How to Gain S-OFF on the HTC One with Revone

every person Tim Schofield below from QP King 77 comm doing a video clip showing you how do you s off on your HTC One it is lastly readily available it needs to deal with your t-mobile AT&T and also Sprint HTC One as well as additionally on the newest WWE as well as EU ruu for your international variations as well so once again this will certainly offer you a saw few will need to a requirement is you will require to be rooted I do have a video clip showing how to do so I’ll link to in the description so you must have origin accessibility as well as also I do intend to make a fast note that this is a development issue and very early designer point so there is a possibility can damage your gadget I really haven’t come across any kind of individuals utilizing this and also damaging their device so the chances are extremely slim but again I just wanted to advise you that there’s always possibility when making these kind of modifications that something can fail gaining s off will certainly allow you to open as well as secure your bootloader so you can get it back to just how it entirely existed is a way to do so and also you can blink radios if you have s off and additionally there is a way to obtain extremely sit

You will ultimately be able to flash various other are you make use of from various versions of the HTC One so if potentially you find an ru to the AOSP the vanilla Android version of the HTC One the nexus experience then you might be able to flash that on your device so obtaining s off does open points up a lot to a whole lot of different possibilities off to obtain to that in later videos but initially you will need to obtain s off so allow’s go ahead and get right into it initially of all you need to download a file as well as put it on to your tool whether it be the internal or outside storage of your device you can just download it straight from your phone if you ‘d such as to or you can click the web link in the description of the video clip and also there’s a download link you can transfer it over to your gadget that’s specifically what I did shoutout to ie FTM as well as the cutting edge dev team they did a great work at obtaining this going I will certainly connect to the string in the summary of the video clip as well so big thanks to them so as soon as you transfer that data over to your phone it need to be called Rev 1 that is what the exploit is called I think downloading and install rOM Tool kit from the Play Shop that is what I normally use particularly since it has 2 devices that we are going to require throughout this video initially of all a root browser I haven’t gone right into this application yet I do not think so below’s.

our origin browser then go on and just browse to the SD card and afterwards find that Rev 1 documents that we moved onto our gadget you can simply press and also hold on it I’m just going to strike duplicate after that I’m going to strike residence to go back and afterwards I require to proceed and also paste this into a various folder you’re mosting likely to wish to paste it inside the information and afterwards scroll down as well as locate local so information regional and afterwards temp the TMP data here and afterwards paste it within that says please wait replicating it will certainly duplicate it as well as paste it there so when it exists we can in fact back out of the root traveler we do not require it anymore but we can still remain in rounded device box and we require to go down to the incurable emulator which is we’re mosting likely to enter a few commands really so you’ll see incurable session is running and go on and focus on what I am inputting simply see as you can see it on my website I’ll have a listing of all things you require to enter if you do not intend to follow in addition to this video clip you can examine the link in the.

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Summary but first of all you as well as I need to kind in su and press Enter and also it will certainly provide us incredibly individual permissions you must approve rOM Tool kit like extremely user access initially which is why you do need origin gain access to initially so after you type su we’re going to require to type CD room forward slash as well as after that after the forward lower you’re going to require to type information another ahead lower local and then one more onward lower and also then that TMP so what that’s going to do is place our incurable emulator inside that folder that we had just pasted that file into so you’ll see data neighborhood temp right there so currently we are all set to type in some more commands so currently kind in chmod space 755 space Rev 1 so just like that chmod 755 checked out 1 press ENTER and after that we require to do one more period ahead reduce Rev 1 our Eevee oh as well as II after that strikes area and after that go in advance and do a – and then you need to do a resources P after that I understand it’s a little odd once again I’ll paste it if for those of you that are getting baffled.

hopefully you can see that plainly I can see it simply fine on my display after that press Enter you’ll see it says Rev one successful please reboot to proceed we’re refrained yet so what you can do currently is in fact simply go in advance and press and also hold that power switch as well as restart so reboot your phone I’ll be back once it’s done all right so my phone has restarted I’m going to return into rOM Tool kit light and after that proceed and drop to the incurable emulator once again we need to go in advance as well as start points up once more so again begin with the same thing s you push get in and also after you kind s you proceed and also type CD area/ data/ index now all you have to do is type period/ r ev1 r ev1 then press room and then put a hyphen and a lowercase s again that top case lower instance a room afterwards a no a room after the no and also after that another – and afterwards a you simply like that so duration/ r EV 1 – s 0 – you with rooms in between those easily so you can push get in as well as it claims Rev 1 effective when more as well as we can reboot once again so what we can do now is really we ought to be s.

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off and what occurs is our bootloader might claim tampered on it which some individuals do not like it’s not a big offer for me but I can go on as well as reveal you just how to eliminate that firstly I wish to show you that we ought to have s off currently so I’m going to proceed as well as strike restart and hold volume down while it’s rebooting and also it must take me right into the bootloader alright now in the bootloader you will see it is unlocked it does claim tamper it up there you can eliminate that I’ll reveal you exactly how to do so right after this and you’ll see it states s off so there we go that’s all some great information I’m just going to push the power switch and also I’m going to press reboot so I’m mosting likely to reboot my tool again and return to the command timely as well as we will go ahead as well as do away with that tamper it up on top alright placed it back up once more return right into that rOM Tool kit light proceed and go into incurable emulator again we require to proceed and also enter su one more time and after that you need to key in that same command motivate to reach that folder that CD space forward reduce information spade/ regional/ t MP should ascertain by now so there you go press.

go into back into that folder and all you need to do is kind duration/ r EV one room afterwards room you can put – lowercase T simply like that extremely easy press Enter effective you can currently you ought to be tampered tampered need to be gone since’s it to make sure that’s all we needed to do for that there’s actually an other easy commands you can do to really get it unwinded so it was like it was never ever s off and just totally locked I will certainly link I will certainly place written directions on the fast command you can kind in to obtain that in the description of the video I’ll just connect to it on my internet site once more I’m mosting likely to hit restart I’m gon na show you that tamper is gone yet that should be it you must currently have s off on your HTC One whatever alternative you have I don’t know if it’s mosting likely to be offered on the Verizon variation once it appears yet all the ones out currently ought to work fantastic again no data swiped at all make a comment of that however here you have it opened s off no tampered up the top we’re good to go so hopefully this functions I ‘d actually appreciate if you register for me that would certainly be incredible you can likewise follow me on Facebook Twitter Google Plus all web links will be in the description of the below and as always thanks for viewing please give this a thumbs up.

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