer hammerhead models are the apparent option so it comes down to your spending plan if i were prioritizing low latency listening for video gaming then i would certainly pick the hammerhead

pros however the normal hammerheads are a great alternative if you need a more inexpensive alternative if you want the most effective audio top quality and total attributes and also i do not care about gaming attributes then i think the galaxy however pro are the route to go it has a much more interesting bright but not rough sound account with an energised reduced end if you’re looking for something that’s quite affordable surprisingly well rounded and sturdily tuned for sound the google pixel buds a are terrific it also loads hearing health functions to protect your ears like reducing the quantity fantastic google functions and excellent passive noise isolation so it boils down to what you’re trying to find valuing one of the most and your budget plan if you intend to acquire any of them there are links down below in the summary i always appreciate when you utilize those web links yet what do you believe are you intending on choosing any of these up what do you look for in earbuds and also what do you think concerning this immersive style of earbud reviews allow me know in the comments let’s check out one even more song as we head out this is a steel track that has some limited palm muted wrists that are locked in with a kick drum like a whole lot of steel so listen to just how punchy and tight it appears thanks for watching this is tech today up until following time go you