Cinematic lighting in 3 Easy Steps | Video Lighting Tutorial

what’s up people Iggy below and also welcome to another technology gear talk today I’m mosting likely to show you exactly how to easily improve your video or photography with lights we give a whole lot of focus to the electronic camera and the lens however much better lighting is gon na improve your photography or video clip a lot even more than a better camera if you don’t think me the only point I altered between this and this is the lighting today I’m mosting likely to educate you standard concepts that are being made use of in future movies and also commercials and also by on-line makers to get a much more professional as well as cinematic appearance I’ll tell you regarding the equipment that I use and I’ll also provide you some choice at various cost factors so that you have more options and if this is your very first time right here do not worry I damage points down to make sure that they’re very simple and also simple for you to replicate at residence or at the workplace you may

have already heard the term 3-point lighting so I’m gon na begin by swiftly damaging this down for you and also teach you a few of the terms that you’ll hear me make use of in this and also follow up tutorials I’ll then reveal you each of the 3 lights separately so you can see precisely what they do and also the good idea is that you do not require to use all three lights you can simply choose and select what jobs best for your situation and also budget plan you might start with one light and after that grow with time or you might simply stick with one light forever but I desire you to have this vision of what your video clip can appear like alright so starting out the initial and the most essential light is mosting likely to be your essential light this is mosting likely to be the main source of light for your topic the subject could be you if you’re firing alone like I constantly do or you might be filming someone else for a work or it could even be a product that you’re shooting no matter the essential light is the major light the purpose of the crucial light is to highlight the form or measurement of the subject as well as also to establish the state of mind

for the scene and also in a follow-up video I’m mosting likely to reveal you exactly how the direction of the crucial light can offer you five different cinematic looks that you can use to up your manufacturing worth for my videos I utilize the aperture 120 d mark 2 with a light dome mark 2 I also have a number of mark among both and also I actually enjoyed using them for the last number of years as well as you don’t need to utilize this exact setup however allow me cover a couple of points that I value regarding it and I’ll assist you choose the light that’s for you initially the light dome is big and it has two layers of diffusion developed in so I’m obtaining an actually large as well as soft light as well as when you hear a person claim that a light is soft they’re discussing a light that’s even more diffused or spread out and also this often tends to offer a very complementary and also mild look as the light wraps around your subject at the other end of the spectrum is a hard light which is a lot more concentrated and also it’s mosting likely to develop some extremely

extreme darkness it’s mosting likely to accentuate wrinkles and also blemishes in the skin as well as it produces a much less flattering look currently the larger the light resource about your topic the softer it is the smaller sized the source of light the harder it is so when we go back to check out my key light I’m using a really large resource of light and positioning it extremely near to me in order to get a very soft appearance and let me show you what happens when I get rid of the light dome due to the fact that the actual LED on the 120 is fairly tiny this currently becomes a much smaller source of light and also creates a lot more extreme shadows when I add the light dome back in the source ends up being a lot bigger and also currently we have a great soft light so again among the features that I like concerning the setup is that the light dome is so large as well as it creates a very large resource as far as positioning I have the essential light at regarding 45 degrees to my right or cam left and it’s slightly higher than eye degree pointing down so what we get is

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a light that is lighting regarding two-thirds to three-quarters of my face relying on the angle now this aids form the face and also includes measurement to the shot you can see that it’s gradually falling off as it gets to the left side of the face you can also see the representation of the light in my eye which is called a catch light as well as depending on the form of your light you might have a circle like what I have below a square which you would certainly obtain from a square softbox or a home window or perhaps a ring which you would obtain from a ring light now there are a couple of things that are essential here and I’ll demonstrate them with a harder light to make sure that the adjustments are easier to observe initially we do not desire the like to be too expensive if the light is a lot more than the face after that we’re gon na begin seeing dark

darkness under the eyebrow line and also the nose and you’ll listen to people refer to these as raccoon eyes and also unless there’s some specific reason that you’re going for this appearance like some investigation scene it’s gon na be something that you wish to avoid Colonel jessep did you buy the Code Red the following issue originates from the key light being also reduced and also directing up due to the fact that regular light resources like the Sun or perhaps lighting in our houses come from over a key light that’s positioned too low creates a very abnormal look or something you would certainly see in a scary movie so see to it that you’re positioning your crucial light just slightly above eye degree for the best outcomes currently naturally the bigger and also softer your light is the even more room for error there is with this placement due to the fact that it’s a a lot more forgiving light one more reason I love the 120 D is that it’s an LED light so it runs truly cool and I’m

not over here sweating because there is such a source of light that’s so near me it’s also dimmable so I can just lower or increase it to obtain the best strength for the kind of shot that I desire before I relocate on to the following area if you like what you have actually seen until now allow me recognize by providing this video a thumbs up it assists me know what sort of material you such as so that I can make even more of it and also if it’s your very first time below go ahead and hit the subscribe as well as notification switches so you can remain up to date on all the most up to date gear and also tutorials ok to make sure that was the vital light let’s proceed to the fill light now depending on the placement and also dimension of your essential light the contrary side of the face might be as well dark currently this is a stylistic choice so there’s no right or wrong below and you reach select what you like if you locate that it’s too dark for your taste you can do 2 things one would certainly be to relocate the

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crucial light extra in the direction of the front as well as the various other would certainly be to add a fill light a fill light is a light that’s pointed at your subject from the opposite side of the camera so if your essential light gets on the right side then the fill light will be on the left and also the fill light is made use of to complete some of the shadows developed by the key light currently the strength of the fill ID will rely on the appearance that you’re attempting to accomplish if you desire contrary after that you may just intend to include a little of fill light this is additionally called low vital light if you desire less contrast after that you can add more fill this is called high essential light currently if you include a lot fill light that you’re matching the strength of your key light after that you’ll get an extra flat look now one more pointer I wish to provide you is that if you just have one light yet you still intend to obtain some fill you

can just make use of a reflector to jump a few of the crucial light back onto your topic and you can relocate this reflector closer or farther away from the based on increase or reduce the amount of film alright so we have a crucial light as well as we have a fill light currently we obtain to the 3rd light which can be called a backlight rim light or hair light this light is setting behind the subject and also sideways currently personally I like to have the backlight opposite the vital light so I can utilize it to add dimension to the subject and also produce an emphasize on the opposite side of the face I can likewise create some splitting up from the history by lighting the topics hair shoulder as well as arm currently the intensity of the backlight once more will certainly depend on the look that you’re trying to get however be mindful not to blow up the highlights of your producing unless you’re doing that purposefully currently one more point to be mindful of is that you don’t want this light sharp directly at the cam

due to the fact that you will create some flare that can spoil your shot one last thing is that the backlight provides you one more opportunity to introduce some shade in instance you want to add an element of interest from my backlight I made use of the Falcon eyes D s 711 it’s a 1 foot by 1 foot panel with the diffusion layer integrated in which develops an actually nice and also mild light its LEDs so I can quickly dial the intensity up or down depending on what I’m trying to find it additionally has built-in barn doors so I can route the light appropriate onto my topic as well as I do not need to bother with it spilling on the history or hitting the lens and producing a flare and a huge incentive concerning this light is that its RGB so I can experiment with any color that I desire and after that use it to create various state of minds ok so currently do we know what each light does allow’s see what each light resembles on its very own very first we’ll start with simply the vital light you can see that it’s appropriately lighting our subject twist around the side of the face in creating a soft

and also enjoyable look next let’s consider simply a fill you can see that it’s a lot much less extreme than the crucial light was and also it’s simply helping us soften the shadows on the opposite side ultimately allowed’s look at the backlight you can see that it produces a highlight on the side opposite the secret as well as additionally adds a great edge light to the outline of the subject currently let’s go ahead and also do a quick demo where we develop our lights setup starting with the vital light and afterwards again starting with the backlight so here our with absolutely nothing lighting the subject and also we’re gon na add an essential light after that a fill light as well as ultimately a backlight and currently in the opposite instructions we’re gon na start with the backlight include the fill and ultimately the key alright to make sure that covers how to utilize the

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three-point illumination system to help boost your digital photography or video clips if you have any kind of questions that I’ll go ahead and also ask them in the comment area I have web links in the description to the items that I stated in this video clip as well as some options at various rate points I actually hope that this video was useful to you if it was please allow me understand by leaving a comment offering this video clip a thumbs up and if you haven’t yet join the community by hitting the subscribe and alert buttons for even more tips and also tutorials I also suggest that you follow me on Instagram Facebook And Twitter a techie err talk you recognize what I always say bye great or bye two times all the best and see you quickly