Samsung Galaxy Note II Specs and First Thoughts

every person can became 77 here from the air conditioner syndicate group right here to do a video clip speaking concerning the recently revealed samsung galaxy note 2 I wished to do a video clip on it as a great deal of individuals been asking what I thought about it and such so I figured I ‘d proceed and do a video clip chatting concerning specs when I believe regarding it and also simply some initial thoughts on the device as soon as possible when you consider it you will certainly see it looks really comparable to a galaxy s3 undoubtedly simply bigger in comparison to the Galaxy Note 2 is a bit bigger but i believe it is thinner and also lighter it is does have a 5.5 inch screen so a massive display makes the device bigger clearly which is which has a 720 x 1280 present it’s a Super AMOLED HD display so certainly ought to look extremely great it truly does simply look like a galaxy s3 with a larger screen so it’s actually extremely streamlined it looks really good it does be available in two color options white and I believe grey so you obtained a couple of color alternatives I’m surprised they didn’t opt for the marble blue as well as white but they opted for grey and also white which is a little interesting out of package it does come with Android 4.1 jelly bean so the current Android

version which is obviously a huge plus that it comes with that out of the box with it being such a big device consists of a larger battery includes a 3100 milliamp hr detachable battery it’s kind of amusing that I need to state detachable as it’s a function it shouldn’t be that way with Android it should just be all batteries on Android an elimination but HTC and motorola and also have actually taken a path where they essentially have a non-removable battery which clearly there’s benefits and drawbacks to it I like to have a removable battery myself so it’s good 30 100 million power removable battery keeping that bigger screen it’s obviously mosting likely to require some even more power so we will certainly see what battery life looks like as phone generations are continuing battery life is improving as well as better so I’m extremely thrilled to see exactly how battery life is otherwise though some specifications inside the gadget it has a 1.6 ghz ARM Cortex a9 quad-core cpu and also it also has 2 gigabytes of RAM so in relation to the galaxy s3 the worldwide variation had the quad core processor but just one gigabyte of RAM in the united state Galaxy s3 had a double core cpu with 2 gigabytes of RAM so they’ve kind of taken both and also integrate them and you currently you currently have a quad core processor with 2 gigabytes of RAM to ensure that’s a big step and outstanding that that it includes that I indicate it’s essentially it’s truly a galaxy s3 on steroids getting bigger and likewise having better specs also electronic camera sensible it does have an eight megapixel back electronic camera that shoots 1080p video clip recording you likewise have a 1.9 megapixel front facing camera which fires 720p video so certainly appealing basic video camera smart I do not understand exactly how excellent it’s mosting likely to be noticeable it’s mosting likely to have some remarkable functions such as an absolutely no shutter lag I’m certain consistent shooting also I make sure best effort or it’ll pick the best fired after you take a bunch of pictures in a row I think it’s expected ahead in 3 versions the 16 gigabyte 32 gigabyte as well as 64 gigabyte variation with internal storage space
it’s additionally going to have a microSD port up to 64 gigabytes so I indicate you can possibly have a great deal of inner storage space and also in addition to exterior storage if you have an a 64 job interior as well as a 64 gig mini SD card you can have a great deal of memory on your hands certainly it’s likewise going to feature an S Pen which certainly the original Galaxy Note did feature too yet from what I hear they’ve improved it as well as made points better they have actually got it’s got a stress level of sensitivity with 100,000 24 degrees

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whereas the older galaxy no head 256 degrees one more amazing new feature with the S Pen is the air view feature where you can hover over the screen and also allow’s state you’re considering an e-mail as well as you hover over it it can preview the email for you it’s additionally mosting likely to preview things such as schedule events gallery so images in addition to a video clip timeline you can hover over that and also tap where you desire the video to miss to so another incredible attribute of the s-pen there’s clearly other ones like when you’re in a call if you wish to take a quick note you can draw it away draw out the s pen and take a quick note if a person’s offering you a phone number to jot down or anything like that so undoubtedly you obtained some brand-new sophisticated features with the S Pen launch date wise the worldwide variation is intended to be releasing sometime in October not exactly certain a precise day but at some time in October for the global version but also for the United States resembles you might potentially need to wait a little longer Samsung has released a statement concerning the u.s. variant and it claims samsung mobile is preparing an US variation of the galaxy note 2 which will be offered later on in 2012 structure on the success of the original Galaxy Note we’re certain that the Galaxy Note 2 proceeds to redefine what consumers should anticipate from their mobile phones and supplies an effective ingenious as well as one-of-a-kind experience specific timing as well as retail channel accessibility is not being introduced right now we will remain to share information as it becomes offered so I imply not way too much info there in relation to a United States release days even a timespan or particular providers too you will observe that they essentially simply claimed at some time in 2012 so I mean that can imply in October along with the worldwide but it additionally can suggest December we really do not know yet also we do not know what carriers it’s involving it’s certainly mosting likely to be a global version however we do not understand what service providers are mosting likely to essentially get this galaxy note ooh so I intend to hear from you guys as well as what you assume truthfully simply a hunch of mine I really hope they did would certainly do with the galaxy note 2 what they finished with the galaxy s3 where they simply primarily place it on all carriers I do truly like that so I mean

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you’re not really restricted being on one care if you desire a particular phone I do like having all obviously the 4 major provider service providers having all these front runner tools so that’s wonderful yet I indicate if you consider it you’ve got AT&T which did obtain the original Galaxy Note so I mean that can be an indicator that they’re going to obtain the note 2 also you have sprint which was rumored to obtain the galaxy note yet certainly never did so I’m not certain if it’s going to obtain the Galaxy Note 2 or not I really wish it does however we will certainly see you likewise have verizon I believe verizon is reported to get a bigger screen HTC as well as LG tool so i don’t recognize if verizon is going to get a larger screen samsung gadgets well we will certainly see there as well as you also have tmobile where they actually have the galaxy note however after that they pull it off the rack and also they I don’t understand I do not actually understand what’s happening with the galaxy note with tmobile they they sort of simply stopped selling it arbitrarily so I question if that’s an indicator where they’re gon na simply start a few of the galaxy note 2 yet we will certainly see if I to guess the least likely to get it would be verizon but once again I I truthfully

don’t know it’s just supposition and also the total hunch however we will certainly see so I’m interested I want to learn through you individuals allow me recognize what service provider you think is going to get it will certainly carry you want to get it directly I’m on sprint so I wish springtime packages it yet we will certainly see certainly with any luck Samsung revealed is something soon yet the galaxy note 2 looks like a substantial win for samsung and really absolutely anticipating trying it out or seeing it certainly you’ve obtained such a cinema though 5.5 inches if I do obtain 1 i’ll definitely have to put a flagger up on it since it obviously makes it so much less complicated to utilize the gadget so we will see though with 5.5 inches once more you got that phablet design of a phone the phone tablet computer mix obviously you have actually got the stylus pen as well so yeah I imply apart from that though those are just some specifications and maybe some supposition my thoughts I mean I’m actually looking onward to it I have actually never ever made use of such a cinema dimension so it’ll be interesting to see if it’s something that fits my demands are not but yes so allow me recognize you assume if you do intend on obtaining the galaxy note 2 if it’s something that you would be interested in be certain to leave a comment be certain to subscribe also follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all links will certainly remain in the description of below and as constantly many thanks

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