Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE Full Review [Part 2]

okay and also we are now mosting likely to evaluate the motorola Photon Q for glt a little bit a lot more on sprint’s this will be part 2 if you have not looked into part 1 make sure to do so however allow’s reach split two alright we are on the sequel initial point I do when it covers the cam application it functions pretty well the electronic camera smart I wouldn’t claim it’s an amazing Cameron is an 8 megapixel camera however photo quality is just average it is absolutely nothing outstanding if I wish to take an image of this this pen you will see if focus gets on it you can make use of the the button up right here the devoted camera switch or the on-screen button it does not matter you’ll take a picture you can proceed to take constant images with the no shutter lag feature you can also not switch off that audio so you are stuck to that sound when taking photos I might not figure out a means myself if our window setups there was no chance for me to transform off that sound which is unfortunate

because it is so irritating even if I transformed on silent it still made that noise you can you have other setups with exposure flash change modes you can a scenic view mode you can have multi shot which takes I can not keep in mind the number of pictures i assume it’s five you see it rapidly took a lot of images as well as I once again I think it is 5 pictures what take place to my gallery you’ll see it took a ton of them so which is which is great to have once more that’s a great feature specifically if you are possibly taking an activity shot or you intend to ensure you obtain a great shot you have actually that multi shot function also you have scenes with portrait landscape you have night picture you have other numerous scenes that’s almost it for settings you can close those overall the appearance of it’s wonderful i simulate exactly how it is more of that black and blue ice lotion sandwich shade which looks excellent you can zoom in and out I will be doing an examination video of the 1080p video clip recording video camera you can also change to the front facing cam so

there’s me with my my camera their front dealing with camera is it’s appealing requirement I mean you’re actually not going to get a phone that’s just like wow their front facing electronic camera is terrific it’s just always going to be a generally a beautiful basic one there the flash did turn again keeping that bothersome noise which is not really really wonderful I indicate it definitely gets the attention of individuals even if it is so loud you switch the camera you can take a camera in the front or back video camera if you desire to take a quick video clip you’ll see it turns on today so that’s that’s sort of good you can take pictures while you are video recording so it’s another cool attribute you just press that switch you’ll see an eco-friendly outline we can it stop stops the video clip recording once more I’ll be examining this as well as posting a raw video data to youtube so make certain to subscribe and also have a look at take a look at that video once I upload it I likewise wish to have a look at the lock display you’ll see that display off animations quite cool down like I offered CRT monitor their lock screen sensible though you do have choices for

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faster ways you’ll see you have a phone option a video camera option as well as a message messaging alternative there you can not transform those I explored it I could not find a way to tailor these shortcuts but thankfully text messaging and video cameras a fast faster way that I such as to utilize I do not utilize the phone one frequently as well as of training course you obtained right to open so you drop you go left you go up you go right as well as you have those really routes which I enjoy having short cuts on my lockscreen so I’m delighted they did consist of that you likewise have a fast toggle up here to switch on resonance or ringer which is wonderful naturally if you’re in your pocket you have ringer on on X and also you can simply swipe over to vibrate it turns your audio off and also you’re good to go so total faster ways function wonderful lock display i truly like with it having ice cream sandwich you off you get all those great functions you can swipe away notices that you do not intend to see if an energetic wise activity is on you can not swipe that away that is going to be

constantly in the notification bar you have a fast settings toggle there in your alert panel where you can switch on Wi-Fi Bluetooth airplane mode all those excellent ones you have audio setups I’m not going to obtain excessive into the settings as they’re all generally stock Android setups that you can mess with your display screen being auto illumination all that excellent stuff you can go to safety as well as display lock with display lock you can utilize face unlock which works quite well it absolutely recognizes your your admit it can get pretty slow and if you are in a dark space it doesn’t function extremely well even if there’s no light to brighten your face the phone illumination is insufficient to light up your face allow’s go on and also play a fast game Jetpack Drive is simply sort of one I wished to go in advance and also show you even if it’s so basic and also I can reveal you people its oh just some actual time performance playing a game seeing it load up a game I have not had extremely many leg issues at all but once again as I discussed the display it’s nothing impressive it looks great yet you’ll see I suggest running this video game it I would not say it’s entirely visuals extensive it’s fine with with graphics and such however it really did not take long to load it it most definitely runs efficiently and also I also had any type of leg with any type of kind of video game that I’ve ran I.

mean I have an even more graphic extensive video game asphalt 7 there and also I I really did not have just like their graphics loaded up great you understand what why don’t I just show you this video game since it certainly is more visuals extensive than any of the other games all right so right here’s a fast sneak peek of the map and other different graphics running smoothly you don’t always see any type of glitches in the images we can miss it go in advance and also skip it some more tons up the vehicle 3 2 one will see if there’s any type of lag when running with the map once again this uses the accelerometer and also we can go on as well as go through the map right away going through without any type of lag or any kind of problems let’s see if when I pass individuals or anything like that there are concerns with lag ah it’s extremely hard to play this game with an electronic camera before you simply so occurs yet you’ll see I’m scratching up versus cars doing all that stuff and have not had any lag everything’s been smooth so running that video game no problems whatsoever so I indicate it there’s nothing incorrect with this 1.5 ghz dual-core cpu it certainly is quick certainly runs excellent I indicate it’s simply an alright phone simply as a whole my total thoughts of it it’s simply fine again the main marketing factor is by far the squirty key-board because it is a fantastic qwerty key-board it’s just everything else is a little lacking on the in regards to just the general OS and simply the equipment features too just the video camera is simply alright.

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audio speaker high quality is good though I will give them that they did a good work there hdmi out is very great also that’s a nice function to carry an Android tool alright so i just downloaded and install quadrant basic i have not ran it myself we can go on and remove these applications as you saw really smooth when i gotten rid of those away i really did not have any kind of problems at all so we can proceed and also run into quadrant criterion and also run a full criteria i can go in advance and also miss with this even if i want you individuals to see even more of the visual features and also simply kind of the last rating of this quadrant criterion however it’s doing a few CPU examinations we can go in advance and also wait and see just how long it takes to run those eight CPU examinations otherwise I’m simply going to go on and miss via all the other numerous ones as well as till we reach the a lot more graphic extensive tests okay so ran via with the CPU did take a little time not also lengthy overall a rather quick cpu as well as there we most likely to our visual ones so i’m gon na proceed and also browse to to this set actually the one I desire to wait on run through this tunnel rising the stairs you’ll see frames per 2nd it’s at about 57 and also after that it needs to leap up when obtaining right here appears like it is at a rather regular 58 frameworks per 2nd the one with the plan this is the one I want you guys to see this because you can often see a little a couple of glitches however I don’t see any kind of whatsoever 57 58 frames per.

second so general doing a wonderful job I’ll be interested to see what sort of rating they obtain there we go benchmark results do you wish to continue indeed and there we go your tool 38 97 so um it is much better than the Galaxy Nexus as a result running stock obviously 38 97 is fine it’s a quite good rating currently this provides a galaxy s3 or the evo LTE however still a general excellent score but besides that it’s not everything I did intend to cover again great device if you’re trying to find a physical key-board if not select the galaxy s3 that’s simply my point of view that’s my preferred tool today you can additionally take into consideration the evo LTE if you’re on sprint obviously however yep if you’re a physical key-board person you will not be dissatisfied by the quality of this keyboard as well as just how well it functions and also just how easy just obtain utilized to that’s nearly it so once more this was part two of my coverage and also full review of the motorola Photon Q 4G LTE if you have any kind of questions at all really feel totally free feeling cost-free to ask this leave a comment be certain to subscribe too follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all links to be in the summary below as constantly many thanks be certain to obtain this a thumbs up.

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