Sprint 4G LTE Speed Tests: Samsung Galaxy S III vs Galaxy Nexus vs HTC EVO 4G LTE

you alright hey everyone can be king 77 here from the AC syndicate team here to do a video comparing the three flagship LTE devices on sprint the galaxy s3 the HTC evo 4g LTE and the Galaxy Nexus all testing their lte-capable speeds and it’ll give you a preview of actually sprint LTE along with basically compare the three phones obviously this is going to be a very scientific test I’m going to run five speed tests on each device and then average it out and we will see whatever phone basically gets the best speeds I’m going to put them in the same spot and then we will test it out so of course on my galaxy s3 I’m connected for 2 4g you’ll see that up at the top in the notification bar I am on 4G I’m actually pretty close to a tower at the moment so let’s go ahead and do it so I’m going to go into the speed test app actually my sister is so thanks to her for up and out going to tools and under tools you will see just to make sure all the variables are the same Overland Park Kansas server megabits per second and better performance so now let’s go ahead and start this to start the speed test so begin the test and it’s going to run through and do sorry it’s a little bit of a glare there we go Wow one very awesome so right

there download 25.7 7 megabits per second and 13.0 3 megabits per second upload that is crazy good so awesome so go ahead and restart the test I’m actually going to do it five times as I said and then hopefully it’ll be consistent and I will average the results of the five and then I’m going to go ahead and be back so you’ll see 24.5 8 13.95 very consistent and very awesome so I’ll be back after I run this three more times all right so we decided to do it four times not five and out of these four times you will see up at the top very consistent actually so you’ll see download speeds all stayed very consistent same with upload and pain so that’s very good to see consistent speeds like that again speeds due to can be based on the amount of users on the tower again I mean I doubt many people are on this at the moment that’s why speeds are so good so I would expect them to be worse in the future just due to the amount of people that are going to be on it but again so at average 25 point 19 down megabits per second download speed and 13.3 2 megabits per second upload speed so very very promising and it looks great sprin LTE is so fast and runs amazing I’m actually gonna be doing a video doing some real-world testing doing things like upload a YouTube video on my pc and all that good stuff so anyways let’s go ahead and jump into the

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evo LTE now all right and we are now ready to test on the HTC evo 4g LTE so we’ll go into that speed test application go ahead and double-check tools because we want to make sure all the variables are the same again Overland Park Kansas megabits per second better performance and we are ready to go so let’s go ahead and hit start test so begin the test and we will see what it looks like again on the galaxy s3 look great speeds were awesome and looking pretty similar to this actually 23.5 2 megabits per second download 12.9 3 upload and awesome so again i’m going to run it four times and i will be back once that once it’s done and we will basically average it out and compare them so again look it looks like it’s getting better so we’ll see all right so ran the test three more times the bottom one’s actually a trial run we ran a little bit earlier so check out the top 4 and these top four you will see it progressively got better as we kept running the tests ping stayed about the same but pretty much everything upload and download speeds continued to increase and you’ll see a top that 28.67 download in 15 megabits per second upload so that is crazy good amazing which averaged add 20 6.06 megabits per second download and 14.2 2 megabits per second upload so it is right now in the lead and beating the galaxy s3 so I mean it was about 1 megabits per second better download and really about 1 megabit per second better upload so I mean not too big of a difference obviously there are many variables to go into it so again let’s go ahead and now test the Galaxy Nexus all right and we are on to the last device the galaxy axis from sprint and we are going to test LTE sprint LTE on it again of course connected up at the top got that nice forged 4G icon right there and

we’re going to go ahead and go into it so hop into the speed test application and we will go to tools down there at the bottom and again double check Overland Park Kansas megabits per second better performance we are good to go make sure all the variables are the same and we can begin the test so let’s go ahead and do a speed test and we will see what happens while this is running Alexa show your left sing your left hand up to the camera check out that rock that she has got again she is engaged congrats all right sorry so test is done looks like it’s worse than the other two devices 20 megabits per second 10 megabits per second upload so again I’ll run the test three more times ping looked pretty good though so we will run this test and see what the results look like looks like they’re getting better maybe it’ll do with the evo 4G LTE did and just considerably get better so twice more and I will be back alright so when I hadn’t finished up the speed test on the Galaxy Nexus and I mean not as good as the other devices but really still very good you’ll see it actually have urged twenty two point zero five megabits per second download speeds and 10.20 megabits per second upload again it was very consistent it did slightly increase at the end with that last speed test so it really I mean they’re all very comparable I wouldn’t necessarily say one device is better than the other it’s kind of tough to

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really test this kind of stuff because there’s so many variables involved but I figured you’d want to see some of these awesome sprint LTE speed tests and might as well just do them on all the devices at once so you can see them all because I know you guys would be like what’s it like on one or the other but again you really can’t compare the three I honestly don’t necessarily know if the Galaxy Nexus is out the radios are worse or not because really there’s so many variables involved but again the winner from these speed test goes to the HTC evo 4g LTE with 20 6.06 megabits per second download and 14.2 2 megabits per second uploads rate speeds especially those upload speeds those are ridiculous much better than my home one so I definitely want to upload some YouTube videos via this this internet so amazing speeds there were spring LT I love testing this stuff out let me know you think be sure to leave a comment be sure to subscribe as well follow me at facebook twitter and google+ all links will be in the description video below and as always thanks be sure to give this a thumbs up

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