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so oppo has finally launched its reno4 series of smartphones across europe and here in the uk and the bell of the ball is definitely this beast here the renault 4 pro or if you want to be all pedantic about it the oppo reno 4 pro 5g it’s a 700 quid slab of slick tech and just to make things super fun and confusing this uk model has different specs and features compared with the indian version that launched about two bloody months ago so for your view and pleasure i’m now going to rip the oppo arena 4 pro 5g out of its box and take you on a full-on tour of the hardware and the software to show you exactly what to expect ahead of my in-depth review and from on the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers first up of course i must do battle with my old nemesis cellophane which i find an absolute pain in the ass because i bite my fingernails oh so let’s see what you actually get stuffed inside one oppo reno 4 pro naturally an absolute freaking looty huge supervoo charger one usb cable you’ve got some hard shell earphones and unfortunately they are usb because you don’t have a headphone jack on the renault 4 pro a porky pin device and of course it will create me at the condom case to protect your operano 4 pro from any sudden unexpected drops so that is a thrilling tour through the box of the operino 4 pronoun let’s actually check out the handset itself and as you can see this is the space black model you’ve got choice of two colors there you can either get space black or galactic blue clearly someone at oppo has been watching far too much star trek thankfully it isn’t just your bog standard boring black finish here on the back of the arena four

pro as you can see there’s a bit more going on including a very funky patterned effect and a bit of rainbow hue action as the light catches that ass end i do quite like that finish but i do worry that it is a glossy surface in here on the upper arena 4 pro so that’s almost certainly going to collect finger grease and other bits of scum in your pocket i don’t know if you can see this on camera but even me just lightly touching the surface there we’ve already got some smudges still the phone’s pretty light at just 172 grams and certainly looks quite slick there’s some slight curvature here at the edges of the display but nothing too extreme hopefully shouldn’t affect usability and it’s certainly quite a skinny wii burger as well sadly the oppo reno 4 pro doesn’t have an official ip rating for water and dust resistance unlike the likes of the oneplus 8 and some other rivals so i wouldn’t go taking it in the jacuzzi or accidentally dropping it in your pint just in case also where you’ve got gorilla glass 5 slathered on the front to protect that display on the back end it’s merely a scratch resistance material unfortunately i’ll be seeing exactly how scratch resistant that is in my real-life test that’ll be used as my full-time smartphone ahead of my full review but certainly that screen is super super safe because not only do you have

like griller glass 5 corsa we’ve also got a screen protector pre-installed on there as well which is great to see and here when it comes time to bun your sim card into this uh wii blighter the sim tray is down here at the bottom and it is actually a dual sim trick it’s one of these double-sided effects as you can see there sim one and sim tuning stick two in at the same time but no room for micro sd memory cards sadly thankfully you do get 256 gigs of on-board storage so hopefully that should keep you going a while okay it’s a time to actually get the renault 4 pro 5g all set up and that will take you on a photo of the rest of the hardware in the software okay oppo reno 4 pro is all set up and ready for action and one of the first things you’ll notice of course is the fact that you have an in-display fingerprint sensor for getting into the desktop seems reasonably nippy and responsive so far and uh touch wood hopefully over time you want to constantly be re-scanning your prints like you do with some in-display fingerprint sensors and that’s ably backed by a bit of face and lock with full raise to wake support and it’s so fast that

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basically by the time you’ve lifted up the oppo renault 4 pro it’s pretty much already unlocked now like all upper smartphones what you have is of course android os we’ve also got the color os 7.2 launcher slathered on top as well which adds a whole bunch of extra customization and extra features as well if you dive on into the settings you’ve got so much stuff packed in here it’s unbelievable and also i’m not gonna lie a bit of a hot mess as well now i have covered color os absolutely to death in tips and tricks guides and stuff like that so go check out some of those uh if you want to know more but it adds in bonus features like the aforementioned face unlock you’ve got the game space feature which is really really handy uh just basically allows you to block notifications fine-tuned performance things like that while you are doing a bit of gaming on the go you’ve got a couple of new features here in color s version 7.2 as well including the icon pull down gesture feature which i’m going to attempt to do right now this is my first time so i’m a little bit nervous oh yeah there you go it seems seemed to work just fine so you got to do is just drag a thumb up from one of the bottom corners of the

display and then as you see all of your app icons are going to squash themselves down into that corner you just select whichever one you want and it’ll open right up that seems to work just fine nice and easy to do although it’s sort of full-on substitute for a proper one-handed mode because of course then your apps are still full screen so they can be uh a bit of the ass to use with just the one minute thankfully the renault 4 pro isn’t exactly absolutely gargantuan it’s a 6.5 incher so it’s reasonably big but you do have fairly skinny bezels surrounding that display now that display is an amoled panel here on the renault 4 pro just like it is on the standard arena 4 as you can see very nice skinny bezels that screen does curve ever so slightly around the left and right edges for a proper full view experience well full view apart from that tiny little camera orifice wedged away in the corner there of course it’s a full hd plus resolution 2480 by 1080 so no there’s no quad hd plus visuals but images are still nice and sharp and detailed when you’re watching a movie checking out photo or whatever and those colors are gorgeously punchy on the default vivid mode as well

especially when you’re watching a nice bit of animation something like that but if you’re not a fan of more vibrant images you can just dial that back to the gentle setting here in the display settings for a more natural looking vibe and if you boost that display up to the maximum brightness prepare to feel like your eyeballs are about to burst inside of their sockets it is super super powered and if you jump on into the display settings as well you will notice a screen refresh rate option uh that’s because the oppo arena 4 pro can go all the way up to 90 hertz on demand though by default it’s set to auto select so it will actually skip between 60 and 90 depending on what you’re actually up to you also have a stereo speaker set up here on the oppo arena 4 pro as well which is great to see so let’s just bump up the volume see what we’ve got i’m definitely still a fan of the oneplus 8 pro which launched six months ago just when 2020 was time to take a serious downturn so like more stereo speaker setups the bottom speaker is definitely pulling most of the weight but you know the top speaker’s not particularly tinny or horrible or anything it’s nice to have a little bit of that audio directed at your face so it sounds nice and clear and crisp but on that top volume you should have no problem listening to a bit of netflix even when your family has been shall we see a little bit rowdy in the background

sadly however there is absolutely no headphone jack action here on the oppo renal 4 pro so yeah unfortunately all stuck with dongles or the bundled earphones with the usb connection or of course a good bit of bluetooth and if you jump on into the audio settings you’ll see you do have full support for a bit of dolby atmos with the uh the usual smart uh auto mode on there so we can just uh fine tune the audio depending on what you’re actually doing gaming watching a movie or whatever now one area where the oppo renault 4 pro is most definitely beaten by some rivals is suddenly the performance what you got packed in here is the snapdragon 765g chipset not the billy big bollocks 865 which you’ll find in the likes of the new xiaomi mi 10t series smartphones the oneplus 8 stuff like that that said you do get mighty 12 gigabytes of ram uh shoved in here as well so that’ll definitely help to keep things ticking over nicely the benchmark scores are absolutely fine but again you know for something that costs 700 pounds i really was hoping for that 865.

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so yeah that’s a bit disappointing but at least you do have the 5g support built in and you’ll still be able to play the latest games like pubg mobile call of duty all that stuff on the top detail settings with a perfectly good frame rate as for the battery tech well it’s a 4 000 milliamp cell so pretty standard for smartphones around this sort of price point and touchwood hopefully we’ll get a full day of use of that even with lots and lots of screen on time give it camera play all that good stuff and another color os 7.

2 edition is the super power saving mode this basically limits you to obviously very basic ui and up to six apps that’s all you can use you can at least choose exactly which apps are your priority apps and output records you’ll get about sort of an hour and a half of use per just five percent battery life so if you’re in really dire streets you forgot to charge your smartphone you’re on your commute it’s about to die at least you’ll be able to get a full trip out of that but when you do finally manage to get the oppo renault 4 pro plugs it back in as well the good news is you’ve got that 65 watt super vue 2.0 charging and this absolute unit can apparently completely fully recharge a deplete adreno 4 pro in just 36 minutes which is definitely very nifty it’s definitely good that you actually get that bundled in

the box as well because certain other manufacturers let’s say uh they might just uh charge you an extra 30 or 40 quid for this beast now let’s finish up with a squint at the operino 4 pro’s triple lens rear camera which as you can see there does jet ever so slightly from the back of the smartphone so that primary lens is a megapixel shooter using sony’s imx 586 sensor so touchwood you should be able to get good looking photos in a good range of conditions my shots are captured at 12 megapixel resolution by default but that still means you get plenty of detail packed in there but if for whatever reason you do want to get that maximum 48 megapixel resolution on the go that’s nice and easy just a couple of taps away and here on the pro version of the renault 4 you also get a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle lens this time with a custom imx 708 sensor from sony and apparently it’s supposed to be quite good in low light especially when it comes to video although switching between the primary and the ultrawide angle lens you can always already see a difference in the color temperature photo results definitely appearing a little bit warmer than they are in real life and last up

that final lens here on the oppo renault 4 pro 5g is a two times optical zoom telephoto lens which also offers a five times hybrid zoom so it’s good news if you want to get nice and close into your subject uh even when they’re a little bit further away and of course as usual we’ve got the full selection of bonus camera mods on here the likes of the portrait mode i just had a nice bokeh style effect to the background really help your subject to stand out if you want to shoot night mode videos you’ve got that option as well it looks like that is compatible with the ultra wide angle lens and hopefully the telephoto lens as well if you want to shoot a bit of video uh you can do that full hd resolution at either 30 or 60 frames per second otherwise dive on into the settings you can change that up to 4k res but only at 30 fps with the video mode you’ve got the usual ultra steady effort as well if you’re going to be sort of running around and shooting at the same time you’ve also got an ultra night mode as well which is supposed to be really good for filming in those little light scenarios i will be testing that out for my full camera review of course and you do have even more bonus camera modes

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if that’s not enough to see it your desires or the usual uh stuff like slow mo time lapse panoramas and of course pro controls as well if you want to have a proper play around with the iso levels the white balance and you can use the variety of lenses with the pro mode as well and then let’s finish up with a quick squint at the 32 megapixel selfie cameras of course just tucked away in that tiny little orifice in the corner and this of course comes with the usual portrait smarts and everything as well you can shoot video at up to i believe a full hd resolution so if you love that mug of yours you want to share it with the world job done frankly i think this photo’s only good for one thing and that is the bin so that right there in a nutshell is the oppo reno 4 pro or the upper arena 4 pro 5g to give it the full slightly clunky title but what do you reckon first impressions be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below is it deserving of the pro moniker even though it doesn’t have the latest 865 chip set so far definitely liking the media chops and everything but we’ll be fully testing out the camera tech the the performance the battery life and everything else you need to know for my in-depth upper arena 4 pro review so stay tuned for that and for more than latest greatest tech please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers

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