Review of the Kitchen Sink Rom on the Motorola Photon 4G

everyone Q came to be 77 right here from the a/c distribute group below to do a video clip revealing you exactly how to install the kitchen area sink rum on your motorola photon 4g i’m really delighted to check out this rom my set from what i hear it is very awesome so certainly wish to inspect that out but anyways let’s go ahead and also delve into it so to start with clearly your device is going to require to be opened you’re going to need to be rooted in have actually clockworkmod set up so make certain you do have clockworkmod i do have a video clip of your clockworkmod dated i have a video clip on exactly how to upgrade it to the latest so definitely gon na intend to look into that video i will link to it in the description so in situation you require update your version of clockwork pump it anyways when done there go ahead and click the web link in the description of the video clip below takes you to this internet site firstly proclaim to Joker’s ax fantastic developer putting this together and also anybody else involved so proclaim to everyone associated with this kitchen area sink rom what you require to do is go on and also scroll down keep scrolling down as well as down right here you’ll see we basically have our builds and our downloads

Here so it looks like we have an atrix filled in a photon bill undoubtedly select the proper one in our my case i selected the photon beta build it is in beta still but from what I hear jobs wonderful so go ahead as well as click on that and also download it it’s going to be a huge documents so be client with the download it will certainly be a zip file it’s called kitchen area sink variation something zip and also once you have that zip data downloaded transfer it on over to your photon whether it be your interior storage space or exterior either one works so transfer it on over to your photon as soon as done downloading and also transferring go back to your gadget as well as when we’re back to our device we’re going to require to get into our custom healing so go ahead and if your rom has the alternative hit reboot healing if not just go ahead and also power off your tool it does not Matt from what i understand it does not matter what rom you are running actually since you don’t need to clean when you install this ROM but anyways when it powers horrible we’re gon na need to do is get

into our personalized healing to do so press and also hold volume down and also power switch at the exact same time press and also hold of them maintain it held down until you see quick boot up the leading lights up going release now what we’re going to need to do is press the volume down switch regarding five times until it says android recovery like so and afterwards push the quantity up switch is chosen allow’s go on and choose Android recovery it will go into android healing mode as you can see it’s going to take us right into our personalized recuperation in my instance i do have the most up to date variation of clockworkmod clockwork upon five point five point absolutely no point 4 so below we are currently we are going to need to run via and also basically mount the rom so right here are the actions you need to take firstly I highly advise entering into the backup as well as bring back menu as well as making a nandroid backup that is what the first point i do advise you guys do once done there go ahead and most likely to mount zip from sdcard select it from SD card or inner SD card wherever you have it on your device and select that currently go on as well as basically find that rom zip that kitchen area sink rom zip so go ahead and find that choose it and also at yes install kitchen area sink right there yes proceed a mount it as i claimed no wipes necessary when you most likely to mount this ROM

ensure that you do not clean you simply go in advance and mount and also here we go so right here it is we have a choose language option so I have not done this yet done this yet so I’m very ecstatic let’s proceed as well as check it out okay so right here you go as you can see choose language proceed and also select your language I require English so I’m mosting likely to hit following as soon as done there proceed and hit I concur with terms and problems you need to press this check mark on right here and after that go ahead as well as hit next sorry I really did not examine it so go on and tap that as well as hit following as soon as done there they’ll go in advance as well as claim welcome welcome back to sink proceed and hit next and also we are ready to go hit next once again it gives you some details now you require to pick your installment kind so you reach pick which rom you wish to run which is the coolest part about this realm it’s impressive so you have cm9 you have my miui you have cna codename android aokp android open kang job and gummy rom so you have a lot of various ones all of them are primarily based off of stock ice cream sandwich android for pinole the miui rom is even more of a it’s gelato

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sandwich base yet is has actually definitely added tweaks so you have your various choice on which one you wish to mount I’m going to mount aokp as I said you reach make your choice on which one you want to mount which is outstanding so what’s done there proceed following as well as essentially you have custom installer or default supply set up generally customized mounts you know you reach pick which bundles you mount so I’m mosting likely to hit following as well as do that so you have a non wipe alternative if you intend to maintain your data or a complete wipe option if you wish to cleanse set up so this is amazing you generally get to select so you can enter between these roms without having to wipe data you can attempt them out which is undoubtedly the very best attribute of any type of rom or any type of rom installer ever before as I’m certain a lot of you people know I’m mosting likely to do a full wipe even if I wish to tidy mount immediately yet you can definitely choose non wipe if you would certainly like in fact I’m gon na hit non-white just to see if my information is retained just to show you men so once done there I’m gon na hit next you get to select your custom bit so if you want generally 1300 overclock or 1400 overclock 1300 goes for one factor three ghz 1400s 1.4 gigahertz I’m mosting likely to choose 1300 as i favor the battery life do you desire a tablet mod which boot animation do you desire also this is crazy I have actually never ever seen anything similar to this this is awesome so below we go so we have a tablet mod you intend to mount that

you desire which boot computer animation do you desire so let’s go on and choose the I don’t it actually does not matter to me i can go allow’s do an android boot animation so it’s something different do you want a battery alteration yes for big aftermarket negative battery mod if you have a huge aftermarket battery struck of course no for supply size battery so that’s great that you have that alternative as well proceed following you have launcher alternatives so you can mount all of them or you can set up simply among them I do not know if you can pick several ones you can so you need to pick one or all my UI home peak nova trebuchet which is the stock cmcm 9 Xperia or all I’m mosting likely to have it choose every one of program I intend to check them full blast typeface you have default lado nokia pure unwell means OFW p as well as you bunt to simply go on and also Google the response if you wish to check them out i’m going to proceed and make use of a default key-board sensible you got cm9 miui orgy BLK with orange and black key-board or a larger ice cream sandwich key-board so you obtained your selection there with those I’m going to go ahead and simply do

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cm9 GPS configuration you have Africa Asia Europe North America I’m gon na go in advance and strike North America or you can leave at default do not change general practitioner setup yet I’m going to strike north the United States and Canada since i stay in north america you got TTS programs music applications miui or cm9 awesome you obtain your selection G applications I’m mosting likely to have it install the gf’s obviously just so I have the google apps installed and afterwards we have our wallpapers you have default network so you can have it fail the cdma or gsm whichever one you use which is fantastic you can have it for Strome alternating 2d libs Defeats Sound if you intended to set up boot Beats Audio might not work on miui it states that you likewise have the bravia mod also so I’m mosting likely to strike following and also here we go so we can customize our setup now so we have a number of applications we can select from so if we wish to set up adobe flash Google Maps gallery if you desire a weather condition widget voice search youtube extra wallpapers titanium backup so I’m going to select a few of them and concealed install currently so there you have it as you can see certainly it doesn’t appear like clockworkmod in any way any longer of course it’s a details installer yet this is actually impressive you got a.

portion down below lets you know how much time it’s mosting likely to extract from what I hear I really had no suggestion for how long it’s going to take to mount from previous experiences motorola photon Raman stalls do take a very long time so i’m gon na proceed and let it do its point I imply depending upon the certain particular setups you select it might take longer than than others but anyways I’m gon na go head and also allow it do its thing and I will be back alright so as you can see completed installation reboot to delight in so I’m going to proceed and also strike following and also generally you can inspect reboot your tool now and strike surface as well as so hit the coating button what it need to do is go on and also finish your installer and also reboot your device as you can see restarting my guess is the very first time you reboot it’s mosting likely to take a while so most definitely certain your client with it as you can see it takes me to the boot display I must have I think what I failed to remember which one I chose already the android boot animation so go in advance as well as we will see exactly what it looks like of course I’m extremely excited regarding this this is an actually incredible point there you have it droid great so right now I reached.

tailor this boot animation and my assumption is it is that you can if you intend to alter you can go back right into that installer and simply alter it or I don’t know if there’s a rom option for that or not I don’t know yet due to the fact that I have been done this so I’m going to go on and also kind of do a testimonial of this whole thing and afterwards return to you individuals so naturally we will certainly allow this start up as I stated very first time it’s going to take a little longer than typical as you can see Android is upgrading also but i’ll be back once this is done as you can see though this is maximizing applications of 116 so it’s most definitely protecting my information too so I mean despite the ROM you’re running before install installation if you select conserve data it’s mosting likely to save your data so that’s an incredible feature that hopefully will be implemented across different tools so this is a very innovative thing in an essentially Android ROM world so I’m going to let this boot as well as I’ll be back okay just boot it up as you can see i have a number of launcher options certainly as I chose to set up all of them so there we have it we’ve got all these launcher alternatives and also we are prepared to go so I indicate pick whichever one you want i’m just going to have launcher for now it ought to be the supply ICS launcher as well as my residence screens are the.

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precise same so if you return to the beginning of the video clip you will see that i have this silly folder below together with rate examinations and also maps so along with these setups up right here going on with my center clock and battery percentage so every little thing remained the very same information sensible all my data was saved as well as there you have it so very awesome clearly you can alter these this is the aokp rom on your motorola Photon clearly i’m not mosting likely to do a complete evaluation of this yet that I simply kind of wanted to prove to you people that this was conserved I did have this bookmarks widget here as well so there you have it so alright so there you have it that would certainly be the cooking area sink Rahman your motorola photon 4g generally getting your option of a lot of different roms but i’m not going to do a different testimonial video actually since clearly it’s not a particular ROM it’s just kind of a bundle of different rounds right into the installer so the installers.

basically the important things showing that you do not wipe data and also such so there you have it this would certainly be the only video clip I’m doing so much on the.
cooking area sink rom I could I’ll do updated videos in addition to i stated make sure to allow me know you think simply leave a comment on the video clip this is amazing very i truthfully I’m an off still over this i wish you people are too but let me know what you assume leave a comment make sure to register for me follow me on facebook twitter and also google+ all many thanks to be in the description the video below as always many thanks for viewing make certain to offer this video clip a thumbs up oh as well as you photon proprietors a whole lot of individuals been asking suppose I held this up for once a week with my fly hold they make certain to check it out a web link to evaluate in the description however thanks.