Review of the AOKP ICS Rom on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

every one cubic 877 here from the AC syndicate team here to do a review video of the AOKP rom on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 I do have a video showing you how to install this I will link to that in the description of the video if you want to check that out but anyways here it is the AOKP you rom and your tablet it’s an Ice Cream Sandwich bass drum let’s go ahead and check that out first of all of course you got your back home recent apps running apps list and down here you can still tap and brings up the settings menu just theme differently obviously it seemed more vice cream sandwich let’s go into settings first it brings up more toggles notifications but all settings let’s go ahead and scroll down go to about tablet and you can see android version 4.0 point three right there yeah we are on the aokp mod version aokp p for Wi-Fi minus p for Wi-Fi obviously because i’m on a Wi-Fi only tablet quickly tap an android version get a little hidden easter egg press and hold on the screen it’ll get bigger and you got some flying ice cream sandwich droids so nice little hidden easter egg thanks to google but anyways let’s go ahead and check out the rum some more of course down here you’ve got basically

your your brightness your Wi-Fi Bluetooth GPS rotate those are all customizable which is nice you got your notifications right here you can actually swipe those away so just swipe it on the way and it will go away as you can see you can turn off automatic brightness I believe just tap that and then you can basically edit the brightness of the screen as you want to so as you can see much brighter now press and hold and you got options for wallpapers live wallpapers you have a unicorn wallpaper courtesy of the ROM Aoki peer um obviously as well as a phase beam wallpaper which is probably my favorite so I’m going to set that so let that load on up and i will have the face beam wallpaper so that’s kind of nice other things that we want to check out is basically the settings that we have there’s a lot of different settings of course so let’s go ahead and just jump into those right away so let’s go back into the settings menu and inside the settings menu you’ll see it’s integrated rom control it’s

integrated into the settings you’ll see general you I settings you can disable the boot animation so if you don’t like that Unicorn boot animation you are in luck because you can disable it I know a lot of you guys might not like the pink unicorn boot animation so you can disable that just check it and you’ll be good you cannot allow 180 degree rotation you can actually have a horizontal recent apps when you get window so if i go to recent apps down here as you can see you got gmail browser your recent apps list let’s go ahead and try and make it horizontal I don’t know how that’s going to work with a tablet I know how it works on the phone but you’ll see it looks like it makes it the screen bigger so i’m sure most you guys aren’t going to want to do that so you can uncheck that it’s actually kind of cool on a phone so i mean obviously this is a romp paddle with tablet and a phone so it’s it’s tough to get all the modifications for one or the other you can change the LCD density if you so choose other things that you can mess with there’s so many that i can’t really go over all of them just because there’s a crazy

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amount you have to look into them yourself navigation bar i mean i’d really don’t think these will do much navigation bars the bottom bar such as in on the Galaxy Nexus obviously the tablet has to have them so I don’t think you can really mess with those black screen options you have style options being stalked quad or octo with quad or octo you can actually set custom applications with faux lock screens so now when i go to my lockscreen i’ll turn off the screen turn it back on when you press on this button you’ll see that there’s more options don’t go to camera it will reboot your phone camera does not work that is the only bug with this realm unfortunately still going with camera since I believe we don’t have the source to the camera so lockscreen style of course you have other options you have whether that you can have on the lock screen but down here is your lock screen targets your custom apps let’s say you want it to be phone I don’t know why you’d be phone or SMS or you can have it be a custom app so if you want it to add a custom app you can go at all you’re all your applications and let’s say I wanted to open up the

calculator i can add that as well so hopefully that worked I don’t know if it did or not but let’s go to this and as you can see obviously there’s no I don’t think there’s a phone application so you get calculator unlock and camera still so I can open up my calculator right away so that’s kind of nice that they have that those custom options right there other things power menu options screenshot torch toggle I don’t think the torch toggle works so be careful with that as well as I said whether you can enable the weather I don’t know if it works or not but it might show whether down in the location where a dozen a phone with the pull down bar I’m not sure I don’t really see it so I’m not going to really mess with it you can mess with it if you’d like to general nothing really there toggles here’s where you can actually customize your toggle Cisco to enabled toggles and you can enable certain tacos let’s say you want to enable Wi-Fi vibrate silent toll silent torch actually don’t enable torch because I don’t think it’s going to work sink and swagger so you swagger down

there too so let’s enable that close it and down here you’ll see all of them will pop up right down here which is great you’ll see them you can actually turn your swagger on so I believe that is why they do that if I can get it so there you go i turn my swag around um so I believe that’s the only thing that that does it’s just kind of a funny thing that you can mess with but you can turn all these on and off as you can see you can add many many more toggles and you can customize the order as well just go to toggle order and you can customize that which is great so I mean it’s really nice that you can customize all this stuff you can change the style I believe I context only so you have that you get clock options you can click change the clock style color battery option is actually some pretty cool battery options so you’ll see the battery down here is basically the stock stock icon lets go to the icon style list you have a bunch of different styles you have text only so you can have a text-only icon which as you can see mine says ninety-four percent I come with text ninety-four percent within the battery bar right there which is which is pretty

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cool that you can actually get both the icon as well as the text same with Center textile just Center the text as opposed to being the bottom left circle mod which is basically the battery icon with the with a circle modification as you can see hi you can hide it the reason you would want to hide your battery icon would be because you can have a battery bar which is really cool status bar does not work i don’t believe but put it top of nav bar and as you can see a light blue bar popped up right here above the navigation bar and you’ll see ends right there that’s what your battery is that so once at fifty percent it’s going to go to the middle right here and it won’t be colored right there so it’s actually a very cool modification having that so you’ll see it goes across the entire tablet here that bar that blue bar you can change the color as well as the thickness of it as well so that I think that’s actually really neat I’m going to keep that as my battery icon you have performance options as well which is very nice you have options to overclock actually so go to max CPU and you can overclock up to 1.4 gigahertz 14 hundred megahertz or you can under clock if you want so just be careful make sure you know what

you’re doing before you do mess with that with all these performance tweaks so just be careful with all that but yeah I mean that’s really all the settings obviously many many more but I can’t really go over all of them within one video so it’s actually very cool of course you have let’s go to the browser with recent apps list as well you can swipe them away pulls out of them or get rid of them so as you can see it brings up google em on Wi-Fi so obviously speeds are going to be decently fast open up a tab I mean nice desktop style tabbed browsing experience let’s go ahead and go to AC syndicate net should load right up and it did as you can see so very nice I mean very fast no lag whatsoever pinch zooming the browser is great so definitely love the browser runs very well just hit home you can go home of course you got your resizable resizable which is just drop it on down i believe in the same spot pick it up drop it down it will bring up some dots around it you can resize them if you would like to and you can actually just tap outside or press the back arrow and they’re scrollable as well so with this launcher of course that you have those those different options so i mean overall a really great round many different options that you can mess with many different settings of course which is which is really great so definitely around you’re going to want to check out unfortunately does not have the camera at the moment hopefully that will come in the near future I I hope so anyway so hopefully that will be there but anyways that’s it so be sure to subscribe to me follow me on facebook twitter and google+ all links to be in the description via below and as always thanks for watch and be sure to give this a thumbs up

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