Luxli Orchestra Viola: A Multicolor LED Video Light

today I wished to speak about a brand-new light from a company called Loxley and also this is a 5 inch multicolor LED light called the band viola one of the points that makes us light distinct is the capacity to alternating between CC T setting as well as shade wheel setting okay so allow’s begin off by looking at the rear of the light you can see that it uses a sony l collection suitable battery obtained a launch switch right below so you can take the battery out and afterwards it snaps right into area we have the on/off switch right below you can view as soon as i click it will turn on and after that this LED display turns on and also there are several things that are highlighted right here you can see the current charge of the battery whether the Bluetooth is linked or not and today we’re in CCT setting or color correlated temperature so you can see we go to 3000 K and also the light goes all the means from 3,000 to 10,000 K and it has some presets that we’ll check out in a min this is the color setting switch so as I push it it will alter you can see currently we’re checking out levels as well as if I click on it once more it mosts likely to Kelvin again and also then 0% right here that’s the intensity so right now it’s transformed off on the side below we have actually got the brightness so as I transform this knob you can see the portion is rising and

afterwards pull back and I can control the color temperature and what’s wonderful is that there are some presets here so as an example as I reach 3200 it appeals incandescent and also you can see that as I hit it the symbol in fact fills as well as white so just as an added indication for you so we’ve got 3200 which is incandescent I can increase to 4300 and also then you’ll see fluorescent will certainly brighten daytime will go to 5600 oops I simply reviewed it there we go and after that we likewise have gloomy at 6400 and after that finally shade at 7200 and also as I pointed out in the starting you can go all the method as much as 10k on this side you’ll find the DC power input and also a micro USB port which is made use of to do firmware updates I currently did that on the light it took about 2 mins and you can discover from our update side Lux Li light com alright so we took a look at several of the CCT presets let’s go on and also change it to tint wheel mode and also see what we can obtain then we’ll go in advance and click the setting button as well as today we go to absolutely no levels which is red and I’m not certain exactly how much you can see that it’s transforming the history red yet I likewise have a whole lot of lights right here so it’s dealing with yet if I put my hand up

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here you can see that it’s most definitely placing out some traffic signal and also currently as I utilized the color dial you’ll see that the colors start transforming to the colors on the color wheel so we’re beginning with red and as I reach 60 it will certainly most likely to yellow at 120 go it’ll be an environment-friendly and also again you can see their indicators most likely to cyan at 180 right there after that to blue at 240 and afterwards finally to magenta it’s 300 and afterwards if I increase to 360 undoubtedly it goes back to red at absolutely no allowed’s talk a little about the battery so the supplier battery need to last in between an hour as well as a fifty percent to two hours if you’re using it in CCT mode if you’re utilizing it in color wheel mode after that it relies on the number of LEDs you’re making use of since there are 3 various lights so if you’re using every one of them after that you’re probably taking a look at someplace between an hour to an hour as well as a half which is plenty for us what behaves is a few of our other LED lights use the very same batteries so we simply keep them billed as well as then it’s very easy to

just swap them in and out so for such a small light it really does produce a great deal of light once again below it’s taking on the rest of the lights in the studio and I do not recognize that it’s intense sufficient to in fact utilize as an essential light yet most definitely as an accent light a rim light and also they’re also some specialized makes use of that we’ll reveal you in a little bit among the important things that I actually like regarding this light is that I can regulate it from my apple iphone so if you most likely to the Application Store and just search for a Lux leak conductor and download the application you’ll see specifically what I’m talking concerning I can control everything from light strength to shade temperature level there are additionally some various other really neat points that you can do like you can in fact use your phone’s camera as well as turn it on and also then pick click right on the image that’s turning up and the thankfully will match the shade that you’re choosing and also after that will certainly also save it for you to ensure that you can use it for future use there’s also a strobe setting where you can choose any kind of shades that you want and also the fortunately will alternating

between them the first firmware on deluxe Li allow you connect up to six lights to your iPhone or iPad but currently with the most current upgrade you can connect 10 lights and control them from one iPad without any problem so as I stated this light is possibly not huge enough to be a full-time crucial light but you absolutely utilize it as a room light you can light the background with it there are we have actually already utilized it on some product shoots both to just highlight particular features of the item or to also include some cool color another thing that you can utilize this light for is to feature a particular product in a layered shot so you might have a thing behind-the-scenes that you simply intend to highlight and this would certainly be a perfect light to do that and also ultimately as well as what we utilize this most for is as a travel light it’s really tiny simply Stow’s away as well as we can take it anywhere without a trouble you can install it precisely top of your camera there’s a society adapter that featured it currently usually I do not like having the light source feet exactly on top of the camera but there are times where you simply can’t aid that and certainly in this instance you can see we’ve just obtained it mounted exactly on a light stand in enhancement to the kochu install

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near the bottom there’s additionally a quarter twenty so you can string it exactly on top of your light stand one of the things that troubles me regarding LED lights is that I can’t have them sharp straight at me without a diffuser for one reason or another it makes me feel nauseated so one of the important things that I really like about this light is that Lux Lee came out with a really reduced profile diffuser and also essentially this simply snaps out just like this and then fits directly over the light and also now you can see that also at a hundred percent it produces a much softer light the various other great thing is that if you desire to leave the diffuser on it really just folds back as well as after that very inconspicuous to just load in simply like that and also take it with you now the light includes 3 various diffusers today I have a 40 degree on it it likewise comes with a 20 degree and also a 5 degrees as well as I ‘d most likely use this most commonly due to the fact that you recognize basically like every various other LED light because you’re making use of many different individual light resources you intend to diffuse them so you do not obtain specific shadows what I such as about the method this diffuser functions is it in

fact relocates the diffuser a little further away than the light as well as appears to diffuse the light quite well currently attaching the light to the app is actually simple basically just make certain that bluetooth is allowed on your device and after that proceed and open the application as quickly as you power on the viola the Bluetooth sign must reveal you that it’s searching open the app as well as the application will identify a viola as well as then you’ll notice that the Bluetooth icon adjustments on the back of the light once it’s connected you can proceed as well as simply start utilizing it as well as after the very first time we attach to the light after that as soon as we open the application it would simply reconnect so it was really very easy this was our very first impact of the band viola from Loxley so if you’re searching for a fantastic travel light and a light that can alternate between CCT and also color wheel settings you ought to certainly take a look at the viola if you have any kind of other inquiries regarding this light or our experience with it please place them in the remark area below and we’ll return to you as quickly as we can please sign up for our network and also offer this video a like and hopefully examine out a few of our other videos thanks extremely much for viewing oh as well as don’t fail to remember to examine us out on Twitter at technology gear talk make sure

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