iPhone Challenge Check In: Camera, Battery, Screen, and More!

every person Tim Schofield below from Cuba King 77 comm time for another check-in video clip utilizing my apple iphone six-plus throughout the two-week obstacle this isn’t the last video Thursday I will finish the two-week obstacle if I make it that much who understands maybe I will not make it maybe I’ll also stick with the iPhone we’ll see on Thursday but anyways today last check-in video clip I’m gon na mainly concentrate on three points actually like I guaranteed last Thursday I’m gon na go ahead and also concentrate on battery life electronic camera and also the screen so I headed to show I stated video camera life and also battery but the display is gon na be thrown in there as well I’m gon na talk concerning some various other things some points have simply been type of making me a little mad possibly I’m doing glitch possibly one of you can help me out if you if you recognize precisely what to do yet yet anyways let’s go as well as enter it first off I intend to go ahead and also discuss the electronic camera alright so let’s have a look at the cam as well as the electronic camera software application so you’ll see the apple iphone has an 8 megapixel video camera on the back it’s also crucial to note that the iPhone 6 plus has optical picture stabilization whereas the apple iphone 6 does not you’ll see it does have an LED flash right following to it right here so it’s.

Crucial to note that this does stick out just a little bit on the back as you can see it does protrude a little bit so when you do establish the phone down it can turn a little bit you can really just tilts a little bit back as well as forth not that large of a bargain to me I actually do not care about that yet just wanted to let you recognize it does kind of stick out just a little bit alright so let’s go speak about some of the software includes you can go right to the camera from the lockscreen you simply swipe up and it goes right to the electronic camera application I do desire to note that it opens up the cam app very promptly so if I desire to go ahead as well as login of training course finger print scanner works extremely well still if I want to swipe that electronic camera application away and also go ahead and go to the electronic camera application it opens really rapidly that’s one point I have actually observed really quick and I additionally want to come out and claim it right currently this is one of the ideal electronic cameras in the market right now on a mobile phone measuring up to the note 4 I was packing up for is the ideal yet I think this might in fact be a little bit better if not about the very same so just simply take note that it takes very excellent photos so if you’re a person that takes a lot of.

images on your camera and also you desire a truly good video camera this actually has one now once again it is necessary to note that this is a 6 plus as well as it does have optical picture stablizing to ensure that kind of aids with low-light circumstances and also low-light on this phone is excellent so to offer you an idea of low light I just took a picture in fact today as well as it was low light it was most definitely a low light and the photo turned out much better than it looked really I suggest brighter at least lighter so you’ll see this is really a low-light image no flash absolutely nothing like that it makes it feel like it’s warm out or there’s a number of light coming in from the home window yet there truly wasn’t as well as you can see that it looks actually excellent so it takes excellent low-light images likewise one more one I took I was in a car as well as it was nighttime and also it was extremely dark allow me go to it and also right here we go so here it is and also it’ll look dark don’t fret you trust me it’ll look dark on here it really looks respectable but it was much darker than it shows up in this photo so and this is with the flash so to offer you a suggestion contrast but this is I think in the in the vehicle when it is dark out it takes very good low-light pictures obviously optical photo stablizing aids that and after that.

this is it with the flash so with a flash also it’s a very intense flash I don’t like taking really many photos with the flash itself currently just to display a couple a lot more images here’s a quick one of my laptop computer key-board that I took just flaunting some information does not really good at get it getting hold of information now allow’s check out some colors it’s just a covering and you’ll see I mean even when i focus the quality is still extremely excellent after that lastly this is a lengthy photo I took at the very least a far-away image to provide you a suggestion it also has a number of shades in it so if I wished to focus much it still looks really good with these much away buildings simply to kind of offer you a concept allowed’s consider this really far away building focus as much as I can still very clear like I claimed the electronic camera is wonderful there’s that wonderful blue skies it simply looks excellent many of the pictures that I take are extremely excellent currently when it comes to the cam application itself the stock video camera application you don’t have way too much modifying you can do there are third-party electronic camera applications which you can so if you simulate to edit experiment with it it’s good to grab a third-party application however what some functions it does have you do have a square alternative which I believe it’s simply extra so for perhaps Instagram images for taking panoramas which I virtually don’t use all of it it works all right you might swipe over most likely to video you don’t have an alternative to alter the high quality you shoot in 1080p regardless of what you can change 30 frames a second or 60 structures a second that’s about it slow-moving activity 20 to 40 and I don’t in 120 those are your 2 options 240.

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as well as 120 frames per 2nd kind of great demand to play around with but also for me I never truly needed to utilize it but it does not function rather well it’s really amazing that they did include it and afterwards a time-lapse video as well that they have so a bunch of choices where you just swipe over now let’s most likely to image if you touch on this symbol it provides you a really amazing take a look at the various I think and also it’s you can make too if you wish to select a particular one if you want a various filter on your image so and also it provides an excellent preview of it you could touch it to go out of it once again you have a timer you can flip to the front camera HDR setting you can turn vehicle on/off very same with the flash currently but like I claimed it focuses quickly it takes a great picture a quality image and also if you concentrate and also you swipe backwards and forwards you can change the exposure yourself so you’ll see following it brighter if I desire it darker you can do that or you simply touch away and it’ll go back to I believe just an automatic setup and it’ll alter the direct exposure by itself I do intend to.

make a note I do have a video test making use of 60fps 1080p I’ll link to that in the description if you intend to examine that out now allow’s proceed and also talk about the battery life currently it is necessary to note that I’m making use of a 6 plus and also not a 6 since they have various sized batteries and also I believe that battery life is even worse on the 6 contrasted to the 6 plus so my experiences are originating from the 6 plus all right now battery life it has a 2915 milliamp hr battery which is still a pretty large battery specifically with a larger style and also a very slim style also it’s I imply that’s a quite strong battery size let’s proceed as well as talk regarding it so currently if I enter into setups to check I presume your use you go to general and after that use and after that you go to battery usage today it was a little strange because I allow it I left it off the battery charger all night last evening and also you’ll see I billed it to a hundred percent 3 and a fifty percent hrs back and I’m usage I believe is like display on time two hours and 15 mins if I’m wrong concerning that please comment let me know that’s to my understanding yet anyways allow’s speak about battery life so this is it there’s there’s no chart like there is an.

Android or anything like that yet battery life is wonderful I’m not gon na exist it’s better than a note 4 for me not by a great deal however by a little so total I would certainly claim this is possibly the most effective battery life out of any type of phone I’ve used yet I suggest you obtained ta make note with software I make certain what’s excellent that with Apple’s software program is that they enhance it for their equipment considering that they only have this device they maximize their software to work effectively with the equipment so it runs well it runs efficiently and also it doesn’t take a massive toll on the battery life currently with Android I desire Google would do something like that with the Nexus 6 as well as Nexus 6 battery life is type of frustrating they require to enhance their software to work better with their hardware currently once more to wrap up collection apart software program includes it is a cellular phone so it still does a whole lot of it simply still has a whole lot of performance yet battery life this is the very best I have actually utilized quickly last me all the time and also I have a bit added which is why I had the ability to not bill it over night and after that also utilize it until it got to about 5% then I connected it accountable it back up to 100% I’m likewise truly missing out on Google currently specifically with it incorporated into the operating system I do miss it I know Google has their own.

Google app it’s simply not the exact same and also they do it Siri I will certainly be doing a contrast of Google now in Siri after Thursday I’ll do a contrast of the 2 asking inquiries as well as stuff but Siri just doesn’t provide the exact same quantity of details that Google currently does Siri is I think fun for like more conversational things so if I want to state hi how’s your day going see so I indicate just conversational things I don’t think you ‘d do all that things with Google currently which I indicate some people might such as much better simply when it’s gathering info as a whole I feel like the Google now in fact brings more to the table and also talking browsing allow’s speak about limelight search currently highlight search is iphone as Universal search and also to reach everything you actually have to do is swipe down anywhere on any of these app symbol screens which is actually great because it’s very simple to reach I’m so utilized to having a fast widget to obtain to Google search on my Android tools so it behaves that there’s a little substitute nonetheless it’s type of been acting a little goofy for me lately so if I intend to search something like Super Dish rating allow me mean that right so if I go to Super Dish score it’ll be it’ll bring up news evidently crazy as well as anticipate rating properly or you can look the web or search Wikipedia so there’s those.

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choices if I intend to go ahead and also search something like Blackhawks so if I browse Blackhawks I hit search it’ll raise this checklist now this is sort of important so you’ll see a recommended web site you’ll see Wikipedia you see contacts you’ll see Bing search and also you’ll see search Wikipedia but it does not reveal search web which is type of a pain since I do not such as Bing Bing searches as negative so if I wish to strike more arise from Bing and also release me bring me to Bing I can not strike Browse web which brings me the Google search within the Safari internet browser of course you have to make use of a safari internet browser so if I wished to browse something like allow’s claim office chair you’ll see search internet turns up in some cases it does in some cases it does not I don’t recognize why it’s always acting so goofy so if I hit search web it’ll look go to Safari it’ll go to google.com and search workplace chair which is what I wished to do at all times however it does not constantly appear and also it’s simply a pain certainly like I claimed you need to utilize Safari you can’t.

alter it to Chrome the default to ensure that’s simply that’s simply your spotlight search and also it’s simply sort of a pain for me now I’m still truly missing out on the back button I recognize I touched on it in a previous video clip however that’s something I feel like Apple really requires to integrate into their apples iphone as a back button or some means to just return there’s certain search in it with circumstances where you actually require a back switch and also it’s simply not feasible especially with bigger screens not needing to go in advance and enter the top left-hand edge to touch the back arrowheads and another point I have actually actually been missing is notification icons directly I obtain notices from a bunch of various apps which I make sure you do as well consisting of e-mail message messaging hangouts snapchat I indicate simply numerous apps simply provide me notifications Instagram Twitter I indicate simply so numerous that I get a lot so it’s like I can’t inform which application has alerts without taking down.

the alert bar so I’m actually missing that as well as also something else that’s sort of been hopping on my nerves is a notice system not necessarily the live notice system when you remain in an application and also the roof acacia stands out down I kind of like that so not that one this the one where you have a notice pulldown bar as well as no notice icons okay but like I claimed notifications if I pull this down naturally you have today as well as alerts which is even more of your widgets and also such if I go to alerts right here’s all my notifications below’s why it’s sort of been obtaining on my nerves first off I have actually checked out every one of these messages as well as responded to every one of them in the hangouts application as well as they really did not disappear I do not understand if that’s application developer associated or otherwise however they did not disappear they must I’ve currently read all of these I indicate you can close out every one of them likewise they’re not group with each other quite possibly they’re all different they take up a whole lot of space so gon na clear them you can and you’ll see all of these.

e-mails as well I’ve seen a few of them so they shouldn’t be turning up there any longer and also you’ll see they’re all different they aren’t grouped into one I presume fast preview where perhaps you can increase it like they perform in Android which I assume Android has actually done a far better job with the notice pulldown bar particularly just since this takes up a great deal of area and as well as there’s no symbols either so it’s not like I truly need to pull down bench to actually see them currently I additionally intend to chat regarding something that I have not discussed as multitasking so you dual press the residence switch and right here it is so you can swipe with you do have your current up there but if you wish to go promptly in between apps so I wish to go to Twitter real fast I can you’ll see the logo design back up it shut out of it since I had not utilized it in a long period of time so if I go back to this I was playing this video game previously as you can see loads it up and also it’s extremely smooth in fact multitasking jobs well if I wish to open up the cam application I can you can not.

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press those symbols down here if you swipe via up below it goes type of slow-moving however if you intend to go quickly you can swipe really promptly with these symbols down below and you can touch the symbol too so I actually like there I presume general theme of their I presume their quick setting I imply their fast multitasking alternatives and also it it’s smooth as well as it functions well currently lastly allow’s go on and also chat regarding the display so I’m gon na proceed and give you some closed lips at some different colors perhaps take a look at a video clip so allow’s inspect out the display screen okay let’s look into the apple iphone 6 ands also show it is a 1080p display screen 401 pixels per inch on a 5.5 inch display screen and general I would say my experience is great with the display it does rival various other Android front runner devices it does have a big screen does take a bit to obtain utilized to naturally but style tool yet going through perhaps considering a couple various other wallpapers with other colors shades do pop I indicate outside looking outside it looks very really terrific truthfully just the shades pop I indicate viewing angles are great like I claimed it matches other.

flagship screens I mean you do have a retina HD display so absolutely nothing truly too negative to say regarding the display as a whole now right here’s me just playing a fast video game if you want to see what it resembles with various other shades movement etc I’m mosting likely to show you a video but I figured this video game it’s called the earn to die I ‘d really been playing at a respectable amount it’s rather fun it was free for me I do not recognize I believe it was just a sale I don’t recognize if it really cost cash or not yet there’s simply a quick video game on the screen alright yet that’s it to ensure that would certainly be my thoughts on the apple iphone prior to my last review so if you haven’t seen them inspect out my other apple iphone videos I’ll post the web link to the playlist in the summary if you wish to inspect them out offer me some ideas and likewise make certain to suggest points you want to see in the final review of whether it be hardware related software program associated etc and also like I stated afterwards final review I’ll do some comparisons may review lollipop vs.iOS as well as also Siri versus Google TV versus Google in that for certain lollipop for iOS probably also so stay tuned for those be certain to sign up for me and also click that subscribe button I ‘d truly value you go so click that like button that helped me out you follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ I’ll such as some engraving vide below and as constantly people thank you for.