Canon R5 | I JUST CAN’T DO IT!!!

what’s up people sigi below and invite to one more technology equipment talk today i intend to chat concerning the canon r5 what i believe canon did incorrect what i assume they ought to have done and why i can not bring myself to acquire one i wish to begin by saying that canon is getting smashed today concerning both the r5 as well as the r6 but mostly the r5 due to the fact that it’s meant to be their first-rate mirrorless electronic camera as well as honestly it’s all their fault because the r5 is actually a good camera with some truly remarkable abilities however they tackled this entire campaign actually poorly as well as what i wish to perform with this video clip is begin a conversation where i can discover more regarding how you individuals view what’s taking place in the marketplace factually yet extra notably in regards to how you assume these functions or troubles would affect the manner in which you really utilize your electronic cameras i was on a podcast a pair weeks ago and it obtained a little warmed speaking about this word play here meant as

well as i had not been certain if i wished to make this video clip however i’m truly thinking about locating out what you men assume so right here i am now a please note first i have a lots of canon gear a lot of the video clips on this channel were fired on canon cams anything from a number of c100 mark ii electronic cameras i’m making use of a c200 today to film this and also even my m6 mark ii i additionally have a bunch of canon lenses varying from the top of the line l series glass to virtually every readily available efm lens from canon as well as some terrific budget choices so i do not hear any type of rubbish concerning me being a canon hater or any of that stupidity and at the exact same time i additionally own a bunch of sony gear as well as often i shoot on fuji which i really take pleasure in so generally i uncommitted what electronic camera you offer me in regards to brand i appreciate the customer experience as well as the outcomes so what i will claim will establish the phase for why i’m so frustrated with what canon made with this most current launch like i stated i worth user experience so the primary

reasons that i primarily use cinema video cameras is the comfort element i obtained endless recording extremely flexible power choices integrated xlr inputs integrated nd filters and also totally verbalizing screens so it’s those types of features that actually appeal to me more than points like increased little bit deepness or subchroma sampling and also it’s not that i do not value those points i just put them in viewpoint of what i do so for instance i recognize that i can develop a gear that will certainly give me a lot of the functions that i spoke about utilizing an audio interface an outside recorder and also a battery coupler today i’m speaking about more components cables points to charge as well as i prefer to just have everything work right out of package and before we get back to the r5 let’s take a look at exactly how we reached where we are i’m mosting likely to build an instance for why i assume canon did what it did and the short solution is sony so right here’s what i think occurred and trust me this will certainly all make good sense to just stick with me canon was late to truly purchase right into the mirrorless space especially when

we’re chatting regarding complete framework and my assumption is that they either didn’t think individual fostering would certainly take place at this rate or they thought they had a large enough section of the market to the factor where they could dictate the rate of the migration from dslrs to mirrorless cams currently on the other hand we have sony that came into this area and also went done in on mirrorless and not just that they made an excellent selection to select a solitary mount for their aps-c full-frame and movie theater video cameras for those of you who are not aware of what this suggests generally it means you can utilize the exact same lenses on sony aps-c full-frame as well as cinema electronic cameras now on the various other hand we have canon that has the older ef and ef-s lenses which were developed for dslrs and also it can be utilized on movie theater cameras yet they call for an adapter if you wish to utilize them on an efm electronic camera like the m50 or the m6 mark ii however then they require a various adapter if you wish to use them on rf mount cams like the eos r and also rp as well as currently the r5 as well as r6 so basically sony only has to support one lens install and also maintain developing lenses where canon currently has ef efs efm as well as rf currently ef as well as efs lenses have actually been around for several

years so there’s a ton of alternatives at different rate factors and also from 3rd celebration carriers efm is rather new and while there are rather a few choices available now it had not been till sigma launched their triad of 16 30 and also 56 millimeter f 1.4 that this mount had enough quick tops currently canon is launching 5 more efm lenses yet you can see the issue below these lenses will never ever function on full-frame mirrorless canon cams so the upgrade course for individuals is not as tidy as if with sony now when sony began launching mirrorless electronic cameras they weren’t perfect and also they’re not perfect now yet below’s what sony did right they kept launching more recent and more recent cameras at a much faster rate than their competitors as well as they got some objection for this and i get it you do not wish to get a cam and after that figure out that there’s a newer design being revealed yet what they have the ability to perform with this repetitive technique is enhance their video cameras in regards to specs autofocus overheating and also user experience with each action canon on the various other hand just maintained doing what it’s been doing splendidly for many years which is wonderful ergonomics terrific color science exceptional autofocus and also great lenses and also on a side note when you hear me claim an

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electronic camera has a wonderful color or that i like the shade scientific research what i mean is the color right out of the electronic camera with really little job so i understand that i can grab basically any of my canons take an image or fire some video and also as long as i’m shooting at the correct white equilibrium i’m going to get really great colors so when individuals complain concerning sony shades it wasn’t since you could not obtain good outcomes with older sony video cameras it was simply that it required some even more work and i always discussed that there is a very clear aspect of subjectivity right here because every one people has our very own choices in terms of what we desire our completed product to look like currently if you’re doing this expertly you’re mosting likely to establish a custom white balance every time and also you’re mosting likely to shoot in raw log or hlg apply improvement luts and shade correct and also quality and also message but i identify that the ordinary user isn’t mosting likely to do that the ordinary user is taking an electronic camera to their youngsters games they’re shooting video clips

of family members events holidays or perhaps starting a youtube network where they don’t necessarily intend to mess around with it way too much in message okay rant over and back to sony and also canon sony kept launching electronic cameras that squashed canon in terms of specs when it pertained to video clip when you checked out resolution frame rates high iso efficiency sony video cameras were improving much faster than canon and also this produced a situation where on the one hand you listened to people speaking about canon shade individual experience how simple the electronic cameras are to utilize the autofocus was excellent they have completely expressing full touch screen and also generally the truth that it was basic to get excellent material from canon cams currently on the various other hand you ‘d hear exactly how amazing the greater resolution as well as structure rate choices got on sony we got uncropped 4k or occasionally with a really mild crop with wonderful autofocus 1080p at 120 structures per secondly for sluggish motion with autofocus as well as sound and after that log choices like s-log 2 3 and also now hlg now these were functions that canon kept to safeguard their cinema camera line which is a total error and i’ll get to that in another video clip so to summarize we have actually canon with easy to use electronic cameras not a problem with overheating reputable dual pixel autofocus wonderful shade and comfort designs however reduced resolution less framework rate choice absence of ibis as well as

a significant crop in 4k sony has much a lot more excellent video cameras if you check out just the specifications and the grievances were usually concerning the menu system color the absence of fully articulating screen and the lack of touch display and also to be fair older designs from sony also overheated and also had autofocus hunting problems then canon released the eos r in october of 2018 and the electronic camera quickly obtained squashed on youtube when i obtained my hand on it i assumed it was a truly wonderful video camera it endured from being a very first generation like any type of product and it made sense to me that canon had to do this to stop the blood loss as well as to start an appropriate pivot into the full-frame mirrorless space then the waiting video game began when will certainly canon launch the next flagship complete frame which we currently recognize is the r5 and this is where things began going incorrect in the initial statement canon said the brand-new full-frame mirrorless cam currently under advancement will completely leverage the benefits of the esr system assisting to produce a video camera that features high-speed continual shooting and also 8k video clip videotaping so when i consider this from an advertising and marketing point ofview it certain seem like the 2 essential things are fast ruptured shooting as well as then 8k video what i think taken place is canon was just ill of losing the specs battle and so what they claimed

was great we’ll just leapfrog where sony is going and also we’ll get people’s interest with this truly remarkable list of functions in the next launch canon once again began by mentioning 8k raw inner at 30 frames per second ak internal 30 structures per second 422 10 little bit canon log h265 42 10 little bit hdr pq no crop in 8k with complete sensing unit readout 8 and also 4k dual pixel autofocus and once more canon log being available in 8 and also 4k they likewise spoke concerning ibis available 4k structure prices as well as double card ports so with 5 out of the 8 bullets speaking about 8k and with basically every single among them apart from double card ports being video clip centric it certain appear like they were advertising this cam as a video camera essentially nowhere in this launch were they discussing what a great video camera this will certainly be the stills then you speak about the 45 megapixel sensing unit there’s no reference of 20 structures per second ruptured shooting with the electronic shutter or 12 frameworks per 2nd with the mechanical shutter there’s no mention of the enhanced autofocus and subject detection or the cloud assimilation so as a consumer i’m a little confused at this moment like why did you make a video initial camera

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with a 45 megapixel sensing unit currently i do not think that that was really their intent however that’s exactly how they offered it currently maybe they were thinking that it’ll simply be a considered that this cam is a good stills cam as well as we can simply stop all these people discussing just how sony has better specs currently notice that i haven’t even stated as soon as that these video clip features that canon is promoting do not really operate in the real world situations there’s most likely no chance that you’re viewing this without currently learning about the overheating problems of the r5 and r6 a gerald launched a video and also did an online show where he showed us precisely what occurs even when you’re trying to tape-record on the surface not to discuss that the overheating shutoff occurs even when you’re shooting stills as well as then attempting to head to video clip and that’s that’s simply bananas and also it’s not just overheating it’s additionally the recovery time that’s mosting likely to be a real issue if you claimed you can tape-record for like an hour perhaps a bit much longer then rest for like five or ten

minutes and afterwards document for an additional hr or a hr and also a half that would not be perfect yet it would certainly help the majority of people yet we’re speaking about it overheating awaiting 20 minutes just to get a few minutes of recording time like exactly how’s that ever gon na work currently look i do not also desire 8k there’s absolutely no opportunity that now i’m mosting likely to shoot an ak i do not need it and i’m not going to utilize it what i’m worried regarding is the canon will certainly assume that this is the way to go onward marketing functions that don’t truly represent a fantastic value rather than concentrating on what actually matters to a lot of users my experience with canon has actually always been that it simply worked it was reputable i knew i can count on it it really did not over pledge i knew exactly what i was obtaining so if i was alright with the specs i was excellent to go currently they’re offering this electronic camera as well as saying that it could do all these things and it simply can’t do them once more not in any genuine way and i do not desire to have to change to aps-c plant setting in order to get over overheating problems if you’re going to market uncropped 4k as a feature it’s a difference between saying the electronic camera can

do something and also in fact being able to do it in a manner that numerous customers would intended to and also if you’ve watched this network before you know just how much real user experience indicates to me so after waiting on this camera taking a look at the price point and after that seeing just how i was marketed i just don’t obtain it and this doesn’t even consider the most recent reports regarding these overheating concerns being phony or purposefully positioned by canon more on this later on currently back to user experience i also have not pointed out the genuine things that trouble me regarding this camera things like endless recording it’s 20 20 and also i’m paying 3900 for a full-frame flagship electronic camera that was marketed for its video functions and also it can’t do something that an entry-level aps-c camera like the a6100 could do which is record limitless 4k video clip to an sd card after that you’re gon na give me two sd card ports but need me to get a cf reveal card to opt for an sd card if i desire backup for stills however by the method thanks for making use of uh s2 however after that you’re not gon na allow me tape video clip to both so i can have

redundancy this way even if both cards are quickly enough for that taping mode as well as at the very least i can videotape inside and on the surface to something like my atomos ninja 5 yet i digress so let’s go back to the claims that overheating problems are fake definition that they aren’t actually based on the sensing unit getting too hot yet instead are software limitations positioned to assist section this electronic camera if you saw this report by eoshd it states that if you have 8k or 4k hq toggled on in the video clip menu for each minute that the electronic camera is left on also if it remains in stills mode the readily available run time for these greater video options is reduced as well as to make certain this is clear it means that if you have this greater mode selected and you simply have the electronic camera on the quantity of time that you can tape prior to the electronic camera shuts off these greater quality video alternatives decreases this is all without firing any type of video after concerning 45 mins of the camera just remaining in stills mode and also taking a couple of photo they attained total lockout from the greater quality video clip settings so can you truly warrant costs 3 900 on an electronic camera that does this i do not understand i know there are

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firmware updates coming so we’ll see what they make with that and also it would easier to simply state that it’s a straight no if canon really did not obtain a number of things right with this new launch they improved the autofocus algorithm for subject monitoring as well as face eye discovery we likewise obtain autofocus and 120 frames per secondly which i have actually been wanting for well i’ve always desired it i like the reality that we can now utilize usbc to basically keep the r5 running for as long as i might ever before envision utilizing it i like that i can fire making use of canon log 10 little bit as well as get a lot far better beginning factor in terms of shade dealing with and grading than something like eos criterion certainly i like the earphone jack the mic input a completely verbalizing touch display as well as ibis for photography looks terrific choices decisions and after that to make this choice even harder sony’s a7 s3 appears to solve a great deal of the video issues that we saw with the r5 while at the exact same time it resolves user issues with a newly designed food selection system as well as a totally articulating touch display as well as it goes to a similar rate point so if i desire this kind of kind element the a7s3 feels like it would certainly be a much better

choice for video clip while the r5 will certainly of program win this if it was strictly a digital photography battle and i do not mean that even if of the 45 megapixel sensing unit like while i more than happy to have the additional cropping options 24 megapixel sensors have worked fine for me of what i do as well as don’t forget that a bad 45 megapixel picture is simply a larger bad photo so i’m mosting likely to possibly obtain the a7s 3 so i can do a complete testimonial and compare it to several of my present gear or possibly even change my a7 iii as well as concerning the r5 i’m simply actually battling with justifying this body of what i do if i was mainly a professional photographer and also wanted the most effective full-frame mirrorless electronic camera canon needs to use that

would certainly be what i would certainly choose but also for video clip i simply don’t understand if it’s the appropriate choice okay so now i really

would like to know what you people think like just how do you feel regarding the overheating concerns and a few of the various other things that i pointed out in this video do you feel like this camera would certainly be an excellent electronic camera as well as something that you may obtain and also you believe canon made a mistake with how they promoted the r5 and also ultimately ought to i transform my mind and still obtain one i know this was a different video clip than the majority of what i do however occasionally i simply wish to share my thoughts with you as well as see where it goes and if you like this video please allow me recognize by giving it a thumbs up tweet it share it and if you haven’t yet sign up with the area by striking the subscribe and alert switches you can constantly locate me on instagram facebook and twitter at techyourtalk you recognize what i always say purchase it great or acquire it two times good luck and also see you soon