iPhone 6 Plus First Impressions: RIP Back Button (2 Week iPhone Challenge)

April 1 Tim Schofield here from Cuba King 77 dot-com right here with my very first check-in video in my apple iphone six-plus 2 week difficulty collection so obviously you saw the first one announcing the obstacle it’s been 3 full days I obtained a complete weekend utilizing this gadget and also a couple of things firstly I’m not going to jailbreak it I maintain getting individuals to messaging me about it I’m not going to jailbreak it this is not my iPhone I’ll be giving it back so I’m not going to make adjustments like that to another person’s phone additionally no it has not bent ok and I do not think it’s going to I do not think you need to stress about that that’s those were simply kind of minor instances I’m certain they obtained fixed and no it hasn’t been Stu not anxious concerning that as well as also I still I’m using it I haven’t I have actually still survived the obstacle after these 3 full days and also I’ve been texting at it sending emails on it however yeah let’s go in advance and obtain a better look at the device currently as well as I can offer my hands on in first impressions alright so allow’s start this very first check-in video now a whole lot of individuals I’m sure when they initially had their very first impact

video clips or anything like that they intended to speak regarding how huge the display was specifically since this is the largest apple iphone that they have actually made the largest screen – iPhone for me it’s not that large of a bargain because I’m so used to using these cinema gadgets such as a Nexus 6 and Keep in mind 4 this is not brand-new to me whatsoever so I imply the screen is huge yes certainly in my viewpoint possibly a little bit also big I stated that concerning the Nexus 6 I said that regarding the note 4 simply in an individual viewpoint yet yeah so the display is huge however that’s regarding all I have to claim to it since being claimed Apple has actually attempted to give way so that you can use your phone with one hand a lot easier if this was my gadget I would certainly simply throw a flag up on it yet it’s not so certain points that Apple has done is you can double tap the residence switch not dual press you don’t double click if you double click it it gets you to your current applications you double press it and also it will certainly drop down applications it’ll drop down generally any screen you’re in so if you’re in this dialer as well as you can not get to those leading tricks go like this type of a discomfort truthfully it doesn’t fix the trouble of using your phone at one hand

They have actually made that choice as well as likewise I do truly miss out on a back button a great deal of individuals claim oh you can just swipe from the left but that’s not constantly the instance and also many in some apps of course you can it’s truly good so allow’s say I’m in general oh I didn’t in fact suggest to go right into general rather of having to go all the means up in the upper left-hand corner I can swipe from the left and also go back nonetheless there’s cases where that’s not possible really if ads stand out up or particular things happen in various other apps that aren’t supply applications it simply kind of obtains laborious having to go all the method in the top left edge to press that back switch and also once more it is wonderful if they might execute that swipe from the left back gesture on almost everywhere that would be perfect they ought to definitely think concerning doing that in the future it’s just a discomfort not having a back switch currently let’s go ahead and also talk concerning the style so first of all it’s a really well made tool you can’t deny that I can truly appreciate the design of it and also how well it’s made it’s really thin as well I still can not obtain over exactly how thin it is it’s wonderful likewise the lightning cord is great simply since you can

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put it put it right into the gadget regardless I can not wait on microUSB to overtake that sort of a pity it’s really much more tough to locate lightning cords because not a whole lot because they’re kind of expensive actually to ensure that’s type of a drawback however it’s really good that you can in fact not need to think of it when you plug your device in additionally I like the earphone jack at the end of the tool in contrast to the top which some suppliers of Android phones have actually been doing but total it feels great in your hand it has an effectively made however it is unsafe to make sure that is the disadvantage to it it is kind of unsafe so particularly with a larger tool to hold this little bit more hard to hold an included slipperiness it’s it’s a little difficult I guess so I mean it might be even more of an incentive to toss on a situation currently I want to go in advance and discuss one of my preferred features up until now from using this device for these three days which would certainly be the finger print scanner which is installed into the home switch so if I press the power button as well as put my finger on it it’s mosting likely to open the device simply like that I’ve signed up three fingers now so you can go on and also sign up numerous ones I do not know the maximum quantity I make certain there is a maximum I would wish it would certainly be 10 yet perhaps he might be its last however anyways it’s really quick as well as rather

protected I suggest I wouldn’t claim it’s optimal safety yet what you can do gets on your with your thumb just push the house button leave it push up versus the button and also then opens it right now it’s very quick extremely smooth or certainly you can go in advance and also just swipe to the right and also use a passcode if you’re putting on gloves or do not have accessibility to one of the fingers you registered or anything like that on Android phones I’ve never ever made use of pass codes or anything it was simply also laborious it wasn’t fast enough but the wonderful execution of this finger print scanner has made me use it which has actually added some protection to my tool if I do not want pals picking it up I don’t necessarily require the safety however since it’s so quick and easy that I don’t I don’t really have any problem with utilizing it in any way so and it works so well so shout out to Apple for in fact executing this finger print scanner the just one I’ve really utilized is Samsung’s with the note 4 we had to swipe down on the screen and also it was just a discomfort so shout out to the fingerprint scanner now let’s go as well as chat regarding the software program and utilizing the gadget one thing I do miss out on is having the ability to place

these app icons wherever I want so let’s say I wish to put passbook in this bottom right corner I can not they all need to be raised in order as you can see simply a minor thing it is difficult not having an application cabinet I mean all your applications there it kind of pressures you to make use of more folders so you’ll see one of the very first folders I did make was this Google folder so if I open it up you’ll see opening a folder does away with any kind of symbols in the surrounding area which is sort of a discomfort simply in basic simply for one reason the primary factor let’s say I most likely to this Google application if I most likely to the Google application and also I push the home button it brings you back to the folder which is type of strange if I push the house switch you would certainly think it would certainly go house however if it goes back to the folder after that I would certainly want a minimum of those 4 specialized app icons down at the bottom still simply sort of a minor gripe again the individual choice you may such as that you might not but you’ll see Google folder you can have those there I just dropped that down in my application symbol so it simply type of pressures you to make use of even more folders in contrast to

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just having an app to rent while your primary used applications on the home display overall though utilizing the tool I will certainly claim it’s very smooth it’s likewise really basic as opposed to customized is all the customizations you can make so if I proceed and go as well as swap between apps it’s it’s relatively quick you dual press the house button to reach these current apps and also this is actually cool so if I have your current contacts up right here you can most likely to one you can either call it or send it to text and also it’s extremely smooth it’s very quick so if I most likely to this message you’ll see right here he claims he wishes to hear about CES it went right to it and also I didn’t have that open for a lengthy time which’s simply dual tapping the house button as well as going to those current applications so that’s actually great honestly I’m I truly like that function as well as also multitasking is very fluid so once more I’m actually do not desire you to think I’m gon na be disliking on this phone there are points concerning it that I such as like as I’m noticing right below but there are things that I don’t like however so we can get to that yet like I claimed it’s really smooth extremely fluid however it’s likewise basic like I stated there’s not much customizations however let’s go on and also get into alerts so notification symbols I kind of miss out on a lot

there’s no icons up on top if you obtain a message in e-mail anything like that if you intend to check your notices you can pull this down and you’ll see of alerts right below I do miss it it’s a little bit various nevertheless the pop-up alerts function better on iphone I need to claim consisting of the sms message one the sms message one is outstanding so allow’s proceed as well as show you that all appropriate so I just texted myself and you’ll see a pop-up comes right below you swipe down and you can automatically respond today without leaving the certain app you remain in which’s truly great honestly it’s embedded right into the stock messaging application really quick really simple I believe Google should bear in mind with their supply messaging app as well as make it a little much better as well as easier to fast reply from a details notification now something that’s sort of goofy is that the residence launcher in fact revolves every method consisting of upside down and also that’s kind of stupid I do not understand why they included this even if in rather

much no app works upside-down so you’ll see I’ll most likely to the phone dialer you have to flip it around to utilize it the only one that I might locate that really worked inverted was the Settings application and also that was it so I do not actually see the thinking behind it kind of goofy they need to absolutely remove that makes no sense as well as lastly the last thing I want to discuss is sharing and it’s kind of a joke actually if I go to images click among these photos that I took I took this one today and I want to most likely to share you press this icon down below and also you can only share in particular applications they do not permit sharing to all applications so if I most likely to even more these are the only ones that I can share – I have a gmail application that I wish to share points with I other applications I want to share photos with but I can’t it’s kind of unusual I simply I simply do not get it whatsoever Apple type of screwing you over with something like that what you can’t choose your details application that you wish to share these photos or whatever you desire to show to within that particular application yet anyways that’s truly all I want to share as you saw excellent things poor points included with this phone once more that’s only after 3 days so a lot more ahead I still discuss

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cam battery life many more points so I’ll be doing one more upgrade video clip if you wish to see maybe a camera video camera examination I could submit among those leave a discuss what you wish to see if you have applications tips and also like that satisfied to learn through you guys as constantly if you provide me a thumbs up I ‘d really appreciate it make sure to subscribe as well so you’re alerted when I do submit those future video clips like I claimed every coming throughout the week throughout the following pair weeks a little less than a couple weeks in the heck but anyways that has to do with it let me know you think leave a comment happy to learn through you guys also follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ particularly Twitter I have actually been doing either much more step-by-step updates not just video updates however just posting particular points concerning phone the apple iphone etc so follow me there and also as always men many thanks for I actually appreciate the assistance