Xbox One vs PS4: Specs, Features and Thoughts

both Microsoft as well as Sony have unveiled their next-generation consoles the xbox one as well as the PlayStation 4 and getting a great deal of inquiries so placing a video clip together chatting about the specs the rate a lot of info about both gaming consoles as well as then getting some info from you men also so let’s proceed and also get into it hey milan tim schofield here from Cuba King 77. com as I stated xbox one ps4 two new gaming consoles both offered for pre-order currently you can really go pre order them at numerous locations amazon being just one of them you have actually obtained the xbox one being 5 hundred dollars as well as the ps4 being four hundred dollars so a hundred out of rate difference that’s rather big if you think of it so rather fascinating that Microsoft chose to locate that rate point a bit greater than sony did so once more you can pre-order it now it comes out around the holiday we do not really know official release days simply yet I can include annotations if a main release day does come out yet once more I want to speak about the specs of it we intend to take a peek at them too so I might throw up some pictures as well as beside me and you

will see the ps4 it looks excellent so does the xbox one I imply both of them design-wise appearance penalty when it comes to make as well as looks of it it’s not that huge of a deal to me honestly it’ rest’s on our beside my television anyways and you seldom look at it I imply as long as it works as well as does what it’s supposed to I’m not I truly do not care what it looks like since I’m not necessarily checking out it all the moment as well as size-wise ps4 does seem to be smaller sized than the xbox one somewhat significantly once again sighs unless you’re someone that is pc gaming a whole lot at different houses or different places as well as relocating your system around a lot size isn’t a huge offer once more it’s it’s fire TV now when it concerns specs both of them the precise same cpu AMD jagwire x86 an eight-core processor to ensure that should be great both of them have 8 gigabytes of RAM Xbox one having d pr3 ram as well as the ps4 having gddr5 ram once again both 8 gigabytes both of them have a 500 gigabyte hard disk drive to make sure that’s quite huge I do not recognize if they’re mosting likely to have storage alternatives I’m certain mosting likely to have the ability to change out hard disks for larger ones if you require it both have a blu-ray as well as DVD players type of funny a great deal of individuals are always asking when the discussion with the xbox one comes up everybody’s like oh is a blu-ray player if you think of it I mean just how typically do I imply there’s some individuals that enjoy blu-rays myself included along with a great deal of my friends we do not look for him any blu rays so I mean it’s not that huge of a deal

once again games can be made on those blu-ray discs both consoles have a 1080p result resolution along with 4k compatibility which is nice I mean it makes it a little bit more future proof just due to the fact that I make certain you can see begin seeing a growing number of 4k once again components mosting likely to need to begin being developed in that 4k resolution for that to end up being usable currently I intend to touch on the controller a bit both of them naturally have 2 different controllers they chose similar styles as well as looks of their previous control on the ps3 in the xbox 360 I’ll throw up some pictures I could not locate an xbox 360 and Xbox one comparison side-by-side like I have for the ps4 yet here’s the xbox 360 xbox one contrast you’ll see they look similar and then below is the ps4 side by side you’ll see split in half so you’ll see once again extremely comparable design size-wise they’re very similar as well I believe the ps4 S is a little larger so going with the larger controller like the Xbox 360 controller or the xbox one controller likewise the xbox one does come with a kinect sensing unit for activity and voice controls it is said that you can not detach the link cam so I do not recognize exactly how that’s going to be taken care of once again there’s personal privacy

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issues that do develop that so simply type of maintain that in mind okay so you know the specs you know the rate of them I intend to enter into some attributes of both gaming consoles some debatable functions also primary one having to do with used games i wish to discuss that too currently when it concerns you games there’s 2 distinctions with the ps4 in the xbox one with the ps4 it’s like you’re made use of to you get a disk you can stress it you can offer it you can do to your little bro you can do whatever you want with the disks and also I mean there’s no restrictions whatsoever on that particular so you get a video game it’s your own you do whatever you want you can sell it trade it in gamestop all those areas currently when it concerns the xbox one this is where it obtains very controversial you truly can not trade easily you can just trade in games with pre-qualified retailers you can not sell with I believe gamestop in position like that no independent game stores you do trade-ins with which indicates there’s mosting likely to be less competition for trade ins which suggests you’re possibly not going to obtain as much cash for your sell as well as well as likewise if you’re wanting to offer one of the games that you own you need to be buddies with them for one month to market them a game I don’t get that at all and after that you additionally after you offer it to

them it’s locked to them they can not market it any longer so it’s truly odd that they did that I suggest it’s simply it’s insane due to the fact that you buy a video game as well as you’re claiming okay it’s my video game should have the ability to market it whenever I intend to I don’t need to be buddies with someone for 30 days to offer them a video game that I have it’s a large problem a great deal of people increased a number of problems to Microsoft and also they really did not appear to intend to change it whatsoever so they’re sticking to that nevertheless I do wish to make a note that with the xbox one you can really share your games with up the 10 family participants so they can log in and gain access to your video games and play them so that’s a note that I desired to to explain to some individuals now when it pertains to the PlayStation 4 as long as you have power you can play your games your single-player video games obviously stability will play multiplayer not attached to the web but you can play single gamer campaign all that great things nevertheless on the Xbox one I’m sorry it’s just difficult for me to state this with a straight face with the xbox one it’s mosting likely to examine it requires to have an on-line check every 24 hours so you connect your Xbox one to the web and after that after you can separate it after you do that you’ll play your single-player game nonetheless after 20 for

hours you need to be back on the net for it to check once again or else you can not play your video games it’s not mosting likely to work solitary player whatever will certainly type layer or whatever if you’re not attached to the Web after 24-hour it’s not mosting likely to function you can’t play video games I don’t get it I just can not cover my head around their reasoning when it came to that that policy I suggest come on i have my system i intend to put my teams that i bought i enter x video games i buy my system that’s mine i acquire games that’s mine I can’t just play the games I need to be on the net suppose you have a sluggish internet connection what happens if you’re a location that doesn’t utilize the web I know there’s a lot of armed forces individuals that do not have accessibility to the net all the time as well as they still play video clip games I simply don’t obtain it in any way and likewise with these online checks the xbox one is area locks so it’s only mosting likely to function in specific areas the ps4 is mosting likely to function almost everywhere certainly again if you have electricity it’ll function yet with the xbox one its minister left I’m going to vomit I’m gon na have a map beside me revealing you people which regions the xbox one’s going to work in which one’s the ps4 is going to deal with certainly ps4 being anywhere and also ultimately if you are looking to do online video gaming multiplayer pc gaming you are mosting likely to need to buy a registration service for both consoles xbox

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online gold being the one for the xbox one as well as then PlayStation Plus being the one for the PlayStation 4 with that I think xbox online is sixty dollars a year and also the PlayStation And also membership is mosting likely to have to do with fifty dollars a year so once more with that you do obtain benefits with the xbox I think you obtain 2 cost-free games a month I don’t know what sort of video games are going to be yet that is a plus for being able Goldmember and after that with the playstation plus they hand out totally free video games all the time also and also if you’re a person that might say oh i’m on-line all the time it’s not a big bargain or you might say oh I don’t trade games I do not market games anything like that that’s really not the factor you’re really missing at the factor is Microsoft is truly trying to regulate what you finish with your tool that you buy which’s simply not something I can support when I get something I intend to have the ability to do what I desire with it when I with it and also it truly shouldn’t be restricted in any way and also that’s what Microsoft is doing so I can not support that with any luck you men do not support that too if you have a device you intend to possess it you desire to do what you want with it so finally as a lot of you understand and I knew comparisons of phones or whatever it be I try and be as objective as feasible and just give a sincere opinion regarding them simply look at the straight-up facts regarding the

gadgets and afterwards contrast them and with this one it’s just some of the functions that were consisted of with the xbox one just make definitely no sense to me I indicate begun I can not be close friends with someone for 1 month to market in a video game that i purchased simply doesn’t make feeling and of program there are a great deal of others that I discussed in this video clip so once more this was an objective comparison of these specifications as well as attributes and I mean also the rate difference you obtained a hundred buck price difference too the one point that was attempting to hold me back from acquiring a ps4 as opposed to an xbox one was halo or a brand-new halo game I’m a fan of playing halo I play halo for my xbox 360 however it’s not mosting likely to suffice I’m gon na choose the ps4 myself I suggest it’s simply simply all these things created Microsoft not really appreciating what the customer wants people whine as well as hey I’m simply going to proceed and state hi you’re not going to listen to what I want I’m simply mosting likely to go as well as buy one more

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product that’s just how it functions so you’ll have to allow me know what which one you’re going to purchase or which one you like far better which one you are
thinking about buying I’ll leave a pole in the summary of the video simply go on and click that web link over to my site as well as proceed and
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