BEST Accessories for YOUR Canon M50 MK II!!

want to know what i use to take an entry level camera like the m50 mark ii and turn it into a video powerhouse let me show you i’m also going to use this new bag that i’m going to show you in a minute if it’s everything that i’m going to tell you about in this video it has one feature that i now want in every bag the first thing that i add to every camera that i’m gonna use to shoot video is a cage if you’ve never used the cage before don’t be intimidated it’s just gonna give you some more attachment points that you can use to connect some accessories and it will make handling the camera better the one that i’m using with the m50 mark ii is from small rig and it’s the same cage that will fit the original m50 this is the upgraded cage with the nato rails on the right side so you have more flexibility in terms of where you mount the optional side handle i also added a top handle so that i can have more options in terms of handling and it’s perfect for those low angle shots next i have to tell you about this awesome camera slider now if you ever noticed in my videos where i have a smooth slider shot with a pan so the camera is moving from side to side and it’s panning to track the subject this is the type of slider that i use

but the problem with my main setup is that it’s big and it’s bulky and it’s not something that i want to take with me when i’m out and about and that’s what i love about the i-footed shark slider nano it’s it’s so small and it doesn’t require an additional head for the pan this means that with this small yet extremely durable slider i can mount the m50 mark ii and a lens i get a perfectly smooth slide and a pan so i can always keep the subject perfectly framed and my other sliders have one component for the slider and then a motor and then another one for the head where it will let the camera pan but i footage incorporated it right into the carriage so you can’t actually see it but this part right here will actually spin it will pan the head and again it’s a much more compact solution when you’ve got it placed on a desktop you get about eight inches of slide which is plenty for most of the types of shots that i do i know it doesn’t sound like a lot but if you actually notice even with a two foot slider or four foot slider i end up just using small sections of it now if you go ahead and mount this to a tripod because this bottom plate stays on the tripod the slider actually doubles in length or the slide actually

doubles in length and you can get up to 16 inches now just a quick segue here if you’ve ever been frustrated by putting your camera on a tripod because you can’t get to the battery compartment or to the sd card slot wait till i show you mine all right back to the slider this thing has a touch screen you can also control it with the app you can even use it in vertical mode which will move the camera up and down and that can handle a payload of up to 4.4 pounds or 2 kilograms which is way less than the m50 mark ii plus a lens now the type of footers you can get with this slider will add a ton of production value to your videos and it will give you so much great footage to play with when editing now speaking of editing a lot of you have asked me for video editing software recommendations and the one i want to talk about today is filmorax by wondershare when we were picking video editing software for our daughter when she wanted to start a channel i did a ton of research like i always do and the one that i picked was filmora and the reason was that as a beginner she could easily learn how to use it and then just start editing and as her skill grew i didn’t want her to feel limited by the software so i wanted her to be able to use it for a long time so she started using it on a windows machine but then moved over to the m1

macbook air and filmora absolutely flies with the m1 chip the filmorax actually has built-in features that would be so challenging to do with my current editing software things like motion tracking where you can have an object track another object in the clip there are video effects transitions filters and titles and you can just drag and drop them so she can spend time being creative instead of struggling to figure out how the software works there’s also an auto reframe feature where you can dictate a focal point on the frame and then have the software automatically crop your video for different aspect ratios so maybe you want horizontal video for youtube and then vertical video for tic tac or instagram reels and then square video for facebook linkedin or your instagram feed this saves you so much time when you’re editing because you don’t have to do that for each platform and you don’t have to recompose your shot it’s all automatic if you’re looking for a video editing software and want something that is easy to use but yet still extremely powerful i’ll put a link in the description to where you can download filmora x for free we use it and i’d love to know what you think after you try it out going back to more gear let’s talk about this new bag it’s the one go from pgy tech now you may remember seeing the one mo on this channel in a few of my other videos well this is a newer sleeker

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and smaller bag and it’s perfect for the m50 mark ii setup everything i show you today will fit in this bag including the slider i showed you and this is one of the most comfortable bags that i’ve ever used the back has this vented mesh material so you don’t get all sweaty and the straps have this honeycomb tpr material that is both breathable and comfortable seriously as soon as i touched the straps i was like this is going to feel great and it does this bag offers dual side access so you can unzip this and get to your gear from both sides there are two zippers it also comes with removable dividers which you can use to customize the interior to fit your gear there are additional compartments on each side panel for accessories and one of them actually has three battery compartments with a magnetic indicator to remind you whether the battery is charged or not there’s a back panel that can hold a tablet and a laptop and there’s this cool divider in between them that you can pull out and that way you don’t have to dig into your bag to access your devices there’s also a hidden magnetic pocket on the back where you can put some small items that you may need quick access to and the top flap is secured using a fidlock magnetic instant buckle but remember the one feature that i told you that i now want in every bag like one of the most important aspects of a camera bag is access and they already cover the

top and the side access which is great when you’re running and gunning or hiking and you need access to your gear here and there but you can actually unzip both sides of this top flap and then just open the entire bag you now have access to all your gear you don’t have to go in from this side to grab this from that side to get that from the top boom everything is available at once there are also additional compartments on the inside of the flap some of them are zippered some of them are magnetic so in terms of organizing all those little accessories that you end up having to bring this bag offers a ton of options and you can actually unzip this entire thing and make it completely flat so you can bring it in a suitcase now one of the small accessories you should bring with you everywhere is a microphone and right now i’m using the saramonic blink 500 pro b2 this wireless system is small but it has some really great features so first of all we’re getting two transmitters and one receiver so i can record two different people with my m50 mark ii and each one of them is on a separate channel so i can have better control when i’m editing for example if one person is louder than the other it’s

not a problem because i can just control the levels independently for each person now each transmitter actually has a microphone built in so you don’t need a lavalier microphone if you don’t mind seeing this in the shot but saramonic includes two lav mics and two dead cats so you can easily hide the transmitter and get better audio now you can see that these come with this great case but an awesome feature is that it’s actually a charging case so right now you can see they’re actually being charged in this case now with a single usbc cable you can charge both transmitters and the receiver and the case itself which means that your gear is always ready to go when you’re ready to shoot and on top of the case charging your gear you can pair the transmitters with the receiver by pressing this pair button so again it’s ready to go before you even put it on the camera if you run out of power even with the 8 hour battery life you can continuously power any of the components with a power bank and a micro usb cable there’s a headphone jack on the receiver that you can use to monitor audio which is great because the m50 mark ii doesn’t have its own headphone jack the audio quality on these mics is fantastic and like i said before i would always choose an external microphone over the microphone on the m50 mark ii or for that matter any camera now if you’ve gotten value from this video give it a thumbs up it lets me know

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what kind of content you like so that i can make more of it and i see that over ninety percent of you are new viewers so hit that subscribe button one great use case for a wireless microphone is when i’m using a gimbal if you want to add camera movement beyond what a slider can do a gimbal is a must shaky footage is just super disruptive to your video so i always recommend using a gimbal when it’s possible with the m50 mark ii i have two options if i’m using a small lens like this 22 millimeter f2 then i’ll use the zhiyun m2 but if i’m going to use larger lenses like this 23 millimeter from viltrx which i’ll get to in a minute then the m2 is just a little bit too small and then i’m going to go ahead and use my wii bill s of course it’s bigger and heavier than the m2 but it can easily handle larger lenses and i’m also not limited in terms of movement so i can go inverted i can go in flashlight mode and i can do vortex and one of the things that canon addressed with the m50 mark ii is the battery life and they improved it by about 30 percent but i really don’t like even thinking about battery life so when i’m in the studio i’m always using a coupler plugged into an outlet and that way i have uninterrupted power for as long as i need it’s great for talking head and it’s an absolute must for live streaming i have a dedicated video about it so check it out if you want some more information now if i need mobile power then i use the power junkie together with a usb coupler and if you’re not familiar with the

power junkie it’s going to change your life well it’s not really going to change your life but it’s going to give you virtually unlimited power it lets you use inexpensive sony npf batteries and then power any usb device i bought a couple of these batteries on amazon for under 40 bucks and each one of them has more than five and a half times the battery life of the lpe 12 battery that comes with the m50 mark ii i do also have third-party batteries that i use with this camera for when i want a smaller solution and i know that one battery won’t be enough all right the next accessory i want to talk about is definitely a higher tier item and it’s going to be out of price range for a lot of users but if you already have one it really takes the m50 mark ii to the next level now this is the atomos ninja 5 and it’s an external recorder and an incredible external monitor because the m50 mark ii has a clean hdmi output i can connect it to the ninja 5 and then get unlimited recording like that’s right no more 30 minute limit i can still use the touch screen on the m50 mark ii to see and change my settings and i can touch the focus again because i’m sending a clean signal to the ninja 5.

it also gives me a much bigger brighter and better monitor for my image and it adds really important features like waveforms and false colors which help you get a proper exposure now another thing that i like about this recorder is that it has a headphone jack and if you remember earlier i did mention that you can plug headphones into the saramonic receiver and that’s true but that lets you hear the audio before it goes into the camera the ninja 5 lets you hear the audio that the camera is actually capturing so it gives you that extra level of accuracy when it comes to making adjustments it also records to an external ssd which is another expense but again you can record continuously for as long as you have storage which is really nice for long events and other long form content now moving on i’ve also been playing around with a new set of lenses from viltrox so we’ve got the 23 to 33 and a 56 millimeter f 1.4 you guys know that i love the sigma trio but this is another outstanding alternative for fast primes at a very affordable price i’m working on a dedicated review for this set and a comparison between the two and i’m super

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excited to see the results now the next accessory i use pretty much every time i shoot video and i’m not on a slider or a gimbal of course i’m talking about a tripod for this setup i chose the suray traveler 5c which is an extremely light and portable tripod it’s carbon fiber so it only weighs 1.87 pounds which i think is like 0.85 kilograms it folds down to 13 inches or 33 centimeters and has a maximum height of 55 inches or 140 centimeters if you need a larger version check out the 7c which goes all the way up to over 65 inches but of course it’s longer it’s bigger and it’s heavier i’ll put links in the description to both so you can get the one that best fits your needs now the 5c comes with a ball head and a very small quick release arca swiss plate and this was extremely important to me because it doesn’t block the battery compartment so i can change batteries and remove the sd card without having to remove the camera from the tripod now if this is your first tripod you may not realize why it’s important but if you already have a tripod and you do have to remove your camera and then remove the quick release plate every time in order to take out the battery and replace the sd card you know what a pain it can be the 5c easily fits into the side pocket on the one go bag and there’s an integrated strap that keeps the tripod secure while you travel remember that i have links in the description to all the products i talked about hopefully this video was helpful click on my face to subscribe and then watch one of these videos you know what i always say buy it nice or buy twice good luck and see you soon

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