How to Unroot / Unbrick the HTC EVO 4G LTE – Latest

hey everyone cuba king 77 here from the AC syndicate team here to do a video showing you how to unroot your sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE it kind of depends on the way that you routed if you just routed and you didn’t unlock your bootloader then you can just kind of follow this video and you’ll be good you’ll notice if you did just root your phone your bootloader will say tampered but this will get rid of it and it will just say locked but if you unlocked it which with HTC Dev unlock tool then you’ll need to relock your bootloader first I’ll have videos on how to do so how to relock your bootloader so you need to relock your bootloader first and then run this ru u the reason being because you’re gonna want to have it relocked even though your bootloader will say relocked if it does say relocked you should still be able to take it back to sprint though it just voids your if you unlock with HTC Dev it will just void your warranty with HTC you should still be able to take it back to Sprint though so anyways let’s go ahead and jump into it so first of all to unroot your device i’m just rooted i haven’t unlocked my bootloader yet as you can see I have supersu right there going on before you do do this though I highly recommend clearing out your Google Wallet settings so go to wallet up at the top you’ll want to say press that menu button up at the top and

then hit settings and then hit clear Google Wallet settings if you want to see me do it in action I will link to a video in the description I have a video explaining why you need to do it as well every time you do a factory reset as running this will factory reset your devices can I reach all your contacts your apps I don’t believe it erases your internal storage if it does I’ll make an annotation now actually right somewhere around here letting you know if it does or not but let’s go ahead and jump into it so first of all you’re gonna want to go into your settings scroll down go to developer options and make sure the USB debugging is checked up at the top so the reason you’re doing this if you’re rooted is if you want to just go back to stack or or take it back to sprint for any reason etc if you’re only rooted you could return at HTC as well because it didn’t void your warranty only unlocking your bootloader does with HTC so let’s go ahead and jump into it so once you have it USB debugging on you can plug in your device I’m assuming if you’re rooted you have the drivers installed on your PC if you don’t I will link in the description of the video to those drivers have it charge only and hit done before you plug into your phone then if you don’t have the drivers installed go ahead and install those drivers and then plug in your phone so once you have your phone plugged in go ahead and click on the next link in the description of the video it will take you to this site as you can see right here it says joule shipped rom collection jewel would be another name for the evil

LTE but anyways I do want to give a shout out and thanks to football big thanks to X do you remember football here for getting this going for us so click on this link this file factory link right here it will take us to the website you will see two two files here R at the moment you could see more in the future but at the moment you’ll see these basically these numbers right here you get a bit of an ad you’ll see that there’s numbers after the GOC ruu joule sprint WWE and then you’ll see these numbers right here basically what you can do is actually check on your phone you can go to settings and under settings you’ll see that you can go down to about and under about you will see let me go ahead and zoom and you’ll see software information in about once you see software information you will be able to tell you’ll see software version right here and under software version it gives you those numbers so you’ll see mines one thirteen six five one one right there so you’ll see on your PC that there’s actually an option for one thirteen sixty five one right there so I’ll know I need to use that one that would be the latest as of today June fourth so you’ll see that this is the latest latest go ahead and click on it and download it right here so click on whatever the latest one is or whatever one your phone is on and download it it will take a bit of time as it is 185 Meg it’s a huge file so go ahead and download that once you’re done downloading it go in your downloads folder you will see it it will look like this right here this ru u right here so what you can do is actually right

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click on it and hit run as administrator’ that’s what I recommend doing let it load on up should ask for user account control looks like it’s taking its time loading up but as I said make sure your phone is plugged in with USB debugging enabled and charged only so you’ll see this yes once you yes it should load on up and load up like it’s installing something else er you you set up going on right here so here would be our ru u setup file our phones just sitting there on plugged in of course ok so here we go here is our ru u the rum update utility right here so again this is gonna wipe all your all your data I don’t think internal storage at the moment but as I said I left an annotation back in the beginning letting you know if it did or not so let’s go ahead and jump into it so basically it says caution installing will delete all information and data on your phone so let’s go ahead and check this box it says I understand the caution indicated make sure you don’t unplug it during this obviously it’ll update your phone back to complete stock it shouldn’t say tampered in the bootloader anymore as well so let’s go ahead and hit next after use hit understand turn on your Android phone connected to PC disable standby and hibernation modes on your PC make sure batteries more than 30% as well once you’ve completed the steps at the check button go ahead and hit next we’ll go ahead and verify information on your Android phone again

this this actually does take a long time so make sure you have a long time again I mean this could take up to 20 minutes I remember back on the 3d and the Evo 4G it does take forever so it says current information this actually lets you know what your current image version is so you’ll know that you got the right one of course and then you’ve hit the Update button and then it should run through and put your phone completely back to stock actually so it says from this image version to this one same thing go ahead and hit next and then it says this update will take approximately 10 minutes so we got about 10 minutes so you got to be patient with it and we will hit next and there we go so it’s checking updating the ROM names you should reboot my device into the bootloader and once into the bootloader up at the top it should say tampered actually since when you just root it not unlock it it should say tampered if you have unlocked it it should say relocked because you should relock before you do run this rom update utility so you’ll see it looks like it’s stuck on this HTC screen I don’t know I guess it’s not going to go into the normal bootloader it’s just gonna sit on this HTC screen so it says waiting for blue loader still so we’ll see it says it actually installed some drivers on my PC so again make sure you do have those drivers installed but now it says updating the rom image on your Android phone it’s sending it so it looks like it’s just gonna sit on this HTC screen I’m not sure if it’s gonna change at all but it says sending again this is gonna take 10 minutes about 10 minutes of course it could be last could be a little

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more so you’re definitely gonna have to wait a while for this to run through of so I’m gonna go ahead and let it run through if any changes are made I’ll go ahead and be back but otherwise you’re gonna have to just wait 10 minutes to make sure you don’t unplug your phone make sure your PC doesn’t die go into standby mode etc so I’ll be back I do want to make a quick note that my phone did kind of shut off and then reboot back to the HTC screen so if your phone does shut off during this process do not be alarmed to just kind of wanted to let you guys know that all right just a heads up looks like you’ll also see a progress bar eventually under one of these screens again I’ve been waiting a little while and it finally showed up so it looks like it’s doing its thing updating system recovery etc so let it do its thing some more I’ll be back alright as you can see it says congratulations your arm has been completed took us into the bootloader and up at the top it says locked now it did say tampered of course when I was just rooted but now it just as locked up at the top as you as you can see right there so we are ready to go back to stock of course if you have unlocked your boot longer than it should say relocked up there but to mine just is locked at the moment it will soon say real act

if I do this but you can just hit finish to finish the utility and it looks like it’s sticking us in the bootloader I don’t know exactly why but if it does so let’s go ahead and reboot it alright so if you’re in the bootloader it puts you in the bootloader here all you have to do is press the volume down button once it will highlight reboot then press the power button is selected and then it should automatically reboot your HTC EVO 4G LTE and once it does you should be completely back to stock your bootloader should say locked or real active course depending on whether you have unlock your bootloader or not and as you can see it reboots once it boots up it should take you to that HTC start up screen let’s go ahead and let it do so and I will be back alright as you can see the phone’s loading up you can actually unplug it once the ru Yu’s done you can unplug it obviously so looks like it is done takes to the the sink screen the Start screen we’re gonna have to go through all these different menus and such no need to do so hit OK next agree agree let’s go ahead and run through all these just I just want to show you that there’s no super users to press you in my aunt drawer anymore or and

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we’re just completely back to stock of course so it’ll load on up of course looks like everything’s back to stocks run in the sense let’s just go to settings real quick and about and it should still say that same software version so you’ll see that software version right there is 1.1 365 1 so we still have that software version of course you did do a factory reset of as I said so let’s go ahead and go to our app drawer and you will not see

anything in regards to supersu so you’d see it like in here and you don’t see it so there you have it there let’s go to music I should have a couple songs on here I believe and I do so it doesn’t like your internal storage or it shouldn’t wipe your external sd card either so I’ve got again I’ll make that note so I mean that’s nothing new to you you already know that you’ll know that before I did but yeah so there we have it that would be how to unroot your HTC EVO 4G LTE from spray if you have any questions run into any problems at all just leave a comment I’ll be happy to help you guys out be sure to subscribe to me as well be doing many future videos so be sure to subscribe follow me on Facebook Twitter and Google+ all links will be in the description of the people oh and as always thanks be sure to give this a thumbs up

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