Manually Update the Nexus 7 to Android 4.4 KitKat

hello every person Tim Schofield below from Cuba Kang 77 comm doing a video reveal you got ta manually update your Nexus 7 to Android 4.4 KitKat right currently you must this technique the tutorial I’m doing will certainly function on both Nexus 7’s the 2012 and 2013 variant you just need to make certain you download the proper declare your device whether it’s the initial gen or second gen Nexus 7 now I’m holding the 2013 Nexus 7 yet again this approach will certainly benefit both Nexus 7 so keep that in mind if you want to upgrade to KitKat at the time of this video clip there’s no 2012 file however I will upload a download web link to it as quickly as it appears so just type of keep that in mind so right now you initially require to proceed as well as download and install a data in fact I’ll link to it in the summary it’s the update zip data that you require to download as I claimed make certain you download the proper one depending upon what variant of the Nexus 7 you do have in concerns to the 2013 variations certainly you need to be on 4.3 and also the build number is jss 15 are on KitKat it’s KRT 16 oh to ensure that’s just a little update there on what it needs to be called what the build number is called so first off

download and install that data you’re additionally mosting likely to need to go on and setup the SDK as well as adb 2 ATP and sdk tools on your pc so i’ll upload a fast tutorial in the summary tutorial video on how to do so so you require to make certain you set that up if you have actually refrained so yet anyways to obtain our tablet computer ready to upgrade you’re gon na require to simply power off the tool I wish to make a note that this is the exact like if you were accepting an over-the-air upgrade no information will be wiped as well as it will just upgrade your gadget to KitKat much like an over-the-air would you’re just type of manually doing it on your Nexus 7’s alright when our device is fully powered off what you require to do is press and also hold the power switch and also the quantity down switch the one outermost away from the power button at the very same time just proceed as well as press and hold both of them simply keep it held down as well as it must take us into the bootloader as you can see so it boots us right into the bootloader again I intend to make a note that you must be able to do this whether your supply and even have a custom healing just because I think twerp as well as ClockworkMod have an ADB side lots choice so also if you have stock healing undoubtedly is going to work and afterwards certainly a personalized healing will certainly in addition to lengthy as you get on the

previous supply develop also if you’re running a customized ROM know this upgrade isn’t mosting likely to work I would simply await and programmer to post a zip file if you’re running a customized ROM anyways to navigate through the bootloader quantity backwards and forwards on the side you’ll see reactivate bootloader recovery mode power off and also begin you desire to go on and also allow it’s a recuperation setting and press the power switch to select it it’s going to go on and also take us right into our stock recuperation okay so currently you should see there’s no command display it’s constantly complicated to obtain past it what you can do is press I think quantity up as well as hold it and after that push the power button and it ought to obtain you out of it it’s constantly pretty tricky try pushing up in the power button at the exact same time try quantity down in addition to I claimed it’s constantly such a discomfort trying to get them out I’m simply all at once pressing these switches all at the very same time to ideally there we go so I press in held the power switch much longer and after that just sort of faucet the volume up button and it ultimately got me out of that menu so as I said it’s always truly difficult to leave it so just keep trying and also ultimately you’ll reach this food selection okay so this menu is Android system recovery your own may be a little various if you are stuck with a customized recovery but you’ll see you’ll need to make use of volume up and down to browse as well as go

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ahead as well as drop to use upgrade from ADB and push the power switch now it’s just mosting likely to go in advance and down near the bottom say currently send the package to use which is what we’re gon na need to do on our computer currently so what we can do currently is go on and most likely to our computer alright once we go to our computer you’ll see navigate to where that documents was downloaded that update zip as I claimed it could be different depending on you whether you have in 2013 in 2012 alternative make sure you download the appropriate one but proceed as well as right-click and hit cut so obtain it out of your downloads folder and what we’re gon na require to do is go on and also navigate to where that SDK folder was that Android SDK folder that I published a video clip how to do so and after that go on and just go into platform devices as well as paste the documents right into your platform devices folder so just go on and hit paste as well as you’ll see that documents name is right there now once you have pasted it right into your platform devices folder go on as well as relabel and also claim to relabel it and afterwards best click as well as strike copy so simply duplicate that whole documents name a bunch of letters as well as numbers and lets you know what construct you’re mosting likely to and also from and afterwards when that’s done hold shift on your key-board oops hold change on your key-board right-click and also hit open command home window here so there’s a choice for open

command home window equally as I said you have to hold change and afterwards click exterior of the files and also it ought to state open command home window right here and also it should open a command prompt thus alright once this command home window is open up what you can do now is just plug your tablet computer right into your computer so just go ahead and plug it on in while it’s still asking for that file so down at the base it states currently you can use update via adb so what we can do currently is enter some straightforward commands in our command from so what you can do now is enter adb area side load room and afterwards once you have a room afterwards best click on top of your command timely emphasize edit and hit paste it’s gon na paste in that data name that we duplicated earlier and ensure at the end you include dot zip like that so see to it there’s dot zip at the end included see to it does not state dot zip zip just one zip will do as well as we prepare to go so as I claimed simply go in advance and also key in that command adb room side lots space file name and afterwards we can go on and press enter upon our keyboard doing so it’s gon na send that entire data onto our gadget and afterwards it’ll by hand update so you’ll see sending out side load is mosting likely to undergo a percent that implies it’s sending out the documents to our tablet computer I’m gon na let it go through and also I’ll be right back alright so you see it says 100% currently I think you can disconnect your gadget I don’t advise it however you ought to be able to

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thinking about that’s all that we needed to do on the computer side so I’m gon na run allow’s go ahead as well as go to our tablet alright so you’ll see on our device it is currently mounting the system upgrade on our gadget it’ll just run via the entire set up procedure you’ll see a little blue progression bar right below allowing how just how much longer you have I presume so I’m gon na let it run with and once it is done it should instantly reboot our tool however I’ll be back once it’s done setting up good so it says install from EDB full and also ran with and also it really did not automatically reboot as I said which is no big bargain it just brings us to this food selection currently all you need to do is push the power button when it’s highlighted on reboot system currently so just proceed as well as push the power switch as well as our device ought to reboot as well as that in fact needs to be it so we ought to have KitKat mounted on our Nexus 7 you’ll see it should have a new boot computer animation which will inform you right now if we’re on KitKat so let’s inspect it out all right there we go you’ll see it does have the KitKat boot computer animation I’m gon na allow it start up the first start up will take longer than usual subsequent boot ups will take much less time so I’m gon na let it boot and also show you men that we are now on KitKat alright so below we go my gadget has booted you’ll see it has a brand-new wallpaper automatically the I presume the brand-new KitKat wallpaper want to proceed and also show to you men that we get on kick out you’ll see a little UI difference up at the top the various symbols colors etc let’s proceed and go right into the setups application you’ll see the over scroll glow is now white per KitKat I do have a full evaluation of KitKat incidentally which I’ll connect to in the summary so you guys can have a look at all the new

functions of it anyways I’m going to most likely to regarding tablet and you’ll see Android variation 4.4 right there so there you go this is the 2013 Nexus 7 as I claimed previously but swiftly touch on the Android variation and also you get a little Easter Egg you can tap on that particular K for KitKat press as well as hold on it as well as it brings up this Android 4.4 display press and hang on that person oh hang on press and also hold on this person and also it raises one more display so you’ll see that it just type of brings up a screen with all of the previous builds you obtained honeycomb you got cupcake you got all those good previous builds jellybean etc so simply little symbols it’s simply a little easter egg allowing you recognize that you actually get on KitKat you can mess around with it so simply want to show you individuals that anyways you can swipe down when it goes complete screen and also raise the notification bar or the the buttons down right here near the bottom to ensure that’s a nice new function of cake which I look at my testimonial video clip but general that’s it that’s how to manually upgrade to Android 4.4 kitkat on your Nexus 7 tablet with any luck this video assisted you out I wish to make a note that it does not have the Google house experience launcher by default that is a Nexus 5 just thing at the moment if you do intend to try it out on your device I’ll connect to where you can get it in the summary of the video clip I’ll post a download link for you people if you intended to try it out it’s a little silly the search bar is a little off so simply kind of keep that in mind it’s not optimized for the Nexus 7 yet however anyways as I’ve said if you provide this video a thumbs up I ‘d really appreciate it you can additionally subscribe to me you can follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ I’ll link to be in the description the below and also as always many thanks

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