My first FULL CUSTOM Keyboard: KBD75v2 Review (feat Silent Alpacas)

I honestly have no concept over the previous year how many times I have actually claimed I’m gon na do my own custom-made construct however I lastly did it simply a couple video clips ago I stated this I hope I seriously really hope that I develop out that KBD 75 and also it strikes my mind I truly intend to return with a video clip and go oh I absolutely get it currently as well as I reached tell you when it concerns the noise and the inputting feel I most definitely obtain it but that does not inform the whole story now clearly going with the KBD 75 v2 is not one of the most elegant option yet I wanted something where if I messed it up I had not been gon na feel also poor regarding it due to the fact that I needed to discover exactly how to solder before I even progressed with this point so today we’re gon na discuss the construct what went right into it as well as we’re gon na discuss the worth piece choosing an entry-level custom-made similar to this you prepared allow’s go today’s

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Technology as well as today we take a look at my first customized board this is the k BD 75 v2 from KVD fans ends up this is a lot of people’s very first custom develop I’m uncertain what it has to do with that 75% design is personally I don’t make use of the F secrets a great deal yet I don’t mind the extra functionality and I currently have many 60 as well as 65 percent boards that I wanted something that really felt a little unique this board was simply a labor of love as none of the components for today’s build were provided or claimed this task was a hundred percent out of pocket I’m a huge fan of quiet buttons so among the significant objectives for this board was together the quietest develop that I might I additionally relate weight with quality so I did take the possibility to add weight to this key-board whenever I might so I went with the silver situation which has an illumination diffuser sandwiched in between the leading and also bottom it’s a rather good case nice angle fascinating

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layout on the back a pair little indicators that it’s not exactly a premium offering but it’s still nicer than like a basic aluminum situation you get with like a Hades or Venus production board for this bill that selected a brass plate as it is heavier which I also like as well as I hear it has a tendency to have a much more dampened sound for stabilizers I selected Duroc screw in PCB mounts tabs in smoke quality these are lubed with 205 grade 0 on the plastic factors and dielectric oil for the cord also though it appears to have actually dropped out of favor lately I did make use of band-aids on the PCB below I did not lube them I attempted it with no Lube simply straight on the PCB band-aids with Lube and also band-aids without as well as I chose the one that sounded and really felt best to me switches are the quiet alpacas from prime key-boards which additionally have that smoked gray translucent housing these are lewd with 205 grade 0 for the housing and stems and the springs are gotten loophole with GPL 105 slim oil I additionally included some rose-pink movies from TX keyboards these came out wonderful I’m really pleased with the selection here the only problem I had on one switch was that the silencing ring had slipped off one side of the stem these are most definitely tight with the films but I feel like they included just that little

added I required to make them essentially quiet for extra sound moistening I also consisted of a roughly 2.5 millimeter thick sheet of sorbets Thane inside the situation this material is truly thick and elastic it’s a little tough to deal with so this is sort of a butcher task here however it was the excellent suit regards to density and it actually assisted tie everything with each other for that final layer of audio deadening for the topping on the top I did add a brass way to the bottom this added approximately three hundred and twenty grams over the typical aluminum insert and it looks rather great keycap set right here as advisor lee’s sa bliss by means of Dixie Mac not my typical aesthetic for certain however I couldn’t stand up to the time with the switches as well as the steps in the SA account has actually been growing on me a great deal lately now since sa area young boys have a propensity to have this little high pitch resonation to them I did fill this space bar with a few of the leftover kind of point this is a truly janky work however you can’t see

it and you can actually listen to the difference it makes you ready so yeah I am definitely in love with the audio as well as the feeling of this board I do not own anything currently that compares it in terms of noise and really feel most definitely struck the mark in terms of weight along with this sturdy boy below pointers the ranges at an amazing two kilos or four pounds 9 ounces this board does make use of dice K form where and also if entrusted to the KBD fans manual you would be running in circles attempting to obtain this thing configured to do anything apart from the supply red LEDs or make any kind of kind of design adjustments luckily the qck configurator offers a good very easy visuals user interface so I was able to establish this thing up so not only the leading layer is precisely the way I like it yet I additionally integrated a function layer that has complete media performance complete RGB control and a couple options where I can alter the backslash and caps lock keys to act like the H hkb design in hindsight I can not think I was so resistant to the suggestion of finding out exactly how to solder for so long it really is one of those points that it’s easy to discover it’s hard to understand like I

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wouldn’t be actually comfortable displaying my solder job in like a clear acrylic case however the truth is you might be rather pretty poor at it and also still do the job I didn’t even need to desolder a pair changes one for that negative moistening gasket inside the switch and the various other because I screwed up the placement of the button for the best change and also it takes way much less time to solder an entire board than it does to prep switches concerning the only point I’m not actually big on with this board is the lights not just is it just kind of weak in general and also of course I definitely got rid of the support paper from the diffuser yet it’s improperly diffused and where the instance screws past the diffuser is really apparent I opted for the USBC also and it can’t get a little limited there with several of the aftermarket cable televisions which I am still in requirement of for this poor boy if any person out there is

watching simply stating there is no perky lighting and also all the switches right here are south-facing something that’s been being brought up more and also more and we’ll be discussing why in a forthcoming video clip I was likewise afraid to set out would feel a little confined to me like I may have wanted something with a little bit even more breathing area like the IDE regarding 75 however I’m so utilized to a 65% this really really feels simply fine to me truly portable and everything’s within all right so the total costs on this person it should go without claiming that basically every little thing I have actually revealed you in today’s video is sold out based upon present problems out there as was the kid when I went to buy this from KVD followers so I needed to dismantle every little thing individually purchased right at the end of March the situation play PCB and also brass wave obtained me for a total amount of 2 forty-three US ship 90 buttons was around one more $80

including the film stabs were like 15 bucks was shipping the sorbets thane sheet was like 23 bucks he caps were purchased from bonus so that set got me for a hundred and also eighty u.s. So the total amount for this board as revealed involved simply over five hundred and twenty-five dollars with a big bulk of that cost obviously going right into the vital caps which are most definitely a high-end thing I’m not including the expense of any of the lube or the soldering configuration as those will be made use of for future builds so checked out as a bare-bones kit without any audio wetting no wait no switches and no caps it’s ideal about 230 bucks ship or like 210 shipped if you take care of to rack up package and also 180 ship if you go aluminum over brass for the plate given that I did just do that video clip on the old the common simplistic there will obtain you for 140 it does supply buoyant RGB but the stabs need replacing and it’s hot swap however the buttons are north-facing which can not create some disturbance concerns with particular combinations of buttons and gmk and also cherry account caps the high account bare-bones will certainly get you for 190 and also all the very same points apply but in my viewpoint the weight and the coating are superior on the alt high account versus this entry-level kbd board the keying experience on this

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custom though is superior to anything i have actually entered on before it’s amazingly smooth as well as quiet and also really feels truly seem my last little discourse on soldering versus warm swap is this if you do not truly understand what type of switch you such as yet go hot swap till you get it determined not due to the fact that soldering is hard it’s not however because desoldering sucks like i would 100% purchase a brand new PCB if I were to alter things out on this board prior to I would try to desolder whatever on this board with a good D soldering tool I make sure it’s an easier job but a great D soldering weapon begins around 250 whereas I paid like 25 bucks for this janky vacuum cleaner iron and solder wick as well as it’s an unforeseeable problem so I absolutely don’t feel like this is a bad area to start as an entry-level personalized I like the reality you can include little upgrades however it’s really very easy to run

the price up on what still sort of seems like an entry-level personalized in terms of fit and finish as well as the market is altering quickly right now one company specifically is concerning to make some major waves in the market that can totally change what we expect in an entry-level board with a shockingly affordable price point and also it’s the next video clip out links down in the summary for everything we talked regarding today any concerns hit me in the remarks or stop by the dissonance and asset this time around I’m brilliant P many thanks so much for enjoying don’t forget to hit that like switch struck that sub button and also until next time keep up