How to Unlock the Moto X (2014) 2nd Gen Bootloader

everyone Tim Schofield right here from Cuba King 77 com doing a video clip demonstrating how you can unlock the bootloader on the second generation Moto X this will wipe every one of your data including your internal storage so see to it you do back whatever up and also maintain that in mind once you open your bootloader after that you can root the tool I’ll make a just how to root video and also I will certainly connect to that in the summary as well so the very first action is you are mosting likely to need to mount the android adb sdk tools and also fastboot on your computer on your pc in fact i have a tutorial video clip demonstrating how to do that if you’ve never set those up I’ll connect to that in the description is pretty very easy really next you’re mosting likely to want to click the 2nd link in the description it’s really the Motorola opening bootloader internet site alright so the internet site’s going to resemble this it’ll state unlock your bootloader up at the leading you’re going to require to check in so ensure you do sign in to your account up there assess the risks see to it you do review all this things it’s important allow you recognize why it could invalidate your guarantee all that stuff it’s going to erase all your details everything like that again

you need to sign up as well as register to proceed I already signed in so I’m going to hit next once I have actually done that it’s going to take you to this following display it’s mosting likely to state obtain your gadget ID and also unlock code so leading set up the Android SDK we’ve already done that so you do not need to do that like I said this guide video remains in the summary next you’re going to wish to mount the motor-oil USB motorists they will be linked right here you can install those if you have not done so yet next we’re mosting likely to need to in fact put our gadget in fastboot mode so go ahead and go to your phone as well as power it on down so as soon as fully powered down we’re going to need to go on and enter into fastboot setting to do so you require to push and also hold quantity down and also power button at the exact same time so go ahead as well as press and hold them maintain it held down till the display does brighten quieting it looks like it’s not transforming the gadget on so you can go on and also allow go of the power switch but maintain holding down the valley down switch and after that it must take us into fastboot setting it did so best to make sure that’s what you need to do quiet draw them down the exact same time then after a while like oh the power switch and also it will take you to fastboot mode that smells you do not look much like this allows you

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understand gadget is locked right here we need that to stay unlocked so this is fastboot setting you can proceed and order your mini USB wire which is linked into your computer system as well as plug your Moto X right into your computer system once you have actually done that we in fact need to return to our computer and key in a few command motivates fine so currently with our computer opened you’re going to require to browse to that Android SDK folder that you did simply set up or head installed in your computer system double-click on it and afterwards go into the system tools folder inside that what I desire you to do is hold shift on your key-board right click and hit open command window here so what that’s going to do is go on and also open up this command prompt in the Android SDK windows platform tools folder now the initial command we need to type in is fastboot area Oh a.m. Space obtain emphasize unlock highlight information and press Enter now what that’s mosting likely to do is bring up a string of letters as well as numbers as you can see it’ll state bootloader prior to after that what you’re mosting likely to intend to do is proceed and also right click on top of the command timely and also hit and press mark which is under edit I’m sorry so most likely to modify and after that press mark and after that go in advance as well as click the leading left of that first number and then go to the bottom right of that last that last string at the end so it resembles there’s a number of absolutely nos at the end I believe you require to highlight every one of them just do not highlight bootloader do not highlight anything else now go ahead and also return to the top of the command timely emphasize modify and also strike copy so it’s going to replicate that entire string now after you duplicated this entire string you need to go back to that Motorola internet site as well as paste it into this box right below this open box go ahead and also it pasted there may be areas you’ll see there’s a room

Below you desire to get rid of all of those areas that’s going to in fact trigger a mistake I think there’s four of them so find all of those rooms as well as then remove them because that’s going to create an error when you draw up when you hit can my tool be opened so once again discover all four like I said I believe there’s four areas and then press can my device be unlocked its verifying qualification and currently after that’s done it says if your tool is unlockable a request unlock key button will certainly currently show up at the bottom of the page as well as what do you know there it is request unlock qiyam once again make certain to read this I’m not responsible for anything that goes wrong this is just obtaining your unlock key this is not going to make any adjustments to your phone struck I concur as well as request unlock crucial what that’s going to do is send a it’s going to send an e-mail to your it’s going to send an e-mail to you allowing you know you’re in lock Kias so this claims unless you have a designer edition this will certainly nullify your warranty are you sure I’m gon na strike all right once again unless you have a designer version this will certainly nullify your service warranty all right so this is what the e-mail is going to

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look like it’s mosting likely to give you an unique unlock code as well as I’m mosting likely to ideal click on it as well as hit copy it so replicate that unlock code once you have actually done that go back to your command punctual and also we can proceed as well as finish off by keying in this final commands alright so with your device connected in all you need to do is type in fastboot room OAM space unlock and afterwards what you require to do is go on and also paste that that unique secret that you have right after unlock so proceed as well as right click on top highlight edit as well as hit paste so it’s going to be unlock area and also on that particular special secret and after that we’re going to press enter and after that our gadget see to it you take a look at your device currently it’s mosting likely to show something up so below we go a lock code completed delay to reboot it’s going to reboot your tool it says unlock unlocked I presume that may be it I would certainly have thought you would have had to finish it on your phone yet allow’s take a look let it reboot alright it resembles it restarted my phone currently it says it’s just fallen short for some factor this is cautioning bootloader

unlock your device’s bootloader has been opened so it did not fail I do not know why it claims that on the computer yet do not fret about that cautioning bootloader is opened that screen is mosting likely to turn up there is a method to remove it check out at XD a-and you ought to have the ability to do away with that display if you do not such as seeing that every time you do boot up the phone that ought to have to do with it like I claimed that did wipe your information whatever internal storage space all that good things and there you have it so your bootloader is unlock currently you can go ahead as well as root the gadget I will certainly connect to whatever in the description of this video ideally this video clip assisted you out if it did please offer it a thumbs up you likewise register for me as well follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ all web links to be in the manuscript solution below and as always individuals thank you for viewing alright and also lastly simply to show you individuals that this did start up and it’s working simply fine as well as it did reboot reset whatever you likewise don’t need this plugged in any longer so you can unplug it and also there you have it so blue loaders unlock many thanks

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