Honor Watch GS Pro Best Value Rugged Smartwatch

hello beautiful beeps i’m chris from textbook and today we’re going to be checking out the fresh new honor watch gs pro a rugged outdoor watch for urban adventurers in on his own words now this thing bought some premium design and features you got tracking for over 100 different exercise types including a fresh new skiing mode for anyone who enjoys strapping planks of wood to their feet in their spare time you’ve got a reported 25 days of battery life heart rate tracking sp02 monitoring sleep tracking all of that good stuff and all for a very respectable asking price of just 250 euros so something for me banging on let’s get this bad boy pulled out the box set it up and take you on a full-on tour of all the hardware the software the best new features and everything and from all the latest greatest tech please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers first of all quite an interesting box it kind of looks like i’ve coughed all over it or something but i swear i am this is actually some textured stuff that was on there to begin with kind of looks like maybe a badger with dodgy bowels got a bit too close but anyhow we’re not actually interested in the box we are interested in this bad boy inside of it just chuck the watch

aside for a second and check out what else you get in this box of dreams that’s pretty straightforward you’ve got your quick start guide as well as a type c charging cable and the actual magnetic dock which you’ll need to stick the watch on to get it powered back up again and that is a proper strong magnetic attraction as well that’s not gonna come flying off if you accidentally nudge it or anything so that’s good and that is that so let’s turn our attention to the actual watch itself so as i said before a rugged outdoor watch according to honor got stainless steel bezel surrounding that screen it’s 1.39 incher uh the rest of the watch feels like it’s basically constructed of plastic quite a chunky mother as you can see there that’s pretty typical for any kind of outdoor smart watch and at 45 grams it’s got a good little heft to it as well and that’s without the straps that’s for the strap it’s a flu raw rubber effort so it should be well suited for exercise and everything should hopefully be nice and comfortable on the skin even if you’re wearing it 24 hours a day this is of course the black fluoro rubber strap you can also grab a white alternative otherwise honor also mentioned that there would be a camel blue nylon braided strap and as you can see on the back here you’ve got your quick release uh switches as well as you can actually pop those straps off in a jiffy and replace them with a new one and as you’d have suppose the rugged watch honor has put the watch gs pro through its pieces apparently this thing has passed 14 different military standards 810g

tests including uh humidity tests shock tests altitude temperature all the good stuff and it’s also probably won’t resistant to a depth of 50 meters so great news if you want to go snorkeling or in my case you just can’t be bothered to take it off when you go in the shower anyhow that’s enough waffle let’s get the honor watch gs pro all set up and then we can take a proper full-on tour of the rest of the features now to set up the honor watch gs pro you’ll need to download the huawei health app which is available for free on the google play store and apple’s app store as well you just got to sign into our health using your huawei id or sign up for an account if you haven’t got one already and then head to devices and ad as you can see there devices popped right up so hopefully they’ll be paired in a jiffy and there we go how easy was that right so now that the watch is actually all set up and good to go and actually slap it onto my wrist and there we go actually considering it’s a fairly chunky watch doesn’t look too ridiculous on my spindly little toddler wrist so you can actually see that 1.39 inch amoled screen in action as well and it looks just as crisp and gorgeous and beautiful as any other displays on any of those huawei gt2 series smart watches uh because it’s an amoled of course you get nice punchy colors and it’s pleasingly sharp as well with a 454 by 454 pixel resolution giving you 326 pixels per inch so certainly no issues with those tiny bits of text as

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you can see there on the side of the honor watch gs4 you’ve got two physical push buttons the top one brings up a full list of all of your apps that you’ve got installed on there which you can then scroll through you can also then push the top button again to go back to the main watch face and if you push the bottom button that’s basically a shortcut to load up the app of your choice so by default it’ll load up the exercise tracking but then if you dive into the watch settings and you scroll down as you can see there’s a down button setting and you can just change that to any app that you prefer if you’re not really a fan of the old exercises now because this is a huawei smart watch it doesn’t use wear os from google it uses huawei’s own smartwatch os that means you can’t download fresh new apps from an app store for instance that means it is a case of what you see is what you get in this apps list unless uh huawei honor adds further apps via an over-the-air update then basically this is what you’ve got thankfully it’s a pretty comprehensive selection of features especially if you’re doing your fitness track and you’ve got some good health related stuff on here so of course naturally you’ve got a built-in heart rate monitor there which can monitor your poles 24 hours a day seven days a week and it looks like i was very excited when i was strapping this thing onto my wrist uh you got an sp or2

monitor on there as well basically blood oxygen concentration especially good for picking up on underlying health conditions should always be as close to 100 as possible of course you’ve got full-on sleep tracking stress monitoring breathing exercises if you’re feeling the stress of everyday existence and of course full tracking for over 100 different types of exercise so whatever you’re into uh for working up a sweat chances are it’s probably covered here on the honor watch i mean plaza dancing tai chi hula hoops darts does darts even count as exercise i suppose it’s got to monitor all the uh the heavy lifting of the pint laser tag for goodness sakes and as i mentioned before one of the newer updates for the honor watch gs pro is the skiing mode which also extends to snowboarding and cross-country skiing if you’re like doing that randomness as you see when you start the exercise track and it will calibrate the gps and then once that’s done it will kick start the exercise start the workout whoa okay dude and as you can see you can deliver pertinent stats uh based on what kind of workout you’re doing so in this case your total descent in meters as well as your your speed the time you’ve been going etc etc and if you’re a fan of hiking as well but you’re not very good at really sort of keeping track of where you wander to you may be a little bit absent-minded well honor has added in a new feature as well called root back so basically this will track you on the gps as you start your hike and then at any point if you decide oh i’m a wee bit lost

here what do i do all you need to do is hit route back to your destination navigation finished and it’ll help you get back to your point of origin which for me was this very spot here and while you’re getting your sweat on as well if you need a bit of motivation to help keep you going just one swipe and you access the media controls you can upload up to 500 songs onto the honor watch gs pro uh and then just stream them via bluetooth to your headphones your earbuds or whatever the other watch gs pro has a built-in barometer as well so if you scroll down to the air pressure app you can get an update on the ambient conditions you can also check out the altitude if you’re doing a bit of proper mountain hiking or something and one of the new features on here as well is the severe weather warning so you can turn that on and if the watch detects that the as you see the atmospheric pressure is dropping quite fast uh it’ll give you a little heads up you might want to get yourself indoors if you jump on into the weather app as well this can also serve up lots of great useful information so for instance the sun rise and sunset times in your local area this will even work offline as well just using your last recorded location uh just in case you happen to to jump offline as you can see you can see the moon phases and everything as well the tide times as well personally i don’t think i’m going to need any of this

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stuff for my weekly shopping trip to test scores but certainly if you’re planning a proper expedition into the great outdoors this will do the job as with all small watches of course once you’re hooked up to your smartphone uh you’ll get full access to all of your notifications right here on your wrist you can actually set up uh within the huawei health app exactly which apps will serve up notifications you’re not bothered non-stop by random crap you don’t care about and from within the app you can also i set up your favorite contacts you can set up alarms to go off on your watch as well you can of course copy all that music across so you just swipe up to access your notifications if you swipe right and left you’ll access all of your basically your tiles which give you fast access to all of your various stats and other pertinent information your media controls all that good stuff and last up if you swipe down that gives you fast access to some toggles and other features like find my phone and you can also access all your settings from here as well set up some earbuds tinker around with the display as you can see there there is an always on display option which i quite like so i’m going to get that on the go got a handful of different options analog and digital

i’m gonna get some analog action on the go let’s have it uh green why not and i’m also gonna change up the main watch face as well because i’m not a fan of that default effort so if we just there we go get there in the end as you can see you’ve again got a selection of different ones you can choose from between the analogs and the digitals and a lot of the different watch faces have a variety of widgets on them as well which are customizable so first as this one you can get an alternative time zone on the go and while there’s only a small selection of pre-installed watch faces on the watch itself don’t worry because you can just dive into that huawei health app and you can download a huge selection of other ones i’ve kept on scrolling and scrolling and scrolling there’s well over 100 in here um so she should be able to find something that you like if you like koalas or guitars or uh whatever the hell these things are they’ll also things then uh yeah job done amazingly you’ve also got the uh this is fine meme uh watch face as well which is very appropriate indeed for 2020 and in fact i finally reached the end of the list so this is how many different watch faces you have to choose between i can’t be bothered to count all of them there’s a lot there you go so i’ve naturally gone for the this is fine one because yeah that just sums it up the actual performance is provided courtesy of huawei’s current ear one chipset which is found in all of the gt2 series smart watches so i’m expecting a nice smooth performance i’ve seen a couple of little stutters

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here and there but i’m just taking that down to the fact that it’s uh it’s only just been set up an honor reckons if you fully charge the watch gs pull then you will get 25 days of life continuously which is pretty impressive that’s with mixed use of course once you start activating various features such as the always on display that’s supposed to cut the battery life in half but even then you get close to two weeks on a single charge which is incredible for a smart watch of course the more exercise tracking and everything that you do that will cut the battery life as well because the gps will drain it rather faster that only seems to activate when you’re actually doing some sort of fitness stuff or it’s also worth mentioning as well you do get a built-in speaker and a microphone here on the on a watchjs pro as well that means you can actually take calls via your smartwatch as long as you’re hooked up to your phone so there you have it that is the honor watch gs pro in a nutshell let’s say 250 euros available september 7th directly from honor and certainly if you find yourself out and about quite a lot doing a lot of trekking uh skiing any of that good stuff then it seems to have some pretty solid premium specs and features for that reasonable asking price so let me know what you think down in the comments below please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell if you haven’t already and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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