Samsung Galaxy S III vs. HTC EVO 4G LTE – Part 1

everybody qbking 77 right here from the AC organization seen right here to do the video clip ultimately contrasting both flagship tools on sprint HTC evo 4g LTE and also samsung galaxy s3 got both of them right below head-to-head breaking each other I’m going to try and also maintain it to a one part video clip yet you individuals know how much I like to discuss my phone so we will see if it goes much longer yet anyways allow’s go ahead and also get involved in it alright so right here we are with both devices the galaxy s3 as well as the HTC evo 4g LTE both LTE phones on sprint right now price-wise they have to do with the exact same otherwise no color there you can in fact obtain two different color choices with the galaxy s3 the marble white or the pebble blue you do not have a black alternative with this device with HTC evo 4g LTE you have essentially this black I have actually seen images of a white evo LTE coming soon too though so expect that at some point in the future a white variant of the evo LTE but anyways something I constantly like to do with my video clips is the boot examination to see which one boot much faster so I’m going to do that begin keeping that as soon as possible I’m mosting likely to count to 3 press the switches one two 3 so I.

press and hold them obtain them going release as well as we will certainly see which one start up they have nearly the exact same boot animations we will certainly see which one takes longer the load i always enjoy doing these examinations it appears like the evo LTE filled up right away ready to go not taking much loading time in all that was very quickly so you’ll see i’m already prepared to go on the evo LTE started up right away and also i can be opening applications entering into different things i mean i’m really set and after that ultimately the galaxy s 3 captures up and boots up so without a doubt the evo LTE has actually just won our initial examination our boot up examinations so if you people do turn off your phone a lot turn it back on clearly you’ll know the evo LTE is absolutely a boot much faster however anyways that suffices with that said I do wish to speak about build quality in addition to design hardware all that excellent stuff so right now you’ll observe that they have extremely various designs in fact on the front here you do have capacitive switches on both of them it’s clearly you can not see them on the marble white but you have a food selection button over right here on the galaxy s3 and a back switch over below and also a home switch a physical button right there which is undoubtedly quite various on the HTC evo 4g LTE you have a back arrow house button and a current running apps button so you don’t even have a menu switch on the HTC tool but you.

do you can push as well as hold the residence button on the galaxy s3 which is your current running applications button so you sort of do have four buttons on the galaxy s3 in contrast to the three on the HTC evo 4g LTE or else though you have even more of a various design with the generally the audio speaker up here with the evo I don’t like the design over the Samsung just because it’s indented so you can definitely obtain some dirt and also such in there so I do choose to have it more like how Samsung does it with it a lot more protruding out of the tool rather than indented in just with the dust collection as well as such you additionally naturally have a front dealing with video camera on both devices you have a 2 megapixel one in the galaxy s3 as well as a 1.3 megapixel on the HTC evo 4g LTE I do prefer the quality of the galaxy s3’s front dealing with electronic camera over the evo LTE s front facing camera I likewise prefer the galaxy s3’s buttons down here despite the fact that it is a hard switch I myself do not mind having a generally a physical button down there rather than all capacitive buttons i additionally like having the alternative of having a menu button too that’s really huge for me i do use that menu switch fairly a little bit which I desire the HTC evo 4g LTE head but that’s just a personal preference of mine naturally yours could alter or else.

On the sides of the tool on the left side on both devices you essentially have volume rockers on the galaxy s3 yet you have a charging port on evo 4G LTE flip it over on the best side you have a power button on the galaxy s3 as well as you have a video camera switch on the EVO 4G LTE as well as on the top of the device itself you have actually headphone jacks on both and also you have a power switch on the EVO 4G LTE on the base you have a billing port in the galaxy s3 as well as a microphone and also simply a microphone on the EVO 4G LTE and also on the back you have your 8 megapixel video camera on both of them of course you have an LED flash and you have the speaker up the top below of the galaxy s3 as well as you have a speaker down at the base of the evo LTE you also observe you do have a kickstand as well on your evo so that’s a little additional feature that the galaxy s3 does have which I do like having I do like having a kickstand although I do intend to place a flag hold on both of these tools really quickly so anticipate videos on that certainly one of my favorite devices for cell phones i’ll connect to it in the description yet anyways shade smart layout smart i do like HTC’s choice to go with that red kickstand it kind of provides it simply a various look as opposed to just all one color so I do like it I do wish they would have made the leading piece the very same as the lower though that’s simply a.

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personal preference individual choice as opposed to the white though I do like having a white device it is very it’s very sexy I attractive like having the white on my phone I’m very happy really that purchase going with the white as opposed to the blue but otherwise However would say just looks I would prefer the favor s3 just by looks obviously even undoubtedly it was a white evo LTE with the looks of appearances I prefer the like s3 I just prefer the favor rounded edges as sides to it’s kind of more square on the evo LTE also on additionally sides how itExactly how got more of even more curved look bent appearance I like that such as well just kind simply gives it more of even more sleek design streamlined style yet definitely goes absolutely HTC on this one the evo has much better build quality construct top quality much better a lot far better however a lot more great deal in strong hand it is more of a metal it steel obviously it undoubtedly more of a metal outer steel the galaxy s3 has more of a plastic outer casing it’s not necessarily cheap plastic economical itHowever definitely a plastic covering to the device and gadget gives the offers a more sturdy feel strong it obviously I’m not going to do a drop test decline determine as well as figure out sturdier but tougher yet simply your hand that the evo is going to be a more sturdy device strong tool as well as has a better build much better construct than that though let’s talk about the concerning on this device itGadget actually something in fact I want to desire about chat concerning see I also forgot additionally mention thereDiscuss volume rockers quantity the right side of the evo they do kind of blend in so I must have need to them sorry about that concerning anyways however button.

placement you have actually got it on the side right here of the galaxy a3 and also the top on the EVO I much rather have it on the side even if when I’m holding my tool I’ll hold it similar to this it’s really simple for my thumb to press it on the side rather than adjusting moving that finger up on top and afterwards pushing it and after that adjusting back to use your tool I much favor to have it over there although I enjoy having a video camera switch this is those points where I like having it i really desire Samsung wouldn’t have done away with it on the galaxy s3 or even the galaxy s2 however the video camera button is excellent to have I indicate you got a fast shortcut right into the electronic camera application at all times as well as it’s easy to take pictures with so certainly satisfied that the evo has that on the left side a charging port on the side on the EVO not a large fan I much like to have it on the leading or the base just it’s a lot much more hassle-free with different things that I do it’s clearly an individual choice of mine over although I do like to have the kickstand I wish the galaxy s3 did have one that’s that’s an additional individual preference of mine that’s nearly it for the style though let’s go on and also activate the gadgets as well as chat a little bit regarding software application and also other points obviously they have two different displays you have a 4.7 inch slcd to show on the HTC evo 4g LTE and on the galaxy s3 you have a four point eight inch Super AMOLED HD show so you have a little bigger screen on the galaxy s3 something to keep in mind on the galaxy s3 and evo they have to do with the.

exact same elevation when you stand them up vertically they have to do with the exact same height also though the galaxy s3 does have a larger screen which kind of makes the evo really feel a little bit more cumbersome not necessarily bulky however just really feels like they have a little of unnecessary space within the gadget yet I imply certainly both both displays are great I do really like both of them it would be it’s hard to choose in between both due to the fact that they are various you can most definitely see the distinction yet what I found is that I much instead have the HTC evo 4g LTE display when I’m outside yet when I’m inside I ‘d a lot rather have the galaxy s3 screen the evo 4G LTE screen is brighter even with brightness all the means up it always winds up being brighter as well as it simply it looks far better when you’re outside but when you’re inside the shades are much deeper and also I just choose the Super AMOLED display when I’m within so I indicate it’s kind of a compromise there that is my personal opinion I definitely once more I indicate I simply like one over the various other one I’m inside and outside it’s just a various thing so let’s proceed and also play a fast video so you can have a look at this sort of what it looks like between the 2 both are attached to my Wi-Fi so they’re certainly going to pack up at similar similar rates let me go on and turn it down so playing these these video clips absolutely rather trendy there it looks like the Evo’s filled up faster but once more it’s as well based upon network speed as well as.

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such we’re in a dark tunnel it appears like with this video I’ve really seen this video it’s quite great so you can sort of see how exactly how they look the how vibrant they are it in fact appears like on the cam it appears like the galaxy s3 has waves going through them at specific points it’s refraining from doing that when you look at it clearly with the nude eye is simply something the camera does to the screen itself but you’ll see the colors are various the colors on the galaxy s3 are simply deeper I wouldn’t intend to state rinsed but they’re simply not as deep on the EVO so yep that’s practically it for the video clip I didn’t truly wish to reveal way too much of it however I figured I would certainly show you a little simply to sort of get the screen distinction there so that’s it for the screen I most definitely would state inside or outside it depends on what you do more I most likely state I’m a man rather equal inside and outside specifically in the summer season myself so it would certainly be tough for me to select between both I would probably choose the galaxy s3 present however even if it the I just choose incredibly amla displays myself alright i likewise want to talk a little bit regarding the radios of the gadget aka the signal strength Wi-Fi all that great things signal strength smart i ‘d possibly provide it to the evo having a little bit better signal strength with 3g connection as well possibly a bit better with HTC relying on you on your location.

I imply they’re very equivalent not too large of a distinction there GPS radios as well they’re both sensational you’re not going to have any GPS concerns with either i have actually made use of both of them in the rain in very cloudy weather condition and also the Sunlight I have actually used them both and they both been wonderful so no concerns whatsoever with GPS if you’re cautious to go to a samsung because of past General practitioner concerns you do not require to be anymore they have actually definitely boosted upon those GPS problems on the back speaker smart speaker quality you’ve got one up top below and also one down at the bottom on the various devices I would certainly offer it to the evo LTE myself I simply like the sound it is simply a various sound that comes out of the two it’s not always ones simply a negative quality it’s simply kind of a various audio which I favor on the evo so that’s just a personal choice of mine so go in advance and also get right into some software application of the device itself though so allow’s run some applications a camera application open them up looks like they opened up at concerning the exact same price I’m going to press the home button on both of them leave out of it go into the Play Store on both of them I’m going to try and open them up at the very same time so you can see just how fast one loads up over the other once more network could have a result on one or the other but yeah I kind of want to simply run through open up some.

applications enter into the app drawer allow’s go on and open a pair much more once more I’m pressing residence so they should be running in the background all these applications these different ones okay so I obtained about four applications running in the history on both gadgets as you recognize you’ve obtained your current running applications switch itself on the EVO as well as you have to press and also hold the house button on the various other one so if I wished to go to it I push the button and I press and hang on one of them you’ll see it’s got a completely different interface with these recent running applications with this recent running applications screen you can swipe up swipe away different applications on each overall I definitely choose their multitasking on the galaxy s3 this this application is just it’s very slow-moving it’s sluggish to leave out of the different applications and also such I simply choose it on the galaxy s3 myself I I understand others will concur with me too on that concern they’ve just been a great deal of problems concerning the multitasking on the EVO itself but if I intended to run via go to different applications it looks like the it tons up faster with the video camera application if I intended to fill YouTube back up you’ll see it kind of it opens up immediately within the multitasking but it’s just sluggish swiping via seeing every one of your.

applications and also such and also I just choose it over and also you have an eliminate all switch which I enjoy having that remove all switch rather than pushing elimination and afterwards gradually swiping through every one of these various applications takes permanently on your gadget so total offer multitasking abilities to the galaxy s 3 processor wise they both have the precise same dual-core 1.5 ghz Snapdragon cpu in them yet the galaxy s3 does have two gigabytes of RAM rather than the one gigabytes of RAM in the evo 4g LTE so it’s actually regarding the only distinction inside the devices itself however battery smart the galaxy s3 has a 2,100 milliamp hr battery as opposed to both thousand milliamp hr battery in the evo LTE as well as you likewise do not have a detachable battery on the HTC evo 4g LTE you can take the backs off of both of them so if I pop the withdraw back off of the galaxy s3 you’ll see I take it off it stands out off and you additionally have a top casing this top housing comes off you’ll observe certainly both have SD card slots in them expandable memory but you’ll also discover you can’t secure the battery on the EVO which is obviously an issue for some I a lot instead have a removable battery whether you intend to get an additional battery a prolonged battery all that good things it’s great to have removable battery I do not understand why HTC decided to not have one simply due to the fact even though some individuals claim oh it gives it.

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better construct vector the thinness of the gadget looks a pop the same and also certainly the galaxy s3 has a removable battery so I mean you can not really suggest that it assists with construct quality or anything since thinness of the devices about the very same i don’t find out about the technical specs yet i can’t truly notice from the naked eye which one’s thicker which one’s not weight sensible i would certainly say regarding the same i mean it seems like the galaxy s3 may be lighter if anything yet once again it’s simply kind of a feel so I indicate if I can’t feel a difference then obviously it’s not as well big of an offer if it’s a particular amount of points um ounces difference I really don’t assume that’s going to matter but battery life I’m gon na go on as well as state that they’re very extremely comparable I wouldn’t always provide one a much longer battery life over the other they’re really comparable so if you’re searching for a particular length I would certainly state one or the other jobs since they are extremely similar I’ve spoken to various other people that have on both devices as well and they claim the exact same things I also desire to say though the galaxy s3 does bill a.

little bit quicker than the evo LT I did see that it does charge a little bit shop so type of maintain that in mind so I mean battery life I presume it can provide to the galaxy s3 because it bills faster yet I mean other than that.that’s that’s truly concerning it all right to make sure that’s it for component one I determined to make it right into a two component video clip I’m mosting likely to go ahead and run some standards in my next video clip along with some cam tests i’ll contrast both video cameras i’ll contrast other points too more on the software application associated this was extra sort of equipment associated the component 1 video clip however i’ll definitely enter into feeling vs TouchWiz cam applications all that good stuff so make sure to enjoy component 2 and I will give my final thoughts too and also I will certainly identify which one has one so most definitely make certain to have a look at part 2 I will connect to it for you men make certain to subscribe also follow me on facebook twitter as well as google+ all links will certainly be in the description below as constantly many thanks make sure to offer this a thumbs up.