TOP 22+ SAMSUNG GALAXY S22, S22 PLUS & S22 ULTRA Tips, Tricks – Hidden & “Advanced Features”

He from Brandon here, if you’re trying to discover some actual pointers in functions to discover out just how to much better use your Samsung galaxy S 22 ultra or galaxy S 22 or S 22 plus, as well as maybe you’ve seen a couple of videos already as well as truly haven’t learned anything new. Well, hopefully this supreme tips as well as tricks video clip will certainly solve that problem for you. There are 58 various tips. There are some chapters that you can inspect out. I’m going to scoot to save you some time with that, really feel free to stop or utilize a saw playback alternative to maintain up. Obviously, if there are some ideas that you know and also enjoy that I didn’t cover, make sure to leave a comment down listed below to assist. If you’re preparing on choosing up the Samsung galaxy plus, or has 22 ultra, there are links down below in the description. They typically have a deal accessory. So go on as well as click it and take a look at what’s available. This tip is one of the first points I do whenever I obtain a brand-new Android phone and it’s a video game changer as well as it may seem a little terrifying initially, however it isn’t. It resembles supercharging your Android phone. Swipe

down from the top, click on the equipment icon, scroll all the means down to the bottom till you see concerning phone click on concerning phone, go to software information, and after that over here. Build number, faucet on this until you reach this next screen, it’ll request your pin. You’ll need to enter your pin number, not my pin number. I do not understand what your pin number is. It’s whatever you chose when you set up your phone. And also it’ll state down below that developer mode has been turned on. Proceed and also tap back as well as after that back once more, and after that screw all the way down. And also you’ll see this option that states developer option. Tap on that. And after that what you’ll intend to do is go all the way down to the component that speaks about animations. It claims windows animation, scale, change, computer animation range, as well as animator period scale. Below’s a little example of the animation range we can do is you can tap on it and alter it to 0.5. See just how much faster that looks, it makes your phone really feel additional snappy. Now, if you intend to, you can transform off the animations entirely, however you shed several of that level of smoothness in the transitions. It’s just a, kind of a difficult shift to things. I personally choose 0.5 X, and I know a few of you may be worried concerning this, but it will certainly not affect your battery life. And also if you do not

really recognize the other setups in below, I really wouldn’t miss. With the brand-new Samsung galaxy S 22 lineup, you have the ability to have a greater refresh price of 120 Hertz, which can make whatever look a lot smoother when you’re scrolling about. However there are some advantages and disadvantages to it. First, let’s learn where the settings are for it slid down from the top and also click the equipment icon, go to this. And also then you’ll see this right here. Movement smoothness here. He can alter in between flexible or basic. If you have flexible, you can have that actually smooth experience. If you don’t actually discover a distinction in level of smoothness in between 60 Hertz and also going up to 120 Hertz, if you go to 60 Hertz, you can really expand the battery life of. Below’s a bonus pointer. If you want to, you can prolong your bear life much more by altering the resolution of your screen. So you’ll have much better battery life. If you go to FHD plus contrasted to QHD plus. So not everyone knows this, but if you have an amyloid or OLED screen, like on the Samsung galaxy S 20 ultra having a theme that has even more pixels on your screen that are pitch black, we’ll in fact use much less of your battery. Right here’s a way that you can easily enable this on most locations on your phone. We’ll go to the setups, most likely to this. And also simply most likely to dark setting right there. You can see whatever is

darker as well as. It makes use of less of your battery. Currently you have actually probably done this before. You’re stocking bed and also you most likely to take a look at your phone. As well as although your display illumination is established right to the most affordable setting, it’s still seems like it’s blindingly intense, or perhaps you go outdoors and it’s not intense sufficient. Well, there’s an option to that. So let’s see how dark we can get it. That’s quite dark. You most likely can’t see anything on the video camera, however you can actually make it go even darker by tapping this little icon right here. As well as he can edit buttons when he click that, you can most likely to additional dim. As well as drag it down and currently we can do is just touch on it. It has a little extra action of darkness or dimness, that’s included in it. So, I imply, I truthfully can’t see anything right before me. It’s so dark. Allow’s transform it off. You can see it provides an additional increase there. Currently, if you intend to go on the other end of the range, any type of scale, also brighter, let’s go to the settings of that display right there. And afterwards you can choose this alternative right below, says extra brightness so I can even see it. Simply obtained it improved even extra. It really kind of injures a little, however that’s like really excellent, particularly if you have straight sunshine. Now, if you’re the kind that typically maintains your

smartphone for greater than three years, it’s specifically essential for you to secure and expand the life-span of your battery. As well as there’s a really cool feature that Samsung galaxy S 22 phones have the Liu to do that. So what you’ll do is you’ll go to your settings, just click the search function. It’s much easier this way and also kind in shield battery. You recognize, flash right here as well as simply touch on that particular with this finishes up doing, is it restricts the fee on your battery to only 85%? There’s a fascinating feature of lithium ion batteries, which is in your phone. If you turn it to a hundred percent and also drain all of it the means to 0%, it can in fact be truly poor for the total life expectancy of your battery. So having it just most likely to 85% as well as with any luck you don’t drain it. Oh, it is. No can really aid that out. So hopefully you can obtain a heck of a great deal more life out of your phone prior to you had to buy a brand-new one. Now, if. And also it ends up in a pinch and any kind of, as well as a little extra battery for their phone, or perhaps it’s your earbuds. The Samsung galaxy S 22 lamp has an actually cool, better share feature where you can in fact wirelessly bill another gadget utilizing your phone to enable this, go to your menu as well as swipe to times up here, you’ll have the. dot dots and also click on edit buttons. You’ll see this choice someplace that states cordless power share. Tap, hold, and drag, as well as then simply hit done. Currently you can tap on that

particular. As well as there it is. It’s wirelessly charting. As well as one of the best things to be contributed to Android 12 is an universal search. It’s conveniently discovered in the application drawer. So you just most likely to the app shop and also you have the search bar right below. If you can simply begin typing and it’ll search for whatever in your phone, including apps, contexts, application material, and much more on Samsung phones. There’s always an interesting point of redundancy that I always see to it to repair. Below’s what it looks like. If you swipe up, you obtain your app drawer. If you swipe down, you obtain your app drawer. Yet does it make sense? So let’s take care of that. All I needed to do is hold down on your home display and afterwards most likely to setups. And also after that what you have the ability to do is click on swipe down for notification panel. Currently go to your home display, as well as currently it can do this. Oh, that just gives way more sense. You can have a lot more alternatives and reach your setups just by swiping down on the display. Notifications are among the toughness of Android, but not several recognize that you can customize it. Let’s go to your. As well as they go to notices. You’ll see this choice right near the bottom. It says sophisticated setups, click that. As well as he can alter a range of various points. You can share the battery percent up here, which is actually

hassle-free. I enjoy that you can alter the number of notices turn up so you can see every solitary alert so it can fill the entire thing or simply the 3 Mo newest ones. We can just claim the variety of notices, so it can have a number there. Instead. I really like that you can kind of clean it up. So you’re not just bombarded with a lots of icons. Now I bet you’ve had this bothersome point took place to you before you get a notification and afterwards you unintentionally swipe away and also you’re like, Ugh, what was that alert about? And what application was that for? And also exactly how do I obtain it back? There’s a fantastic remedy to it that I desire was available on each and every single phone, since it’s a game changer, most likely to your settings and afterwards click on alerts, go all the means down to sophisticated settings, click on alert history and transform it on. Currently, if you get a notification and also inadvertently swipe it away, all you have to do is go to your setups again. I believe we’re going to notices. I assume obtain all the method down. Click innovative settings and also most likely to alert history and also you can see that’s a notification that I just sent to myself, an unintentionally

swiped away. This pointer is truly kind of remarkable since it permits you to get bunches of control of where the web content you’re taking in ends up. So let’s state we’re looking at this YouTube video clip that I’m playing. And, uh, if you review right here, maybe you do not want it in that appear sight, yet perhaps if you look at right here, maybe it’s songs or something else, you can really simply click on this down treatment alternative, air conditioner this alternative for media output. Now you can change it to this phone, yet if you have a television or earbuds, you can select in between all those various ones that are connected or offered to your phone. And afterwards you’ll likewise see this option for music share. You can click. If you have something like a Bluetooth speaker, you can attach to that. Or if you have one more buddy that has galaxy buds as well as you likewise have galaxy buds, you can both pay attention to whatever’s playing back on your phone at the very same time. Pretty cool. One point that Android has that apple iphone still don’t have. Isn’t always on screen where you can see some info on your display, also when you’re not making use of the phone. That’s wonderful for having the ability to see what time it is a bit concerning your alerts and being able to recognize what tune may be playing around you at the time, Cody, your cell. I just key in, in the search, always on screen in below and right here, and also just tap on that. You can do tap to show, reveal, always

show an arranged or show for new notification. So there’s a number of various alternatives that are readily available to you relying on your choice. You can additionally have your clock reveal up there as well as reveal music info. If a song is playing, it’ll in fact allow me recognize what song is playing around me. It will certainly still display details for me at all times. Like the moment, if you’re like me, you may feel like the default text in zoom level on a phone, isn’t quite your preferences. As well as you intend to either see more details on your screen or make it bigger. So it’s simpler to check out, go to your settings, most likely to display, and you can get all the way over below and see font size and also design. So. It’s a little bit smaller or larger, depending on your choices. I’ll maintain it at the default amount. For this video clip. You can also change the font design if you want. You can likewise transform this display zoom. If you would certainly like to fill up things up a little bit extra, you can do that way or a little bit smaller sized. Again, we’ll maintain it at the default, but ID really like a smaller zoom and smaller sized technology size, since I can see an entire number more, specifically on this truly big display screen. Now here’s one idea that the majority of do not find out about, however it makes so much feeling. If you most likely to your message.

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Open a sms message. You can really. Pinch to focus your very own messages. So if you need a little larger, you can completely do that. I didn’t understand this up until this year. This is big. If you’re using Google duo for video phone calls, which is a terrific cross platform video clip phone call choice, you gained some truly excellent features that can make video telephone calls practical on the Samsung galaxy S 22 series devices. Open up Google bargain. Well, just begin this group call right below. One of the things that you can do is click on this symbol right below can transform the background. If you desire to be blurred, you can entirely do that. If you desire, you can also do something called vehicle framework. So it transformed that on. And also so when I walk around, It’ll follow me. So it’s kind of like the iPad pro and also then he have a mic setting. So there’s a conventional mode. And after that you have your voice focus, which can type of focus as well as highlight more of your voice over every little thing else. It’s a little of a sound termination around you, and after that there’s an option for all audio. Everything. So if you desire several of the atmosphere and also perhaps it’s a group of individuals that around you and also you want to be able to speak as well as hear every person, that’s an excellent option. Now, one point I have

actually valued over the past couple of years, our watch celebration is on the Samsung galaxy S 22 series tools. You have the capacity to share your screen as well as watch YouTube video clips with each other than various other records on Google DEO. Tap on the display in Google DEO, hit the. dot, populate all the way to live sharing, as well as you’ll have all these various choices to select from. Allow’s select YouTube. I’ll say start taping our spreading. Allow’s start now. And afterwards we have this right here, so I can just strike play. And also there’s this little floating icon below. I’ll tap on that and see, start sharing. And now on my various other phone, you can see what I’m enjoying a fantastic thing included to Android. 12 is higher personalization of its image and also image attribute while playing something like YouTube. So let’s most likely to YouTube, we’ll play this video and go right into photo and image setting by going house. And also this is what we’re generally able to do on the earlier variations of Android. However with this, you can really squeeze to zoom and also get back at smaller sized if you intend to, or perhaps Bayer, which is truly wonderful and also move it over. This is amazing. And after that you can swipe down when you desire to do away with it. Now it’s so crazy that numerous people do not find out about this, yet the Samsung galaxy S 22 schedule and other galaxy devices permit you to see live TV from a range of significant networks. You see, they have

actually two apps mounted. I don’t know why there are 2 since it’s a little bit redundant and also it coincides hap you have one it’s called Samsung cost-free right here that enables you to look with hundreds and also hundreds of online channels. And you can also search for Samsung TV. It coincides precise void. I don’t understand why it has a different, uh, set up below and you have on-demand video, which is truly great. Simply totally free television, just developed into your phone. How crazy is that? You understand what else is also insane? This next suggestion that I came across, which is a method to expand and offer you the chance to purchase locations that have commonly only been readily available to the ultra rich and also very connected masterworks as a firm that’s changing the game by permitting you to. Physical art from Banksy, Andy Warhol, Picasso, therefore a lot more Picasso that’s nuts. I have actually directly explored masterworks as I’ve checked into other financial investment chances outside of supply. And after that include the reality that not every person’s very delighted concerning NFTs, however I believed why can not I purchase concrete art? Like the ultra abundant, you see the complete riches held in art is approximated to be $1.7 trillion in ridicule.

Rate appreciation returns have outpaced the S as well as P 500 by 164% from 1995 to 2021. That’s outrageous. As well as I wished to participate in that. Well, initial I’m not ultra rich, and also also Daniel Radcliffe, wasn’t allowed to acquire the art that he desired due to the fact that he wasn’t partly of the in-crowd. Masterworks is the only system that takes billionaire art enthusiasts head on by equalizing the sector and giving people like you and me access special investments of fine art that they have safe ties with the sec. So how does. To start with you see their site, develop an account internet browser artwork, as well as buy any one of the present offerings. From there you hold onto your shares till masterworks sells the art or market your shares on their secondary market. In 2020 capitalists received a 32% web return for the sale of bank Mona Lisa, which was 2 times far better than the S as well as P five. And also in 2021, they marketed a George condominium that caused return of 31% internet of charges. That’s quite remarkable. If you ask me currently, master jobs, generally has a delay checklist, but you can obtain concern access by clicking my link in the description. Join the community as well as purchase art today. Does this irritate you regarding your phone? You’ll set and after that your phone begins turning around it’s orientation between picture and also landscape. And also recognizing, and also now when you want to really alter your displays orientation, you have to go

swipe to the menu, most likely to your fast toggles and after that toggle it again. That’s a lot of steps and it’s annoying. There’s a less complicated means to do this. . You’ll wish to most likely to your settings as well as in fact see to it that your vehicle revolve is transformed off. So if you have an in picture setting, you can turn it to landscape as well as you’ll have this symbol that pops up in the edge, simply tap on it as well as it’ll by hand transform the positioning. And to return to picture mode, all you need to do is rotate it again as well as touch on that particular. As well as there you go. Here’s the pointer them sprays. A great deal of people do not find out about, but it’s so convenient on an Android phone and it’s a rapid app switcher that will switch in between the last use app. All you need to do is enter into an app as well as simply double faucet and it’ll swap in between your previous application. And if you have gestures enabled, all you need to do is swipe. And recognize, undergo actually all the cards in the order that they’re in. I believe this is even better by default Samsung phones still include an older button navigating design and in a various orientation than various other Android phones. Have you

intend to personalize that or transform the switch layout to motions? You can quickly do that. Most likely to your. Click display, screw completely to the bottom to navigating bar. And after that here you can scuff of the switches. I such as the more standard path going back is left. That makes more feeling to me. Or you can most likely to gestures, which is also something that I choose. And you just swipe approximately go to your residence display. Have you ever opened up an app as well as maybe you’re creating a note or editing and enhancing a record, and after that you turn over to one more application to check on something and then you return to. Very first app. As well as then, uh, you notice that it goes down and also it has to restart and also you lose your spot. That’s so annoying. It’s a point that happens to conserve just how much Ram your phone is utilizing. And also it uses to most points on your phone. But with this pointer, you can in fact particularly choose to have a specific app on your Samsung phone focus on. So it does not shut down and also reactivate. Allow’s select an app, allow’s go to such as YouTube or something like that. And after that most likely to the introduction display. And also you have this symbol here. You can touch on that as well as

click on, keep open and you have this little lock here. It claims one app kept open for fast introducing. That implies that it’s always mosting likely to be active as well as available for you to access. As well as if you want to remove that, go over below and also just tap on the. And also now it’s back to typical. So there’s this actually cool function that’s developed right into the Samsung galaxy S twenty-two that allows you to make use of a storage space on your phone for additional amounts of Ram. This means that fewer applications will immediately shut on you when it starts maxing out on a rim, due to the fact that you can functionally have more Ram. Great. Equipment symbol. And afterwards just touch on this right here as well as kind in Ram Polis click that. And this is also, we can clear your Ram, however this is the more interesting component below near the bottom. You have the choice to select just how much Ram plus that you have. So you can copulate approximately eight gigabytes. So. That’s a great deal of Ram. This is a very, extremely basic tip that I marvel that a great deal of people don’t learn about on Android. Usually when you go to your notice unethical, you had to swipe down and afterwards swipe down again. Therefore it’s 2 actions to reach all these quick setups and also every little thing else. All you need to do as opposed to doing that two times, is it use 2 fingers at the exact same time as well as go straight to it. So the distinction in between one finger. Two fingers. If you’re

using the dresser navigation alternative on a Samsung device, you may be wondering exactly how you can access the Google aide. Generally when you swipe up from the center, you obtain Samsung pay as well as possibly that’s not actually what you desire. Well, it’s as easy as swiping up from the edges and there you go. Your Google aide is still there as well as it’s way much better than Bixby. Let’s be truthful with phones, displays being so huge. Currently it can be really quite hard to get to whatever on the display, particularly the leading right below. You sort of have to utilize 2 hands for all.Well, there’s an excellent one-handed setting that you can allow that can really aid with this, most likely to your settings as well as simply kind in one handed setting, simply touch on that. And also he just allow it right here. As well as so there’s a couple of manner ins which you can enable it. If you have the button in double faucet the home switch. If you have gestures allowed you to swipe down in the center of the lower side of the display, so allow’s try it. All you have to do is swipe below the middle and there you go. It’s one headed setting. You can transform where it is. You can double faucet. To leave

out of it, entire number of various alternatives there. And it’s actually nice. One of the greatest features of Android phones, particularly on something like the Samsung galaxy S 20 ultra with its cinema is it’s multitasking capabilities. Possibly you’re looking at something like a recipe and you’re desiring to take notes, however swiping between both of them is a little bit aggravating. Well, all you have to do is go to the introduction display. Click on the symbol as well as open-end split-screen sight, they don’t ask what other applications that you intend to open up in split screen. For this lower section, so we have the notes application that I was just looking at. Therefore I have this up right here they can take a look at and I can simply enter things right here, or perhaps copy and paste it below. And also if you need to shut it, all you have to do is swipe to go to that a person or swipe up to go to your notes. Have you ever made use of the old Facebook chat heads where you had a floating bubble on your display and afterwards you can relocate around as well as rapidly accessibility that chat? Or if you’re familiar with that said and you questioned why can’t I do that with

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applications? Well, you can do that on a Samsung phone as well as it’s also much better. So say I have the songs application. I just go right into the application summary display. Click on the symbol and after that you can open it up in pop-up sight. So it shows up in this box right here, however you can click this little symbol below and it enters into this little bubble that can move. And if you click on it, it broadens it. This symbol right here, we’ll most likely to complete display. He also changed different settings below by touching on the there. He. It’s transparency, which is extremely fascinating. And also you can even resize it, tap on it, dual faucet the top. It goes into the bubble. It’s right there where you need it any place you need it for whatever application that you intend to utilize. Picture this, maybe somebody comes near you and ask if they can borrow your phone for a phone call, or you wish to stop somebody from snooping via your phone or a youngster asset that can play a game on your phone. And also you want to avoid them from being able to go right into other applications and see or mess with other points on your phone. Well, this function truly assists with that. Go to your setups and also look for pin. Tap on that particular and simply make it possible for that. Currently that that’s allowed, see, it’s a YouTube

video that they’re looking at. Go on and also swipe. Faucet on the symbol and also after that click pin this application to unpin this app, swipe up and also hold. You may have some needs there, but see right currently they can’t leave the app, however if you swipe up and also hold, it goes to this home screen. In order to obtain you back into your phone, you have to have the biometric unlock, your pin or whatever else. And after that. You’re back to typical. And if you’re not using the motion setup as well as you have the switches, you just hold both the left and right switches near the bottom navigation bar to open it. And after that go back right into your login display. Among the most effective points regarding a Samsung phone is the capability to tailor your home screen. The last thing you intend to do is placed in all this job, obtaining it simply the method that you desire it. Only for it to end up being a mess because somebody changed it on you. It’s as easy as simply tapping on your house display, go to your settings and after that go all the method. And also lock home screen layout. It can not move. It’s stuck. Among the excellent things that originate from Android 12 is the means Keller’s deal with your phone. You can actually customize your application icons based off of the colors, found on your wallpaper. So proceed and also

hold back on your display, go to wallpaper and design, and after that you have this alternative. That’s. That’s entitled color combination. He in fact transform every one of these various setups below to exactly what you desire, as well as it can relate to the symbols also, which is truly amazing. This is a little bit more colorful and look at that the icons are a little bit different. Also, if you like personalizing points as well as you have actually been questioning why my phone looks different. It’s a skin from network enroller D brand. I directly had the MKBHD red symbols right here, but they restored their leather skins that I can’t wait to get the keep and their grasp situations I make use of on all my phones and this robot cammo is also actually remarkable. Check it out. There’s a link in the. If you occur to take care of several social networks accounts as well as you require to change between those various social media accounts, the Samsung galaxy S 22 collection offers you the choice to have multiple accounts on one gadget. Just most likely to your setups and simply enter dual carrier. As well as you’ll see that right below simply enable it. As well as so you can authorize into a 2nd represent Snapchat and Facebook. So you’ll have two different app icons for both logged right into a different account. So when you click. It will certainly ask you to

mount a 2nd duplicate of Facebook. Outstanding. Have you ever had a person come over and they ask you what your wifi network and password is? Maybe your password is some rubbish of characters that you could not remember if you tried or it’s something personal or unpleasant that you don’t desire to show them? Well, there is an awesome way of sharing your wifi login info. Well, you need to do is enter into the wifi. Hold that down and afterwards clicking the equipment symbol as well as down right here near the bottom, you have this choice for QR code as well as it knows right there, easily, where they can just scan it. And also it’s good to go if you make use of an Android, I make certain you’ve probably listened to an apple iphone individual discuss exactly how incredible airdrop is as well as exactly how they can not live without it. I get it. And also for so long, I desire I had that option on an Android phone. And also now you can compose. A minimum of in between Android phones, you’ll have to turn on in your setups. Go T or fast settings is below on my 2nd page as well as it’s called neighboring share. That looks like that. It’ll be

allowed to we’ll turn it on. It’s offered to every person around me. Now let’s share something like a photo. I’ll click on this reason I can share click on close-by share, as well as it’ll look for a nearby tool for me. And also it has this little punctual on the other access gadget that has allowed. Click on that symbol right there. I’ll approve it. And also there you go. Open it up in pictures as well as there’s that photo. If you have some files that you need to check or send us someone or store electronically, the camera app has an indigenous record scanner built right into it. That car finds records also resize things. If it does not get accepted. On the whole, it functions so well. If you have some delicate info or files on your phone and you intend to have an additional layer of protection, so someone can not just Snoop around or unintentionally find as well as discover something that you don’t want them to see. This is a really great attribute. Most likely to your setups key in protected. Folder, tap on that. And also you have this alternative right here to allow it right below. You have to go via some alternatives. Below are some actions

here, and also after that it will produce this encrypted, safe folder. Once it’s been developed, it can ask you what type of lock type you want to have for it. Perhaps you desire to have actually set up a pin, as well as this is an option that you can pick that has a different pin from your global pin password. Currently below’s the safe folder. As well as so you can place your photos and also your get in touches with as well as points therein. So currently, now we can most likely to your gallery. They go to your secure folder. Currently you can likewise by hand secure a departure. It so takes place. It’s secured. As well as when you click it, it’ll request your pin number. And afterwards now you’re back right into it. Autocorrect is a great attribute to have in oddly. It’s not made it possible for in every application on the Samsung galaxy S 22 collection. Luckily you can repair it and also easily select the choice to apply auto-correct to whatever. When you have your. Go on as well as click the settings below. And after that you can click suggested text modifications. Here, you click on take care of applications. It’ll show you all the apps that’s allowed for, however a few of them aren’t enabled, which is odd. Simply click on all available applications as well as that’s

it. Auto-correct anywhere. Have you ever before screwed up about with your phone attempting to take a screenshot with the appropriate switch mix and with your hands for an awkward setting? Well, there’s an incredibly very easy way to take a screenshot on your phone. That is shockingly simple and. No obvious. All you have to do is obtain your hand in your Palm and also simply swipe it across. And after that it takes a screenshot easily. What happens if I told you the simple, inexpensive little sticker label might open hundreds as well as hundreds of various features on your phone with an easy faucet. This is an NFC sticker label, and also all you have to do is download and install the NFC tasks app and the NFC tools app. With this NFC sticker, you can regulate a bunch of various setups or launch routines. You want to do applications. You intend to release messages, web pages, photos. An easy faucet of the sticker label is wonderful for whatever you desire it to do. Maybe you touch on it prior to you go to bed and enters into do not interrupt mode.

Or if you resemble me, you can have it toggled on and off the flashlight. This is just one of the many accessories I have in my accessories video clip for the Samsung galaxy S 22 series. There’s a web link to that video down in the summary. As well as if that video clip is not all set by the time you were viewing this video, I’ll update it once I post it. For currently you can see a video clip on the previous galaxy series. Among the unfortunate points concerning Samsung phones is that there are usually some. Applications or duplicate applications there on your phone, that colors things up and also you can’t install them, yet you can’t hide them. So what you can do is most likely to your residence display and also your device, tap and hold anywhere on the screen and also tap on the residence screen setups, scroll down as well as have unhide apps. Now they can scroll with all the various options of the apps that you really did not want to have. Perhaps if you have this Television application, that’s the exact same thing. 2 times over, you can simply conceal that. Or perhaps it’s something else like clever switch that you do not desire anymore you can strike done. And after that now when you most likely to your application shop, You won’t see that anymore. There are two points

that are a bit uncommon regarding the Samsung galaxy S 20 2s, power trick, quieting, turns on a Bixby, which isn’t just as good as the Google assistant. No, no, no, no. And also many aggravatingly. It does not act like a power key. So turn your phone off, needs you to navigate with the software application to obtain. To transform it off. Well, considering that we’re currently here, go ahead as well as click on site, essential settings. It can transform it. So it mosts likely to the power off menu. And if you intend to change it from instantly fast, releasing the camera, you can pick a details application that opens, which is truly great. Here’s an idea that aided you never need to utilize, yet if he ever wound up in a dangerous scenario, you can immediately call somebody, send a message, include images in an audio recording swiftly making use of SOS messages, most likely to your website. As well as simply enter S O S Anson SOS message to make it possible for that below. So let’s hit continue. There are a couple of points that you have to do to establish points up. It’ll obviously, ask you who you wish to send it to you. I’ve selected myself and then I’ll ask you just how numerous times do you require to strike the website key

in order to trigger it? I personally desire to use it 4 times because it’s a bit too near two times to activate the camera here. You can alter it to car phone call a person, attach images as well as attach an automobile recording. So if. Four times you’ll claim sending SOS message soon. You do not have a countdown and you’ll send some messages to my various other phone. You can. Recording some sound and I get this message right here, SOS. You can see all the images it’s taking an audio clip as well as then where I’m situated. And afterwards when you’re all, okay, you can just stop sharing the area. If you ever before wound up in a situation where you needed to save all biometric unlocks, like the finger print scanner and clever locks. That the only way somebody can get into your phone is with a pin or password. You can make it possible for lockdown setting. Go your. Look for a lock down program, lockdown alternatives. It’ll ask for your pin number. So it’s whatever you set up when you established up your phone, not mine. As well as then you’ll see this alternative that says show lockdown, option, click that. And also so what happens now is when you get to the lock display, you have this lockdown setting right here. You click on that. It goes right into lockdown mode. When I go to unlock it, I swipe as much as open it. Does not provide me even the option to utilize my fingerprint for visiting. You have to use the pin that I established up. If you ever lose your phone, there are a variety of points he can do. Like remote, unlock your phone, get your

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last place recorded by means of find my mobile, but that isn’t also unique. Might your setups look for find my. Click that. You have all of these settings. I stated previously, remote unlocks and also much less place, yet you likewise have offline finding this, allows it to be located, even if it’s offline. So like if maybe somebody steals your phone, they can try to put it in plane mode. However this locate my mobile will still work. This is based upon other Samsung devices and also it aids it relay its area, simply like their smart tag trackers. If you have actually ever before opened your cam app on the Samsung galaxy S 22, and also you went in to take a video, but you realize that. Photo setting. You can easily enter into picture mode as well as take video at the exact same time and after that remain on the video mode by clicking, holding, and also dragging up easily. You can likewise take a photo at the same time. If you’re the vlogging key in your tryna, make something like a YouTube video clip can really accord from both the front and also back. Cameras. Tape a video with a picture in photo layout, or having the ability to see and also

control which electronic cameras are being used on. It’s quite wild and also really amazing to be able to change in between all these lenses, making the recording and discourse of a video clip at the very same time, actually hassle-free as well as quick with the launch of the Samsung galaxy S 20 ultra. You’re able to take benefit of this really cool function called car framing, which is something that you would certainly see in something like an iPad pro. I have to do is enable it and after that hit document and also it must move about in frame points for. Recently, Google has blown a great deal of individuals’s minds with their magic eraser tool, however this function has actually been on Samsung phones for a bit as well as numerous have not truly recognized concerning it. And it’s called object eraser. Did you know that you can customize the volume rocker to do specific things in the video camera app on the Samsung galaxy S 22? All you need to do is most likely to your settings and then click on capturing techniques and after that press volume keys to either take a photo of document video clip focus and out control system. Allow’s try it zoom in and out, and also I can zoom in, oh my benefits. This pointer is extremely hassle-free. If you require to take a

selfie or you do not have a good friend around and take an image for you, you can take a picture simply with the Palm of your hand, bring it up and also hold your Hand up as well as enter into that. As well as it collaborates with the picture. As well as if you remain in video clip, you can just go like this. And now we’re tape-recording a video, quite convinced. One of the most effective aspects of the Samsung galaxy S 20 ultra is the incorporation of the S pen. So right here are the pointers as well as methods for the S pen specifically. And also if you do not care concerning the S pen or you do not have a phone that uses an Aspen, really feel cost-free to make use of the phases to avoid to the last tip that relates to all designs, a major plus concerning having the S pen on the Samsung galaxy S 22 ultra is taking pictures conveniently with S pen, which is terrific. If you simply established up your phone for a selfie or just hold it up and you just take it. All with a little button, incredibly simple. Did you know you can do some Harry Potter techniques with your Samsung galaxy S 20 ultra and the S pen with the S pen. You can do air activities so I can transform which camera is on. Can alter what establishing it gets on as well as regulate every one of these various

points. Just with the S pen as well as just take a picture. What do you assume that spell should be? Our actions on the S pen. Let me understand in the comments. The last point you intend to do is lose the S pen on your Samsung galaxy S 20 ultra. Thankfully, there’s a pen closeness alert attribute that will notify you. If you neglect to place your pen back in the port, when you walk away. So you have to do is go to the second. Go all the way to the base and enable the option to caution if S pen is left. If you occur to forget your S pen and you walk away from it, it’ll provide you an alert. Did you recognize that you can open your Samsung galaxy S 20 ultra with your S pen? Well, you can simply go to your school. As well as allow S pen unlock. It will request your pin number. This is your pin number that you established up, not my pin number. I don’t understand your pin number. Things is, it just truly makes good sense if you don’t wish to have any safety and security unlocks on it, which is a negative suggestion because when you click on it, it requests your pin number or your biometric unlock. If you don’t care about having protection, it’s there for you for. If you have actually ever before downloaded and install a PDF, like a menu or some dish

guidelines, the message is commonly insanely little with the S pen. You can really allow this faster way attribute that permits you to magnify things a little bit a lot more. All you have to do is click over below as well as then add the option for magnify. Now it mores than right here. We’ll return and also now we’ll select Meg. And currently you can hover over points as well as see a bit much more. As well as up right here, you have the alternative of changing with the zoom degree. Therefore currently I can review this recipe a great deal much easier if you ever before wished to have an application readily available as well as off to the side that you can promptly look at and also have it instantly conceal itself, you can allow the look feature for the S pen on your Samsung galaxy S 20 ultra. What you desire to do is have the app that you. Open. So let’s just state it’s YouTube as well as it’ll most likely to my account. And then what we’ll do is pick the glimpse alternative. We’ll add it over below, glimpse. There we go. And afterwards we’ll say look. So if you simply wish to quickly clients at it, you can simply do it like that. As well as if you want to drag. Simply go to get rid of and also that’s it. Have you ever before reviewed it on the, on the S pen on the Samsung galaxy S 20 ultra as well as you wish to convert to normal messages? This is how you do it. So what you’ll have to do is you’ll go to the notes, develop a note and also just create another thing. So I’ll say please, sub skirt rhyme a little messy. Let’s see if it all determined. You simply tap and also hold down and tap on

transform to text. Convert. And there you individuals, as well as of course, please subscribe as well as strike the bell. I sort of be notified when I publish any kind of video. Have you ever desired to take a screenshot and after that annotate it by creating on it? You can quickly do that with the S pen using the display write attribute. I have to do is go into the S pen setups and also then select display rate. I’ll take a screenshot of what’s here and also you can change different type of brushes as well as colors that you have right here. So allow’s just select this and afterwards I can simply compose things around here. That’s not the ideal shade as well as you can simply annotate points like here. There’s a search bar. One of my preferred aspects of having a Samsung galaxy tool with an S pen is exactly how insanely simple it is to develop your very own customized presents on the go. So I have this YouTube video up right here. So you go right into the S pen features right here and also pick smart choose, as well as I’ll just pick the present alternative and it will immediately choose the video area of this video clip and choose high quality facility high quality. We’ll go with high quality and also just hit document.And also it’s mosting likely to videotape this and it’ll tell

you just how much storage space dimension it is, the number of frames it is. He can rise to 15 secs. And after that currently you have an enemy gift easily and can download it as well as upload it elsewhere. This is really wonderful, especially if you’re a web content creator and you intend to post a gift for an area blog post or something on Twitter. Now, a number of you have possibly discovered that I have not utilized the integrated screen recorder on my Samsung galaxy S 20 ultra, and it is hassle-free as well as it exists. It’s constructed in, but I use air conditioner screen recorder. I have the alternative to adjust the resolution. The little bit rate, I can have a custom-made framework rate. I can lock the positioning to what I desire. See that what the audio sources you can just do so a lot here. That is a little much more granular than making use of the integrated in screen. As well as that’s particularly important for video clips like this. So do you have any type of other ideas that you assume would be valuable for the Samsung galaxy S 22 series. Go on and also leave some comments down below and also don’t neglect to join the, this is technique area dissonance conversation server. We ‘d truly like to have you there. Thanks for seeing. This is technology today up until next time.