What’s On My Android Phone? Summer 2015

every person Tim Schofield below from Cuba King 77 come one do a fast enjoyable video clip for you guys in fact very asked for a great deal of you asked for this video I’m gon na reveal you men what gets on my Android phone whether it be app video game widget all that good stuff if you have any suggestions on apps or things that can make my phone much better allow me know simply leave a comment if you assume one can be much better than the other as well as I’m really vacationing right now in utter banks North Carolina so simply returned from the coastline so one 2 stop take a fast break make a video so let’s fire it up and see what gets on my phone all right so I am using a samsung galaxy s6 right now as my daily chauffeur nevertheless this changes a great deal so maybe when every 2 weeks I try as well as switch over phones simply writing a review of all the different phones keep updated on them all that good stuff I’ll probably switch to the g4 when I get back from trip now you’ll see I get on the stock samsung touchwiz launcher presently however that adjustments i switched over between the nova launcher you’ll see I have Nova Launcher

prime too and additionally the Google now launcher so depending on what state of mind I remain in and what I seem like utilizing those are the three launchers that I use I’m a Samsung launcher I’m making use of the product design theme which is available in the theme store if you have an interest in that now when it comes to the texting application that I use truthfully I simply need an application that has a drop-down that shows me the message as well as I can quick reply in so I do not have to leave the existing application I’m in so to make use of that I use message attract the galaxy s6 supply messaging app has that as well as likewise the Google carrier app so those are the three I’ll generally utilize after that when it pertains to the keyboard I use Swift trick has just always been my go-to I always drop back as well as it has I presume swipe you have a variety of row specialized number rows essentially why I use it over Google key-board I really like Google key-board too however it doesn’t have that specialized number role which Google requires to add and also simply total I just locate myself always

returning to it whether it be using the emojis or I suggest it has emoji prediction as well so if I kind something maybe like plate I don’t recognize if a page so web page it came up you’ll see a web page that reveals up right there I like emoji forecast also I do not make use of emojis that much but when I type of wish to have a fun text message or something SwiftKey provides me that alternative now when it concerns the dialer I’ll keep it the supply application I don’t have a personalized application for that as well as email smart I only utilize the Gmail application whether it be with my Cuba King email or just my personal e-mail as well and also when it comes to the internet browser I use 2 different web browsers chrome and lightning internet browser I do not recognize if you’ve come across it Chrome obviously synchronizes all my data with my browser all that stuff in Lightning web browser it’s simply type of a light-weight web browser that I truly appreciate utilizing so allow’s attempt going to a web site genuine quick I don’t know if I’m close sufficient to the router to in fact attach to it so allow’s attempt TechnoBuffalo comm need to pack it up okay good so I packed it on up and also then over here you tap this and you have more tabs you can add a tab as well as there we go it’s extremely

quick extremely light as well as it works just how it should as well as I truly like it pinch-to-zoom is great I can not squeeze to zoom on a mobile internet site such as this however yeah you obtain the point I indicate total it’s simply an actually strong browser as well as I truly like it I indicate there’s not insane quantity of functionality of an incognito browser a brand-new tab all those various things that you anticipate out of a web browser and also it simply works so lining web browser is what I make use of for various points and if I require something that needs to be synced with my desktop computer I’ll just go on and also pack up Chrome too okay when it boils down to the camera I usually make use of the supply electronic camera application you’ll see here on my galaxy s6 just utilizing the supply cam application and also I normally do that throughout all the phones that I do use and after that to see those photos I will certainly make use of the new Google Photos application which has

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unlimited storage so when I take a picture it immediately backs it up as well as I don’t have to fret about sinking in or anything like that I can simply toss it up on my computer system and also it and it reveals up good moving along the widgets you’ll see on top of my screen below this is something that includes the samsung supply launcher right below truthfully on my very own display I always have a clock and also weather condition widget regardless of what I like to click on the weather condition and show the projection throughout hourly or day-to-day when it involves per hour weather condition I really like to go to Google now and also make use of there are really weather just cuz it’s it’s just sort of what I like to do you’ll see I’ll scroll down I’ll find the climate I already considered it’s not very essential now so allow’s most likely to the climate and also duck and it tons up and also you can scroll this bar and know I think what percent chance of rainfall humidity went wind and the temperature it’s gon na be throughout scrolling and you can do that with all these numerous days just kind of the forecast all the great stuff to make sure that’s what I such as to utilize a whole lot you’ll see it’s from weather condition comm yet it’s within Google now recognize an additional widget I use I always have on the second page I only have two pages which seems to be an usual point for you guys I did a poll on my

Google And also page you’ll see the typical Google search voice search also and also a Pandora widget right there which I do listen to a fair bit speaking of songs apps Pandora’s why I make use of a lot of coming over here I use Beatport which is kind of more of EDM style simply new songs things like that SoundCloud as well to discover brand-new music and play songs I basically sync my whole library to google play songs so you’ll see if I most likely to artists cds songs I have literally all my tunes precisely right here it’s synced over the cloud you need data to pay attention to them or you can listen to them offline today just recently they included stations also that have advertisements on them however I may change over to this as opposed to making use of Pandora we’ll see exactly how it will certainly see exactly how great I like it now when it involves pc gaming truthfully I don’t do excessive mobile pc gaming I will certainly do it occasionally though so I do have a great respectable quantity of video games on below this changes every one of the time so I’m constantly searching for new enjoyable games to play a nova 3 is actually a fun first first-person shooter video game that I like to play this is in fact

project mode today but however I favor multi gamer setting the graphics are great as well as it’s pretty extreme in fact so it’s difficult to play with this cam however I mean overall it’s a fun first-person shooter I advise it to those of you that that do in fact like first-person shooters currently limbo is another game I have that really is pretty basic with controls you left right or dive however you can I have to navigate around as well as it truly makes you believe you need to move things to kind of dive on things and also determine what you need to do to in fact survive the level it’s a little bit hard sometimes a little aggravating as well but it keeps me assuming and I simulate to play it I’m attempting to make it through a little of the story degree now currently one more video game I such as to play that over really already defeated is called Monument Valley the graphics are just truly appealing the noises behave also it’s just generally an enjoyable video game I want it was actually a little longer the story setting and whatever as well as I wish it was a little harder nonetheless it’s it’s a rather fun game I think the paid paid app though and if you do not feel like paying for it yet

overall it’s a rather fun video game that you could type of makes you assume as well believing video games are probably my general most likely to proceeding on direct a fun game to have fun with a group of close friends two dots is one more game that all play too basically it resembles linking dots of the very same shade and also you make it through different degrees it keeps you amused for a great amount of time it’s excellent for car trips all that great things so absolutely check it out if you have an interest in a video game like that allowed’s proceed to my social applications undoubtedly as a few of you know I use social media fairly a little bit you’ll see I simply have the typical Facebook app and also the common Twitter application nonetheless I desire to alter that so recommend an excellent Twitter application option for me child Phoenix possibly Falcon Pro let me understand what you individuals make use of Instagram as well I have that there you can follow me and also all of these clearly periscope is something new that I’ve really been using much more and a lot more and also I want to keep making use of so you can follow me there it synchronizes with Twitter also so periscope you can live stream video clips so it’s.

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actually a whole lot of enjoyable to do you can comment as well as speak to people so I actually delighted in doing that so a Yik yak as well as something that it’s a little goofy it type of is a bulletin board you can really say whatever you desire in any of these and in any kind of location so a knows your location and it appears messages that people post in your area and also I have a Netflix membership also I enjoy that on my phone at time oh and also I can not forget I have snapchat also absolutely follow me there I such as to post some points there you’ll see possibly you can take a picture of that on your phone I don’t understand if that’ll overcome the screen or whatnot but yeah I do take place snapchat rather a bit also alright allow’s undergo several of the applications that I such as to make use of relay it’s actually a reddit client that I truly appreciate it’s possibly my favorite one I tried a number of them and this is just the one that I kept returning to so if you utilize reddit relay it’s kind of where I obtain my information all that enjoyable things that I such as to consider let’s go in advance and return to applications currently pushbullet is one more terrific app it allows you sync and also view your notifications on your computer so highly advised by me pushbullet VLC is really a video clip player application I do not utilize it as well much but it is.

essentially typically my go-to for seeing video clips and all the videos that I have on my tool all actors is an additional excellent one if you are attempting to locate a player to toss a video clip on your chromecast so I have a chromecast too and also I make use of all cast I think push establish that don’t get me don’t hold me to that Android wear I have because I have a moto 360 GasBuddy is one more excellent one for those of you that I’m sure a great deal of you understand about it you can actually just find a great deal of gas near you all that good things that you can sort it by fuel type I suggest not fuel type fuel price range all that great things so you can see all the gas prices in your location if there’s a pair stations by me I’m gon na go to one that’s 10 cents less expensive if it’s on my method fine to unzip data I utilize this app called rar clearly in the Play Store I change between fairly a little bit but I like to conserve some of my SMS messages so I make use of SMS back-up and recover I just hit back-up it supports the entire file promptly and afterwards I email it to myself and after that on my brand-new gadget I’ll download it via my Gmail application and after that simply go on and also restore it with the precise same application as I discussed.

Nova Launcher right there speedtest.net running speed tests of program WordPress I utilize that to manage my web site after ship it’s a respectable one I do not have any kind of deliveries right currently however you can track shipments so I had a shipment monitoring number carrier and title it’ll provide you alerts all that excellent things because clearly I obtain a suitable quantity of shipment so that’s one more good one to in fact have indeed submit traveler is one more good one to scroll via and take care of all your documents if you’re trying to mount particular applications side lots them all that excellent things alright advance origin apps so I’m not rooted presently even if 5.1.1 on the s6 does not have it so I have not rooted it actually yet titanium back-up in greenify are my 2 main ones titanium back-up to essentially backup all my applications and application information also and also you can recover it if you’re rooted obviously and after that greenify you can hibernate apps so you’ll see I have these these apps hibernated right below that just do not run unless I in fact open them myself and afterwards ultimately let’s go to Google Apps so.

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right here’s the Google Apps that I utilize most I presume Google+ Maps I like maps truthfully I utilize all of it the time YouTube certainly as YouTube hangouts requires an overhaul an aesthetic and rate overhaul Google keep is amazing it’s good to sync all my notes on all my numerous gadgets so you’ll see I just have a great deal of different notes you’ll see on my phone I have the notes for this video clip on here and also I simply syncs between all my gadgets images I discussed google fit truthfully I just utilize that to track my steps that’s the only factor I actually use it and afterwards benefits is one more one so viewpoint incentives provides you Google Play credit rating right there it’ll give you studies so it’ll be like hey simply most likely to Chili’s just recently when did you go all that excellent stuff also and after that workshop YouTube workshop is an application that gives me data on the YouTube video clips that I publish an allows me on fuse.

simply period just all that excellent things thumbs up thumbs down so offer this video clip a thumbs up and I’ll see it on my YouTube workshop application yet general that’s simply what I have actually been using on my phone lately it transforms gradually so I’ll maintain doing these video clips I keep them updated like I claimed provide me pointers if you intend to see some cooler stuff well I presume things that’s what gets on my phones like I said following video clip you’ll possibly see a totally different phone even if I change them so frequently which’s truly it so make sure to follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ as well as snapchats right there as well dan that’s really it register for me too whole lots of videos ahead soon and also thank you quite everyone.

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