Preview Nokia 3.4 Full Tour | £129 surprise!

hello gorgeous peeps i’m chris from tech span today we’re going to be taking a full-on squint at the nokia 3.4 at just 129 quid one of the cheapest smartphones that you can buy in 2020 here in blighty although not quite the cheapest just last week for instance i checked out the nokia 2.4 which costs just 99 quid despite being a fully featured smartphone but also in a very low price indeed and you do get that lovely stock android experience complete with two years of guaranteed android upgrades it’s a pretty respectable specs so let’s yank the nokia 3.4 and out of its box check out the hardware and the software test out the gaming process with a bit of call of duty mobile and i’m squinting that camera tech as well and for the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now with the nokia 2.4 the box art teased me with the gorgeous pinky purpley uh version and what i actually got was the charcoal sort of dark gray version let’s see if they’ve done the same with the nokia 3.

4 yes they have never trust a nokia box ever anywho let’s see what you get in here besides the phone she always get porky pin device to actually get your sim in the thing you’ve got your power adapter with amusing pop-up action and you’ve got your usb cable which thank the baby jesus is type c not micro usb unlike the nokia 2.4 and that’s your whack nothing else of interest in there though hmd global did say that in some regions you would get a jelly case as they term it condom case as i prefer uh stashed in the box as well just apparently not here in blighty now the design of the nokia 3.4 will definitely give you serious deja vu chills if you’ve seen or looked at any nokia smartphones of recent times you have some reasonably chunky bezels on there with a good bit of the nokia brandon uh down below and then around back a simple plastic finish definitely feels like one of those old-school uh nokia bags that just prizes right off so you can get to the

battery and the sim slot and everything in size i’ve got a nice textured patterned finish to it so that should help with grip at least and you do actually have a proper metallic frame as well just sandwiched in between that plastic back and the actual glass display and yes this is the decidedly dull charcoal finish but if you check out the box you can see uh the lovely blue hue which is known as fjord which is available here in the uk on the nokia website otherwise you can also grab the nokia 3.4 in a purply pink color as well known as dusk as you can see you get a rear mounted fingerprint sensor just slap there on the back of the nokia 3.4 uh you’ve got lovely circular camera chassis which only juts ever so slightly from the back end and like a surprising number of budget android phones in 2020 you do get a dedicated google assistant button slapped here on the left edge too now while the nokia 3.4 is booting up let’s just have a bit of a squint at that sim tray and see what we’re dealing with there and it’s a proper triple monster as you can see there so spears for two sim cards at the same time and also a separate slot here in the end for a micro sd memory card and that can boost the available storage by further 512 gigs not too shabby at all all right so the nokia 3.4 is all set up and ready for action and it is an android one handset it’s like all nokia branded handsets you get a nice stock version of android slatted on here unfortunately it’s not the very latest android 11 is the older android 10.

which is of course over a year old now but apparently it’s android 11 ready so we hopefully won’t be waiting very long at all for that upgrade and of course with all nokia branded smartphones you get two guaranteed years of android os upgrades and three for the security it is lovely on that nice stock version of android on there of course that means you don’t get a lot of pre-installed crapware or anything like that just basically those google apps and of course any big fans of the google assistant are well catered for by that dedicated button i still think it’s a completely pointless edition because there are plenty of other ways of calling up at the google assistant like swiping up from one of those bottom corners but i get the feeling that google might be insisting quite heavily that that button is included on these cheaper handsets because like zonokia and waterfall are slapping them on pretty much every bloody phone these days on the nokia 3.4 also has full

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support for google p as well and you’ve got nfc uh go away google assistant god damn it seriously you’ve got full nfc support on here as well for your contactless payments which is very handy considering pretty much every retailer only takes contactless now uh the older nokia 2.4 did have google p on here but it did not have nfc uh which i stated in my video or so whoopsies now the nokia 3.4 sports a 6.4 inch display which by all means is relatively bloody compact for a 2020 handset it’s ips tech and of course this is a very budget smartphone so you certainly shouldn’t expect visuals that will slap you in their face with their absolute gorgeousness you’ve got an hd plus resolution 1560 by 720 so pretty standard for this sort of sub 150 pound price point images are still reasonably crisp but of course you will notice a bit of green a lack of finer detail when you’re checking back your photos watching a movie something like that and the color reproduction is rather timid as well certainly more vibrant hues don’t pop or sparkle in the way that they were doing more premium smartphones but for just watching a bit of youtube or something this will absolutely do the job fine and here on the top brightness levels it’s certainly not going to do your eyes any damage on a very bright sunshiny day you might struggle to see what’s going on though and of course you do have your wii selfie camera orifice stuck away up in that top corner pretty standard again for android smartphones in 2020 and

then when it comes to the audio as well of course it’s a model speaker output just this tiny little dinky speaker on the bottom end but they sometimes pack a good punch let’s boost up the volume see what we got when i’m uploading this i’m like 50 50 on whether i’m actually gonna get any of these adverts on so to be honest even if you bust out your nokia 3.4 uh ramp up that volume to maximum levels and stop blasted a bit of the prodigy or something like that you’re probably not gonna get too many uh wicked stairs from grandmothers or anything like that it’s not exactly super powered although it’s absolutely fine again if you’re in a not particularly noisy environment you should be fine for watching a bit of youtube or something and you do thankfully have your headphone jack up top as well which is pretty common on these budget blowers although when it comes to the bluetooth connectivity it is the older bluetooth 4.2 on the nokia 3.4 you don’t get the latest bluetooth 5 action now for this sort of asking price you shouldn’t expect sterling performance of a smartphone that’s for sure you do have the qualcomm snapdragon 460 chipset stuffed in here uh which you’ve seen on a couple of other budget friendly blows like the oppo a53 and the oneplus nord n100 that’s backed on my review model by three gigs of ram although you can grab it with four gigs in certain regions as well and as you can see the benchmarking scores certainly nothing to scream home about and i’ve definitely seen a fair few stumbles and stutters as i’ve

been flicking through menus and all that kind of shenanigans as well but again it’ll do you everyday tasks apps that you find if you’re just looking for something to you know catch up on your emails chat with mates things like that i certainly wouldn’t want to attempt to do a proper bit of gaming on a smartphone like the nokia 3.4 beyond the likes of candy crush or whatever it was called but of course because i am an absolute masochist i’m gonna attempt to get a bit of call of duty on the go why not and you know what color me pretty effing surprised because call of duty mobile actually ran absolutely fine on the default low detail settings on the nokia 3.4 the frame rate was nice and smooth and stable and i didn’t see any kind of glitching or anything like that and the problems that i had with the nokia 2.4 when i was playing call of duty or mostly to deal with the screen response rate i found that just it was just a little bit too sluggish every swiping and pros just wasn’t registering immediately whereas here on the nokia 3.4 it was perfectly playable i even managed to rack up 30 kills in a single match which uh i certainly was not expecting to do so yeah if you’re looking for a budget blower an extreme budget brawler to play a bit of your college earlier pub g’s it should actually do the job all right and bear in mind this is just the nokia 3.4 with three gigs of ram in it as well not even the four gig model uh but if you do get the three

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gig of ram uh version of the nokia 3.4 you’ll also only get a rather meager 32 gigs of storage which of course will fill up pretty damn fast i’ve only installed a handful of apps and as you can see i’ve already used a good chunk of that storage if you’re gonna be taking lots of photos and everything as well then uh but of course at least you do get the likes of the google photos online storage which apparently you’re gonna have to pay for from june 2021 ah but if you do upgrade to that uh monokit 3.4 with four gigs of ram then you will double that storage as well to 64 gigs and of course you’ve got that micro sd memory card support up to another terabyte of storage on there so you should be all right as for the battery tech well you get a 4 000 milliamp cell stuffed inside of the nokia 3.4 which i would expect to see it through two full days of just standard sort of web browser and messaging things like that especially as you’ve got the likes of you know the android adaptive battery feature on there which just calls a lot of the background tasks when they’re not needed you do only get a 5 watt charger bundled in the box it will take a while to power the nokia 3.4 back up again although apparently it does support up to 10 watt charging uh if you have your own charger still not exactly blow your underpants off in merriman sort of fast but you know whatever and now flipping over the nokia 3.4 to bang on about the camera attack i’ve completely forgot to mention about the fingerprint sensor which

seems a perfectly respectable budget scanner uh some phones hibernate and tap your finger against there takes a second or so to register so not super nippy but it seems fairly accurate you know very rarely gets a uh a duff read response and you do actually get facial recognition on the nokia 3.4 as well which is great as a bit of backup so just tap that power button and then flick your finger on the screen and as you can see registers your mug job done although this only seems to work with respectably lit environments of course if you’re in a dark room or something it’s probably going to struggle a bit so now with that done we can get onto the final subject of the nokia 3.4 unboxing and that is the triple lens rear camera headed up by a 13 megapixel primary shooter and there’s certainly quite a few features packed into uh hmd’s camera app here on the nokia 3.4 certainly for a 130 pound smartphone and also a god god-awful shutter noise as well which hopefully you can turn off in the settings yes thank god because you can’t actually change what the noise is the shutter speed and process and time seem absolutely fine though for a budget blower because you’ve got full

hdr smarts as you can see there and at any point you can also flick to that ultra wide angle lens with a quick tap down there it’s a basic five megapixel effect though so uh don’t expect the finest of detail in those photos and certainly with that primary lens uh you know the detail levels are absolutely fine for an indoor environment the colors aren’t quite naturally reproduced they’re a little bit faded and again a similar story with that ultra wide angle lens not exactly the finest detail so if you view these photos back on a tv screen or a monitor they’re going to look a bit fuzzy absolutely fine for just you know sharing with me it’s on facebook things like that the third lens in this triple setup arrangement is a two megapixel depth sensor so that’ll just help out with your portrait shots help to keep your subject crisp and add a nice bokeh style effect in the background and hmd is throwing in the usual bit of bokeh flare as well so you can make the background look like hearts butterflies snowflakes whatever you fancy and last up the nokia 3.4 also rocks a night mode for your photos as well so if it is a low light shot that you are trying to grab that will just basically take lots and lots of different shots different exposure levels mix them all together and that actually seems to produce more natural looking colors than just using the standard photo mode and you’ve also got a lot more sort of background detail and everything going on as well and then if you want to shoot uh your bit of whole movies and all that you shoot up to full hd resolution footage uh using that primary lens you can also swap to the ultra wide angle lens for

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you a bit of video too although i’d say that’s probably going to look rather grainy shooting with a 5 megapixel sensor that’s for sure and then if we swap around to the front facing camera it’s an eight megapixel effect so again it should be all right a few sort of basic everyday shareable shots as long as you’re not like moving or talking as you take the selfie because you’ll come out as a bit of a blurry blob so that right there in a nutshell is the nokia 3.4 from hiv global and for 129 quid you do get a fully fledged smartphone experience sure the performance is a bit jittery here and then of course you’ve only got a basic hd plus screen but overall it’s fine for streaming a bit of media you could actually get some gaming on the go on the likes of call of duty which i was not expecting the battery life should be absolutely fine too so that’s what i think of the nokia 3.

4 but have you been using it as your full-time smartphone it’d be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below you on the mini review as i say i’ve unboxed the nokia 2.4 which is even cheaper at 99 quid although a bit more limited in the actual performance and the specs so go check that out if you’ve got a little bit less cash to spend otherwise i’ve rounded up my favorite budget funds under 200 pounds of 2020 as well go check that out for other alternatives and for more on the latest greatest deck