Android L Developer Preview Hands On

hey every person Tim Schofield right here from Cuba King 77 comm doing a hands-on video clip of the most up to date sneak peek construct of the most current version of Android Android L we’re not precisely sure what its mosting likely to be called it’s speculated that it will certainly be called lollipop they do enter indexed order as well as KitKat was last so help could be lollipop and additionally it is hypothesized that will certainly be called version 5.0 in contrast to 4 point 4 which is KitKat anyways I do have the Programmer Sneak peek build on my phone Google has uploaded links download web links to flash this on your device whether you have a nexus 5 or Nexus 7 2013 variant I will publish down the web links and also directions in the description if you wish to attempt it out on your tool it is in no other way a day-to-day build I imply I guess you could utilize it as an everyday construct there’s just a whole lot of random insects some applications simply do not work and I just don’t believe you would be happy with it as an everyday chauffeur so as I said designer sneak peek of the official construct will with any luck come very quickly I will do a complete evaluation once they begin the main construct due to the fact that there’s a great deal of things that they have not finished yet in this sneak peek however anyways let’s proceed and also look into the phone and also I will show you a great deal of adjustments in Android L alright so below is my Nexus 5 the initial thing I did

desire to display is the brand-new boot animation with every Android construct comes a new boot computer animation basic Google display to start and after that it does change right into the boot animation below so right here you go you’ll see right there simply some flying colors yellow eco-friendly red as well as blue personally I am NOT a fan it doesn’t it makes me a little dizzy but just this component I’m not a follower of towards the end you’ll see it has a very great ending up touch to it right here so you’ll see I guess the shades obtain a little more vibrant and afterwards it transitions into an android display which is really amazing so there you go that part is great I just don’t such as the flying shades at the beginning however anyways simply an individual choice there so that would be the new boot computer animation on Android L I’m thinking that’s gon na be the final boot computer animation however starting right up you’ll see the lockscreen is fairly different you swipe up to unlock I’ll obtain to the lock screen in just a 2nd first off up in the condition bar they are supposed to have brand-new icons in fact yet they still have the KitKat symbols once again the Designer Sneak peek so a lot of things are not going to be updated the notice bar is completely revamped you’ll see you’re right below pulling it down it simply reveals your

notices right there I just have email notifications right there draw it down you pull it down once again and also you have quick settings quick toggles here you’ll see I have Wi-Fi mobile information a primo Bluetooth notifications locations auto rotate as well as cast screens so and also you likewise have a brightness bar up at the top which is a nice addition as well so total totally overhauled the symbols are different you’ll see you do have a Settings button right here which will take you into these settings which look quite wonderful in fact it’s a brand-new setup screen which is much needed in Android one good new settings function is when you have it in landscape setting especially on a tablet it does sort of sort it better you’ll see you have various rows here so in columns so it’s just a truly great overhaul setups food selection that I do like a lot the utilizing battery display is different as well a lot more minimal simply type of programs you numerous points that you use I just transform my phone on so clearly it’s gon na be different so yeah I mean over all the setups screen just different symbols go to about phone you’ll see it just as Android variation L and also when you promptly tap on it it just brings you to this arbitrary display that goes through it is it there’s a YouTube video clip that reveals this as well so it’s just actually random you press and also hold on it and it’ll bring you to the exact same display as that sidekick hat I’m trying to consider if I have to hold on a certain factor on the screen however I did earlier it functioned but just holding it down there it goes brings you a complete display and simply brings this screen up I have actually looked

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around for like a lollipop or anything it started with an owl and also couldn’t see anything within the display so resembles they’re not providing anything away as to what it’s mosting likely to be called some resources claim lollipop in fact a great deal of resources claim lollipop yet it can potentially wind up being different we’re not too certain yet one even more point to keep in mind about this notice bar is that the two finger alert bar doesn’t work any longer to reach those fast setups so you do need to go down two times with your thumbs so it’s a little bit various I sort of like it as a liquid movement it’s a take as well long whatsoever so it’s not a big deal anyways allow’s proceed as well as go to the lock screen as well as notification that it is different I think they’re going to obtain rid of lock display widgets I’m negative yet that would be simply a guess of mine so one of the largest adjustments is that you see you have new alerts right here you’ll see you have your either e-mail sms message etc you’ll have your updates any alert that remains in your notification bar is mosting likely to appear on your lock screen you can proceed as well as broaden them and also you can tap on them and also tapping on them will certainly enable you to visit that certain or dual touching on them will permit you to visit that details notification so kind of a neat function

really that I simulate you’ll see the notice also is real-time so it updates as points are updating additionally you’ll discover there is a camera symbol down below and also a phone icon down below so a pair various points if you swipe to the right it’ll damage open up the video camera application certainly which is the new Google electronic camera application I have a full review of it if you want to inspect that out I can link to that now if you want to and after that likewise a dialer shortcut which you can swipe to the entrusted to reach talking the dialer it is totally overhauled so you’ll see this is rate dial your faves you can swipe over two recent calls and you can swipe over to context something you’ll discover is that that dialer symbol is constantly readily available on any of these screens it conforms to the middle and rate dial yet even when you’re in context etc it will relocate over so if I desire to go in advance and also continue the dialer you can inspect out this brand-new overhauled I’ll are very tidy very marginal I simulate it a great deal you can proceed and also as you can see as I type certain context and numbers do appear I’m gon na need to obscure those out for apparent safety and security reasons but great computer animations when you press the switches also you’ll see there’s a good light blue circle that appears then you just push the telephone call switch I do not recognize if that’s gon na work I don’t even mind I don’t have my number on so there

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goes so there’s a great telephone call so there’s the in telephone call screen as well alright some great alternatives there basic options as well as simply finish call telephone call ended likewise you’ll discover it states customer ID by Google is made it possible for going into that settings it reveals names from individuals in companies not in your get in touches with so you can disable that if you would love to so some nice attribute that they have actually contributed to your context also down at the bottom here you’ll see the back house and also recent running apps switches are overhauled the job the precise like they performed in KitKat pressing and hanging on the home switch permits you to head to Google now in any kind of display so you’ll see you can look into the World Cup scores U.S.A. progressing today very amazing anyways allow’s most likely to the current running applications button here really new and also I like it a whole lot if you have actually ever made use of Chrome on your phone it resembles have having tabs opened where you can type of swipe them away to get rid of them or tap on them to enter into them I actually like it honestly it requires to be a bit a lot more fluid just this is a designer preview so I’m not too concerned

regarding that yet yeah you can swiftly go in between applications swipe them away if you do not want them it has an X also in the upper right-hand man edge one more major update would be the keyboard let’s proceed and also check it out you’ll see right here this would be the key-board so there’s no divider panels at all so it’s kind of all one with simply letters so if you want to state hello there just how are you obviously I have a spelling error they’re not a big deal I believe it does have swipe also this is a it’s sort of buggy if you see those those things popping up it’s it’s not looking extremely great however once more a Developer Preview enter into those other icons so it’s interesting I wish to utilize it a bit much more before I give an evaluation on it it’s sort of tough when I’m actually not gon na utilize this as a day-to-day vehicle driver yet I will certainly start making use of hangouts and such as well as kind of get back to you once the official objective comes out if I simulate this keyboard or not this Designer Preview does not consist of any of the application to update such as Gmail keep any one of those brand-new updates that will certainly come quickly with the official develop which means I will certainly display in my evaluation yet it does have actually an upgraded calculator so we can check that out so there’s the calculator right there

you can swipe over for various other alternatives swipe those away you’ll see in the exact same similar animation as when you push buttons on the dialer too which is revamped so the dialer as well as the calculator both applications that they included as being completely done and updated so it’s kind of great one even more little attribute is called flexible brightness basically what it does is it uses you can transform it on and off it uses it’s much like automated illumination however you can still set a specific illumination level that you desire it at it’ll just still use auto illumination so just a little various there a different method to manage how bright your display obtains I require to use a little extra to see just how well it’s gon na function my hunch is it’s not gon na work also well it might function well but it’s a Designer Sneak peek so it could be a little insect you still

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will certainly see I’ll use out attempt it out as well as offer some responses also there’s additionally an actors screen alternative which I could not reach function right here so with any luck you ‘d be able to utilize a chromecast as well as cast your whole screen to your TV that would actually be quite big so eagerly anticipating that option appearing and completely working order anyways that suffices that’s all I wish to cover in the Android L Designer Sneak peek with my hands on with my Nexus 5 hopefully this video was interesting if you liked it please offer it a thumbs up I ‘d truly value it you can additionally register for me I ‘d truly value that you found me at Facebook Twitter and Google+ all links will be in the summary of the video clip listed below keep tuned for that complete evaluation video of L maybe it’ll be level maybe there’ll be something else we’ll figure out really soon however as constantly people thanks I actually value it