HTC EVO 4G LTE: How to Unlock, Install TWRP, and Root!

everyone he became 77 here from the AC syndicate team here to do a video showing how to unlock the HTC EVO 4G LTE bootloader along with installing TWRP recovery custom recovery like clockwork mod etc and it will also reroute your device so it’s gonna go ahead and unlock your bootloader via HTC Dev it’s gonna install twrp recovery so you can flash roms etc and it’s also gonna give you root access again so I’m completely stuck actually you should be able to do this while you’re rooted as well so this is gonna automatically unlock your bootloader as I said so unlocking your bootloader will actually void your warranty with HTC so keep that in mind if you also want to follow my unroot video I can link to that in the description if you’ll need to unroot for any reason you’re gonna want to relock your bootloader first I’ll make a video on how to relock your bootloader so that should be pretty easy so I’ll make a video on how to do so and then you’re gonna want to watch my how-to unroot video as well but anyways let’s go ahead and jump into it so first of all you’re gonna want to go to settings and then you’re gonna want to scroll down go to developer options and once you’re in developer

options make sure USB debugging is checked up at the top so check USB debugging you’re also gonna want to make sure you have a couple things downloaded and installed so go ahead and click on the link in the description of the video actually don’t call your phone in just yet doing so will take you to this site right here as you can see it’s called the ragam odd I hope I’m saying that right I hope I’m saying all these things right but anyways I do want to give a shout-out to regala nod lee nod if I hope I’m saying that right if not I apologize but big shout out to him for putting this together for us you’ll see we have this it’ll basically as I said do all those things I we want it to do of course so you need to have at least 40 percent battery before running this so make sure you do charge up your battery it reboots to bootloader gets the unlock token from HTC Dev retrieves the unlock code from HTC Dev and then it unlocks your bootloader so it does everything for you and then it installs torpe and then it’s a routes your device as well so make sure that you do clear Google Wallet settings I do have a video on how to do that I will link to that in the description of the video so make sure you clear those before doing this because it will actually it’s unlocking your bullet or actually wipes your device it shouldn’t like your internal storage but it will wipe your apps or context etc so keep that in mind when when doing this so

what we’re gonna need to do is download a couple things you’re gonna need the HTC drivers installed in your PC if you already have those don’t have to worry about it you’re also gonna need to download and install minute 4.0 your pc probably already has it but download it anyway and click on the Exe file to run it it should say either repair or a move but if it does say install go ahead and install you need it as well so make sure you this tights DC drivers you’re also going to need an active internet connection so once done there I do want to give a shout-out to all these guys as well DJ r3z JJM 99 team win Sparky and three Dan Rothenberg team fire and whoever tested this out the brave souls that tested this so thanks to all of these guys sorry about that but anyways we’re gonna need to download it it’s actually depends on whether you’re on 32-bit or 64-bit x86 is 32-bit x64 is 64-bit so keep that in mind I’m gonna click on the 64-bit version because that is what I need it’ll download it right away once done there we can actually once you have the drivers installed in dotnet 4.0 and side you can plug your device into your PC so go ahead and just pop that in it should say USB debugging up at the top go ahead and unlock it and make sure it says charge only and hit done so once you’re on charge only you’re ready to go you have that file downloaded you can actually go to your downloads folder it will be called the regard

right there 64 double click on it it’ll be a zip file we’re actually probably going to want to extract that so what I’m gonna do is go ahead and make a folder on my desktop so what I’m gonna do is right-click on my desktop here hit new and make a new folder once I make a new folder I could just call it bootloader evil whatever I want to call it of course you can call it anything you want I’m going to click on both of these files and extract them both into this bootloader Evo folder so that’s all you have to do it’s a zip file so you kind of want to get get them out into this folder once you get them out into this folder we’re ready to go well you can go ahead and do is double-click on this ragam on right here and hit run it’s gonna go ahead and run this modification that’s gonna do everything for you so here it is right here this evo 4G LTE root tool so you’ll see it loads on up it recognizes your phone and you’ll see that it’s just got this button right here that says root me so if you’ll see it says connected down there it’ll see a Rumi it says this is about to start do not unplug your evo so make sure you do not unplug your phone do you wish to continue yes you do you’ll see this window now because we were waiting for your evo 4G

Ltd a week connect to computer after a reboot so your device is actually gonna reboot so I’ll let it reboots you’ll see it it’ll probably take a bit of time so it’s gonna go into the bootloader mind says locked up at the top if yours is already rooted it should say tamper it actually so it says please wait while HCC dev is automated and submits your token so hit OK it’ll actually automate this HTC dev thing which is going to give you a token to unlock your bootloader via HTC dev comm and it says please login we logged in get the token right here and we are ready to go so we got our unlock code this is actually amazing how it’s doing this automatically for us it’s very awesome so it’s sitting the blue letter of course still but it’s still running through so now we are on this screen so this is a pretty important screen so let’s go ahead and go to it alright so we’re on this unlock bootloader screen it might look familiar to you if you’ve had a Nexus device in the past because the screen comes up quite a bit but anyway so what we’re gonna need to do is unlock our boot loader it may void your warranty as I said it probably does with HTC it shouldn’t with Sprint when you actually take it back to stock your your bootloader I’ll say relock but sprint should still be able to replace it and such so anyways let’s go ahead and jump into it all you have to do is press the volume up button once it’ll highlight the yes button right there and then press the power button to select it so go ahead and press the power button this is what’s actually going to wipe all your data so once you do that it’ll wipe all your data and stuff go back to this this little script here

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and there’s actually a continue button right here down at the bottom so what we’re gonna need to do is press this continue button after you hit yes so hit continue and now it says your phone is now rebooting after it’s fully booted and you go to the home screen we’re gonna need to do some more stuff so let it boot on up it’s gonna take a bit of time as it I believe in just in a factory or reset so it’s gonna take some time to reboot so be patient with the first boot up alright so the phone just booted back up as I said it did do a factory reset leave it uncharged only and hit done and then run through alright so I ran through the startup screens and such that’s what you need to do so let’s go ahead and once done there you can leave it plugged in as I said make sure it’s uncharged only go into your settings and then go back to developer options and recheck USB debugging since we did a factory reset we will have to recheck USB debugging with that startup screens of course you can actually run through and set them up if you want because this is the only time we’ll do a factory reset so allow USB debugging and hit OK now once you do so your PC will recognize your device and the program will continue you’ll see now this window now because we’re waiting for the IVA for DLC to reconnect and it should actually reboot your device once again it’ll probably go into the bootloader again because that’s going to need to do some commands to install our TWRP recovery so I believe that’s what it’s what it is doing now so she says it’s rebooting to bootloader we will wait and see what exactly what it does rebooting their device fully now so it’ll reboot and it’s probably waiting for it to reconnect so let it reboot and then once it boots back up it’ll reconnect and continue all right so it says flashing recovery and then I don’t know what else it’s gonna do looks like it to loading on up it still says flashing recovery of course USB debugging and still on up at the top as you can see once it

reboots you will see that it looks like it’s probably routing the device as well does take a bit of time so you’re gonna have to be patient with it okay so I’ve been sitting on this flashing recovery screen for a while now so it looks like what I’m gonna do now is actually manually just go into the bootloader so if you to do so that’s actually probably good for you guys to know how to manually get the bootloader anyway so the only reason I’m gonna be doing this is to just double-check and make sure it flashed properly if yours does get stuck on this flashing recovery screen right here so we’re gonna need to let it power off so I press the powered off button and then to get into our bootloader all you have to do is press and hold volume down and power button at the same time so press and hold both of them keep it held down and then it should take us into our blue water so kind of be patient with it let it do its thing we’re gonna need to let it reboot into the bootloader looks like the led scram just kind of holding it down keeping it held down because it is plugged in so let’s go ahead I’m gonna let go and redo it again so let’s press and hold power button and volume down button at the same time hopefully it goes in the Buhler so it does once I let go it does go into bool or you’ll see it says unlocked up at the top so you will see it does say unlocked you’ll

see it’s highlighted on fastboot press the power button it’ll go into fastboot it says fastboot USB and then it looks like it there we go so that is what needed to be done you just need to press the fastboot button so go into the bootloader on your own if yours does get stuck and then it took it into fastboot and now it says waiting for device so it looks like it’s waiting for it to boot back up so again what that did was flash the recovery TWRP recovery for us so of course if it does get stuck there we’re gonna need to manually do it on our own so powered off press and hold volume down power button at the same time and then you’ll see fast boots highlighted press the power button to go to it now it says it’s waiting for it to reconnect after a reboot so sorry about that delay wasn’t expecting that but glad we could get it figured out so hopefully it doesn’t do that for you but it might so makes you really glad that happened to me so you guys know how to fix it if it does happen to you so it says waiting for it to reconnect again I don’t know if it’s rebooting again looks like it’s kind of off so we’ll see if it’s rebooting on its own again it should be so it is so you’ll see it reboot a few times just kind of wanted to let you guys know what it did what it is exactly doing so you know what to expect out of your phone as hopefully yours doesn’t do what mine just did but it might so we will see all right so it looks like it’s

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basically rebooting the it’s actually routing the phone now so it’s gonna reboot it again so I’m gonna let it reboot and I will be back once it reboots so you’ll see it’s off it’ll actually power back on and reboot okay so it rebooted again it says pushing root files routing is now complete you may now unplug your evo so there you have it should be rebooting my device I’m gonna hit okay and it looks like it’s done it’s rebooting my phone so it’ll reboot it and I can unplug my phone so we are done so I will go to my device now and show you guys I’m not rooted and running twerp as well so let it boot on up and I will be back so here we go booting on up you can unplug it of course we are done with our PC so that is all that needed to be done only that one little hiccup but we were able to fix it on the fly thankfully so we only have that one little hiccup it should take probably a little bit longer than usual to boot up due to it being pushed root files and such and giving it root access so I’ll be back okay so just a heads up my phone just went to the home screen actually and then automatically rebooted I’m not too worried because it did that when I actually rooted the phone the first time so I’m not too worried there so let’s go ahead and let it boot back up and then I should be back to the home screen alright so boot it on up as I said it did not wipe your data nothing else is gonna wipe your data in this process but now when we after you should see supersu there it is right there so we are routed now and we do have a custom recovery so we’re ready to flash roms and such our bootloader is unlocked so let’s go ahead and show you how to get into our custom recovery now so to do so we’re going to need to power off the device of course with our custom recovery with our TWRP

recovery if you’re not familiar with TWRP it’s pretty much it does the exact same stuff as clockwork mod it’s just it’s just a little different you’re gonna have the similar experience with it it’s a touchscreen recovery so I will show you that in a bit so here we go so once our phone is powered off what we’re gonna need to do is actually go into the bootloader again as you guys saw earlier in the video to do so press and hold volume down and power button at the same time so go ahead and keep those held down and then you’ll see it looks like my lights are blinking down at the bottom of the screen I’m not exactly sure why um it looks like I failed to go into the bootloader so unfortunately looks like it’s booting up my phone so let me go ahead and power back on down and I’ll be back alright so power my phone back off I think the key is to keep it held down until the blinking stops so I’m gonna press and hold volume down and power button again I’m gonna keep it held down you’ll see they’re blinking down at the bottom but I’m gonna keep them held down until it stops actually so I’m gonna keep holding those buttons it looks like they stopped so I believe I can let go and it’ll take me to the bootloader and I don’t know it’s not doing anything so let’s press and hold volume down and power button again I’m gonna press and hold them again alright so it takes me into our bootloader so here we have it takes us into the

bootloader so let’s go ahead and run through and check everything out so here is our bootloader up at the top says tampered and unlock the reason it says tampered is because we are rooted of course if you remember when you rooted your device it’s a tampered running the are you you should undo that my how to on route video will show you how to but it does say unlocked if you do want to relock your phone it will say real actually so that’s very unfortunate that you lose your warranty with HTC if you do they do do this but it’s definitely worth it in my opinion so there we go let’s go ahead and jump into it so you’ve got fast recovery factory reset clear storage sim lock image CRC and shield barcode you use volume up and down to navigate through your each boot and use the power button to select it so what we’re gonna need to do is you’ll see it’s highlighted I’m fast-food present value down once and you’ll see a recovery is highlighted then press the power button is selected so what you’re gonna do is select recovery and what that’s gonna do is take us into our TWRP recovery or custom recovery should load it on up it’ll you’ll see a nice curtain a blue curtain that says twerp on it team win recovery so shout out the team win for this recovery reboots our phone again and it looks like it’s fully rebooting my phone so not exactly sure why it’s

doing that it should have taken to me come to my custom recovery so I’m not sure why but we can actually try it again so I don’t see why trying it again won’t work so maybe this will happen to you it looks like it’s booting up fully I don’t know why this is giving me some issues so let’s go ahead and power back our device go back into our bootloader okay so I’m back in my bootloader again what I had to do is press in home volume down power button until the light stopped blinking let go and then press and hold it again and it took me into the bootloader so here we go let’s go ahead and run through this again volume down until we highlight recovery and press the volume but I mean the power button to select it it should take us into recovery so let’s go ahead and see what it does now build this for development purposes only do not distribute there we go so team wins so I don’t know if it’s just my phone giving me issues or if it’s a common thing for it to do that but it looks like the first time you select recovery it doesn’t take you into it but it did the second time so no need to worry here so let’s go ahead and run through torque really quick all right so this is TWRP recovery team win recovery so you’ll see team win recovery project version 2.1 point eight lets you know the time and the battery percentage up at the top which is nice to know

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you’ll see a home button in a back arrow right there you’ll see a bunch of buttons this is of course a touch screen recovery for not familiar with it it is similar to clockwork mad as I said so you have an install option so if you want to install zips you have a white button which will take you to wipe cache now the – factory reset battery stats rotation and system so all the good stuff before you want to flash your roms you can make a backup so you can choose what you want to backup and then you swipe it to backup so when you do swipe it does its thing so you can have a restore so if you want to restore your nandroid backup s– you can you have a mount option so you can mount using internal or using external you can actually select sometimes the touch screen can be a little finicky you kind of have to press it a bunch of times to get it to switch over so but it might not let me know though because i don’t have an external SD card in there so we’ll see so you can hit the back arrow you can go into settings so you have some settings of course you can change your time zone and such leave mine set by default so it looks like it does have the right time there you have advanced settings as well copy log etc file manager and you have a reboot option so you can remove your device as

well so that would be it just kind of run through TWRP so I’m just gonna hit reboot and you can reboot system power off recovery or go back into your bootloader I’m gonna reboot the system because I want to turn my phone back on so there we have it we are now unlocked we have our custom recovery installed as well we have root access as well I’m gonna be doing many other videos on how to flash roms and stuff so you’re definitely gonna want to be sure to subscribe to me so press that subscribe button be sure to follow me on Facebook Twitter and Google+ as well all links will be in the description of the video below if you do have any problems or any questions and all have any questions feel free to leave a comment hopefully this worked for you please be sure to leave a comment let me know if this worked for you it should work just fine I hopefully ran into all the issues that are gonna happen so there we have it there so be sure to give this video a thumbs up as well I do really appreciate that and thanks for watching

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