Reloaded ICS CyanogenMod 9 UI Enhancements – How to and Review

every person to came to be 77 right here from the AC syndicate group right here to do a video clip flaunting the refilled ICS tweaks for indications of my 9 realms generally it is a tweak to make signs of mod 9 UI improvements so definitely going to reveal that off it must function on all phones running cm9 signs by 9 so as I stated it needs to function i have my Sprint Galaxy Nexus running cm9 at the moment yet as I claimed should function whatever gadget you have as long as it’s running cm9 so oh you need to do is go on and click the web link in the description of the video clip it will certainly take you to this site as you can see reloaded ICS cm9 UI enhancements right below firstly shout out and thanks to rob 43 designer for putting this together shout out to him and thanks to him so what we’re mosting likely to need to do is scroll down maintain scrolling down provides you a number of details and such as well as down at the base you’ll see attached documents so you’ll see these attach documents what we’re mosting likely to need to do is go ahead and click on the most up to date one down here whatever one’s at all-time low is the current so click on that and download it it’ll be a zip documents transfer that zoom file over to your your phone whether it be your interior storage space outside storage either

one simply move that is a data on over to your gadget as well as you can go back to your phone alright as well as as soon as we are back to our phone and also you have that zip data on your tool go in advance and also press and also hold the power button hit reboot as well as after that choose healing and also hit ok so go on and reboot into your custom recovery must be clockworkmod or something comparable so go on and also strike reboot obviously it sort of depends on what device you need to kind of determine which a version of custom-made recovery you do have but anyways this need to instantly reboot you into whatever customized recuperation you do have all appropriate and also as you can see it took me into my customized recuperation I do wish to make a note that this is not suitable with tablets so phones only however anyways as you can see I have team win healing twrp healing you could have clockwork my mind to touch rating recuperation yours may be volume up as well as down in power switch depending upon clearly what device you have however go on as well as simply go to mount zip from sdcard and after that go in advance and locate that when you just downloaded that upgrade reloaded zip documents as well as when you pick it we truly need to do is simply go in advance as well as mount so go on and just install no

need to clean right away there’s absolutely no requirement to clean originally yet once done cleaning what you’re mosting likely to require to do is wipe your money as well as your dalvik cache so go in advance as well as choose wipe cache dalvik cache and also hit other half otherwise if you have clockworkmod just hit clean cache and after that go to the innovative menu as well as hit clean dalvik cache as I stated it depends upon your tool once done there go on and also hit back and after that reboot system now so proceed and also reboot your gadget you’ll go on as well as reboot your phone undoubtedly we will we get on cm9 so we should see the cm9 boot computer animation but it will take a bit longer than usual too up as dalvik cache was wiped so you need to be person with this first boot up as well as when it boots up I will be back as you can see we have our cm9 boot computer animation all right so my phone has actually just started up and also immediately as you can see you see some differences if you have a Galaxy Nexus naturally you see a bit little a various theme down below you obtained light blue buttons with a gray background and also up at the top of alert bar you’ll see a light blue standing bar with some white icon scroll down you see a white background also you’ll see reloaded ICS right below so this would be essentially the the look of it it looks sort of inverted certainly because you got a white background in contrast to a black backdrop but go to your application cabinet and you will certainly see reloaded ICS application so you’ll see this which will certainly be essentially tweaks of the reloaded ICS adjustment you just mounted so you’ll see numerous of them go to your status bar and you have actually obtained

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several status bar tweaks when you swipe down as you can see essentially illumination and also audio have been added so you can shut off vehicle illumination and also transform your illumination to brilliant as well as dark naturally so that’s extremely great there that you can alter that in addition to your your sound obviously so you can transform your audio well however loud you want it of course aside from that though you can relocate them to the bottom so it takes a little of time reduced yet in some cases you’ll see it move the notice bar down to the bottom which is extremely great certainly except Galaxy Nexus proprietors but certainly you can swipe up currently as opposed to down to ensure that’s extremely great that you need to swipe up from the base which is obviously if you do not have the on-screen switches it’s not that big of a bargain if you do you can probably unintentionally push them however you can transform your clock setting there you have actually battery symbol set so you can undoubtedly change your battery i kinda firm have the supply battery symbol there however it is white with the blue background and also you can alter it to conceal you have percentage big so you’ll see it changes it to a percent succeeding percent cm9 which alters the percent of puts in the little symbol beside it you have supply so the supply symbol you have circle

with the battery percent inside of it and afterwards you additionally have honeycomb so you’ll see that changes the want to it with honeycomb style so certainly you can put it to whatever you ‘d like you additionally have other settings you have openness settings so you can make several of the symbols up there clear tinker that at your very own danger of course you have notice cabinet right here so you have design type right here you have regular design or reversed we can place it to reversed and also it places them down near the bottom so it basically puts a date your settings button as well as all the other choices down at the base rather than the leading so you can reverse those which is undoubtedly a great little tweak that you can do you have alternating alert design which sort of makes your notices a little smaller sized not way too much different modification your date layouts day placement personalized carrier label you can turn around the Settings switch so what what that does is if you inspect it you can certainly just tap the Settings button and it will take you to settings or you can push as well as hold on there and it takes you to the reloaded ICS setups so that’s a little nice feature there having having that there the reverse setups switch examined you can allow tabs what that’s going to do is when you swipe down the alert bar you’ll see you do not have the sound or anything like that however you’ll see you have toggles as well as notifications as well as different tabs below to ensure that’s rather amazing you can in fact put those tabs up on top so you

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can put them up at the top if you want them up there rather than all-time low more settings taking place there so if you like those it’s really similar to the miui rom having those you can’t swipe in between them you have to tap on them widget setups you have widget display order what that suggests is you’ll see when I enter into it you can place the primarily you can put the noise and backlight on top of your other widgets so I mean nonetheless you intend to to place them you can put back light or audio on the top it does not matter whether you desire obviously brightness or sound ahead undoubtedly not mosting likely to truly matter you can alter your audio widget your backlight widget you can simply enter into those you can enable it or a handicapped you don’t have to have them on certainly you can conceal car brightness you power widget too you have actually got power widget settings which is always baked right into cm9 but you can obviously make use of these if you would such as to to alter your power widget you got navigating bar which isn’t clearly for all devices considering that several of them only have them down at the base you enabling this primarily enables you to include a search switch to it if you would certainly such as to select which which buttons you can modify the lower ones down here so go like that you can also alter the style so if you wish to transform the style the very first ones the switches so if I kind of desired to offer it a purple appearance a darker purple I can touch on the shade and also as you can see it changed the switches immediately to a purple appearance if I want

to alter the background allow’s state to black I change it and there you go I got a black background with some purple icons there you can alter the styles of those which is wonderful certainly talking styles you can likewise transform the motif of your standing bar up right here you don’t need to have it be this white as well as blue look you can place it back to stock simply transform themes off you need to enable it superuser approvals however it does take a little bit of time to tons so do not be afraid if you do not have back switch showing up for your alert bar is not showing up just endure it due to the fact that as I claimed it does take a little bit of time there you go as well as reloads and also up on top you’ll see I’m back to the black and blue appearance of my alert bar so no even more of that white and also light blue appearance so nice there they can place it back to equip if you don’t like that style you additionally have current panel so what that is does is basically a recent panel of training course you can have it be straight like webos or you can have it be default so default obviously is going to take a little time to load once more default undoubtedly the upright up and down appearance however you can change it to webos left in a vertical or straight webos or normal upright of course so let that lowdown up as you can see it tons right back on as much as normal you can swipe my in either case yet yeah that’s really concerning it that’s the reloaded ICS modify cm9 improvements on your device running cyanogenmod 9 make sure to allow me recognize you believe leave a talk about the video be certain to register for me ultimately on facebook twitter and google+ all web links will certainly remain in the description of the below and as constantly many thanks for make certain to give this a thumbs up

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