HTC One M9 vs One M8: Sense 7 and 6 Comparison

every person Tim Schofield below from Timmy King 77 comet today I have the HTC One m9 and also the m8 side-by-side can you tell which one is which now neither can i good anyways in instance you require to know the m9 gets on the left as well as the m8 gets on the right here as well as today I’m mosting likely to be comparing feeling 7 as well as sense 6 so both of these devices run lollipop that’s sick quick test really between two tools when you double touch the display the m8 transforms out a little bit quicker than the m9 it has to do with the very same if you push the power button so let’s begin like I stated sense 7 on the m9 sense 6 on the NA so here’s the lockscreen really similar in a feeling of you have your application symbols down there you have your lock screen widgets obviously both is both are running lollipop however you’ll see the climate widgets a little bit different I assume if I would certainly weather readily available could be rather comparable so lock displays generally really similar all right so we unlocked it going to the residence screen I’m in fact going to take you right into

setups really swiftly scroll down go to concerning phone as well as you’ll see we go right into software application info on both of them as well as you’ll see HTC Feeling version 6.0 there as well as 7.0 right there left wing certainly I’m in fact gon na be doing a full contrast of these two tools if you’re interested subscribe I’ll be doing it hopefully extremely soon I’ll be doing a full review on the m9 also alright so on the house display in those some differences the climate widgets a little bit various I like the one in the m9 a bit better personally likewise with the launcher you’ll see you have tips right below recommended apps some individuals may like it some individuals don’t you can clearly simply eliminate it if you don’t like it and below you have something that’s called wise folders as well as essentially what it does is if let’s say I head out I press out and also it will certainly transform the apps within the folder relying on what I’m doing obviously you can personalize it so you go out functioning house with job you have Drive

schedule mail and then if I go back home below it is you do not have that on the MA you likewise see some different application icon updates see the cam icons a little different you got the dialer which will change when you transform the accents I’ll show you what I’m speaking regarding in simply a 2nd so simply a little bit different there an extremely minor aesthetic change is really the application drawer symbol you’ll see there squares on the m8 and circles on the m9 just very little application drawer is essentially the same upright scrolling so extremely similar there blinkfeed got updated where you can include some even more services to it and so on so a little updated there allow’s have a look at the pulldown bar so you’ll see very very comparable within the pulldown bar if we draw it down once more you’ll see you do have some quick settings right below allow me liquidate of those so right here’s the fast settings you’ll discover that flashlight was added really on the m9 with sense 7 so that’s sort of wonderful see it works well so general very comparable the colours you can change you can tailor as well as I’ll chat regarding that in just a minute alright so let’s have a look at the electronic camera I’m mosting likely to in fact open them at the very same time rather similar I would certainly state an opening times lead back out of it as well as after that do it as soon as a lot more so let me enter into it over and over very comparable opening times on both it was rather quick on both so that being claimed so currently right here we go with the electronic cameras currently so you see you have swipe swipe to change

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video cameras on the m9 right here down at the bottom so you can swipe with you have selfie swipe up camera panorama there’s a choice to add more as well and after that when you swipe on the m8 it’s a little bit various you have flipping the front-facing camera and after that you have I think using the front and also back electronic camera at the exact same time to ensure that’s sort of neat choice I think you can include that on the m9 too but on the whole icon the video camera switch symbol in the m9 is simply a bit smaller sized as you can see this does not have a square around at this settings here so let me most likely to that sorry it’s a little hard stereo and undoubtedly you can include certain ones right here okay so I’m likewise going to take a quick photo at the very same time on both of them certainly I’m gon na have to do the in this mode so allow me go on and also one-two-three really similar times so yeah that Maidstone the best m9 on the left here let me go on and reveal those off certainly this is a not truly excellent comparison so I’m not I’m going to reveal these I like I said I’ll do a complete comparison of cam as well as all that stuff but this is

simply regarding sense great check out the dialer now that has actually been updated so you’ll see on the m8 it was black and now it’s white on the m9 likewise you’ll see another excellent modification on because 7 is just how much better these menus are you’ll see favorites individuals groups that’s excellent because prior to it was so spaced out it made no sense since it was like oh well I don’t know what mores than below why do not I have to maintain swiping to find out what mores than below so you’ll see it’s definitely better on here I do not know if you people like the white dialer over the plaque I possibly like the black really all right also one more distinction is the keyboard so key-board got a bit of updates I think it’s sent out seven relevant instead of m9 related so here we go you’ll see it’s spacing is a little bit different as well as it’s white so shade distinction naturally so just a bit different there as well as there’s eco-friendly and also black in general a little different I haven’t had the ability to test which one’s far better yet some of the supply apps obtained updated if you most likely to the calendar just looks a little bit various obviously this is day allow’s go to month I suggest they simply have a little bit different color pattern there

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was black and blue right there the calculator got a little bit of an update so let’s go in advance and also go to that great so you’ll see calculators various it’s weird that the dialer as well as calculator got flip-flopped with the shades on the m8 it’s white but black dial in on the m9 it’s black calculator and also white dialer good one more great upgrade to the m9 I think it’s sent 7 related would certainly be navigation buttons down right here the back house and current running applications button so if you obtained an individualized on the m9 the m8 does not have this so I can’t also go to it so if I go to personalize you’ll see navigation bar right below so transform navigation switches what you can do in fact is include one you can not add every one of them you can add another so you have quick setups conceal navigating bar alerts auto revolve and shut off display you can not uncheck these so do not even I suggest you can try but it’s not mosting likely to work undoubtedly you require to back residence so if I intended to switch off the display I had done you’ll see this power switch gets there and what do you know it switched off the screen which is type of good in a sense of considering that you have dual tapped awake you can just eliminate even more usage of the power switch so and you can additionally certainly riffle of them one more one that you have is alerts allow me alter the order to the bottom there and there you see it obtains updated if you press it once it brings

down application if you push it two times it reduces your quick toggles on you can not back out of it you just have to press the switch to leave those notices anyways back right into the customization food selection still you’ll see theme on the HTC One m8 motif engine obtained upgraded Ivan messed with it way too much on the mm yet it is upgraded so if you alter your style you can sort of modification things what occurs if you choose a specific wallpaper photo it’ll change the color design throughout the entire system just based upon that history or that image that you select likewise accent shades is something that you can alter that you can’t change on your m8 so kind of cool I’m on tilt right now if I most likely to HTC default you’ll see a modification if I transform the traction you’ll see that general modification still a number of total ones you can personalize one like I stated this will alter based upon possibly a particular photo or something that you pick so general great deals of nice style modifications on the m9 as well as then finally one last point I wished to show off is the volume rockers so quantity rockers naturally having various menus so you obtained ringtone here you have silence right

there ringer on and afterwards vibrate and after that you can go setups and also raises ringers and also notifications whereas on right here you have more of a lollipop design menu allow me reveal you that so you’ll see you go all the method down as well as you have silent as well as vibrate still yet you can still activate top priority none concern for an hour etcetera all as well as then you do have the Setups switch there also to reach your songs and also alarms etc so overall that’s concerning it when it involves sense 7 sense 6 absolutely nothing also insane updated like I claimed ideally this is sense associated this navigating button I believe it is yet don’t just to it yet yeah that’s rather much it allow me know you assume concerning sense 7 sense 6 great deals extra ahead with the m9 coverage sub-state song make sure to subscribe inform me facebook twitter google+ only send out the description to be bolon as all you men thank you quite

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