Samsung Galaxy Note 2 S Pen Review, Tips and Tricks

everyone Tim right here from Cuba King 77 calm right here to do a video clip showing off reviewing the new S Pen on the samsung galaxy note 2 giving you some ideas and tricks and also showing off some new functions of the gadget however anyways as soon as possible when you turn off the display as well as you draw out the S Pen what it’s mosting likely to do is unlock the display for you as well as relying on your setups I’ll reach that in a bit it leaps to a display it might pop up s note as well so this display reveals up it does have various icons down here so when it mosts likely to that screen you’ll see you can customize numerous icons to reveal up today it’s a messaging cam gallery in Gmail there rather than my primary ones being phone messaging S note and also internet browser considering the layout of the pen itself we can go in advance and also take a better consider it alright so here’s an extremely close consider the S Pen as you can tell it does have a level side to it so it’s not going to roll around which is excellent certainly you don’t desire it to roll off the table if you set it down for any type of factor on the top it does say Samsung as well as you additionally have a button right here that does have a little bit of a texture to it so you understand when you’re about to press that button the suggestion on the end is touch

delicate you’ll see it does enter a little bit when you press it which is which behaves certainly it’s obtained some stress sensitivity to it generally it really feels very comfy when you hold it much like a regular pen or a typical any type of writing utensil all right to make sure that suffices about the layout of the pen allow’s reveal off some of the functions so when you get on your lock screen this is just a little aesthetic point and also you continue the screen it turns up a little computer animation like it’s trickling out some ink from the pen so that would certainly get on the lock display just to make sure that’s a little awesome computer animation you do have the standard features of the s-pen with via the S note application where you can develop a brand-new layout a brand-new note it does have different design templates such as satisfied birthday publication journal let’s just most likely to the standard note template if I wished to open up that up I can select it with my S Pen I did intend to make a quick note that this flag grasps essentially a vital when having this tool you holding it one-handed while utilizing your s-pen it is superb it’s a lot more comfy as well as you do not need to fret about dropping it because you do need to use simply one hand to hold your tool when you use your butt pen certainly your best hand or left hand is utilized to utilize the tool as well as the left hand is made use of the entire little bit so once more I extremely suggest taking a look at the flag grasp and

likewise when utilizing it as a stand it is good you can simply type of have it sit there and it stands up just like that so once again look into the flag grasp I’ll do a complete testimonial on the note due to the fact that once more my favored device most definitely something that is practically an important for the note 2 anyway so this is the S note application as you see I have some drawing on right here that I do not desire some jots it is on pen mode today however to promptly change to eraser mode as opposed to tapping up the top of the screen you can press the the button on the side of the S Pen as well as tap the display and after that it switches over to eraser mode and also after that you can rapidly change back to pen mode by doing the very same technique so let’s go ahead as well as simply liquidate of this S Pen application there are a number of numerous attracting setups whether it be forms you can videotape your illustration so I’m simply going to discard this note as well as show you off some some other attributes so regrettably the S Pen does not it’s refrains not work on the food selection and the back switch you can press the home button obviously it is a little bit unpleasant to do so but you can not return or push the Menu button with the S Pen you have to utilize your finger or you can establish some quick quick setups so allow’s state I go right into the internet browser as well as I did intend to back out of it what you can do is continue the button itself and also after that go on as well as

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ruin a V which is what I have actually set by default to be my fast setup there you go so it needed to wait on the web page to pack up and after that I went back to make sure that’s a quick setup there there are various other various ones that you can set you can really establish tailored ones so one more fast fast little gesture is you can push the button as well as press up and afterwards it opens up these fast commands and fast commands is where you can create a command as well as then complied with by a key words so if you did enigma whether it’s going to do a web search or if I desired to so we can try that so let’s do examine mark whether you’re going to need to birth with me on my terrible handwriting particularly from this angle it states jumping to an internet search so it’s opening up in it’s looked for climate so again you can do enigma anything you want enigma Chicago Bears anything to make sure that’s brought up the weather condition that’s just a fast command function you additionally can take down the alert bar as well as you have recommended shortcuts for your S Pen as well and also pressing on this orange one is mosting likely to take you to that very first display when I first unlocked when I first obtained the S Pen otherwise you obtained gallery electronic camera messaging or those quick commands too so once again this will

take you to that S Pen web page that I showed you earlier another amazing setting you can push and also hold the button on the side of the S Pen dual faucet on the screen as well as it’s mosting likely to raise your s keep in mind so if you’re in an application you intend to make a quick note that’s a quick setup that you can you can take care of likewise I believe there’s a setting where you can alter it where if you dual faucet it takes a screenshot so it’s up to you what you would such as that that faster way to do you can likewise press the switch and also outline something and also it’s going to go in advance and also quit as a picture when you are done so it’ll just remove that Google that I revealed as well as after that I can I can scrapbook it s note it where I can make edits to it or I can send it as a text anything so that’s actually a pretty amazing you can type of plant that crop any kind of part of the display out as well as send it as well as make edits to a draw as well as anything that you would such as there’s also a feature called air view with the S Pen where you can hover over the screen I do not know if you individuals can discover however over the display there’s a little circle where my pen is hovering I’m not touching the display but it allows me find out about where it’s hovering over the screen I can go on and also go right into my messaging application as well as go in advance as well as enter into make up if I float over these icons right here you will certainly see it appears a little text box that lets you understand what the button really does you’ll see add

recipient you can add accessory as well so if I was going to send a sms message to Google I can go in advance as well as do that as well as then down below at your message you can utilize the swipe on the Samsung key-board or whatever keyboard you would certainly such as so if I wish to claim hi there exactly how are you doing I got the pen on accident so once more it does take a bit to get utilized to it the swipe or you can push and hold down here on this audio speaker and press the T and after that it brings up some options to in fact write and it does basically handwriting to message so if I intended to state hello there area exactly how are you enigma and also my inquiry mark was a little bit off so I can simply proceed as well as hit back as well as attempt it again as well as there it is so hey there exactly how are you I can go ahead as well as hover over the send out as well as it does state send and also I can press it as well as it will send out the sms message to Google to make sure that’s just a little handwriting to text attribute now likewise when I’m in my listing of text messages and I float over the message you will certainly see it expands it and also I do not even need to go right into the messaging application as well as I can see what I just sent out or if they react and it’s longer than what it claims there that will show up also to make sure that’s just one more little air view feature that operate in a male’s also not in a Gmail application however the e-mail application I do not have an account that’s established for the e-mail application so I can not actually reveal that off however once more it does the same kind of thing where it broadens it as well as shows a little message box of a sneak peek of the entire message you can also utilize air view to scroll different pages

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whether it be your application drawer down here you’ll see I’m hovering over it I’m not pressing it as well as it’s continually scrolling via my application drawer or horizontally and not just straight it does have upright scrolling as well so you’ll see in my settings it does scroll I’m not pressing the display it’s simply a function of air sights and also the last air sight little feature I wished to reveal you was playing I was in the gallery really so when you enter into the gallery you certainly have various alternatives you can hover over one and also it increases it so you’ll see it’s expanding it if I intended to go on and also hover over a photo it brings it up a bigger I can go ahead and also enter into the cam and then floating over these pictures it raises a little picture of simply an extended photo of it to ensure that’s simply a little great feature I did take a video just of this room and also I did intend to show you when you play a video clip it actually is going to go on you have choices where you can scan with when you float over it and it gives a preview photo of what is revealing which is terrific when you’re watching films due to the fact that you sort of desire you recognize what’s taking place certainly with this examination video clip it’s not mosting likely to matter that much due to the fact that it’s just me relocating the electronic camera however when you remain in a video clip allow’s state you intended to avoid to a particular action scene you can hover over and also discover exactly where that action scene is just by that little photo that turns up from you’re floating

over that that proceed bar and also lastly I really did not wish to enter into the S Pen settings so you can go ahead and enter into your settings menu I can make use of the interview hover to scroll down if I like to and after that you will see S Pen has a specific setups right here you can transform your leading hand if you utilize the left hand for the S Pen you can have audios when you detach it you can open up open up pop-up note whenever you separate the S Pen so that pop-up note shows up every time you detach it which I don’t have examined you have battery conserving or disabling pen discovery when pen is connected can prolong battery life you have actually a function called S Pen keeper where if you have it detached as well as you bow out your S Pen it makes a noise and also it lets you recognize hey you’re leaving without your S Pen annex you’re sure you want to do that which is rather amazing air sight you can shut off so when you float over you do not need to have that on if you do not such as to it says when the pen nib is near yes that’s called the pen nib right there you have actually appeared haptic feedback as well and quick command setups which are those quick commands there that you can do web searches and such you likewise have s-pen assistance where you have air view as well as motion motion is where you desire to enter into since it

flaunt some back like I showed previously that back switch where you press the switch and also attract that little V and also it goes back opening menu it let you understand just how to do that too draw a little carrot and also open pop up note to double faucet on the display while pressing the pen switch as I said opening quick command swipe up capture the display faucet and hang on the display sorry not dual tap tap as well as hang on the display and also you will certainly take a photo as well as then you can modify that picture if you wish to you can discard it also as well as remove a photo I did demonstrate that and also selecting text I did intend to go in advance and show that I can go ahead and return into that message with Google as well as I can just proceed and hit copy message text and also paste it so now when I bring this up I can increase faucet on words and after that extend them to pick message customarily you’ll see when I float over it shows that little symbol to recognize where I’m going to exactly press and also show and place that arrow which is excellent once again dual continuing it or you can copy/paste more choices cut and also select also I can choose all the message as well as there you go I can duplicate it if I would certainly like to and swiftly paste it also so all functions of the s-pen that’s practically it that has to do with all I did wish to show flaunting the S Pen and also its functions on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 you are mosting likely to need to allow me recognize what you assume make certain to leave a comment if you have any kind of other tips and tricks do not hesitate to leave them in the comments area make sure to check them out you can give the thumbs as much as the remarks that have some excellent tips and also tricks as well this could not be every one of them naturally but I simply got to some great ones that I did like expect a complete testimonial of my Note 2 as well coming very quickly I will certainly I can link to that in the description video when I make it as well as apart from that that has to do with it so once again be certain to subscribe follow me on Facebook Twitter as well as Google+ all web links will certainly remain in the description of the video clip listed below as always many thanks make sure to provide this a thumbs up

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