Google Nexus 5 Unboxing and First Impressions

everybody Tim Schofield right here from Cuba King 77 com doing an unboxing and some very first impacts of the Google Nexus 5 I have actually been awaiting this tool to come I understand a lot of you been waiting for an unboxing video clip for me I did choose to select the white version I kind of figured a great deal of customers would be getting a black Farion so I went on and grabbed the white one I likewise have a 16 gigabyte variation too even if a great deal of my music and also multimedia is saved to shadow storage space anyways let’s go on as well as open it up and also have a look at the most up to date gadget from Google alright so below is package on the front desire to make a fast note that you see the 2nd photo to the right here if you purchased the black variant you will not get this 2nd picture the second image lets you understand that this is the white variation additionally you’ll see that it acquiring the white version doesn’t mean it’s all white the front is still back black and also the back is still white turn it over on the back you’ll see once again another white version of the Nexus 5 I also wanted to proceed and reveal you individuals all-time low okay real glance near the bottom simply wanted to point out all the radios that this gadget sustains I can not emphasize enough how remarkable it is that this gadget can be activated in nearly every United States Network with the exception of Verizon consisting of Sprint AT&T t-mobile unlock

network states one phone can be utilized on every one of those networks and I assume that’s simply wonderful that’s what suppliers must start doing is consisting of all these radios in their devices so they can all just be a consistent device sold to all the various providers alright enough of me speaking let’s obtain this point open I’m sorry about that I simply desired to load you individuals in on a few of that things so open this up just a white box as Google in the bottom right it is sealed so alright let me order this blade real fast and simply stand out these open and also now let’s go on and also move it out it is a little bit tight as you can tell it’s not extremely easy to just move right out is penalty of me obviously keeping the tool from drinking about during shipment okay grab that as well as there we go so you will see Nexus 5 it’s just a film right over the gadget can draw it out right below and there it is remarkable you’ll see on the back it does say Nexus I’m mosting likely to go on and also simply conceal that sticker label yet yeah looks very great really the back looks very tidy and I’ll hopefully it does remain clean as well it does not obtain dirty it’s got an extremely nice little matte white matte looking finish to the rear of it and after that on the front I’m gon na just remove this Nexus 5 display protector that is on there right there I’m additionally gon na place the gadget sideways for just a second I.

just wish to go on and reveal you men what’s in package while I put it sideways though I’m gon na let you people take a look at the boot up display simply the first start up so you people can see it activating so there you go there’s Google while that’s booting I’m gon na go on and take a look at the rest of the box so inside we do have some literature security and also guarantee brochure we also have the SIM card I presume something to pop out the SIM card keeping that little device just info on exactly how to transform on your gadget information regarding NFC all that great stuff concerning your Nexus 5 toss that to the side and also obviously in the box you have a wall surface electrical outlet and a micro USB wire so absolutely nothing unusual with that can proceed as well as open some micro USB cables see what dimension LG did include so I can compare it to the other manufacturers I’m not gon na truly reveal it to you it’s not that huge of a bargain I much like to see okay so again with LG resembles longer than Motorola and HTC but a bit much shorter than Samsung yet still a decently sized microUSB cable television yet general that’s in fact all that remains in the box the phone is still booting up which usually doesn’t occur generally it boot prior to I obtain with every little thing in the box which is intriguing my hunch is even if it was the first boot up that is why that occurred however below we go so now we have the start screen right here it says insert a SIM card insert a SIM card if you undoubtedly get on a GSM.

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network just utilize that SIM card if you get on Sprint you really need to obtain an LTE SIM card to put right into this tool you need to call Sprint either via Sprint conversation go to a store hopefully the store would have additional SIM cards to give you or else you can use a SIM card on a previous device if you have an s4 HTC One Note 3 I count on Note 2 too a few of the more recent LTE gadgets have SIM cards you can glide that in there as well as activate it too you make use of the IMEI number and on Sprint you simply exclude the last number to trigger it to ensure that’s it for Sprint customers I’m gon na miss it for currently you do require to attach to a Wi-Fi network to really obtain past this I’m going to do that currently all right immediately it is stating we require to do a system upgrade so it says might take up to 5 mins ok so while it’s doing the update I’m really mosting likely to reveal you the style of the Nexus 5 going to peel off you’ll see there are simply some movies over the sides so peel that off peel this movie off grab that and there’s one on the leading as well so they really desired to safeguard this tool I saw I likewise spoke about that IMEI sticker at the bottom the rear seat individuals might see the full device there’s likewise a little film on the over the camera lens too which is fantastic protecting that so ensure you take that off otherwise images could be affected okay so anyways on the back you’ll see Nexus it does claim LG down near the bottom a rather noticeable cam here especially stands apart as a result of the white back down at the base you do have actually an LED flash on the appropriate side here you will certainly see that naturally it is not all black on the front also this little.

earpiece below will be black if you did buy the black Nexus 5 so simply type of maintain that in mind additionally on the sides here it’s a much more shiny finish as opposed to an extra matte surface to ensure that’s in fact an additional difference in between the black Nexus 5 and the white Nexus 5 you do have a much more glossy coating on the sides right here yet your quantity backwards and forwards decomposed not volume backwards and forwards right you have a power button on the best side below right up below right near the top of the gadget that’s it for the ideal side of the SIM card port also turn it over on the left side you have volume up as well as down right up here so up down up down offer you an idea of where it gets on the gadget down near the bottom you do have two speakers right below so it’s an extremely similar design with the speakers to the in fact LG g2 which I have right here so they have two audio speakers down near the bottom too and afterwards up at the top you do have a 3.5 millimeter earphone jack in addition to volume rocker as well as I believe I’m sorry not quantity rocker together with a microphone what I resemble I simply really intend to just turn this phone on as well as utilize it you’ll see it’s still downloading and install the updates I think the updates 4.4.1 so it’s decently sized 125 Meg I’m gon na let it run through really and after that we can obtain points going alright boot it back up when more and also it took me back to the welcome display it appears like I’m gon na go on it might have done a factory reset alright entered my Wi-Fi I’m not going to set up anything for you people just so we.

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can proceed as well as obtain to the gadget and simply examine it out so go through the configuration procedure coating it and also here we go we are currently on the home screen with the new Google experience launches make yourself in your home hangouts does sms so you will certainly notice there’s actually no messaging application inside the application drawer it’s simply hangouts which’s it the symbols are pretty large actually with this launcher talking the launcher incidentally there is a way you can get this launcher on your device as a way to obtain the brand-new hangouts application there’s a way to obtain one more a number of numerous KitKat things on your device I’ll link to those in the summary in instance you are interested in downloading and install and putting those on your gadget anyways draw down the notification bar actual fast go to these setups you’ll see it’s a various color they obtained the black and white seek to it instead of the holo blue that they made use of to have in jellybean so a bit different there go ahead and hop into setups you’ll see a few of these toggles still have that holo blue also we can scroll down most likely to concerning phone as well as it is Android 4.4 I take it back it’s not 4.
4.1 I believed it was it’s not but just an additional upgrade to 4.4 no big deal model number nexus 5 as well I have actually not put any sim card in as you can see I have no signal bars whatsoever however anyways one do a fast contrast allow me order my Nexus 4 below in fact so here’s the Nexus 4 running KitKat too a custom ROM in fact on it not the official construct however you’ll see the screen on the Nexus 5 is just a bit larger 0.3 inches actually it resembles 0.25 inches I believe to be exact don’t hold me to that if that’s the specific.

math but it is I think 4 factor nine five inches on the Nexus 5 so 5 inches and afterwards four point 7 on the Nexus 4 it’s a little bit upgrade to the screen you got upgrades to the cam the cpu different points so you’ll see right here’s just a little quick appearance at the rear of the two devices too so the Nexus 5 is bigger it’s taller as well you have a larger screen so it’s taller however it does seem like it is thinner so the Nexus 5 is certainly thinner than the Nexus 4 which is a wonderful improvement so it’s taller and also slimmer also it looks wonderful you’ll notice when we align the displays in fact up at the leading the top has less of a bezel you’ll see the displays are lined up at the top at the top of the Nexus 4 rises greater than the Nexus 5 it resembles they did away with the side bezels are thinner also so those are just some improvements also to the tool overall though extremely comparable design with the earphone jack getting on leading you got the volume you obtained the volume as well as power switch in the exact same area together with the mini USB port too yet you do have a various audio speakers being at all-time low which is an improvement in my viewpoint instead of it getting on the back on the Nexus 4 to ensure that’s actually great you recognize if I open up the video camera application I’m not gon na remember my image area yet we can touch the focus and afterwards it you might take a picture of this button it just rapidly snaps an image you’ll see not extremely much shutter lag taking these photos it does concentrate genuine quick you can tinker all.

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those settings you can swipe over and simply have a look at the pictures I will publish some pictures taking taken with the Nexus 5 actually I’ll share those on Facebook Twitter Google+ you can follow me there with the residence launcher obviously I actually have a complete evaluation of KitKat 4.
4 if you intend to check that out I’ll link to it in the summary so I’m not mosting likely to discuss every little thing yet overall the feel of the tool is good I such as the matte finish to the back it has a very good feel to it I want the sides in fact had that net surface as well I would have liked that however that’s simply a personal choice of mine which the black one does so keep that in mind yet that’s nearly it looking ahead to using this for a great quantity of time and I will do a complete review video clip soon so please be sure to register for me I ‘d truly value it you can also follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ entirely something the descriptions of bad oh of training course and also allow me recognize what you think though if you got among these Nexus 5’s what do you assume if you’re going to if you’re not mosting likely to allow me recognize you think about this very anticipated tool really so Lee make certain to leave a remark and also as always guys many thanks I actually appreciate it make certain to offer this a thumbs up.