Samsung Galaxy S III vs. HTC EVO 4G LTE – Part 2

alright hello everybody Cuba King 77 below from air conditioner syndicate that internet right here to do component two of our head-to-head competitors of the galaxy s3 and HTC evo 4g LTE volte sprint devices so I’ll finishing it off right here I’m going to be reviewing several things speed examinations electronic camera examinations TouchWiz versus sense so primarily a lot more software relevant points so today I do intend to get involved in some benchmark tests I haven’t ran any type of standards yet I’m actually going to reboot both gadgets and I’ll be back and also I figured you people intend to view this both have reboot buttons so if i do intend to restart them i’m simply mosting likely to touch restart and hit ok and also we will certainly see which one takes longer to reboot itself that restart switch is excellent i highly recommend doing that with any device always restarting your gadget whether it be once a day that’s most likely what i advise to keep whatever fresh and also load it up however as you saw partly one and also if you really did not see part one you absolutely desire to examine that out yet otherwise if you saw partially one the evo eliminate the EPP it not the legendary the galaxy s3 in the boot examination simply from a cool start completely turned off transforming them on at the very same time however it appears like the Evo’s taking a while to boot approximately reboot itself i’m unsure why it’s taking as long maybe took a while to close its applications are then running or something yet with the reboot competition the galaxy s 3 wins just from a reboot within the software application however if you power it off the evo kills it so it looks like i imply it depends on whether you struck the reboot button if you power off your tool on which one boots up faster so that’s a little that’s pretty

interesting now that these have actually rebooted I’m mosting likely to proceed and also run some rate tests i’m gon na go on and face 2 and quadrant so those are the two benchmarks that every person appears to like one of the most like to do a comparison in between the two on facebook in fact while a survey on facebook as well as it looked like those were the 2 that you like the most so let’s go on and let this tons on up obvi saving it opened any applications yet so it’ll be a fresh start for both gadgets alright so allow’s go ahead and also leap right into quadrant basic open them up on both gadgets and we will certainly run a complete standard on both of them run them at the same time so we can go in advance as well as see rate searches both of them exactly how they primarily the 3d graphics will view on the numerous tests as well as such I know quadrant is possibly the most prominent benchmark that people do run on their gadgets so it will certainly be fascinating to see an additional thing I wish to explain is undoubtedly the galaxy s3 is a food selection switch a capacitive menu switch and the evo 4G LTE does not you will certainly see within some applications it requires to have a on-screen menu button within the application which makes the display appearance even smaller sized because you see you need to have that food selection switch right there so it makes it look like the galaxy s3 screen is even bigger than it already is despite the fact that it is 4.8 versus 4.7 anyhow however within this application because it has a food selection button you do not need to give up some of that screen space with in some applications so that’s.

kind of something to speak about so you’ll see produce the very same price looks looks excellent on both tools once again the shades look a little deeper on the galaxy s3 however it is a bit brighter on the EVO 4G LTE so they finished it regarding the very same time took them regarding the same rate if you desire to get technological the evo did win by much less than a 2nd so allow’s proceed as well as proceed to benchmark outcomes galaxy s3 got 4929 and the evo 4g LTE got 5065 so evo 4g LTE is the winner there however not by much I suggest it is a quite close competition at one by a little over 100 so there would be the test on quadrant standard we can go on as well as run one more benchmark I’m not going to make you see the entire thing a whole lot of people like to see quadrant however I’m mosting likely to run an to do one more benchmark every person likes to run I myself do too you’ll see even within this application it’s reached have that on-screen menu button which sectors sacrifices display area so we can head out and you’ll see i really did run a test already so you’ll see i got 6040 on and also 22 in 6902 on my EVO so there you have that just one have to run it so resembles the evo wins on the benchmark examinations itself which is very interesting so evo 4G LTE wins there with our criteria examinations however let’s go ahead and also enter into some software application alright so let’s explore some software application certainly the evo has feeling four-point-oh in overlay a manufacturer overlay and the galaxy s3 has touchwiz the TouchWiz user interface both are running gelato sandwich I believe the evo s ICS 4.0 point 3 in the galaxy s3 has 4.

point zero point four however obviously they both have their manufacture overlay sense versus TouchWiz it’s more of a personal preference for people some they had different functions like if you squeeze in clearly they have screen previews on both both are they look great you can reorganize your screens as well so that’s simply a little attribute there obviously the dock bar down at the bottom is different you have your advertisement for a button at the right rather than the center on one or the various other yet the galaxy s3’s has actually raised a bit so it sort of get takes away from some screen area actual estate there which I do not like I simulate having it closer to the bottom like the evo 4G LTE does have however general both have quite great computer animations in them whether you’re switching over between displays you’ll see it’s got kind of a 3d dice result on the EVO however type of a simply a different effect on the galaxy s3 however I indicate general they’re extremely smooth flipping between displays as well as whatnot I suggest you’ll get no lag when running in between applications anything like that so I mean genuine world efficiency both of them do fantastic the only time I actually get lag is when I’m going through these current running applications flicking them up that’s truly regarding it on considering that four factor oh I really don’t obtain any kind of lag on either of them though it’s been truly wonderful when I open the application drawer actually on the EVO often it stutters a bit you’ll see it’s obtained that awesome computer animation but if you do not load it up prior to the very first time.

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you fill it up it kind of stutters a little which is obviously not too large of a bargain but both open at regarding the very same rate you’ll see you can flick through your applications bloatware galaxy s3 by far not necessarily by much however it has even more bloatware I’m just not a large follower of the bloatware they include I do like the Flipboard applications as well as news application I do actually like it if you haven’t checked it out it’s really cool possibly I’ll do a review video clip on it but anyways besides that though I suggest you have actually obtained video game center you’ve got Keys air media hub extra services and you simply truly have your samsung applications you simply sort of a great deal of bloatware on the galaxy s where you have blower on the EVO though don’t get me wrong I simply believe there’s a little bit a lot more on the galaxy s3 the blower on the EVO is sort of its more helpful to not necessarily more helpful yet I discover myself using the bloatware more on the EVO rather than the galaxy s3 which is why I state it has more but there’s regarding the exact same amount of bloatware I just believe it’s much more efficient on the evo LTE so anyways allow’s proceed and examine something out with the screen I’m mosting likely to go on as well as enter into settings and turn the illumination up on both of them so you can kind of see just how that looks let’s go on and discover that display screen in motions so I go right into screen and also what I’m going to do is go to brightness on both of them turn off automatic illumination on both which is what they’re both on certainly and turn it up all the means on both so once again when you’re outside it it’s this evo 4g LTE display is brighter to ensure that’s both of them completely up no huge deal there however software program sensible allow’s go in advance and also get involved in it other points I intend to discuss the settings menu naturally is a bit.

different on both as you saw you have actually obtained more of a white history in contrast to the black I would certainly much rather have black history in contrast to this white you obtained a little an accordion result going out with the evo and with the galaxy s3 you have a little of an over scroll radiance not really much it’s a subtle over school radiance but you do have it so simply kind of a little various point that the 2 different have you have different kind of various food selection setups I suggest you have essentially your stock wireless and networks up at the leading however you have an individualized setting within the evo 4g LTE which permits you to customize a great deal of different stuff you can have different seen a skin skins are quite awesome in fact when what you can do with your skin’s is transform it alters the lockscreen ring adjustments your background sort of adjustments the different shades within applications the food selection shades so it’s actually type of good mines on boundless today you’ll see my lockscreen ring has that different shade goes well with the background to make sure that’s really nice having the ability to transform and customize those things within your within the phone itself I do such as to do that a whole lot you can give lock display faster ways home screen lock display style too so you can have productivity picture album close friend stream weather condition p o clock as well as supplies so you have a bunch of various choices there within that customized setup when you go into the display screen inside the galaxy s3 you don’t have clearly that numerous however you can show the battery.

portion so you’ll see up on top of that the battery percentage is coming in and out that is due to the fact that obviously you can you can transform both which is is really wonderful it’s a cool alternative to have that’s something that’s really cool LED indication doesn’t do as much as you believe it does primarily it simply it asks if you desire it to light up when it’s billing have a missed out on occasion or a reduced battery total though I suggest you obtained ta just concerning the very same zap manager show power which allows you understand about your your battery use and overall that’s actually about it though so settings smart I’m mosting likely to go in advance and offer it to galaxy s 3 four setups and functions even if they have this movement settings where you can do a number of different things things such as direct phone call where if you’re in a sms message you place your phone as much as your ear and it calls the person you additionally have smart sharp where it captures missed out on telephone calls which’s just tap the top till to zoom all these various ones palm swipe to record I can take a screenshot by swiping my palm over so there’s many different software points that the galaxy s3 has added that gives it a bit even more of a side yet customization I’m mosting likely to proceed as well as offer to the evo LTE undoubtedly you saw those remarkable personalizations you can make so I’m going to consider that to the sense is customization yet i’m mosting likely to provide galaxy s 3 4 attributes so i imply both have their pros and disadvantages I mean obviously it’s even more of an individual choice whether you resemble one or the various other myself after using both devices I actually made use of to despise sense so a lot when it got on gingerbread but since four-point-oh is a lot far better I is certainly boosted I do appreciate it but I’m mosting likely to go.

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in advance and also provide it to touch was it’s simply something I favor there’s truly I imply undoubtedly they both the launchers do concerning the same things it’s truly the settings where you get it you can include widgets certainly to your residence screen press as well as hold on your residence screen you’ll see here you can scroll with all your home screens on the EVO you can scroll via your widgets you need to in fact strike set a wallpaper or contribute to house screen applications folder web page or you can go in your application drawer and most likely to widgets itself and also you’ll see your widgets are below as opposed to holding on to your residence screen so it’s a little various in both of them I sort of like the adding widgets on the kind feeling a little far better even if you can undergo all your various pages rather than simply going on one and then dragging it someplace on below and after that resizing it so general I suggest certainly can include a memo as Memmel it’s a quite cool application that you can include various memos and and such yet total I’m mosting likely to proceed as well as offer it 2 cents with widgets I simply sort of prefer the method that they managed it despite the fact that it’s not in the app cabinet you can’t most likely to widgets itself within the application drawer you just press and hold in the home display and also include them so it’s it’s individual preference although one point I also liked concerning the feeling is when I proceed as well as press on an application and also drop it in addition to an additional one it develops a folder for you it does refrain from doing that on TouchWiz I do not recognize why.

they got rid of it but it does refrain from doing it it simply doesn’t create a folder you need to go the slow method press and also hold on that house display and you can include to homescreen include a folder not a web page sorry but you just struck include folder and that’s just how you do it you can’t drag apps on one another people so give the side to the evo 4G LTE there one more amazing feature though concerning the galaxy s3 is when you go into messaging application your contacts application you’ll see are all your contacts show up yet what you can do is actually swipe from the left and you’ll make a telephone call or if you swipe from the right you could send a sms message so it’s actually really cool down that you could do that within this application that’s a good touch wiz feature that’s simply something that the galaxy s3 has more than the evo i it’s just got all those little quick shortcuts over the evo that that i do like a great deal okay let’s proceed and also have a look at the camera applications itself they fill up at concerning the very same time I indicate they don’t take long whatsoever to load up they have a whole lot of various settings certainly you can transform the of self timer alternatives your flash or image resolution you can have various HD display screen one point that I do like about the evo 4G LTE zap l’occasion in contrast to the samsung’s is you have a document switch and to take picture button however what you need to do on the galaxy s3 is switch it over to video recording mode so you’ll see it takes a while to change in between cam setting as well as video recording when you can just take an image or start a video clip so you’ll see it is most definitely nicer to have that on.

that HTC evo 4g LTE overall i’m going to claim right now i like the camera on the EVO 4G LTE just taking images the high quality I simply favor the evo even video recording as well you can see my two video clip recordings on the 2 you’ll see the difference in between them yet I do like it’s on the EVO 4G LTE if I intend to take a picture of this pen with both of them I can you understand see it has absolutely no shutter lag so I can take taking images with both of them at the exact same time so shutter legs regarding the exact same on both you’ll see photo quality is very comparable on both you can increase tap and also it zooms in on the pen you’ll see there one zoomed in the Evo’s is focused a little extra however image high quality ends up being a bit better on the pc when I examine the pictures so that’s simply something that I chooses and I like the video recording of the evo as well so that’s simply a little personal preference of mine yours can be various so make sure to take a look at the video clips on your own so you can figure out which one is far better or even worse alright one even more point I intended to do is in fact load up a game called flick golf simply type of a fast game I desired to load up see which one lots up faster and also you’ll see both of them are filling on up appears like the galaxy s3 is loaded up a little bit quicker hop in a quick shot as well as let’s proceed and touch on one so I captain at the exact same time we’ll see which one loads up I suggest this is a 3d video game so you’ll see appear like galaxy s3 definitely beat the evo they’re filling up this game and it.

resemble they’re going but I mean when playing video games on both tools it’s really smooth I suggest I haven’t had any type of any concerns with games on either one of them with if being laggy or slow however and they look great on both gadgets I indicate the video games the 3d games both look actually nice so that’s simply type of desire something real fast I wished to reveal you people is just playing a video game on there but I suggest that’s really regarding it that’s all I intended to cover in the in relation to growth as well as rooting and flashing roms it’s something as well as not a lot of cover but it’s something I cover since I understand my base is a whole lot pertaining to that however rooting the tool as well as blinking roms remains in my truthful opinion much easier on samsung devices I just have a less complicated time with them and also I find that other people do too have a simpler time with Samsung devices/ HTC gadgets so I’m going to proceed as well as provide it less complicated to the Samsung gadget just how to root it you do not have to handle the bootloader secured or anything like that it’s simply in my viewpoint simpler with the galaxy s3 yet once again it’s an opinionated thing some individuals might have far better good luck with HTC/ samsung in the transmitting and advancement scene yet allow’s proceed as well as.

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get involved in some last thoughts my last ideas if I were to go to sprint currently get a brand-new contract and get a device I would certainly get among these two tools pass on there exists’s really nothing else contrast the Galaxy Nexus now quickly to have jelly bean from sprint is is certainly attractive yet pass on I would certainly go ahead as well as obtain among these two tools allow me tell you and I would personally select the galaxy s3 this is simply a personal opinion after reviewing various things with the gadgets I myself favor the TouchWiz interface I also favor having a battery that you can secure I indicate it storage smart you do have only 16 gigabytes alternatives on the EVO yet you have an SD card port however you do have 16 and also 32 gig interior storage option on the galaxy s3 but you do have a slot too you have more memory alternatives on the galaxy s3 you have 2 gigabytes of RAM instead of one gigabytes of RAM on the galaxy s three too yet I imply as i stated the evo 4g LTE screen looks better when you’re outside a great deal of it is really based on whether you’re a TouchWiz or sense follower I indicate the tools itself are quite similar yet construct top quality mosts likely to HTC I like the style not always developed yet just the looks of the galaxy s3 myself genuine globe performance though both of them open close applications really smooth as you saw the benchmarks.

the HTC evo 4g LTE one but do not don’t allow that steer you somehow I’m not a large fan myself of benchmarks real-world efficiency certainly both of them smooth no concerns whatsoever with either of them if you’re somebody that takes a great deal of pictures i would certainly advise the evo 4g LTE due to the fact that of its outstanding cam it’s just again i believed that it took much better photos in the galaxy astir don’t obtain me incorrect though the galaxy s3 takes wonderful photos it’s not like it blew it away but it was just a little bit better with the evo 4g LTE so it truly depends on your needs my knees myself i would go with the galaxy s3 i mean if you like the develop top quality evo over the galaxy s3 get that but general my honest viewpoint I would certainly say get the galaxy s3 if you do have a gadget such as a Galaxy Nexus or a an epic 4g touch i would state probably hold back on your upgrade for currently if you do have an upgrade and also you’re resting on it i possibly hold off i make sure much more amazing gadgets are going to appear probably in october as well as november before christmas that would certainly be my hunch so I wouldn’t necessarily claim this is an advanced device but it’s certainly a wonderful upgrade and also sampling the HTC are really stepping up their video game with these devices so make certain to have a look at both of them allow me recognize what you assume make certain to provide me your opinion on which one you would certainly favor I leave a remark make certain to register for me follow me on Facebook Twitter and also Google Plus all requirements to be in the description the below as constantly many thanks make certain to provide this video clip a thumbs up.