CyanogenMod 10.1 Jelly Bean on Samsung Epic 4G Touch [REVIEW]

hey everyone tim here from here to do a video a full review of the signage mod 10.1 rom on your sprint samsung epic 4g touch gonna go ahead and go over it go over some of the bugs today is january 24th 2013 so that would be the latest the latest builds 20 from the 23rd as of right now so that’s the build that i am on right now again it could have updates in the very near future so just kind of keep that in mind but i have a video showing how to install this rom i will link to it in the description of the video below i highly recommend checking it out if you are looking to install this rom but anyways let’s go ahead and get into it first of all cyanogenmod 10.1 made to emulate the aosp stock jelly bean experience just like the nexus 4 or any other galaxy nexus any other aosp device but you’ll see five home screens that have a little bit of a transition animation when you move the screen i don’t know if you guys can notice that or not but it’s just a just a slight transition animation go into our app drawer horizontal app drawer like always go straight into widgets as well

got all our aosp widgets bookmarks etc we got a 4g widget so that’s very nice i have been extremely impressed with the fluidity of this rom and just how much it hasn’t slowed down or lagged i’ve been using it for a little while now anyways i want to go ahead and start off with some bugs first of all doc audio does not work so just kind of keep that in mind some people have had uh spotty issues with gps most people have reported that gps has been working but some people have had issues and just kind of keep that mind if you want to try it out test out gps but it is does seem to be working just fine for me so it seems like gps is working that’s really about it you might run into some issues here and there some small things but overall everything’s going to be working ymax 4g text data calls audio wi-fi google now works we can actually try that out now i haven’t set it up yet so it’ll go through the setup but bluetooth should work picture messaging should work the camera works along with the camcorder so i can i can demonstrate those as well but just kind of want to show you google now bring up some cards it’s loading up my to my house new version to the play store i’ll have to update that as well so you’ll have that uh looks like the bulls won and the blackhawks won so

that’s uh that’s always good so we can go and ask something or not i don’t know why that’s not working so it says google search has stopped i don’t know if there’s an update in the play store i’m gonna have to check that out it’s should be working just fine oh well i’ll do it after the video but uh google now should be working at least voice search should be working if you’re having issues with voice search you might want to check the rom thread if it’s a continuous issue i don’t see uh it might just have an update or whatnot but anyways let’s get into some other stuff first of all pull down notification bar you will see expandable notifications two fingers up and down you can also use one finger to just pull it down you can also use one finger to contract it you just kind of press on it go below it and then bring it up so that’s kind of a little tip uh pro tip for you guys is bring it below and then go up and it should you can use one finger for both bringing it down and going up so you don’t have to bring out two fingers especially if you’re using your thumb it’s very convenient because you can just go like that without having to bring up another

hand you can clear notifications there you also have a little icon up there you press on it and it brings you to some some settings some toggles which you can customize so i’ll get to that in a second letting you know your battery is at signal strength airplane mode brightness and go into settings so we can go into settings scroll down go to about phone you’ll see it very smooth going through these things um sanjama 10.1 uh let’s see android 4.2.1 so we are on the latest version of jelly bean go ahead and back out of the settings i want to show you guys the lock screen you’ll see crt screen off animation there lock screen pretty standards go anywhere for uh unlocking you can also swipe over to the left you’ll see i have some emails there you can add other widgets on the lock screen such as google plus post messages so if you want a messaging there it will show you a list of your messages so let me go ahead and go back to that you’ll see i’m running a little bit low on battery but we can swipe over and go indoor i don’t have any messages but you’ll see my messaging application is there along with emails you can swipe to the right it will bring up the camera application so if you want to take a quick picture with that it does so there you can swipe from the right and then

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you can look at your some of your pictures you also see that the camera is still running on the left side so you can quickly go back to it and then just take another quick picture so that’s actually really nice that you can do that anyway some other things that you have some other options you’ll see a panorama video recording it does not have photosphere i think there’s an add-on for it you’ll have to check over at the rom thread but it does not come stock with it um you can press anywhere on the screen and it brings up a list of settings you can swipe down to exposure uh switch to the front-facing camera if you guys want to check me out there you go we can go back to our rear-facing camera and then you have flash and white balance and just other settings uh you can actually switch the location to your sd card which is great that was actually just added from internal uh to external storage so you’ll see i don’t know why it has a bunch of usb but sd card or internal storage you have the option for that uh a bunch of other various settings that uh that is great with the camera application so there’s that also uh i want to make a quick note a quick tip when you use two fingers to pull down the notification bar it does go quickly into those settings but let’s go back into those settings because signage of mod 10.1 has some amazing settings some launcher ones nothing out of the ordinary drawer dock home screen lock screen settings that you have specific security battery status you can maximize

the widgets you have some slider shortcuts view and change them so when you uh you’ll see you have the option to customize a bunch of shortcuts so if you wanted to add the messaging application you can go up you can go ahead and add an application and then it’ll bring up a list of your apps and then you can go to the messaging application and hit ok you can also go ahead and add another one you can use activities other things if you want to use maybe google uh google now anything like that you can customize it to your liking just make sure you just hit save and then the lock screen shortcut will be saved so my messaging shortcut is there and there’s that so you have that option slider shortcuts that’s one of the cool things i like about cm10 otherwise we have some theme options i think you have to look up cm 10.1 in the play store i don’t know why i just did that but it’s switching to the same theme that i was just on uh and system settings so some status bar settings am pm style battery icon status style percentage circle circle with percentage and hidden so those various standard settings for cyanogenmod 10 also some quick the quick settings panel which is actually this so that is known as the quick

settings panel here we can customize that a quick pull down you have right left and off so what quick pull down does is let’s go ahead and say i selected right when i pull down from the right half of the screen in the status bar it’s going to bring up those quick panel settings right away if i go to from the left it’ll bring up my notifications so that’s just a neat thing what you might want to do is select left if you’re right-handed using it one-handed notifications you just pull down from the right if you wanted to go over to those quick panel settings i think you can go yeah you just go from the left and there you have it so that’s a really really neat feature i like that a lot i’m going to leave it on left auto close the quick panel settings upon toggling if you wanted that tiles and layout you can customize them so if you wanted settings to be you just press and hold and drag and drop so you just drop them on there if you wanted wi-fi to be up here as opposed to brightness you can restore the default layout you can add some so let’s say i want a gps on there you’ll see gps got added if i wanted to add another one mobile data sync torch let’s say torch add torch so there we go now left side pull it down oops if i pull down from the left side you’ll see if i want to turn the torch on i don’t know if this works or not and it does so that you’ll see torch is working just fine down there and that’s it so those are some other quick panel

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settings screen timeout modes and then just dynamic tiles there very cool so quick settings panels in cm 10.1 is fantastic i really like it notification drawer if you wanted to add the power widgets like standard cm10 with these you can add them if you like i don’t see a need for them but they did include them if you need them power menu when you press and hold the power button uh screen you have a screenshot option on sound panel airplane mode etc clock widget you can change i don’t know what the clock widget is so you have clock and alarm weather panel and calendar events i believe they included a different app it’s called chrono chromeness cronus i believe i haven’t checked it out myself so i guess i can do that in just a second notification lights enabled and hardware keys so those are just about all the cm10s 0.1 settings you have advanced as well uh some sensors haptic feedback storage and dock so those are some galaxy s2 settings down there and then i believe you should have performance settings i don’t see them i don’t want to get too much into those if you have them but you can go to about phone and you’ll notice developer options wasn’t there so to turn that on you go down to build number and quickly tap on i think it’s seven times and it says you’d enable developer options and then there it is so developer option that and there’s the performance settings so then performance

settings will show up proceed with caution if you’d like to mess with those again i’m not going to get too much into those also real quick here’s that cronus widget that i was talking about you got the date you can set the the weather et cetera you can go into it you got alarm clock you got a quick stopwatch and a timer there so they just kind of want to show you guys that widget that’s just about everything i want to show you standard aosp dialer going to the messaging application you have the new latest keyboard so you have the swipe technology there and it’s not called swipe gesture typing that you have it works well hey there how are you doing question mark and there you have it so uh text messaging very cool keyboard as well uh go to the browser i have my website loaded up if you haven’t checked out my new site feel free to check it out now it’s actually pretty cool so there’s that um browser i mean pinching in zooming everything going in on images it’s it scales very well that’s just the stock browser of course i have chrome as well i want to run a quick benchmark i’m going to run quadrant standard

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because a lot of people said hey can you start running some benchmarks so i’m just going to run a full benchmark actually i’m going to cancel it because i want to do a full reboot first also press and hold the home button and you have a recent running apps list to quickly multitask you can swipe away specific applications that you don’t want there or you can press this icon right here to get rid of all of them so i got rid of all of them but i’m going to do a quick reboot so i’m going to reboot my device i’ll be right back all right phone just booted up got quadrant standard going i’m just going to run a full benchmark now i’m not going to make you watch it maybe i’ll let you check out some of the graphical features but that’s just about it planets is the one that i like to check out just because it seems to be the most graphic intensive it’s doing a very good job at it all right so proceed and it will actually let us know how we did on the benchmark and there we have it our device is 26.86 so there’s our quadrant standard score and then there you have it so just figured i’d show you guys that but that’s just about everything i did want to show again not sure why uh voice search isn’t working i’ll have to look into it i’ll see what i can do but other than that works great runs great highly recommended rom for the epic 4g touch i know you guys have been waiting for me to do this video so apologize for the delay but that’s the full review let me know what you think be sure to leave a comment be sure to subscribe to me as well follow me on facebook twitter and google plus all links will be in the description below and as always thanks be sure to give this a thumbs up

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