Preview Vivo X51 5G Full Tour Next-Gen Gimbal Camera

so smartphone brand vivo has finally come to the uk and its first official uk launch is this bad boy here the vivo x51 5g now if you’ve not heard of evo before they are well worth paying attention to because they really like to innovate for instance they were the first manufacturer to showcase a smartphone with a built-in in-display fingerprint sensor and with the x51 5g that innovation rests in the camera system notably the gimbal style stabilization setup which is actually pretty similar to what apple announced for the iphone 12. As for the uk pricing and release date well the vivo x51 5g will hit blighty on october the 29th for the price of 749 quid but that’s more than enough waffle let’s actually whip the vivo x515g out of its box take a full on tour of that hardware and software and of course those camera smarts and for more than the latest greatest tech please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers okay there’s the phone let’s see what else you get packed in here got all the setup guide warranty info et cetera and a porky pin to get your sim in there you’ve got your

prophylactic case to slap on there and just keep the x51 all safe and sound we’ve got a two pin vivo flash charge 2.0 adapter hopefully it’ll be a three pin if you buy it in the uk you always have the type c usb cable we’ve also got a pair of silicon tip earphones in there as well with a 3.5 mil connection and spare earbuds for said earphones however because there’s no 3.5 mil headphone jack on the vivo x51 pro you do actually get a bundle 3.

5 mil to type c usb adapter bundled in the box too and that is that in a neat and tidy little package now first impressions are definitely that this is a premium phone through and through as you would kind of hope for that 749 pound price point it’s a surprisingly skinny smartphone just over eight millimeters in total and 181 grams so it’s got a nice bit of heft to it but it’s not overly weighty you’ve got a glass front and back here but while most rival manufacturers go for gorilla glass what you’ve got here is they shot x sensation up very funky title it’s a german rival basically two gorilla glass it’s supposed to be just as tough i haven’t reviewed a short phone in quite some time so i’ll definitely be uh putting it through its paces and suddenly you don’t have a choice of different colors with the vivo x51 it’s only

available in this uh rather snazzy alpha grey finish it’s a really smart looking back end though and it’s got the same frosted finish as the likes of the oneplus 8t it’s got a nice soft touch sort of feel to it that’s definitely very stunning and so far seems to be just as good at resisting fingerprints as the oneplus 8t as well so hopefully we won’t need to be constantly buffing it on your pants and there of course is the quad lens camera tech which is the real reason to really go for the vivo x51 5g over rivals and thankfully it doesn’t jut too far from that surface despite the fact that it’s supposed to have quite incredible next level stabilization involved and so hopefully we’ll have some gas in the tank and then we can get the x51 5g all set up and ready for action and when you’re sticking your sim in there there’s actually space for two sim cards at the same time it’s one of these reversible trays but unfortunately no room for a micro sd memory card to expand the 256 gigs of onboard storage and in case you’re dying to know as well by the way the storage is ufs 2.1 on here sadly not the fresh 3.0 or 3.1 that you get on some flagship phones like the oneplus 8t apologies to anyone who’s not into the geeky details but what you get here on the vivo x515g is a fairly stock looking version of android it’s android 10 sadly not the freshest new android 11.

Unlike stock android there is of course limited customization you can check on your own wallpaper play around with widgets dive into the home settings you’ve got a couple of options in there and that’s it however if you dive on into the settings on the vivo x51 you will find some changes and that’s because it’s using the fun touch ui i know i you not it is called fun touch i didn’t just make that up but of course i am extremely mature so i’m 100 certainly not going to make any rude jokes about that but certainly anyone who likes those stock android vibes should uh enjoy a bit of fun touch because you know to be fair it’s got all of the features that you would expect you’ve got your dark mode on there you’ve got your gesture navigation you’ve got the likes of the the digital wellbeing features and then on top of that you’ve got a few bonus bits as well so for instance in the settings you’ll find the ultra game mode and this gives you some pretty cool features so for instance you’ve got the esports mode which is basically your typical performance boost just to dedicate all of the resources to the game

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and you’ve also got off screen auto play which is something i haven’t seen on other smartphones this basically allows the game to continue running in the background even when the display is switched off so that could be incredibly handy for any games where you need to leave the game running to build up resources but without absolutely killing your phone’s battery i remember back in the day i was to leave sim city running overnight uh while i slept and when i got up i’d have a bit ton of money and i could just build whatever i wanted either that or half of the city would just be on fire and of course as usual you could block notifications all that good stuff and while you’re actually playing a game as well you can pull out a dinky wii window just to access a couple of the most useful features like blocking the notifications and getting that off-screen auto play feature on the go too you’ve also got an always-on display because it is an amoled screen and you’ve got a small selection that you can choose between there and as you can see right there the vivo x515g also of course supports an in-display fingerprint sensor thankfully seems nice and nippy and you can even change up the icon animation for that as well so you can get a few different uh funky effects on the go or if you’d rather use a bit of face recognition

well you got that as well just tap that power button and boom straight in now the screen here is a 6.56 inch amoled display and as you can see they’re very skinny bezels surrounding it and the screen does actually curve ever so slightly around the edge of the device as well thankfully touchwood no issues with uh you know palm fat strain onto that screen and accidentally pressing stuff on your behalf it’s a full hd plus resolution not quad hd plus like some rivals around this price point but honestly you have to put this side by side with a quad hd smartphone to really notice the difference just to get plenty of fine detail packed in there images look nice and crisp and nice and colorful too you do have hdr 10 plus support sadly there’s no support for hdr streaming on netflix at the time that i shot this video but hopefully that’ll be coming soon and of course you can dive one into the display settings and have a play around with the color output if you like as well as you can see it’s set to standard uh which is not very descriptive at all you can also put it on normal which is surely the same as standard you would have thought but never mind or bright and you could also have a play around with the color temperature yourself too and like every other flagship smartphone out there um well apart from the iphone 12s obviously you got support for 90 hertz refresh on here as well you can

bump it up to 90 hertz full time otherwise you can leave the vivo x51 5g to do smart switching between 60 and 90 to just preserve battery life where it’s not necessary as for the audio well as i mentioned before there is no built-in headphone jack unfortunately on the avivo x51 5g what you do have is a mono speaker setup as well as no stereo output on here let’s just boost up the volume see how good it is you’ve got the brilliant gaming features so yes you can call the sony xperia smartphone affordable although they do do mid-range to low-end stuff if you want them it’s not bad at all to be fair as long as you don’t accidentally muffle the speaker or anything it’s certainly nice and loud nice and punchy a decent sound and uh audio right there but of course if you want to enjoy a nice bit of music or something like that you’re not going to be wanting to use that speaker you’re going to want to connect via bluetooth and you do have a spot for high-res audio on here good bit of hi-fi action you can also customize the headphone output uh based on your age as well unfortunately you can’t customize it based on how many stupid reads you attended when you were young and dumb now let’s have a gander at the performance and the vivo x51 5g doesn’t use the

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top-end qualcomm snapdragon 865 chipset that a lot of other flagship phones do it’s got the google pixel 5 route instead what you get on here is the snapdragon 765g fee not though it might not be the top end premium performance that you might hope and expect at this sort of price point but it’s still a very capable chipset the likes of the pixel 5 the oneplus note all those are the smartphones that use the 765g i found that you can do anything with these things you can split screen multitask you can play the likes of call of duty on top detail settings no problems whatsoever and you’ve got eight gigs around packed on here as well so it should be nice and smooth for whatever you fancy and of course one of the benefits of the 765g is it does have built-in 5g support as well so yes the vivo x515g is unsurprisingly five geofights now get four thousand three hundred fifty million batteries stuffed in here as well so hopefully that should see through a full day of pretty intensive use certainly that 765g chipset is very energy efficient so you’ll have to be absolutely hammering at the vivo x515g with a lot of camera use or something in order to drain it and you’ve got support for 33 watt flash charge 2.0 charging here as well so hopefully should

power up in about an hour or so on charge again not as fast as some rivals like the oneplus 8t with this new 65 watt warp charge but it’s certainly a match for the likes of the pixels the iphones of the world stuff like that and now of course the main event let’s finish up with this squint at that camera tech as you can see it’s certainly a very busy camera interface lots of different features and toggles to play around with so far touch words the camera seems nice and nippy the shutter speed is very fast fast to focus as well so check your hand in there and as you can see instantly differentiates between near and far focus that primary sensor is a 48 megapixel sony imx 598 sensor and so far seems to produce nice natural looking photos those colors certainly are accurately reproduced and even though it’s quite testing conditions here in the studio it’s got good hdr smarts and as you can see a good bit of background information in there without overblown the subject you’ve got a variety of other camera lenses on here as well you’ve got a 13 megapixel 50 millimeter portrait camera you’ve got an 8 megapixel super wide angle camera which you can flick to a like so and then last up you’ve got an eight megapixel telephoto lens with a five times optical zoom as you can see there and with that telephoto lens you’ve got five times optical zoom but you can also get up to 60 times hybrid zoom or

hyper zoom as vivo likes to call it and as you can see here when you zoom in to the sort of ten times marks everything’s nice and sharp still 30 times again very very crisp starts to get a little bit sort of grainy at the 60 times mark but still very impressive now the killer feature here on the vivo x51 5g and the feature that they hope will help differentiate it from rivals is the camera stabilization because this is the first vivo smartphone to come with what they term an integrated gimbal this can apparently offer three times the stability of just your standard conventional smartphone camera setup with optical image stabilization basically that primary lens is free to rotate every which way within its housing this can help to counter any annoying little hand tremors or anything else that might give you a blurry shot or some really awkward shaky video footage of course the true test of this feature is going to be the night board because that basically captures a long exposure shot and if there’s even the slightest bit of hand tremor during that shooting process usually you end up with a really blurry ugly shot but hopefully this gimbal style setup will help to prevent that shake and give you a really nice crisp detailed bright look and snap and you’ve got a

couple more camera mods stuffed to inside the x51 5g to make use of that gimbal style stabilization such as the super moon for instance because of course everyone loves a good old moon shot on facebook these days and along with similar lines you’ve also got the astro mode as well that just obviously helps you to capture a good starry night sky and this can apparently even remove that annoying little trail effect that you get from the really long exposure shots just caused by the earth’s rotation so that’s a nice little feature and you also have the pro sports mode as well which allows you to capture a video uh while jumping about the place and uh ducking and dodging and doing all kinds of stuff kind of similar to the action cam uh more that you get in a lot of other smartphones except hopefully should be even better here and of course you can capture portrait shots if you like it as well just to get that nice bokeh style effect in the

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background you can actually tweak the bucket effect and the strength of it as well and if you want to shoot a bit of video as well you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage at either 30 or 60 frames per second and last off uh before i quit for the day and go for a lovely delicious whiskey let’s take a look at that 32 megapixel selfie cam and as usual you can get involved with a nice bit of portrait action all that good stuff beauty mode yes please to the max and that my friends i think we can all agree is a thing of beauty and that right there in a nutshell is vevo’s x51 5g as i say coming to the uk on october 29th for 750 quid and yet the specs aren’t quite as beefy as some rivals like the oneplus 8t some of samsung’s s20 phones etc etc but hopefully that innovative camera tech will prove to be well worth that extra bit of cash especially for your low light shots and your more active video so what do you think of the vivo be great to your thoughts down in the comments below i’ll hopefully bring you a review soon enough for though i’ve got kind of a fewer smartphones going on at the moment it’s crazy season and if you haven’t already please do put subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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