New DUCKY & TAI-HAO Caps, Qlavier & Lian-Li Strimer PLUS!!

I want to give thanks to dashlane for funding today’s video which is incredible due to the fact that dashlane is actually something that I make use of directly daily I’ve got like 60 70 passwords to bear in mind and I used to do that point where they ‘d all have like the same pattern but I transform like a word or more in their trash the quantity of times I headed to a password reset to access an account was incredible – Lane takes all the stress and anxiety out of managing my logins not just might it take care of an autofill all my passwords on my desktop computer my laptop computer as well as my phone it can even create and save totally arbitrary strings that I would certainly never ever be able to bear in mind and no one would certainly be able to brute pressure not simply passwords either but usernames safeguard those scans of your IDs settlement info there’s even a constructed in VPN hi that’s a ton of info to have in one location what happens if somebody simply hacks – lame I obtain it that was essentially the something quiting me from ever before checking out a password supervisor prior to yet – lanes security as well

as discovery systems are crazy they never see the master password that you set and also all individual account data is decentralized our on the internet safety and security is severe I extremely urge you to do your very own research yet dashlane does an extremely better job of handling my on-line security than I did prior to you can attempt – laying for cost-free on your initial gadget now by checking out – Lane comm slash poor seed and in addition to that they recognize the amount of people are functioning from home today they’re offering 25% off costs with code bad seed as well as your first 3 months of costs are cost-free go inspect them out oh man it has been way also long the existing state of events worldwide has really place a damper on production and also delivery for a while currently so there hasn’t been a whole lot of brand-new stuff coming to market yet we finally got sufficient to obtain an episode of the plug out today so we have some wonderful things right here from Ducky’s and also new keycaps states something really unanticipated from them too a brand-new vital cap established from tie home something to help you out when you’re modding switches made something that’s most likely a little too much in regards to dress up for the within your PC I can not wait you prepared let’s go yeah

Albright P you’re enjoying negative C checking on today’s episode of the plug we’re having a look in any way the new quality all the brand-new visual stuff maybe some things you really did not even know existed beginning it off with new vital caps from ducky they are back with 2 new collections and also a little something they haven’t a hundred percent devoted to yet however it certainly has my passion I want to speak with you guys on it to begin with is the horizon sa set for those not in the understand sa shows the design of the account I ‘d want to wager most of the caps you own or either o am or cherry profile sa is not just shape various it’s taller as well as it’s rounded front to back in an extra significant method valued at $59.99 u.s. The horizon colorway isn’t brand-new but it does look great all the mods are text-based as well which I always really suched as versus icons you do obtain some like tangerine colored mods for your wast go into escape and so on certainly

these are not backlit and they are abdominal muscles yet great quality dual shots super thick sides behave though that abdominal muscles might turn some of you off I’m actually dealing with a video clip job today chatting about a few of the unexpected differences between ABS PBT and also PBT blintz as well as why most of the more pricey collections you see are abdominal muscle I’ve found out a load regarding the production process so I truly enjoy the keying experience of sa profile as well as aesthetically I locate them to be preferably suited to a board with greater bezels not so much on the drifting button boards these have an actually smooth texture to them I don’t often video game with these as the surface area like where your finger makes call with the top of the key is a little smaller so both these packages are a hundred and also eight Keys us layout as well as they’ll fit full-sized tkl and also 60% what they don’t consist of in a relocation that absolutely stuns me is assistance for the 1/2 SF that still leaves the t fus set as the only offered aftermarket

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set that supports the SF there’s also no assistance for the alt or the haiti’s so 65 percent is contemporary across the kid I do not understand this step for me I ‘d truly like to see ducky do the best thing right here as well as launch tiny ad on compatibility sets that would certainly make these embed in future sets deal with the 1/2 SF it one point to have a board where no third-party sets can fit on it a hundred percent but also for ducky to not sustain individuals that have already bought the one to SF it’s gon na leave some individuals feeling quite cool the second collection has all comparable specifications in terms of included keys as well as fit compatibility these are duckies take on placing caps they retail for $29.99 these are PBT and also they are seamless which is intended to establish them aside from other putting caps on the market yet being a hundred I don’t see any type of factor to pick these up over the putting caps that have been drifting around the market for some time the surface area below is a little bit a lot more reflective and also feels smoother to the touch but if you put these both on a board and also had to guess which was which it would certainly just be luck if you presumed it right the various other such point for me here is that there are no novelties

consisted of whatsoever like not also a duckie logo putting Retreat key absolutely nothing to set them apart from the OEMs like these are practically higher quality than the others yet I do not know the number of people are gon na be eager to invest more to get that exact same look both horizon sa as well as the putting caps are offered currently at mechanical keyboards comm in the US as well as I’m not seeing either in stock right now at sweet tricks finally being a little bit much more than fashionably late ducky has actually lastly addressed the marketplace with a set of rubberized vital caps and also they went all out this resembles a 30 tune item set after that covers stuff we have not seen prior to insane stuff like left shift bottom row spacebar which I like and in this instance you really do obtain an escape trick and a ducky logo design secret the tales are smaller and cleaner than the tile caps they’re much more in line with the typeface dimension of the stock ducky boards however what’s unusual below is that the profile is different also shorter and slightly

smaller sized than the tile which is weird due to the fact that the floor tile caps really associate the crucial height of stock ducky keys yet duckies have rubber key Cavs do not the color on the ducky is not as vibrant as the color on the tie residence established either small distinction in the appearance triggered them to really feel a little rougher the rubber product itself is various extra dense which may offer itself to even more durability they’re also thicker too which you can see right here rubber crucial caps aren’t generally understood for their toughness individuals a lot more so utilize them for cosmetic or aesthetic add-ons or they utilize them on often utilize tricks to spare they’re a lot more expensive collections so these are quite early it’s more like a rate of interest check as well as feedback they’re still doing some tweaks here so no solid word yet on release I reached claim – I drew the ducky one also several out for this video I haven’t done while I honestly failed to remember how great

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the inputting experience gets on this board specifically with mine having the silent Reds I simply like the means these things feel what’s fascinating to me is that the SA profile actually alters the noise of the board fairly a little bit specifically on the mods so speaking at AI how they are back with a new set they call Sakura Michi or Sakura path valued at $59.99 and also presently on pre-order these are another gradient established from them backlit pbt however a little bit various right here doing backlit pvt has been a difficulty for everyone involved due to the fact that they can’t seem to obtain completely clear tales versus the bordering color of the crucial cap like the tales are usually tinted to the shade of the cap to some extent they function about this by just having every tale in this set colored warm pink you can still see a rainbow result on your RGB but just the warmer colors are really mosting likely to be noticeable the packaging below is really great also no issues with warping below and also these are cured caps so they have that very harsh surface area to them chalky some individuals such as this others

not a lot terrific look I believe the actually refined flex you but the location where Ty how is winning now is incompatibility not just do these collections include ISO stuff however they additionally consist of a host of added tricks that fully support the alt as well as the haiti’s most every 65 percent board around and after that undoubtedly TK land full-size not the ducky 1/2 SF due to the fact that ducky needed to go and make that best change a truly rare dimension but for those of you that are always asking where you can discover some more inexpensive sets that will entirely support the alt or the haiti’s I’m gon na send you to Ty exactly how in the past anywhere else it might need you to do some remapping on that last that much appropriate column however you will be able to obtain an appearance where the slope moves ideal and all the row height is right good let’s look into something from one of the masters of acrylic style this is Quinn however you possibly know miss clay through which I’m certain I just butchered as well as he’s the guy behind some of the craziest instances out there including the Keyblade which I make certain you have actually seen prior to he also makes macro pads and lube

terminals which we have actually got below today this is max lube station for those extra-large lube jobs it houses a hundred and sixty-one switches on one side as well as 60 beyond dismantled with area for the top/bottom and also the stems it’s fantastic for staying arranged as well as obtaining regular results if those have a little bit of DIY included as you’ll require to peel all the sheets and also put together the panels but his funny bone is right up my street this isn’t something you can simply jump online and purchase it’s truly unusual to see any one of his things in supply for best outcomes you can see what he has live in his shop or if you’re looking for something details hit him up and also talk Compensation’s bare minimum you need to at the very least begged his immediate it’s incredible currently for something totally cosmetic from lien ly a name you ought to currently be familiar with these are the banner plus cords these come in 2 dimensions 24 pin motherboard expansion in a double 8 pin GPU expansion sadly I do not possess a single GPU that uses twin 8 pin today as well as there’s no chance to adapt this to an 8 plus 6 essentially what you’ve got below is a conventional wire with these LED channels type of put on top they are simply loaded with LEDs also 120 and the 24 pin as well as 108 in the PCIe wire there are a couple various means to take benefit here if you desire accessibility to all the settings the 24 pin wire consists of an illumination center so you can

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integrate the results across both cords the eight pin GPU cable on its own does not so maintain that in mind there are a whole lot of different settings below with some funny ass names like drizzling snooker gluttonous snake if you desire a much more coordinated system general you can utilize the 5 volt 3 pin a RGB header to your motherboard but you’ll be limited to whatever alternatives your motherboard lights control software application makes use of these are not economical upgrades whatsoever with the 24 pin retailing for $49.99 as well as the GPU extension choosing $39.99 so you’re considering nearly 90 dollars right here to obtain both the quality of the illumination and also the animations all look actually excellent though actually quality in the build as you ‘d get out of Lee and Lee as well as the set up is gravy train supplied you do have an extra state Talese alright that suffices for today showing up in the next few video clips we do have both new magnet amps from – take a look at plus the comparison for the JDS atom stack plus we’re gon na consider the EVGA brand-new sound pro we’ve got some cream switches in from unique tricks that we’re gon na Lube and also some silent alpacas and the much requested testimonial of the matrix computer mouse pads great deals of good things as always web links for whatever down in the description any concerns strike me in the comments or drop by the disharmony that’s it for this time I’m bright Pete thanks so much for viewing don’t neglect to hit that like switch struck that sub switch and till next time stay up