DON’T USE the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra WITHOUT these Accessories!

Today, we’re gon na take a look at some equipment that’s gon na aid you get even more out of your Tab S8 Ultra, whether you’re utilizing it for amusement, productivity, or video gaming. The Tab S8 Ultra is not economical, so the very first point I advise that you do is shield it. Currently, there’s a lots of choices available, as well as later on, we’re gon na take a look at the one that I really use, because it increases the performance of the Tab S8 Ultra, but at the minimum, obtain on your own a basic, clear case that protects the sides, the back, as well as the corners. This particular one additionally has an opening on the back for the video camera and also for the S Pen so you can keep billing it, and also this is gon na keep your Tab S8 Ultra looking brand-new. Now, directly, most of the moment, I use the one that I’m gon na reveal you later on since this is such a powerful and flexible tablet, to make sure that situation truly assists. Yet at least, get on your own among these. Next, if you have not seen this tablet in the real world, after that the 14.6-inch Super AMOLED screen is definitely stunning. And depending on how

cautious you are with your tablet computer, you might desire to think about safeguarding it. Currently, all you require are some extremely cost-effective tempered glass screen protectors. They are available in typical clear ones, or you can get the paper-feel ones if you want like more rubbing when you’re composing with the S Pen, or if you desire a less reflective surface. Currently, all the same, when these get damaged or cracked, I’m constantly pleased to spend a couple of extra bucks instead of needing to invest a couple of hundred bucks and all this time around without my tablet computer if I require to have the display screen assembly changed. Going on, among the points that you’ll notice when you obtain your Tab S8 Ultra is that it doesn’t in fact come with a charger. Currently, I have an older charger from previous Samsung tablets, yet it’s a reduced capacity battery charger. For the past few months, I’ve been making use of a pair of different types of battery chargers with every one of my various other tablets, as well as I want to thank Baseus for sending me these things as well as also for sponsoring this video. So initially, the Tab S8 Ultra can accept up to 45 Watts, which is where the Power Combination 65 Watts GaN3 Charger comes in useful. And it has a bonus offer attribute that none of my various other costs have that makes

it a superb alternative if you need to bill a lot of devices. First, it two USB-C ports with a maximum of 65 Watts that can conveniently offer the Tab S8 Ultra all that it requires, and it can obtain it to 100% completely charged within a pair of hrs. Then, it also has two USB-A ports, the one on the right can deliver up to 60 Watts, and also the one left wing, 5 Watts. So when I’m not in rush, I can bill my Tab S8 Ultra, my S22 Ultra, my Watch4, and also an additional device. Now here’s the bonus function. Since the GaN3 parts are so little, there is room on each side for an extra outlet. So basically, this also acts as a power strip. In situations where I need a lot more power, for instance, if I want to make use of the 140 Watt adapter with my 16-inch MacBook Pro with MagSafe, I can just connect that into one of these outlets, bill 4 accessories on the front, obtain 140 Watts mosting likely to my MacBook Pro, and still have another electrical outlet readily available if I intend to include an additional 4 port charger or charge my video camera or drone batteries. Currently that’s all good and also well if I go to my desk or in the workshop, but when I’m out or when I take a trip, I use this 20,000 milliampere hr, 100 Watt power bank. And also I like the dimensions of this one, due to the fact that it’s exceptionally slim for exactly how

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effective it is. So the Tab S8 Ultra has an 11,200 milliampere hour battery, the S22 Ultra has a 5,000 milliampere hr battery, so I have an additional complete charge for both of them, plus, I still have some juice left over. Obtained 2 USB-C ports as well as 2 USB-A ports, so once again, I can bill up to 4 tools at the same time, and also I enjoy the LED display which shows me points like the battery level, billing power, and also a charging as well as recharging time. The 100 Watt output likewise makes it a great choice for more power-hungry tools. For example, I can offer my 14-inch MacBook Pro all that it can manage with a MagSafe wire, which is incredible when I travel. Now, the Tab S8 Ultra maxes out at 512 gigabytes of storage space, and also there are a few devices that I like to use to assist with that. So initially, I utilize this this SanDisk Ultra Double Drive which has a very clever style. I have the 256 gigabyte version here as well as it has a retracting USB-C port on the one side, and after that a retracting USB-A port on the various other side. I can use it with my mobile devices, my laptop computers, and my desktop computer. If I require a lot more storage, then I’ll go on and use an exterior SSD. And there’s a lots of great choices out there. My largest one is this four terabyte one. And also if you wan na see a comparison of rate as well as

worth, enjoy this video right below. If you do not desire mobile storage space but simply wan na raise the internal storage, then you can certainly grab a microSD card, pop it into the card slot on the Tab S8 Ultra, and also you’re good to go. You can use the storage space for files and also you can additionally use it to transfer a lot of the apps and also the video games over from the internal storage. Now, you can not do that with every application or game, however a lot of them function. As well as bear in mind that I have links in the description to all the products that I’m discussing. When I want to get more productive with this tablet computer, that’s when I such as to utilize something like the Book Cover Key-board from Samsung. It gives me an extremely huge as well as comfy key-board to type on, a touch pad so I do not need to get to for the screen constantly, it has a bump out on the back which safeguards the S Pen when it’s billing, and also I can divide the key-board itself from the back for when I wan na utilize the Tab S8 Ultra in tablet computer setting. It’s additionally fantastic when I’m gaming, as well as I’ll show you why later on in the video. And the Publication Cover Key-board likewise functions terrific with DeX for when I want more of a laptop-like customer experience. And when I wan na take points to the next degree, I can just couple it with an exterior key-board, mouse, as well as a

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display for a a lot more complete setup. Now, as you can see, the Publication Cover Keyboard, I have actually the back set up on it right currently. It can prop your Tab S8 Ultra if you wan na view video clip, however if you do not finish up getting one, or if you are utilizing an instance that doesn’t have that attribute, you should 100% get yourself a stand. They’re really economical, they readjust for various watching angles, and also this one is sturdy enough to support the Tab S8 Ultra in landscape and also in portrait mode. Now, I have a few of these. One remains on my workdesk in any way times, one remains in the kitchen area, and afterwards the various other one obtains walked around the house. Now, if you want something that’s smaller as well as a bit extra functional, after that take a look at this foldable stand. You can utilize it with your phone, your tablet, or even a laptop computer. There are great deals of methods to configure it, and also it’s truly sturdily made. I was a little stressed prior to I got it since it resembles it could be constructed from plastic, but it’s all steel, the joints are really solid, and also I can always throw it in a bag when I travel due to the fact that it does not use up a great deal of space. Now, among the reasons why I got the Tab S8 Ultra was because I wished to try the pc gaming experience on a larger

display, and also the experience up until now has been great. When I play video games like “PUBG,” I love utilizing the rear of the Book Cover Key-board because I can place the tablet computer at any angle that I want. I likewise like making use of a video gaming headset, but not every headset really worked for me. The one that I’m making use of right currently is the CORSAIR VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless XT. I use it with a USB-C to USB-A adapter, and it functions great. Currently, some various other headsets that I tried kept giving me like a clicking sound in my ear or a resemble, and I make certain there are a few other ones that function, but I can guarantee this set. If you’re using one more headset with a Samsung tablet, either wired or wireless, and it’s working well for you, please allow me recognize in the remark area since I’m trying to find some more inexpensive alternatives. Much like this, I need it to seem great, I require my team to be able to hear me, as well as I additionally need to make certain that it does not generate any type of kind of resemble so that they can hear themselves talking. If I’m listening to music or if I’m taking a trip as well as I don’t wan na bring such a large headset with me, then I use my Galaxy Buds Pro which offer me good

sound as well as mic quality with a much smaller sized form element. If I play any kind of games utilizing my Xbox Game Pass App, then I couple my Xbox controller, and also I’ve had an incredibly receptive and also dependable connection up until now. I love exactly how easy it is to establish and also having the ability to play these kinds of games anywhere that I have a solid internet link has actually been awesome. We have actually obtained a journey showing up and also it’s mosting likely to be excellent to be able to sit at the airport, just whip out this controller, and begin playing. Currently, one sort of benefit device that you may wish to contribute to your Tab S8 Ultra is a protective sleeve, especially if you’re a person who’s not mosting likely to utilize a situation or a display protector as well as you’re mosting likely to take a trip with your tablet. I got this truly nice polyurethane natural leather sleeve, as well as in this manner I do not need to stress concerning the display screen or the back obtaining scraped when it’s in my backpack. It has a port for the S Pen if you’re not utilizing a situation, it has a hair material built right into it so it adds to the security, and there’s a magnet below that keeps this closed so your tablet computer doesn’t glide out. It actually also fits with my Book Cover Key-board on it so I can use it for additional protection. Now you must watch how the Tab S8 Ultra compares to the Tab S8+. Ideally this video clip is helpful. Click my face to Subscribe. You understand what I constantly state, “Purchase it wonderful or purchase it two times.” Best of luck, and also see you quickly.

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