Review Realme 7 5G This or the Pro?

so like a lot of chinese smartphone manufacturers real me has been really effing busy in 2020 i’ve featured no less than nine of their blowers right here on texpert in this absolute garbage fire of the year not to mention smart watches fitness bands and all kinds of other shenanigans and that’s why when people ask me how many netflix shows i burn through during lockdown i merely reply with manic wild eyed laughter now i recently covered the realme 7 and the real me 7 pro which offer different premium experiences on the cheap and now they’ve been joined by the realme 75g a 279 pound handset which has a lot of dna with that vanilla real me seven but also boosts those specs in a couple of key areas one of those areas naturally being the 5g support now for my sims stuffed inside of the real realme 7 5g for roughly a week now so here’s my in-depth review of this affordable future-proofed blower and from one of the latest greatest tech please do put subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers now anyone who’s seen the standard realme 7 will immediately get that nagging sense of deja vu upon clapping eyes on the 5g 5 model it is after all essentially the same design here with the exception of the camera chassis

which is now a bit of a wide boy instead of super long as before you have that rather snazzy split finish which makes the plastic arse look a bit more premium than some rivals and that matte finish means that it’s not too susceptible to picking up greasy prints as well and a quick buff and usually sorts it right out and durability certainly isn’t an issue either despite that plaquey backing the real me 75g is yet to pick up a single scratch or nick which is great to see and around front as well you’ve got a gorilla glass 3 display covered with a screen protector to keep it doubly safe but yeah not too surprisingly the real me 75g is another bloody big beast proving a proper handful for everyday use as well as a bit of a hefty monster as well at nearly 200 grams so it’s definitely a good thing that you’ve got that one-handed help courtesy of a screen shrinking mode that isn’t too awkward to call up plus the nifty corner swipe gesture which pulls app icons down towards the bottom of your desktop and as any real me fans out there will know these features are all part and parcel of the real me ui which is a near identical twin to the color os launcher and here it sits on top of android 10.

it’s hoping that android 11 isn’t too far off and the overall day-to-day software experience has been perfectly enjoyable here on the realme 75g as usual no funny quirks to speak of thankfully you’ve got all your standard features like a bit of nfc support for your contactless payments and you’ve also got a rather generous 120 gigs of storage stuffed in here as well which is expandable via microsd and that’s in a separate slot from the dual sim slots and on top of all that you’ve also got some extra bonus bits including a reliable face recognition tool which offers an alternative unlocking option alongside the responsive edge mounted fingerprint sensor and if you want a proper in-depth look at the software here on the realme 7 5g then definitely go check out my full realme ui tips and tricks guide which is live right now and a bit of a stonker if i do say so myself now real me smartphones usually have pretty solid media chops even at this sort of budget price point and the real me 75g does not disappoint you’ve got a

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6.5 inch ips screen packing a full hd resolution and that serves up plenty of fine detail when you’re perusing picks or viewing a bit of video colors aren’t as poppy as those spewed forth by the real me seven pros gorgeous oled panel but neither do they appear muted when you’re watching a bit of vivid content and contrast levels are perfectly respectable for an ips panel too unfortunately at the time of shooting this review i still can’t get anything to actually stream on disney plus but that’s because i am reviewing a pre-release model so it obviously hasn’t got full support for disney plus just yet but that should be rectified when the phone actually goes on sale fingers crossed touch word etc and while the regular realme 7 swaggered about all fancy like with its plush 90 hertz display the real me 75g actually pumps that right up to a 120 hertz refresh rate to match some rivals like the xiaomi mi 10 t lite and by default the redmi 75g automatically scales the refresh from 60 to 120 based on what you’re actually doing at the time but you can’t stick it on 120 hertz full time if you want those silky smooth animations when you’re flicking through apps menus whatever although of course as

usual not all apps support 120 hertz and the audio is on point on the real me seven 5g as well even from that bottom mounted mono speaker which packs a decent cloud on top volume with reasonable clarity but of course you will need to hook up a respectable pair of headphones to enjoy the dolby atmos audio here on the real me seven 5g you got support for the usual cordx esc and all that good stuff and i found that the bluetooth performance was absolutely flawless whether i was streaming to true alex earbuds speakers whatever and yes you do have a headphone jack down below for a proper wired connection now i was very interested in the performance here too because the real me 75g is one of very few phones to hit the uk pack in one of mediatek’s dimensi chipsets what you got in here is the mediatek dimensity 800u which has full 5g support built in and that works on two sims simultaneously in quite an energy efficient manner but when it comes to sheer grunt you’ve got similar performance here to other 5dfi phones around this price too like the mi 10t lite with its snapdragon 750 g chipset my review model packed six gigs of ram and it absolutely smashed its way through endless games of call of duty mobile maintaining a constant frame rate even when i took those detail settings all the way up with a fast 180 hertz touch sampling rate the touchscreen controls were a

match for the fast-paced game player too so you better believe that were feeling the pain that i brought i brought all of the pin and they felt it hard and like the original real me seven front as well this handset is pretty ruddy good when it comes to the battery life too in fact if anything it seems to be a little bit better probably helped along by that energy efficient mediatek chipset you’ve once again got a mighty 5 000 milliamp cell just like the vanilla realme 7 and i found this took at least a day and a half a pretty intensive use and i’m talking skyping camera play media streaming all that good stuff before it finally drains and when it is finally time to refill the bugger you’ve got support for 30 watt dart charge as well so about an hour plugged in you’ll have pretty much a full battery again so the real me 75g is a slight upgrade in a few areas over the original handset as well as adding in that lovely 5g support but when it comes to the camera tech there is no real change this blower’s 48 megapixel primary shooter uses the same samsung sensor as the european version of the original realme 7 and sadly once again it is easily done in by less than perfect shooting conditions this thing captures pixar 12 megapixels by default using four in one pixel bin and for supposedly brighter cleaner results when needed however i found that indoor shots were still often warm or grainy when you check them back on something bigger than the phone screen unless you make sure that the lighting is very tight indeed while any kind of motion from your subject often results in a blurry image low light snaps usually come out really dull with the auto mode although the dedicated night mode helps to rectify this problem to some degree if conditions are good then thankfully you can

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expect a sharp image even with the 12 megapixel default mode complete with colors that aren’t too far off real life be careful when you’re shooting against bright skies however because once again those optics struggle often over saturating the final pick the rest of the roomie 7 5g’s camera lenses are also cribbed from the standard real m7 including a simple 8 megapixel ultra wide angle snapper which tends to produce darker warmer shots than that primary sensor and you’ve also got a very basic 2 megapixel macro lens and a black and white monochrome portrait lens as well to bring the grand total up to four you can shoot up to 4k resolution video here on the realme 75g and again as long as the conditions are all right you’ll end up with decent enough hot movies the focus tends to cook fine with moving subjects and audio is cleanly captured as long as there isn’t much wind interference even the image stabilization is pretty decent at that ultra hd level and then finally around front that 16 megapixel selfie shooter is again

rather limited in how it cops with adversity often producing whitewashed shots in strong lighting but the portraits mods are respectable and overall it is fine for simple shareable shots so that right there is my full final verdict on the realme 7 5 do you have to use that as my full-time smartphone for a week and as you can see you’re not just getting that extra 5g support on there you’ve got a couple of little bonuses compared with the vanilla model including a 120hz display and even better battery life however it is a fair chunk of change more expensive than the standard realme 7 as well and i’d say if you’re not too bothered about that 5g support i’d probably rather go with the real me 7 pro because it definitely boasts the better camera tech ensure that all that display is locked at 60 hertz but it is an absolute stunner too and of course there are some strong rivals out there like the me 10 tea light which can be bagged for a little bit less cash so what do you think of the real me seven five g are you tempted to definitely be grating your thoughts down in the comments below please do put subscribe dig that notifications bell and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week cheers everyone love you

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