Razer Huntsman TE Review: This TKL Keyboard Checks a LOT of Boxes

as a customer a couple of things make me happier than when huge brands really begin paying attention to the demands of the consumers initially razor struck us with the viper computer mouse touchdown squarely in fanatic territory currently they’re back with the tko key-board this is the huntsman elite te allow’s go through the checklist shall we small footprint removable usbc typical bottom row double shot backlit pbt keycaps as well as quick direct ortho mechanical switches appears great on paper allowed’s see just how they did you all set let’s go [Songs] today’s video clip is offered you by deepcool as well as the castle ex lover all-in-one liquid cpu cooler deepcool created anti-leak innovation to make the mount risk-free and also fret totally free and the colder is high performance so sound is never a concern the addressable rgb pump top works with most significant rgb headers or its own controller best yet you can open the cover to turn the logo design to fit any type of mount or replace it with any type of visuals you like or no logo design whatsoever the castle ex lover is offered in 240 and also 360 millimeters and also does an excellent task of keeping your system trendy

as well as peaceful to find out more click the link in the summary below yo i’m brian p you’re watching poor c technology as well as today we’re checking out a brand-new tkl keyboard this is the huntsman elite te from razer for openness razer did send this out for testimonial however as you should understand now does not affect my review in any means valued at 130 us the huntsman elite te brings a whole lot of things to the table that keyboard followers have actually been asking for it’s obtained a good footprint i recognize razer’s hesitation and also opting for a 60 or a 65 because sales hand over truly sharp after full-size boards relocating to tkl and also even additionally as you get down into little type variable structure here is mostly plastic floating switch design below with an aluminum top plate no shock that this does show oil and fingerprints the branding isn’t obnoxious either the razer logo does not even show up on this board just a razor font as well as an extremely stealth extremely class area gloss on the aluminum it’s not also rgb oh it’s so attractive attractive so attractive construct high quality below really feels rather great however there is some obvious flex in the middle of the board not that

this matters in operation but it’s there the base right here is dressed up with a repeating text and also gloss actually looks quite awesome under here we have flexible feet with two different heights there are 4 rubber pads in the corners but the rubber on the feet is pretty scheduled the board is far more appropriate to hold still if you’re running it flat we also have the usb-c cord below on the left side of the board razer consists of a braided cable television with a proprietary plug now normally i would certainly dock them for this yet they’ve actually left enough opening below that any kind of customized usb cord will fit which is outstanding so tkl layout obviously very portable all service no bonus no committed media tricks no indication leds no pass through no volume dial no wrist remainder no rgb anywhere on the base besides the keys they’re running it lean and i’m a fan as i stated we do have a common base row right here this means you can buy whatever secret caps you desire to without any problem of them fitting essentially any type of typical 104 key set will certainly work on this board although these are some actually nice caps for a huge brand name production board these are dual shot backlit pvt thick walls too no flex light appearance the huge obstacles for backlit pvt are getting a font style that still has fine lines that doesn’t tint the backlit material to some extent there are some variances in the lighting in

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particular places they’re not perfect however they did manage to maintain a truly tidy font they really feel wonderful possibly it’s simply me however the number tricks look a touch off versus the alphas this is a really loud board honestly as well as if you’re a hefty typer like me it is extremely loud and the keycaps absolutely have something to do with that and these stabilizers i’ve never seen this style prior to they’re not lubed however they are extremely great there’s no rattle on the smaller sized secrets whatsoever simply that nice idea spacebar has a tip simply a whiff of rattle however as a result of the style these are really very easy to lube they feel wonderful for a production board i’m honestly pretty satisfied so these switches here are the direct optomechanical interesting layout they do have a mechanical framework to them yet the actuation is activated by disrupting a beam consider these like the keyboard version of the computer mouse button that we saw in the viper these are linear so no tactile bump 40 gram actuation and also they feel actually smooth they have around as much stem wobble as you see on a common cherry mx as well as they do have an mx suitable stem too so once again no issues with customized crucial caps below the wire setting

up appears like it would certainly just rattle like crazy they really do not rattle under normal usage but if you shake the board side to side it will certainly so because of the black leading plate right here the rgb is really booked you will get a little backspill on home plate however it’s mostly mosting likely to be the vital tales that are lit up and also they look good once more it’s like a more matured feeling rgb so at a surface area degree you do have accessibility to some things on the function key like media tricks illumination readjust and also pc gaming setting to shut out the home windows crucial if you desire to dig much deeper you will certainly need razer synapse software program you can avoid all of it with each other obviously or you can now make use of a guest account if you do not really feel comfortable making an account with synapse inside you can play with the lights likewise customize and rebind practically everything on the board not just on the default layer but on the hypershift layer too as well as the board has on-board memory so you can accumulate to 5 profiles on the board this is hybrid storage right here so while the basic things will certainly travel with the board some attributes do call for synapse to be aware fine shutting out right here i seem like

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this is a strong step for razer as well as show positive that they are listening to the individual base at 130 dollars it’s valued competitively with other tko boards that supply less in terms of top quality and compatibility i assume the closest head-to-head for me is this versus the ducky one-two tkl as well as it’s sort of a compromise with the razer you obtain the optomechanical buttons as well as the floating switch layout with the ducky you get a higher bezel as well as even more familiar cherry mx switches over as odd as it appears i assume the greatest downside to this board is the sound it’s incredibly loud so i ‘d need to offer the day-to-day inputting experience to the ducky the tko things i’m looking at from durgod really feels fantastic as well however 99 bucks on the durgod gets you no backlight as well as no sparkle via 130 for the rgb variation of that board gets you those slim abdominal muscles shine through keycaps there’s the gmmk tkl however once more abs keycaps and micro usb you do obtain warm swap with that board however often you’ll obtain some situation ping also vs. the logitech g professional tkl the huntsman has even more acquainted sensation buttons and far better

compatibility with aftermarket tricks and usbc i like roamer g switches but not everyone does i indicate truly my primary objection below is that it’s loud it’s truly really loud that’s regarding the only drawback yet it’s a really solid getaway i do not have a trouble advising this to any person that does not mind having a loud key-board pair points i would certainly have liked to have seen below couple accent tricks like you see with the ducky perhaps in like razor eco-friendly or deep purple i seem like it’s a low-cost add-on and people seem to like it i likewise truly like razer’s wrist rest generally so to have a free-floating entirely detachable wrist remainder would certainly be actually great below also yet i believe the huntsman elite te is a large step for the industry i honestly hope it offers enough that makers feel the pressure and start delivering value such as this the viper and this board to me is a decent one-two punch from razer links are in the summary as always any kind of questions strike me in the remarks or stop by the disharmony which’s it for this time i’m brian p thanks so a lot for watching don’t forget to strike that like button struck that sub switch and until next time keep up you

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