Freebird TKL – An Entry Level King Contender

sheesh there is a massive amount of buzz for this board this is the extremely asked for freebird tkl from keebs for all and let’s just run it down all aluminum framework e coating several mounting options when keyless available f13 crucial numerous format choices available in hotswap as well as dual ansi iso in the solderable version all for 225 oh and also for that rate you also obtain a bring case and also durock v2 stabs included this remains in group by right now with january 14th with an approximated satisfaction of q2 2022. they likewise have a rather healthy and balanced listing of international vendors as well love to see that this duplicate is very early so mine came in a box with the parts covered in paper no lug situation the coating feels really good below it has like a satin feel to it which originates from making use of the electrophoresis procedure as opposed to plating because this is an early duplicate we do have some blemishes on the case but i would not expect any of this stuff in the last branding is minimal we have actually obtained a goose in there and also the kfa logo design inside as well as just a really simple cost-free bird outside of the situation it does have a nice

side profile no sort of decorations in any way no weights or inserts or anything that would drive the price on the typing angle right here is 6 degrees very comfortable i do still like it with the wrist rest the bezels are pretty reserved and the leading edge type of rounds off in the direction of the front there’s no illumination yet the switch real estates are noticeable general it’s a tidy soft vibe no difficult angles this config as revealed is when keyless but it is available in wk as well my duplicate shipped with a color matched light weight aluminum plate but there are alternatives for hand fr4 and polycarb too all of which are available as bonus for 24 and also brass for 33 the pcb is extremely minimal matte black kale hot swap sockets no rgb or lights of any kind of type to be found anywhere there is no daughter board here so they left us a quite big hole for the port to take care of the flex this is another situation where the port is flush so you have a lot of the port visible in format we have actually obtained support for tipped caps lock split backspace split

right change in addition to both conventional as well as sangam bottom rope they sent out a wind keyless top and also a 7u spacebar cord to make sure that’s undoubtedly the means we’re going this board is mostly south encountering outlets but like we’ve seen before several of the layout choices will result in north encountering buttons basic caps lock is north encountering as is typical right move the bottom row is like a variety this wkl layout offers you north facing on the space bar as well as the two left mods while both best mods are southern dealing with so plan ahead to avoid disturbance either with some long post buttons or by avoiding cherry account keycaps i did find the stabs are a little crowded by the get in as well as the ideal change it actually helps if you partly seat each one prior to screwing them in completely keeps for all behaved adequate to send the pink variant of the brand-new gat inc v2 box changes these are 10 grams lighter than the blacks they were also lubed

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and shot before arrival yell out to lubed buttons for that a person saves me a couple of hrs this is the nicest point you can do for a keyboard customer setting up is extremely straightforward just pack up your stabilizers and also your buttons which leaves us with a plate pcb assembly and a pair various installing options we have actually obtained leading place or a gummy o-ring friction place this seems to be the new wave made popular recently by boards like cigarette nickel or the unicorn if you have a big pp checking account so we decrease in the consisted of silicone instance damper at the base and also this assembly just sits in right here hing on this o-ring after that it’s just securing the top plate very easy you can quickly see the quantity of flex here one point you do need to beware with with the o-ring install is that in the corners it’s primarily just hugging the sides of the switches so once you have your whole board together if you change out a crucial cap in the edge and also it mistakenly draws the button out with it that o-ring snaps in as well as there’s no other way you can fix that without disassembling the board

the top install is simply screwing the plate setting up to the leading framework and abandoning the o-ring it supplies a stiffer experience and a various sound all right so quite yikes in supply form the o-ring install absolutely uses a more comfy inputting experience as well as the alphas and also the spacebar sound a little more in control spacebar still requires a something though the right side of the situation sounds rather hollow and also there’s a great deal of movement if you hit those leading right keys hard you can actually hear the pcb relocating around in there not fascinated that with the leading place it’s most definitely a stiffer experience there’s no flex whatsoever the bottom out definitely feels stiffer the entire board seems more consistent we obtain kind of that woody hollowness the very same sort of sound we listened to from the mode 80 if you select the top mount with none of the pour on inside the board it type of makes me want we had those little silicone caps for that separated top mount like we saw on the 80. You get a little ping with that

hollowness and the spacebar seems extra hostile i assume it’s pretty safe to claim that no matter which mounting alternative you use we’re most definitely going to need to do some mods here in regards to instance dampening we’ll begin with some polyfill and pe foam and also see if that does it i am mosting likely to include some pads under the spacebar stabs too to try to cool down that off a little okay now we’re obtaining someplace i did go back and also forth concerning leaving that silicone in but inevitably went without it due to the fact that with it in there it tended to dampen just the reduced tones only leaving us with the clack which i’m not a big fan of the stab pads under the spacebore stabilizers did aid however i went back as well as forth with spacebar foam also i choose the foam in for the topmount config however i favor to run it without in the o-ring config and also in between both i like the o-ring place better because it’s a bit less aggressive in the audio and a little more forgiving under the wetting does limit the quantity of flex however i believe that’s an excellent thing we’re not getting as much motion around the port location and also no unfavorable acoustic things is a result so it’s not bouncy yet it does feel extremely comfy on bad i didn’t intend to tape the pcb right here if i didn’t have to due to the fact that all

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those boards type of start to appear the exact same to me and also i like the personality that we have actually started on right here it did take a bit even more job than i had prepared for to obtain here but i enjoy with the result remember there that the nk 87 and also the mode 80 were both ran stock without any mods it’s not a reasonable battle but i did wish to include them so you have all those tests in one place the mk87 stands out there is seeming pretty stiff and hollow we absolutely have to mod that to get it on par the setting 80 is still my favorite of the bunch in terms of noise yet bear in mind it mores than twice as expensive as the complimentary bird as well as doesn’t include stabs or a bring instance i think the poron is going a lengthy means to help the audio of the setting 80 audio smoother or creamier as teja would state yuck i do wish we had the alternative here of having a poron plate put the totally free bird is the only board out of the 3 that doesn’t have any kind of plate pcb foam or silicone in regards to worth i do not truly assume you can knock what the freebird has taking place right here at 225 us that’s rather economical in custom tkl land it uses a lot more in terms of format flexibility and placing

flexibility than the nk87 at 289 dollars as well as whether you prefer the keying angle or the aesthetic appeals of either is an individual selection the mode is simply expensive yet the only thing i don’t like regarding it is the dimension of the forehead it does not do anything incorrect for sure and to me it appears as well as really feels truly good stock without any mods required i think the freebird hit exactly the target they were attempting to which’s to open the custom tkl market to an extra budget friendly cost factor still supply a sandbox experience that offers you the versatility to mod it just how you choose it’s not my favored stock noise however if you agree to experiment placed in a couple hours and also some economical modding products you can come away with a board that punches way above its cost point it’s definitely the budget plan tkl to defeat today at least until kikron present an aluminum tko so if you enjoy the channel routinely you’ve probably heard me talk regarding galaxy if you’re not familiar nebula is our own independent streaming

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