Catalyst Waterproof Case for iPhone 7 Plus Review

today I want to look at the catalyst waterproof case for the iphone 7 plus we recently went on vacation to Mexico and I was super excited to try out this case the iPhone 7 plus case just came out and it’s the most advanced case that catalyst makes they refer to it as a waterproof drop proof fully functional case that sets a new industry standard for total protection and allows you to take your phone with you practically anywhere so to be honest what I thought would happen is that I would keep using my regular case and then when I want to go in the water I’d go grab this case swap them out and then use this case you know if I’m in a pool or in the ocean but that’s not really what happened first off the packaging is really cool it’s probably really hard to see in the video but the iPhone on the front and on the side is beveled and the screen as well as the water have a different texture so it just gives it a really cool feel I’m a total sucker for cool packaging so if you want to sell me a product just put it in a cool box and I’ll probably end up buying it alright so let’s take it out of the box so first I’m going to remove the back and I’ll take out the front and catalyst also includes a lanyard which I didn’t actually think I

would use but then once I actually started using the case I ended up using all the time before using this case you should waterproof test it there are instructions in the manual but basically you put it together and then submerge it in water for 30 minutes again there are instructions in the manual of exactly what catalyst wants you to do so just go ahead and follow them and you’ll be fine after doing the waterproof test you can go ahead and install your phone make sure that both sides of the case and your phone are clean and then make sure that this Oh ring is sitting right where it’s supposed to all the way around so take the front of the phone and place your phone into the case starting at the bottom and then the top now take the back and place it on top of your phone make sure the four corners are snapped into place and then keep going down the sides and then finally the top and the bottom and just make sure it’s all in there tight and finally make sure that the Lightning port is closed tight as well that’s it you’re ready to go to remove the case you just take a coin put it

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here on the bottom and twist and then the top will snap right off you can just flip it over get your phone let’s talk a little bit about the specs of this case this catalyst case is rated and tested ip68 waterproof up to 33 feet in case you’re not familiar with the rating IP stands for ingress protection the first digit indicates the level of protection the case has against solid in this case a six means dust type which means the case has complete protection against dust dirt or snow now the next digit indicates the level of protection against liquids this case has a rating of 8 which means full protection from immersion and water to a depth specified by the manufacturer and catalyst states that this case is waterproof up to 33 feet finally this case is designed to meet and exceed military standard 810g for drops and shocks up to 6.6 feet as far as the design Calix uses a premium non-slip soft touch rubber exterior and a clear back which I like because I can see the color of my phone the front of the case has an ultra sensitive screen protector that maintains full touchscreen functionality even touch ID next come to signature true sound acoustics which through some sort of wizardry lets sound travel in and out of the case that means you can make calls listen to music watch and record videos

with audio all from the waterproof case mind blown a super cool feature is this rotating crown dial which toggles the mute button on and off this is a very elegant solution for this type of switch and it works flawlessly for us finally because I obviously like to shoot video I like the fact that this hard optical lens that covers the camera is not recessed like the section that covers the flash now the reason for this is that it prevents the water from getting trapped around the edge and then distorting your images or video now it is slightly recessed because of course you don’t want to scratch that every time you put the case down but I’ve never had any issues with water showing up in any of the images or the video okay let’s get down to business how did this case perform great I told you in the beginning that I was expecting to only use this case when I wanted to go in the water but then once I had it on I sort of stopped thinking of it as a waterproof case and just thought about it as a live your life case while of course it protected my phone from water I realized that overall I was just much more relaxed when this case was on especially considering I was on a beach vacation I didn’t have to worry about my phone getting wet I didn’t have to worry about dropping it I didn’t have to worry about sand

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causing any kind of damage and they have to worry about spilling drinks on it allegedly I could just take it with me anywhere if I wanted to go in the pool if I want to go in the ocean if I want to go down a waterslide I was always ready to go and I never felt like I had to run back to put my phone down before I wanted to continue doing whatever it is that I was doing and then the flipside because I always had it with me I could always take pictures or shoot video I never had to say hey hold on for a second let me go get my phone alright so if you want to add all around protection for your iPhone 7 plus I definitely recommend that you check out this case from catalyst I’ll put links in the description both to this case and for the iPhone 6 case that I also have if you enjoyed this video I would very much appreciate if you gave it a thumbs up and then support our channel by subscribing to it if you have any questions about my experience with this case or have any comments or feedback in general just put them in the comment section below remember to check out our other videos and then follow us on instagram twitter and facebook at tech gear talk see you soon

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