How to Unlock the HTC EVO 4G LTE Bootloader

hi there everybody Tim here from Cuba King 77 tranquility right here to do a video stringing just how to unlock the bootloader on your HTC EVO 4G LTE that does not matter what your age boot variation is yet this will go with HTC Dev which will void your service warranty with HTC so simply type of keep that in mind it shouldn’t invalidate any service warranty with Sprint or any type of various other manufacturer if they don’t examine normally Sprint staff members do not understand how to examine if your boot loaders been unlocked anyways but HTC does so just type of remember they can’t send your phone into HTC after doing this however the first thing you’re going to need to do is go to HTC dev comm and also setup an account you can go ahead and also take place their top of the page click register and also after that as soon as done you can sign in and before we also start I do intend to make a note that before you also start all this I desire you guys to setup the SDK tools on your computer you need to by hand establish those up I have a video clip showing you how to do that I can

link to that in the summary of the video listed below so now what I desire you to do is click that video clip view it and set that up on your computer ok and also anyways once you produced that account up at the top you struck register made an account you’ll see welcome QB King 77 since I have checked in so see to it you check in when you check in you’ll see an unlock bootloader option right here you can click on that and also you can strike start so we’re going to obtain begun below currently we require to select our tool so go on and also click this drop-down food selection as well as when you bring the strapped down food selection you’ll discover the evo 4G LTE isn’t on there scroll completely down and go to all various other supported versions choose that if in the future evo 4G LTE exists you need to have the ability to choose that now you can hit start unlock bootloader it claims are you sure you desire to continue opening your tool may avoid some warranty opening I will delete all individual information from the gadget such as apps text messages as well as settings so simply mosting likely to maintain that in mind I’m mosting likely to yes I want to continue must fill on up and also currently there’s also legal terms I’m going to recognize that it requires repairs HCC prices extra proceeded to unlock guidelines okay and also for action one it claims eliminate and also return the

battery you can not do that on the Evo LTE so all you have to do is go in advance as well as get your gadget press and also hold that power button as well as after that simply hit reactivate as well as hit restart as well as while it’s reactivating just press and also hold the quantity down switch simply keep stifling as well as while it’s rebooting it’s in fact mosting likely to take you right into the bootloader once it boots back up to make sure that’s really an actually quick method to return right into the bootloader alright so you see I just held back quantity down and currently it takes me into the bootloader up on top of my bootloader it does state relocked that is since I’ve unlocked it currently as well as I real acht it yours might simply say locked up on top if this is the very first time you have actually done that’s just going to keep that in mind that that is what it will certainly claim now when we are in fact in the bootloader here what you want to do is you’ll utilize quantity up and also down to browse and also after that you desires you to go ahead and browse down to fastboot so you’ll see fastboot is highlighted by default all right there we go see you see fastboot is highlighted down there in blue now simply push the power switch to select it and after that you’ll see a red fast-food up there to make sure that allows you understand that you are in fastboot setting now what you’re going to intend to do is as soon as that states fastboot attach your phone to your computer alright so I went ahead and connected it into my computer as well as currently I can proceed as well as proceed to

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tip five alright and also as soon as we are required to step 5 it’s actually revealing you how to establish those SDK devices which I have actually currently made you people do so see to it that you have those SDK devices ready up and when you’re done with that you’ll see all these actions reveal you how to establish up the SDK devices we’re mosting likely to continue to step 8 because currently what we require to do is proceed and open a command punctual ourselves so you can just press Begin type CMD and hit enter as well as this will actually bring up a command timely since in my video clip I showed you how to establish up those environmental variables you not require to transform where this path is going because if not no matter where it is they will appear so all you’re mosting likely to require to type is fastboot room om area obtain highlight and after that identifier underscore token so kind all of those as well as when you have it enter your your phone is linked into your computer you can hit go into and what it’s going to do is raise a listing of a bunch of numerous numbers letters and so on you’ll see a lengthy block of text like it claims what you wish to do is duplicate paste this text so you can right-click and after that go ahead as well as strike mark as well as after that highlight the block of message that they have done in below so

Where it states determine our token raw select that and scroll all the method down where it claims determine our token end as well as and emphasize that so you click on that and then it ought to in fact just copy there so now once it is totally replicated you’ll need to paste the string of text right into the token field and also hit send in order to get your unlock code binary file so now it already had actually replicated so you can just strike control V or right-click as well as hit paste as well as you’ll see that determine our token begin and also include alright and when you have that copy pasted there you can just strike submit and after that when you strike submit it claims token submitted effectively and they’ve emailed us with an unlock secret as a documents attachment if you do have any concerns with it saying oh it failed I’ll just maintain attempting to recopy paste it where you attempt as well as strike mark make sure you don’t have any excess spaces or anything like that make sure you only click on the general square there and also do not have any kind of areas any additional access going on there because that will create it to fall short so simply kind of keep that in mind so currently you you’re.

going to desire to go on as well as check your email for that unlock token alright so currently just examine my email I got the unlock code today you’ll see hi Tim you’ll see an unlock code right here you can simply click download and will download it actually directly to your downloads folder after that proceed and strike click below to proceed with the bootloader unlocking procedure so now you have that add-on now what you’re mosting likely to desire to do is save that data where those fast food data are on to do so go in advance and also grab your go to your downloads folder in fact when you’re in your downloads folder go on and right click on that unlock code as well as hit duplicate so duplicate it now go to your C Drive as well as up at the leading you’ll see that Android SDK folder we made via my video that I have and afterwards just go on as well as navigate to the system tools folder as soon as you remain in there you can right click it and also hit paste so paste that unlock code container in the system devices folder alright as well as when we have actually pasted this documents in here what you’re mosting likely to intend to do is hold the change key and also right click and also doing so you have an option to open command home window right here go in advance and do that so open a new command home window you’ll see it’s browsed to the Android SDK system tools folder as well as once we have that you’ll see you have various other actions to take decrease to tip 12 and also you’re mosting likely to require to key in another command prompt and in that.

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command prompt it’s whatever is bold up below so with our phone still plugged in type fastboot area Flash area unlock token room and afterwards unlock code that container see to it you take advantage of that you in the unlock code and after that unlock underscore code dot bi m and there we have it when you have it key in proceed and strike enter and also it states it’s sending the unlock token a bootloader unlock token check was effective I would certainly completed it it did not take long whatsoever so as soon as that’s done maintain scrolling down on our tool actually on our evo LTE allow me grab that genuine fast you will see that we are going to need to manually open our bootloader keep in mind this is going to wipe all your individual information so you’ll see use quantity up and down to navigate it’s highlighted on no now press the quantity up switch as well as after that you will certainly see it will highlight the yes and after that as soon as yes is highlighted proceed and also press that power switch once we push the power button it need to open our bootloader which should really be it to ensure that would certainly be how to unlock our bootloader on a HTC EVO 4G LTE it’s going to do a manufacturing facility reset doing that manufacturing facility reset it’s mosting likely to create it to take a little of time to reboot so just you’re mosting likely to need to be person with it and also that’s truly regarding it so once you open.

your bootloader you can now proceed as well as root your tool I will certainly connect to my video clip on exactly how to root the evo 4G LTE in the summary unlocking your bootloader would certainly be the very first step to doing so which’s that ought to simply have to do with it I can actually proceed and also show you that it is unlocked currently I’m going to allow this start up as well as I will certainly be back okay so simply boot it up it’s attempting to run via hands-free activation yet it is bringing us to the display with certainly setup whatever up I’m not going to do that I’m mosting likely to avoid via everything even if I wanted to reveal you people that the bootloader is opened once again this did do a factory reset up the tool that’s why you have to go through this stuff however to examine and guarantee that your bootloader is unlocked if you wished to check and see to it you can return into that bootloader so comply with those exact same actions to enter into the bootloader press and hold that power switch up sorry I accidentally held the volume down too but press and hold that power button and afterwards proceed and also strike reboot so struck reactivate and as soon as you restart it press as well as hold that volume down button while it’s restarting to enter the bootloader alright and also there we have it it simply restarted I pressed and also held the quantity down button as well as up on top you will see opened right there I’m on HQ 1.19 which is the current right currently the most current H boot since this video yet it is unlocked and also now you can go in advance as well as follow my hotter course video clip you prepare to go so that would certainly be it so that’s just how to unlock the bootloader on your HTC EVO 4G LTE if you have any kind of questions do not hesitate to ask leave a remark make certain to subscribe also follow me on Facebook Twitter and Google+ all links will certainly remain in the summary listed below as always many thanks for make sure to provide this a thumbs.

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