Review of the Alpha 3 CM9 ICS Rom on the Samsung Epic 4g Touch

everybody can be king 77 right here from the EC syndicate group below to do a quick upgraded review video clip of the indicator engine mod nine rom on your samsung legendary 4g touch it has currently been updated to alpha 3 so i kind of intended to review some adjustments as well as such specifically since aokp just came out and also that was actually terrific so I’m additionally really satisfied with cm9 it’s going to be challenging to select between the 2 I do have a video clip training just how to install this ROM i will certainly link to it in the description of the video yet anyways let’s go on and also delve into it so as i claimed it’s been updated to alpha 3 let’s go to setups scroll down go to concerning phone and as you can see indicators mud version alpha 3 at the end there so we do have it’s updated the FD 10 bit which is a Gelato Sandwich dripped construct it is android variation 4.0 point for so on the most up to date one there as you can see you have sprint system updates I think that was in the last one where you can upgrade profile and prl to ensure that’s actually very nice other points that we do have various basically as well as they have enhanced several things gps must be far better than alpha 2 they boosted it so they made it actually terrific so I got a lock as soon as possible so I’ve had no

problems whatsoever with GPS NCM that I’m actually taking place a journey not a journey but going someplace hereafter video that i need general practitioners for so i’m mosting likely to be examining it out and also i’ll make a notice if i have any type of troubles which i’m certain i won’t so you probably won’t see one The Phantom voicemail notice has actually been dealt with so you’ll arbitrarily see it’ll claim oh you have a voicemail so you’ll intend to be like you go examine it as well as you don’t have a voice mail so it will certainly constantly be persistent so currently it has been fixed so fortunately they got that fixed so there’s no phantom voicemail notification anymore there’s boosted battery life so they made some tweaks so battery is mosting likely to be better thankfully apart from that that’s practically it they have actually pitched to zoom on the camera so when you got your cam you can in fact pinch to zoom so allow’s go on as well as zoom in as you can see I’m pitching and zooming to make sure that’s quite awesome that you can pinch to zoom I think you can zoom with the quantity tricks I guess not so you can not do that I do want to enter into that volume rocker anyway allow’s go into audio setups and also comprehend settings you obtained volumes

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volume panel so volume panel let’s most likely to solitary typically when you most likely to volume panel obviously you got your typical quantity up/down shake silent of program so once that goes away let’s return right into volume panel so quantity panel we have actually expandable broadened or none so let’s most likely to expanding so I believe it’s see got this little Setups switch right over right here so allow’s pick that and as you can see you get various options so you have generally or your audio your call your media your alert together with your alarm system so you obtained all those various ones that you can personalize which is great that’s expanding expanded it’s just they constantly are constantly every one of them so it’s up to you whatever one you want I like the expanding one where I can stand out open the setups if I need to to ensure that’s extremely wonderful if that has been included too to alpha 3 but or else I have to face any type of problems at all mms works image messaging certainly sms message phone calls everything Wi-Fi GPS Bluetooth everything has been functioning for me so I have not had any type of concerns in any way there the good news is he got all your certainly your ice cream sandwich stock applications speak require a nice phone dialer your calls your you’re.

everything I imply you you truly got the supply Ice Cream Sandwich experience so you likewise have different weeks so allow’s most likely to setups you got launcher settings you got amount of home screens you can have if you desire any type of type of transition impacts anything like that so you’ve obtained that drawer settings you have transition results there as well as normally can have it auto revolve the display if you would like to as well so you’ve got those little settings there which is which behaves to have that launcher settings of program you can mount ones from the marketplace as well styles is just a stub in the meantime system settings though allow’s most likely to notification cabinet so up on top below is our notice drawer you’ll see up at the top we have actually got our fast panel widgets the Wi-Fi Bluetooth yes shake and 4G 4G does function so you have 4g going as well as well as taste those of you that we’re asking yourself so you can in fact edit those go to which of buttons and you can show which ones you wish to show up so I mean you obtain a lot of various alternatives naturally to to reveal up various ones there I suggest if you wish to add one just struck go to sleep and you’ll see that that got accumulated on top go to sleep was included so you can transform the order of them also you can decrease to widget switch order and also scuff of the ones that you such as so luckily that they have that since I do like scuffing around including ones I such as to have the LED brighten at the top there as you can see every as soon as in.

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a while at night on the light so it behaves to be able to promptly obtain to one as I make sure you guys have referred to as well you got lock display settings having been added yet still a stub for various points status bar you have actually got am clock clock design clock style battery standing style so you get different ones portion symbol and also hidden so signal standing as well text so you got those little options their total aokp probably does have extra setups than cm9 so I suggest it’s actually as much as you concerning which one you intend to go with I don’t truly understand which one I’m mosting likely to opt for I certainly intend to check this set out and afterwards see what it seems like see what it resembles I’m gon na go to the advanced menu though under the innovative food selection i think it’s it’s obtained like Colonel colonel choices but you may not be able to utilize most of these just because we don’t have really custom bits yet obviously you can swipe all your notifications as constantly various other points efficiency settings down here go into that perceived caution so if you do not know what you’re doing do not tinker these cpu you can alter your your rate if you wish to.

under under clock i would not suggest an underclocking under one gigahertz for a thousand megahertz so if you wish to do that you can not overclock yet since we do not have those custom-made kernels certainly however yeah various other than that you obtained some various other settings there that’s actually about.
it though I imply you have your profiles which is a cm9 cm9 thing where you can essentially have a residence a night quiet a job profile so it’ll mess with all your settings if it you will not required quiet and you want your screen dim you can have it at night or default I suggest you have various groups so you can you can mess with those if you ‘d like it’s kind of an amazing attribute to have them cm9 yeah that’s that’s generally about it absolutely around you’re mosting likely to wish to have a look at I can not inform you whether or not to select AK all right p or cm9 yet as i haven’t really checked them fully so ideally you individuals can configure it out by yourself which one you desire let me recognize you think which one you’re mosting likely to intend to try leave your discuss the video clip listed below make sure to subscribe to me follow me on Facebook Twitter as well as Google And also all links to be in the summary the below and as always thanks for make sure to offer this video a thumbs up.

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