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How to Unroot / Unbrick the Samsung Galaxy S III – Latest How to Manually Update Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III to LF9 from LEN

hello everyone tim scofield here from as well as today is a really amazing video clip for me this is the first video i’ve in fact made after striking 150 000 subscribers so thanks so much men for all of you that watch my video clips follow me i can’t inform you just how much i appreciate it there’s mosting likely to be an upgrade video clip possibly a free gift quickly coming quickly so remain tuned subscribe if you have not however currently i’m going to do a complete review on heaven workshop g now the studio g is actually the least costly android phone i have actually ever before utilized it is 99 opened off contract you can obtain it from ideal buy features specifications like a 5 inch display 1.3 gigahertz quad-core cpu 512 megabytes of ram and also 4 gigabytes of internal storage currently with that said really low cost tag comes some pros as well as disadvantages so let’s go on and take an extremely close appearance at the blue studio g as well as assess everything right so let’s proceed and also discuss the design of the tool so like i claimed a 5 inch display screen um it’s a little bit thick a little bit a lot more thick than i’m used to anyhow it’s nothing as well crazy though it’s not very thick or anything like that you’ll see three switches that’s it for physical switches you

have quantity up quantity down as well as the power switch below both of those buttons down the bottom you have definitely nothing which leaves you to think well what’s on top you have the charging port micro usb and then you have the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack which i will claim obtains extremely loud so if you listen to a great deal of songs out of speakers linked into supporting cord or headphones etc it does obtain really loud continuing on like nothing on the left side like i said the only switches are the power and quantity buttons now the rear of the tool is actually detachable so you can totally take it off which indicates the battery is detachable my instance is you could need to purchase additional batteries from blue itself it’s a 2 000 milliamp hr battery so not large some remarkable functions among them being double sim card assistance extremely essential for some individuals so you’ll see sim 2 sim 1 i don’t have dual sim so i do not require it yet some individuals do and additionally really important to have a micro sd card slot due to the fact that it only includes four gigabytes of interior storage space turning it over you do

have an audio speaker on the back which is simply alright honestly rather standard sound quality i would state a below typical audio quality and also second-rate volume also after that you have a 5 megapixel cam right there nice blue logo design and after that on the front you have a front-facing video camera and that’s truly concerning it because you do have on-screen buttons alright so allow’s go on as well as speak about the display you have a five inch display screen as well as it’s a 480 by 854 resolution so not 720p anything like that honestly for 99 the screen is alright it’s simply i imply it gets the job done i haven’t had way too many problems with it it does not have problems or anything like that it’s simply all right like i said it doesn’t have a crazy high screen resolution or anything however it certainly does the job yet some points i have actually observed is certain times you can kind of see the pixels on the display which is all right uh screen level of sensitivity it’s not extremely delicate so in some cases when you push a button you need to push it numerous times for it to really register which i mean it’s just the display level of sensitivity not being really high kind of irritating at times but i presume you can type of get used to it as well as likewise certainly it being a 480p display when you watch youtube video clips your just option is to enjoy in 480p too um as well as as soon as again like i stated the screen’s pretty standard it gets the job done for basic points okay so let’s go on to software program currently so it does run android 4.4 kitkat and also it will be updated to android 5.0 lollipop later this year uh below’s a lock screen you have a.

shortcut to go google now you have an unlock option and after that a shortcut to a video camera you likewise have a faster way to a video camera over below where you can swipe over as well as it will certainly open the camera application it’s type of interesting that they consisted of two faster ways to the camera so you’ll see opening up on up right there it really did not take too lengthy to open it up but on the whole continuing with the software application it had not been the google currently launcher was included with the software application like i claimed it did have 512 megabytes of ram which can actually cause some concerns with multitasking as well as with the launcher launcher redraw to kind of give you an instance of what i mean by launch or redraw i’m mosting likely to enter into an app for instance picking a wallpaper or this takes place when you remain in applications etc if you intend to go on and also scroll via locate a wallpaper as well as i struck set wallpaper as well as it goes back to the house screen you’ll see the house launcher refill it’s doing that due to the fact that it’s setting a brand-new wallpaper however it will do that redraw when you remain in apps or certain things even if it has actually limited ram then obviously there’s multitasking and also with the limited ram multitasking is a bit much more challenging to have numerous apps open even if they begin closing as a result of the minimal ram um i imply if you do not do crazy heavy multitasking it’s great but if you’re listening to songs behind-the-scenes.

you’re opening up a great deal of applications i have actually had issues where the music application would actually close even if it has that limited ram now additionally in regards to the software program like i claimed it had a 1.3 gigahertz quad-core cpu with 512 megabytes of ram i have actually seen that running premium games they simply collapse they truthfully simply will certainly attempt as well as pack and afterwards they will crash high-end graphics video games so i don’t know if the hardware just does not maintain so below’s goat simulator which is type of a high-end graphic mobile game and you’ll notice it’s attempting to lots however after that i haven’t gotten it past this display in fact it will certainly just collapse i do not know if a software application update can fix that or what happens if it’s simply hardware constraints that uh that will not enable it to function so you’ll see right there um it’ll simply return to your house screen your residence screen they’ll have to do a revise due to the fact that it’s using excessive ram um however more ea golf closes well like i claimed the much more greater and visuals intensive games however you have games like crossy roadway that function fine uh pba obstacle functions also that a person is type of graphic intensive it works zigzag was functioning so the more much less visuals intensive video games worked great yet the more greater visuals.

intensive games simply wouldn’t open generally so overall standard functions function snapchat functions pandora reddit i indicate all the standard points facebook twitter every one of those are just mosting likely to function like i stated when you reach even more higher uh visuals extensive games is when you type of encounter issues likewise with the software program it’s essentially stock android with extremely few small tweaks so you see you draw down you have quick wit panel widgets right below you got wi-fi bluetooth they’re a bit changed you’ll see you have a cast screen choice which is great you can touch on audio accounts exterior conferences silent basic you have display timeout just some numerous fast toggles that that you do have which i have not found out a way to modify yet so they’re pretty a lot stuck there you can enter into setups um a few other included points like i stated audio profiles it’s a twin sim phone as i pointed out previously so you have a sim administration if you wished to sort of adjustment which sim solutions phone calls which one obtains data etc an additional included feature is the schedule power on as well as off however like i stated overall basically supply android nothing invasive like i claimed it has the.

google currently launcher which is clearly unpredictable if you don’t want the google currently launcher you can go into the play shop as well as transform it out you can transform out the key-board like i stated usage the google key-board several points that you can change due to the fact that it runs android currently let’s relocation on to the electronic camera like i said a 5 megapixel electronic camera on the back and allow me simply claim it takes images that’s kind of basically what it’s needed for nothing insane concentrating is challenging often it takes a while to focus as well as you require to ensure you hold the cam steady when taking the photo or else it’s going to shed emphasis currently you do have some electronic camera functions such as face beauty setting you have panorama mode over right here you have another one that’s multi-angle view setting as well as you can simply type of take pictures from several angles you have hdr setting as well which assists with the images but like i said you really have to hold your phone constant to get a solid picture now if i wish to scroll with some of the images that i took here’s a pair i’m just type of intend to make a note.

that in good lighting images transform out all right um i imply if you use it for basic things like snapchat you can get alright images out of it however don’t anticipate anything crazy excellent so you’ll see some respectable information in some of these photos but like i claimed the lights was good um total it’s just been fine i do intend to make a note that it does have an led flash which is rather solid as well even if of comparison possibly the moto e doesn’t have one which is sort of upsetting due to the fact that i use this for a flashlight rather usually so a nice added touch with the flash on a 99 phone i guess i ought to include however on the whole the shades are fine in these images simply sort of like i said nothing insane when it comes to the camera yet anyways let’s discuss battery life uh so right currently there’s really a great indication of exactly how battery life’s been i’ve been utilizing it on wi-fi throughout the day however so allow me proceed and also speak about it so you’ll see it’s at 19 today it’s been virtually eight hours on battery and also then display on schedule has been concerning 3 hours and 38 mins to ensure that being claimed that’s a bit high compared to what i’ve been obtaining even if i’ve been on.

wi-fi throughout the day so if you aren’t always on wi-fi you’re gon na obtain much less i average around maybe like three hours a day um pretty hefty usage i suggest i get a whole lot of e-mails um i do a whole lot on my phone whether it’s appearance at newspaper article take snapchats all that stuff so i mean general like i said display times about three hours it doesn’t obtain me via the day totally so typically i’m going to need to toss it on the charger in the center of the day simply to sort of increase it a little bit when i’m driving i’m constantly going to include the charger just to make sure i don’t run out of battery and also lastly a nice added touch is you can add battery percentage up to your top of your status bar and talking of not being on wi-fi it just has hp a plus so no lte like i said it’s 99 dollars uh so no out to e yet i’m going to run a quick rate test on hspa plus that’s going to depend upon your carrier i’m on t-mobile today your area all that stuff so simply type of remember this is my certain place and i’m on t-mobile okay to make sure that completed you’ll see practically 7 megabits per second down and also 2.26 megabits per 2nd upload so solid rates on hspa plus now i just wish to wrap things up offer some last ideas on the workshop g from blue now when you get a budget plan gadget as well as you look at a gadget that’s 99 off agreement you’re gon na have to make some sacrifices you’re not.

gon na obtain a high-end cam crazy amounts of ram all those things so you’re gon na require to make sacrifices of training course that’s the whole point of it being a budget tool so the main question to ask is is it worth it so is it worth 99 unlocked and also i would certainly claim so indeed if you’re if you’re someone that truly requires to cut prices and search for a budget plan device i would certainly claim go all out the minimal ram is kind of a downer even if multitasking is type of tough the camera’s not truly that terrific but total what you obtain for 99 is quite strong they stated they will update it to lollipop perhaps that will certainly deal with some of the the concerns with the higher end gaming so if you’re a person that wishes to do some higher end video gaming you might wish to look elsewhere at a bit a lot more higher rate tool but anyways that’s it that’s my full testimonial on the workshop g from blue hope you individuals liked it if you did if you might click that thumbs up button i ‘d really value it like i stated subscribe to me uh whole lots more to come so specifically because you guys offer me such wonderful support so follow me on facebook twitter google plus i’ll links in the summary of the video listed below and also as always people thanks extremely much you.

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