Sprint 4G LTE working on phones not activated?!? More testing as well

all right so I went ahead and tested something for fun and it turns out even if my phone isn’t activated some for some reason LTE still works on the devices actually my number is on the Galaxy Nexus at the moment but you will see up at the top that all three devices the galaxy s3 right there the Galaxy Nexus right there and the Evo 4G LTE all have the 4G icons right there so I noticed this and I thought it just would say give me some air but webpages are loading on all three of them and I’m about to show you that right now so let me go ahead and go into the stock browser and all the applications and load up a web page I’m gonna load up ac syndicate on all three of them so AC syndicate dotnet on the galaxy s3 you will see is loading up there it loaded up it is on 4G LTE it’s obviously not on Wi-Fi and I’m going to go ahead and now load up AC syndicate on the Galaxy Nexus which is actually what mine what my actual phone number is on right now which is great that this is actually works so it’s actually kind of something to take into account there we go so AC syndicate right there and now on the Evo 4G LTE again I don’t

know why it’s not selecting all of it this is difficult one-handed there we go so let’s load up AC syndicate that net on the Evo LTE and it loads up amazing so again it works on all three of them I don’t know why but it’s working on all three of them and it’s obviously I only have one sprint number so again you do the math there so what I want to do now is just hop in and do a speed test one after another on all three devices just for fun just kind of see double check make sure it’s on it’s on the Kansas City Missouri server I’m going to change it to the Overland Park Kansas server and now we will go back to speed test and begin this test again you don’t want to do them all at the same time just because it can kind of mess with it if you’re doing two speed tests at the same time so we will see what what happens it looks like it’s taking its time testing the ping and loading up it looks like Network communication issues so I don’t know what that means maybe it’s realizing what’s going on I don’t know so it looks like testing ping it doesn’t look like it’s working so I’m going to skip this phone and hop into the Galaxy Nexus double check Overland

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Park everything’s going Syl says network communication issues I’m going to restart the test on the Galaxy Nexus of course should work just fine on the Galaxy Nexus because my number is on there but it looks like it’s having network communication issues it’s a very interesting network communication issues on all three when I tried to do a speed test yet web pages load it up just fine let’s go ahead and actually go back into those browsers and just kind of actually reconnect to a different web page so we can go ahead and try Amazon let’s try and load up amazon.com and all three Amazon fonts up just fine on the galaxy s3 Amazon is loading up great on the Galaxy Nexus and come on Amazon loads up just fine on the Evo so I don’t know why those just had network communication issues on all three but again I mean browsing is great working fine 4G LTE I really wish the speed test would work I don’t know why it’s giving me a communication error again it still is it doesn’t really want to test this 4G while all three phones are on I don’t know why I’m going to reboot all the phones and I’ll be right back okay so I went ahead and rebooted all three devices again I’m going to go on the Galaxy

Nexus and do a speed test this should work just fine without any network issues just due to the fact that my number is on it and working fine again Overland Park Kansas megabits per second better performance speed test begin test hopefully it works this time again I don’t know if this is some kind of fluke hopefully someone else can somehow test this for me that internet browsing works in all three while again network communication issues let’s try a different server so let’s change server and do Kansas City Missouri and then hit back and then try and begin that test maybe it’s just a server issue I’m not too sure there we go so again it’s probably a server issue speeds are going to be a little bit different based on the server just you want to make sure you pick the closest server to you so there we go that’s good so I guess it wasn’t happening we will be able to see if speed tests works so there we go seventeen point eight five let’s go ahead and go into the galaxy s3 now and we will change the server and put it on Kansas City Missouri and we will go to speed test and begin test and hopefully this works it should yeah it does look at this what the heck wise is working so I don’t know if something’s going on or what but LTE is working on these two devices are not activated on Sprint right now they don’t have any phone number on them only that phone does so there’s that speed test and we will go

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into the Evo LTE and finish it off with one more speed test of the day here change server Kansas City Missouri go back speed test begin test and we will see who is the who gets the fastest speed one after another and again this is I a complete fluke I think I don’t know maybe it just it works I don’t know someone fill me in please but I’m actually pretty glad I found this out so there we go so it looks like the galaxy s3 had the best download speed with 22 point 3 megabits per second their evo LT came in second place with 19 point oh five Galaxy s3 in the last seventeen point eight five upload speed wise Evo LT with thirteen point three twelve point seven eight and nine point nine five again not scientific whatsoever so many variables involved that’s I mean you really can take it how you want but again that’s crazy one other thing I actually wanted to cover is the fact that the galaxy s3 when you actually change to turn on your basically 4g LTE radio you have to go into settings more settings and you will go to mobile networks under mobile networks you’ll see network

mode this is actually on all three devices and you can change it from LTE CDMA to CDMA you actually have to do a reboot on the galaxy s3 so if you change it it says phone will reboot to apply new settings just cancel that but if you do it on one of these two devices it doesn’t need a reboot so that’s actually kind of a strange thing on the galaxy s3 is that you have to have to reboot after you change that mode so again that’s really it I figured I’d compare the three I didn’t realize I’d be able to do it all three at the same time but very cool footage very cool proof let me know you think be sure to leave a comment be sure to subscribe as well follow me on Facebook Twitter and Google+ all links will be in the description below and as always thanks for be sure to give this video a thumbs up

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