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so good news for smartwatch fans because things are really starting to heat up as we hit the ass end of 2020. the gorgeous new huawei watch gt2 pro is the latest effort to hit the uk gold on sale from october the 6th and it should prove very stiff competition indeed for the also freshly launched ticwatch pro 3. now if you fancy one of these super premium huawei watches it’ll cost you 300 quid which is more or less the same as that tick watch pro 3 but it’s also considerably more expensive than just the standard huawei watch gt2 which is 170 quid at the time i shot this video so what actually is the difference between the watch gt2 pro and the original huawei watch gt2 well i’m going to take you on a full unboxing and tour of the watch gt2 pro now and do a comparison side by side to see whether it’s worth that extra cash and for more than the latest and greatest tech please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so first up let’s see what we actually get in the box for this bad boy let’s delicately pop the watch aside looks like it should be fairly straightforward stuff so first up when you buy yourself your huawei watch gt2 pro you’ve got a choice of either classic or sport editions this is the classic which comes bundled with a lovely brown soft leather strap and you also get a rubber strap bundled in the box as well whereas if you buy the sport edition you just get the rubber strap you don’t get the leather version and you also get your warranty card in your quick start guide a usbc charging cable and the actual magnetic dock for the huawei watch gt2 pro to sit on the type c usb cable just plugs in there plug the other end into a mains adapter and then when it’s time to charge

up your watch that just slaps on there and the magnetic hold is nice and strong as well and the magnetic attraction is reasonably strong but definitely don’t go doing what i just did with your shiny new premium 300 pound smartwatch now some of the main differences between the fresh new huawei watch gt2 pro and the original watch gt2 definitely comes down to the design elements for a start the pro is only available in this 46 millimeter sizing whereas the original watch gt2 could be picked up in a 42 millimeter more compact size as well definitely perfect for people like me with teeny little toddlerists both of these small watches definitely feel premium they’ve got a good heft to them the gt2 pro is slightly heavier at 52 grams compared to the original which was around sort of 40 grams and the reason for that is because the gt2 pro has been constructed for more premium materials as you kind of hope and expect for that extra price so while the casing on the original watch gt2 is constructed from metal and plastic here you’ve got a titanium body through and through which is crazy crazy tough hopefully shouldn’t scratch up at all ever you’ve also got a sapphire glass surfacing as well covering that display just to help add to the extra toughness and on the back end you’ve got a ceramic finish as well

which is very easy on the old skin you’ve got a choice of gray or black finishes for that casing as well and just like the original watch gt2 the pro model is water resistant down to five atmospheres so you can take it to depths of around 50 meters good news if you’re one of those fish bothers who likes to snorkel or scuba dive enough chatter anyway let’s actually get the thing slapped on my wrist and see what it looks like and there we have it thankfully seems to fit me all right and as with most smart watches including the original watch gt2 the pro model is quite a chunky monkey as you can see there so now to actually get the huawei watch gt2 pro all set up we’ll need to download the huawei health app from the google play store it’s also available on apple’s app store in touch word the parent process is usually nice and straightforward basically just log in with your huawei id or sign up for one if you don’t have one already go to devices and then hit add and there it is just pops right up apparently successful and a nice merry little jingle just to celebrate as with pretty much any smart watch you’ve got full notification support as well you can actually choose which apps are allowed to buzz your wrist and disturb you as well and then once you’ve got all that set up you’re good to go now the case and materials might be very

different for this pro model but the actual screen itself is exactly the same it’s once again a 1.39 inch amoled display nice and crisp as you can see there thanks to its 454 by 454 pixel resolution so any tiny text is nice and legible and those colors are nice and poppy as well they really jump off the screen at you i actually quite like the default watch screen here on the pro model as well that’s rather snazzy but of course you can change it at any point just long press on that uh display and as you can see you’ve then got a small selection that you can choose from here it’s a good variety of stuff though you’ve got analog and digital and of course quite a few of them come with complications as well which you can customize so whatever information you feel is most pertinent to you can get there right on the main screen so you can see it at a quick glance and while you’ve got a comfortable dozen or so watch faces pre-installed on the pro you can at any point dive into the huawei health app and browse the selection of around 200 others which you can then immediately just bug on your watch and start using straight away including my own personal favorite the this is fine face strangely appropriate for 2020 i feel once again it’s very diverse selection so you’re bound to find a few in here that you really really like and i know that perhaps the watch face doesn’t exactly suit the premium design of the while we watch gt2 pro but i still love it and as with the previous

watch the gt2 pro sports a built-in mic and speaker as well so you can actually take calls on this thing as well although if you do so in public you will look a bit of a plank so so far as i said the primary difference between the pro model and the original gt2 is the design stuff but huawei has also updated some of the fitness tracking features for this pro model too so for instance when it comes to your heart rate monitoring that’s now conducted by the fresh new true scene 4.0 plus sensor which apparently offers better power efficiency when you’re doing your 24 hour tracking and it’s also more accurate compared with the original gt2 and you’ve also now got spr2 monitoring here on the watch gt2 pro as well which basically monitors your blood oxygen levels making sure you’ve got plenty of oxygen in your blood so you’re not about to pass out it’s a feature that loads of small watches and fitness trackers offer now even likes the apple watch have it and it wasn’t actually on the huawei watch gt2 when that first launched but it has come to it in a subsequent update the exercise tracking here on the webby watches is really really impressive as well you’ve got support for over a hundred different types of exercise so all the stuff you know and love from the original watch gt2 is back in action kite flying stair climbing a good bit of tug-of-war yeah do that all the time obviously however a couple of fresh new mods have also been added to the while we watch gt2 pro uh

including snowboarding skiing and cross-country skiing so good news if you like a hit and the piste and there’s also a fresh new driving range mode for you golfers as well which can apparently accurately measure your swing speed and tempo as well i’m more of a fan of golf of the crazy or mini variety so i’m not really sure how much i would get out of that but good news if you are a golfer as before you’ve got full gps support built in there as well so you can leave your smart phone at home and just use this to track your emotions throughout your fitness session and speaking of gps as well when you’re doing an appropriate workout like an outdoor stroll for instance if you scroll a couple of bits to the right you’ll find the new root back feature as well which is especially implemented for this pro model and what this feature does is it tracks your exact routes via the gps and then if you for instance find yourself a wee bit lost and confused you can easily get back to your point of origin nice and easy just using the on-screen indicators if you do decide to leave your smartphone behind when you’re pounding the pavement or whatever you can bunk around 500 songs onto the gt2 pro just as you could with the original watch gt2 as well get hooked up to your bluetooth headset get the old ticker pounding with your favorite

playlist or whatever and if you’re the outdoorsy time you’ve got plenty of other great features packed here onto the watch gt2 pro as well including the new barometer feature as well this can just keep you up to date with the atmospheric conditions can actually give you a heads up if it reckons there’s going to be a thunderstorm or some other heading your way all you got to do is dive into those settings then as you can see and get a severe weather warning heads up and of course because it’s pretty much obligatory for a small watch these days you’ve got full sleep tracking on there as well so we can tell you exactly how much kip you’ve been getting try and give you some little tips on how to improve your general slumber and you’ve got stress monitoring and breathing exercises on here as well so you know exactly when you’ve been hitting the old paperwork a bit too hard now as with the original huawei watch gt2 the pro model is again powered by huawei’s on kiran a1 chipset i’m expecting to see the old little stutter and stumble shall we say here and there but overall should hopefully be absolutely fine just for your everyday shenanigans of course one of the true strengths of the huawei watch series is the fact that you get such tremendous battery life on the standard default settings you get two weeks of life between charges that’s why i was on estimate but i found that in my test that is pretty much bang on of course that will start to be cut down

once you start to use the likes of the gps tracking and of course if you bug on the always on display then that’ll slice it down to more like a week to 10 days but of course it is still a vast improvement over most android wear os watchers which only lasts a day or two sims the apple watch stuff like that and when it is time to charge up the gt2 pro again of course you slap it on that dock as i showed you before otherwise it supports general wireless charging as well so for instance if you’ve got a uh the latest huawei or samsung smartphone which supports reverse wireless charging just button on the back of your handset if you find you’re running out of charge on the go and that’ll just power it up in a jiffy so that right there is a quick whistle stop tour of the huawei watch gt2 pro and some of its best new features and how it compares with the original watch gt2 now of course the standard watch is considerably cheaper than the pro model but you do get those super premium and you gorgeous materials packed into the design there and of course a couple of bonus features as well which is particularly handy if you’re a skier golfer you just like the great outdoors so are you tempted by the pro well my full in-depth review of this smartwatch will be coming in around a week or two so stay tuned for that and for more on the latest and great tech please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers love you

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