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so you’ve just bagged yourself an oculus quest 2 vr headset to lose yourself in a glorious virtual reality environment and forget that actual reality is about as much fun as they stick your genitals in a hornet’s nest competition and the oculus quest store is now absolutely packed with all kinds of games and immersive experiences from the horrific and decidedly icky to the irksomely cute and working out which games are actually worth throwing your cash at can be a laborious procedure to say the least no worries though because i personally played dozens and dozens of the buggers and here’s my personal pick of the absolute best games that you can download from the oculus store for your oculus quest 2 right now and for more on the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now let’s start with one of the biggest and one of my favorite titles to hit the oculus store in late 2020 walking dead saints and sinners this melancholic post-apocalyptic tale that has civilization plunging into chaos and humans turning against their own kind in horrifying fashion could basically be re-titled 2020 the game but they probably paid a lot for that

walk and dead license so why not use it the game itself is a smart first person survival adventure set around the new orleans bayou from your base which is inexplicably a bus parked up in a graveyard of all places you’ll find yourself piecing together clues to find a legendary bunker filled with enough supplies to last a lifetime all the while you’ll need to scavenge for food bandages weapons and materials that you can strip down and use to craft more useful items nothing revolutionary so far okay but the real joy of saints and sinners is the tense exploration you’ll find yourself creeping cautiously through the skeletal remains of civilization and you can either sneak by the shuffling dead or end their misery with a brutal selection of melee and ranged weapons the stealth mechanics are solid and going one-on-one with a zombie in a shiv never gets old and you can’t just poke that rusty blade into the head with a pathetic jab you need to properly swing it into their skull to penetrate deep into their brain and put their lights out for good not enough force and you’ll just end up grappling with a seriously miffed corpse it’s suitably groovy and it is amazing and the tension is ramped up even further because you’re constantly working against the clock when the dial on your wristwatch hits the red mark that means the bells are going to tall and the walking dead are going to flood the streets not fun times now if the sound of that game really basted your spuds then definitely check out arizona sunshine as well yes it is another first person zombie title with very similar mechanics but it has been spruced up nicely

for oculus quest 2 and it is still a classic the plot’s a little light here but like the walking dead this first person adventure really makes you feel like you’re lost and alone in the middle of a zombie apocalypse once again you’ll have to forage for resources while putting those brain-mentioned bastards out of their misery but there’s more of an emphasis on action here and capping an undead fiend from 30 yards with a jizz-tastic headshot definitely never gets old arizona sunshine’s puzzles are generally pretty easy basically pushing buttons or finding keys but it is a frequently tense game especially when you’ve got dozens of zombies closing in on you those already impressive visuals have been given a bit of a polish and a spit shine for oculus quest 2 while the physics have been improved as well so the zombies behave a bit more naturally or at least as natural as walking stiff ever could another great oculus quest game that’s been updated for this all-new headset is trova saves the universe this action platformer is from the diseased yet brilliant minds of justin roiland one of the sick puppies behind rick and morty the potty-mouthed eccentric humor is well and truly ingrained in trova which sees you floating about in an armchair while guys in a purple sweary thing through all manner of levels twatting things and generally getting up to mischief it’s simple stuff but it’s so bad mental and frequently chuckles them that it is well worth picking up and yet another vr gem that’s been polished up for oculus quest 2 is red mata it’s a vr sci-fi puzzler that has you breaking into a deserted space base to steal intelligence from an opposing faction it won’t be too challenging for proper adventure fans but the haunted atmosphere and the mysterious setup definitely kept me hooked now although it hasn’t been rejiggered and

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revamped for the oculus quest 2 headset one of my favorite all-time vr games is still pistol whip a kind of hyper cool super frantic mashup of john wick disco dancing and pulled ground muscles definitely definitely stretch before playing kiddies i’m not even kidding this game is responsible for more pulled groans than the entire back catalogue of big and bounty magazine anywho the idea behind pistol whip is simple but brilliant it’s basically an unreal shooter where your sole purpose is to pick off every bugger what pops up and each level is set to a different song so you get bonus points for plugging your fours in time to the beat kind of like an ultra violent version of just dance the best thing about pistol whip is that it makes you feel like a proper badass even if you’re really just a bold and middle-aged head poncho about in his living room choke another win up to virtual reality over actual reality those funky digital style visuals reminded me of another vr game super hot and it helps to keep pistol whip kiddie friendly as well because there’s not a splash of blood in the entire game you’re not actually literally spraying someone’s kidneys across the wall when you blast them and speaking of super hot well i can’t bring it up without also saying that it is also one of the best oculus quest 2 games the hook here is that enemies move only when you do so at any point you can just freeze and carefully plan out your next move should i grab this guy’s gun and blast him in the face or maybe just take him down with the well-ended pool ball right in the nads the world is your oyster heads up though you will need a good bit of free space to play this one as you’ll actually have to move around the room ducking and dodging and uppercutting

some dude’s junk and what have you and last up for the action games i’m still a big fan of robo recall a fun and fast paced arcade title that has you blasting punching and ripping rogue robots into tiny metal chunks over and over and over again it’s simple but it’s highly addictive carnage and definitely an essential purchase for the oculus quest too now if you prefer more thoughtful vr experiences definitely check out the imaginative and highly memorable a fisherman’s teal this time around you’re a wooden puppet who lives in a lighthouse naturally and who spends his spare time working on small wooden replicas of his homestead but one day when you lift the roof off you discover a tiny version of yourself inside that model and not just that but your own home’s roof appears to have been ripped off and now an enormous view is looming overhead definitely ahead and it takes a little while of getting used to but those environmental puzzles are very smart and very well integrated but honestly a fisherman’s tale is a work of pure genius getting through each chapter will take some proper lateral thinking as well as some thorough exploration and perhaps a healthy dose of illicit substances factor in the surprisingly emotional story and the slick presentation and this is one of my favorite titles you can grab for the oculus quest 2.

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and i’ve also got lots of love for room vr a dark matter which was built from the ground up for virtual reality but it works in much the same way as those fantastic mobile games a dark matter cast you as a london detective in the early 20th century and your objective is to find out what happened to a missing archaeologist who mysteriously vanished into thin air to do that you’ll have to trace his final steps and figure out a bunch of sometimes ridiculously intricate puzzle boxes prodding buttons and twists and knobs until finally you manage to unlock all of the secrets being able to lean in and close the examine each object from every angle makes a dark matter even more immersive than previous efforts while you’ve once again got a selection of supernatural lenses that transform your surroundings with eerie results developer fireproof games has really made the most of this platform the room vr looks stunning and plays beautifully sucking you in from those very first moments and keeping you gripped be warned though it’s also tougher than a week old chicken nugget if you turn off the built-in hint system you’d better be ready for some serious brain ache and another vr adventure for the oculus quest 2 that’s just as taxin but a whole heap more adorable on top is moss which sees you teaming up with a cute little cartoon mouse called quill this vr platformer is absolutely stuffed full of charm and wist and wonder slapping you into a variety of moody and lushly

detailed environments where your task is to guide quell safely through all manner of obstacles and barriers things tick along at a gentle pace at times but in between the solvent puzzles and simply enjoying the lush visuals you will find yourself occasionally whacking the crap out of weird bug-like enemies and i never found myself growing bored of the experience if all of the corvid shenanigans in 2020 has effectively turned you into a hermit well no worries there’s relief to be found in the form of fit xr which will definitely help you to burn off all of those locked down beers this sweat induce and exercise them up has you smacking 10 bells out of floaty orb things as they hurtle towards your face it’s an enjoyable virtual workout with a range of difficulty levels and a decent variety of hip-hop rock dance and pop tunes to get your punch into the beat that presentation is slick and some of the more extreme workouts are actually playable now on oculus quest 2 while there used to be a stuttering mess on the original vr headset and not just that but they’ll have you sweating like a priest in a playground definitely a proper hardcore exercise i’ve also got to give big love to synth riders which is an excellent rhythm game which has you fist pumping all over the place to punch coloured balls before once again they smack you in the face there’s a great selection of tunes to bop along to including dance dubstep rock and even a bit of lovely swing and last up for my round-up of the best oculus quest 2 games right now i definitely have to give a shout out to i expect you to die this tongue-in-cheek adventure slaps you into the sexy


tux of a secret agent and then thrusts you into various perilous and rather far-fetched situations you’ll definitely need all of your wits to solve the many puzzles and escape each scenario unharmed so don’t go down in too many martinis first with this tongue-in-cheek humours clever mind twisters and impressive interactivity i expect you to die is an absolute delight although it’s not the longest game around easily beatable in just two or three hours so there you have it my pick of my favorite the absolute best oculus quest 2 games that you can grab right now adventure games puzzle games action games all the good stuff of course there’s plenty more great stuff just lingering on the horizon and of course i didn’t even touch on the fantastic horror genre which i’m hoping to do a separate video on soon the likes of the exorcist vr and soon we’re going to get the blair witch game on the oculus quest 2 as well so lots of great stuff coming up but if i missed your own favorite oculus quest 2 game definitely please do call me a knobber down in the comments below and let me know what your own personal favorites are and from on the latest great state

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