is there some blooming on a 12.9 inch m1 ipad pro sure but as a potential buyer my questions would be is it worse or noticeably worse than other recent tablets and is this something that would keep me from buying the new ipad pro so let’s get to it and there has been so much controversy about blooming on the new 12.9 inch m1 ipad pro and internet is absolutely full of extremely scary looking photos of the new ipad pro liquid retina xdr display showing these huge halos around brightly lit objects on a black background what i wanted to do was add some context to this issue run some tests and then compare the 12.9 inch m1 ipad pro with the 12.9 inch 2020 ipad pro and also talk about the galaxy tab s7 plus now let’s start off by explaining what this blooming thing is all about essentially it’s light bleeding from bright areas onto darker areas causing a halo effect instead of like a clean break between the white object and the dark background now in these tests

i’m going to pay close attention to those specific areas of the screen i’m also going to share with you what i actually see because sometimes the cameras don’t capture exactly what i see before i get to the test i want to very quickly talk about measurable versus practical differences i’m going to use processing power because it’s a really simple example but when i compare the m1 ipad pro to the 2020 ipad pro which has the a12z bionic chip i can measure the difference by using a tool or in this case a benchmark using geekbench for multi-core performance i get a score of 7311 for the m1 ipad pro and 4709 for the a12z ipad pro now that’s a significant measurable difference of about 36 increase in performance if you’re going from the 2020 to the 2021.

Then the question is is there a practical difference or an advantage well in that case it depends because if you use your ipad to i don’t know watch netflix for example then there isn’t going to be a noticeable difference because the ipad doesn’t need additional processing power for netflix but if you’re rendering multiple 4k timelines then yes there’ll be a noticeable difference because all that additional processing power is put to use all right so the first thing i want to do is just your basic startup test so again i have the 2020 ipad pro here the 2021 ipad pro on this side and they’re both set to 100 brightness which is probably way too bright for me but you know this is what we have all right now let’s look around while navigating and we’ve got a fairly dark background obviously it’s not black like i said the ipad is the brightness has turned all the way up and i don’t really see any issue with the display here’s the 2020 version again nothing really that i would say that looks any different between

these two so now the next thing i’m going to do is i’m going to switch to dark mode again i’m looking around especially in these areas where there’s white and honestly i don’t really see any difference at all it looks the same to me all right the next thing i’m going to do is i just created an image that’s just white text on a black background says blooming and if you want to try this on your skin i’ll just put a link in the description to where this is on my website so you can just go ahead and check it out and looking at both of these i really don’t see a difference between the two there’s a little bit of blooming on both of them so like again i don’t know that i would call it that like if someone didn’t draw my attention to it i don’t know that i actually see a difference between them the darker areas do look like there is some light on them but it’s not any worse on the new display than on the old display in my opinion like i think the only difference that i see is because the blacks are darker here all right for this next test i’m going to watch some hdr content both on netflix and on youtube and see if there’s any difference there so let me just turn this

volume down because you guys don’t need to listen to this so i definitely noticed that the bottoms here are darker i mean again that’s an advantage of the mini led display other than that i mean there’s better contrast here i know that i see any blooming around the edges or like anything significant again i’m not in a pitch black room so there are other lights here this would be where i would actually be watching this i’ll try it again in a dark room in a minute but right now under like normal viewing conditions maybe a little bit over here i don’t know that i actually see it again these would be the types of things like if someone pointed it out but would i somewhat be able to see it maybe but would it actually be a significant difference but the contrast on the mini led it’s like so much better i don’t know if this camera can actually capture it the image just looks so much better on this new ipad pro there’s no question that this is the one that i would pick now i’m going to go ahead and go to youtube so again now i’m watching some hdr content on youtube i’m not really

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seeing like any negative impact like this image just looks so much better than this one yeah i mean it’s brighter there’s better dynamic range it’s just a better image all around again you can see it right here in the brighter areas again i don’t know what this camera can capture but i don’t see anything that would distract me from watching and also i’m not even looking at it head on which would be even better i’m sort of looking at it at an angle nothing really that i see that would be an issue all right now the next test that i want to run will be reading on kindle because i do read white text on a black background so this would be a perfect example of where this might actually be an issue by the way i’m reading or i’ve read this series scott wolf the first one is called waking wolf i’ve read the whole series a couple times it’s awesome definitely check it out i’ll put a link for you in the description it’s one of my favorite series of

books but going back to the actual displays again white text on a black background this is where it would be at its worst i’m not seeing anything that would and there’s not there’s just nothing that’s like standing out where i would be like oh this is terrible again i’m trying to really look and see if i could find a meaningful difference and for my eyes for what i see i just can’t see a noticeable difference like it might be super slight i don’t know i think i’m just saying now i think my eyes are playing tricks on me but honestly if i just picked these up and looked at them i wouldn’t be able to tell the difference all right for this next test we’re gonna go to lightroom so looking at the same image in lightroom i don’t know that i see any difference as far as i’m gonna try to get this like bright area right by the edge here and i don’t know that i see any noticeable difference between the two this is a cool shot well i think it’s a cool shot that i took right by the lake here at night let’s look at another shot from that same night i don’t see a difference between the two all right let’s move on all

right the next test i want to do is again one of those worst case scenarios i’m going to use a black background and i’m going to draw on it with the apple pencil the second generation apple pencil in white so this is starting with a 20 20 ipad pro yeah and you know white on black looks fine to me again i’m trying to get rid of some of the reflection but sort of in this normal user environment i don’t really see an issue with the 2020 ipad pro now let me i don’t i only have one of the second generation apple pencil all right so now i’m gonna just pair it with this second ipad same situation and do i see more blooming here than here when i’m sitting right in front of it like maybe slightly more maybe again i’m super curious to know what you guys see and what the camera captures but like in real life it’s just not something that i would even notice maybe my eyes are just really bad but that’s at a hundred percent let’s go down to

like maybe 50 this is more like the actual brightness i would use because the other one is just way too bright i’m like i see nothing as a difference all right let’s get you back up to a hundred percent and then we can move on to some tests in a dark room but before i get to that if you’ve gotten value from this video so far give it a thumbs up it lets me know what kind of content you like so that i can make more of it and i still see that over 90 of you are new viewers so hit that subscribe button all right so now what i did is i went ahead and turned off the two lights that are in front of me so there’s still lights behind me but now there’s a lot less reflection or there’s no reflection because there’s no light coming from in front of me and when i look at both of these again so in this environment i do see blooming but honestly i see it sort of on both like on both of them it looks like the areas that are around the white have this slight halo effect to them if i’m looking at it at a hundred percent now the problem with looking at it at a hundred percent is that it’s so bright like i would

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never actually be able to use the ipad this way but it’s so bright that you get like light trails almost so once you stop looking at it and you sort of try to move your eyes to a dark area you can just see like the white lines so do i see some sort of artifacts outside the white lines yes but i do see them on both of them and now what i’m going to do is i’m going to grab the tab s7 plus this is a super amoled display and again i’m going to use a black background and write on it in white so here we go i’ve got it you know it’s not quite as thick as the other ones but here they are all side by side again i still see sort of a halo effect even around this here are all three of them sort of side by side i know this one’s on top of it but i don’t really see a noticeable difference between what’s happening on the new ipad pro the old ipad pro and the galaxy tab s7 plus except for that the blacks like the black areas here are better on the tab as seven plus and since we have the lights off let’s go back to kindle we’re still at a hundred percent brightness i really don’t see a significant difference

between the two in that regard again i can see that the background is darker on the new ipad pro if you compare it to the old one you can see over here it’s like grayish and over here it’s a lot darker and now we’ve got the galaxy tab at seven plus here i really don’t see any more blooming on any of these ipads then on the gap like maybe slightly more i’ll take it back maybe like slightly more it might be slightly more but it’s pretty much the same on these two maybe it stands out a little more on the new ipad pro because the background is darker so there’s more contrast between the white and the dark area maybe that’s possible yeah it might it might be slightly more it’s slightly more it’s there it’s slightly more okay i don’t know that it’s anything i would ever notice like if no one pointed this out to me i’m not sure that i would ever see it like when i’m actually using it sort of seeing them side by side there’s a little bit i cut this to about 50 brightness and you know now i’m not really seeing anything now i would absolutely never ever under any circumstances be able to read at a hundred percent brightness on a black background in a

dark room i probably even looking at it at 50 percent like this would be too bright i’d probably have it down at about 30 and this isn’t even pitch black and i’m not seeing anything so if you’re going to have it at 100 on a black background you might see something let’s get these lights back on all right well now i can’t really see anything because of these lights but is there blooming on a 12.9 inch m1 ipad pro like i said in the beginning sure has it been worse or noticeably worse than any other recent tablets it’s not really noticeably worse than the previous ipad pro it’s not as good as the super amoled display on the galaxy tab s7 plus but it’s not really something that i would have noticed if no one pointed it out in my experience it’s simply not something that has ever come up like ever when i’m actually using it and after doing these tests yeah i can see it if i’m really looking for it but i just can’t imagine it would really impact how i use my new ipad pro like the most common real life situation where i would have this ipad at 100 brightness and have white on a black

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background would be if i were reading in broad daylight and outside and that was my setting so i actually went out and tried to do that and i’m dealing with so much additional light and reflections there would be zero chance of me noticing any blooming to begin with and then if i was watching content like if i was watching youtube or netflix again outside there’s just way too much bright light for me to notice like any type of blooming personally like i said if i’m in a pitch black room i just definitely couldn’t have this at a hundred percent brightness and again when i’m reading at night i’m not even at 50 because it’s just too bright on the other hand if you’re someone who’s going to be working with this ipad with white lettering or shapes on a black background if you’re going to be doing this a lot in completely pitch black rooms with the brightness turned all the way up then that is something that you might notice but

even if you do it’s going to be nothing like what you’ve seen on the web on those cell phone pictures that’s just simply the result of the phone trying to get a better exposure and brightening up areas that are a little bit darker and i’ll show you some examples for everything that i did from watching content to reading photo and video editing gaming and just general office type work this potential issue if you want to call it that just hasn’t been a concern like maybe it’s just my eyes maybe my eyes are terrible so just let me know what you think remember that i have links in the description to all the products i talked about hopefully this video was helpful click on my face to subscribe and then watch one of these videos you know what i always say buy it nice or buy twice good luck and see you soon

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