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How to Unroot / Unbrick the Samsung Galaxy S III – Latest How to Manually Update Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III to LF9 from LEN

each suggestion Scofield here from Cuba King 77 calm and also today I have not only the galaxy s6 with the galaxy s5 due to the fact that I’m mosting likely to be doing a contrast between the two currently not a full contrast I’m in fact just comparing TouchWiz on both of them simply because there are differences between the blow features and so on there are distinctions visually also so I’m going to flaunt what’s various concerning the galaxy s5 and also the galaxy s6 when it concerns software program and also TouchWiz alright so I’m mosting likely to activate both devices as well as reach the lock display you can see a little different the clock up there the climate too you do not have that on the s5 you simply have the clock and also the date and then the icons in the bottom left as well as bottom right are a little bit different the phone and the cam icons so yeah it’s a little different both are running lollipop I actually have turned the lock display computer animation off on both of them so if I secure them at the exact same time essentially they have to do with the exact same speed if I simply you’ll see so really similar to opening however if you do have an

animation on it alters the rate so simply type of make note of that of course 6 when a computer animation got on did open a little slower than the s5 when animations were on alright simply going to show you men I get on Android version you see a little bit different 5.0 and 5.0 factor 2 that’s not I do not believe linked to these modifications in TouchWiz truthfully I don’t understand if any one of these updates on the s6 are mosting likely to come to the s5 we’ll see soon I do not understand okay so let’s chat concerning something that’s pretty important to me that’s bloatware as well as a sense of apps that are set up and can’t be uninstalled so you can disable them or not do anything to them yet if they can’t be uninstalled they’re basically bloatware there are some undoubtedly supply applications like the calculator schedule that are necessary as well as aren’t bloatware however I went ahead and type of put in placed them both in folders bloat folders and also there’s more applications mounted on the s6 for certain than the s5 you’ll see Skype onedrive OneNote those are all brand-new on the s6 since I believe Microsoft as well as Samsung up a collaboration Amazon that got on their search that’s on there there’s just other ones

you see milks on there and after that on the s5 I didn’t necessarily see any of those added ones just see instagrams even one and to offer you an idea I’m in fact mosting likely to try and mount the what’s app application on your six as well as you’ll see only handicapped is alternative is an option so you can not uninstall that particular app or any one of these apps to to be straightforward one last point it may be more carrier specific so this may not be real for your gadget your certain service provider gadget depending on if it’s unlocked if it gets on an US service provider etc it could differ so this is the t-mobile s6 and also the Sprint s5 okay so let’s compare the residence launcher and the application cabinet so if I press them at the same time you’ll see the s5 opens up a little bit quicker than the s6 with a different animation also within the application drawer the s5 has continuous scrolling as well as the s6 does not see you it in fact quits at the end so currently returning to the home launcher if you press as well as hang on the house launcher you’ll see it’ll load up you can edit eliminate things on the s6 you can obtain rid of Flipboard which is on the left really let me reveal you that so if you swipe over to the left on the s5 you obtain my publication and also after that on the s6 you obtain an alternative for Flipboard which I’ve in fact disabled you just push this checkmark to allow or disable Flipboard you can disable my publication on the s5 also within the app setup with the residence screen settings so if I go to residence screen setups you just uncheck my magazine you can additionally change the transition effects on the house display otherwise add widgets wallpaper that’s regarding it and also then on the s6 one

wonderful function is the display grid so I’ve really transformed mine to 5 5 by five this is actually 4 by 4 on the s5 you can have four by four in the s6 also if you want however I select 5.5 by 5 which is truly nice since I want to have more applications on my home display on much less displays rather than more displays and much less room after that certainly you have wallpapers widgets and after that motifs is a brand-new one so motifs is right here you’ll see you obtained various ones you can download and install from the store that needs to with any luck get upgraded once again individuals include even more motifs to the to that store one more fast distinction is that folders is a little various so you’ll see the s5 shows a bit much more applications than the s6 does likewise you can alter the color pattern within the s6 if you want orange you want environment-friendly just a little light theming that you can do within this an additional modification is when you press as well as hold the recent running applications switch right below so certainly if you load it up it’s mosting likely to pack up your recent running applications there’s both at the exact same time if you press as well as hold it on the s5 it acts as a menu button actually and after that if you press as well as hold it on the s6 and X as an activation for multi-window the difference would be the pulldown bar so allow’s go ahead and also check it out so you’ll see right

right here just a little bit distinction in a sense of in fact one way to tell is you’ll see outside let’s state I enter into this dialer application so you’ll see the eco-friendly there you can see the environment-friendly left wing as well as right side of the pulldown bar whereas on the s6 it uses up the entire side of the screen to make sure that’s just a little visual adjustment overall pretty comparable though if I intend to go ahead you’ll see there’s an edit option right here to transform these quick panel toggles as well as there’s an icon right there that’s one point you’ll see message over icons at the very least when checking things so here’s if you want to see a quick distinction like I stated these might be various with Wi-Fi calling and so on depending on what provider model that you do have likewise one more distinction cosmetically with the keyboard you’ll see simply a little various a little bit a lot more small on the s6 which is better I in fact such as a little bit much better it kind of looks sort of like the iOS key-board I’m not gon na lie a bit a lot more so you’ll see right below if we most likely to icons pretty comparable absolutely nothing really reorganized simply kind of visual changes with the key-board currently I intend to go ahead and also show off the cam so I push the current applications switch on both and you’ll see there’s a close all below and then a close all below icon versus text like I said earlier so if I hit close all below and afterwards shut all there and after that what we want to do is go into the cam so you’ll see something I want to direct out is that simply the

speed this is not always touch related but tool related with the opening so I’m gon na push the video camera symbol on both of them at the same time and also you’ll see a little bit faster I’m ahead I have actually had much more lag it ‘d be lengthy take much longer in the s5 than I carry the s6 simply generally to ensure that’s just something that’s kind of recognizable on it you’ll see the viewfinder is a bit various with setting being flipped the where the pictures that have actually taken have been switched the flip to the front-facing video cameras down at the base instead of the top on the s6 so simply in general some differences one more one would be the settings food selection so I press setups on the s5 you’ll see it’s just sort of these quick panel toggles and after that a setups is in fact an entire nother page on the s6 so simply a lot more visual changes with extremely comparable settings that you can transform I wish to chat concerning some of the applications that are various cosmetically as well as I presume some modifications while you’ll discover watch the computer animation when I open up the dialer application so you’ll see a little bit various with the homescreen kind of lessening on the f6 and just sort of swiping up just a little of various animation below’s the dialer like I stated a little bit various too if I conceal the dialer below there’s a choice to conceal it it in fact brings me to my get in touches with so below’s the calls you’ll see another dialer button right there type of more material layout if I go to get in touches with below there’s no

dialer button in all to bring the dialer back up as well as the contacts generally are just a little bit various so a bit smaller a bit more portable not using up as much space one more app being the calculator just a little updated once more I didn’t take into consideration these bloat due to the fact that they’re just beneficial as well as not as well as practically on every phone generally so little visual modification there and afterwards you’ll see the calendar app has been absolutely edited and it looks far better on the s6 than the s5 ideally like I claimed this these updates do come to the s5 too along with the s6 all right so allow’s go in advance and discuss settings and features that are on one as well as not the various other so among them is called pop-up home window so if I enter into it’s only for specific applications but if I get on a s6 it’s not on the s5 if I swipe from the edge you’ll see I can resize this and this is actually on the note 4 as well as not the s5 for one reason or another so I don’t know why but you’ll see you have a little symbol you can have numerous applications going if I intend to go the dialer I don’t in fact do not think the dialer would be sustained so

we most likely to Gmail genuine quick and swipe from the edge you’ll see Gmail is supported as well and you can go with I imply you’ll see I can scroll via switch in between apps quickly I can reduce them simply by compressing that as well as going down and also you’ll see they just have little app symbols drifting there that you can reorganize and so on so a nice added attribute there that needs to be on the s5 but it is not now a pair includes on the s5 that aren’t on the s6 toolbox being among them so allow me flaunt tool kit the tool kit is added you’ll see it’s this little three dots right here that it get included and you can tailor them by applications as well as they’re simply fast shortcuts to applications that that is out the s6 an additional one being one-handed notices allow me return to the settings there you’ll see one-handed operation exists I can not find it on the s6 another one being err view that is out the s6 but it gets on the s5 where you float your finger and a little pop-up shows up I do not truly use these features so it’s not that big of a bargain that’s not they’re just fascinating

that they’re type of deep packing the s6 with decreasing these attributes and currently we go to activities and also gestures on the s6 and you’ll see there’s only four direct phone call if you pick up the phone when you remain in a message or something you have clever sharp you have mute when you turn the tool over as well as palm swipe to capture so those are the only 4 as well as if I go to motions and also gestures on the s5 you have air browse direct call smart sharp mute time out as well as pulse webcasters so air browse is the just one that is on there however they lessened air view on the s6 and also after that finally I desired to cover setups so you’ll see fast settings combined into a much smaller sized one that you can edit whereas fast setups on right here is extremely lengthy as well as large uses up a lot of room you can also change fast settings you can see it as a grid deem well so you’ll see simply these pictures as well as you can watch it as a tab consider as well so several choices that you do need to view it whereas on here you truly don’t have any type of modifications and I like it so a lot extra on the galaxy s6 it’s its combined there’s not added

settings so this is it this is simply a feeling menu where you have all these different tabs or this long scroll bar if I most likely to list view once again so you’ll see checklist view scrolling down it takes forever to obtain via so if I do both the very same time when we promptly swipe down there you go so you’ll see it’s simply got a lot more on below rather a lot more settle on the f6 feeling so Samsung excellent task obtaining that upgraded however it needs ahead to gadgets like the note 4 as well as the s5 alright but that’s it everything I wished to cover in between the s6 and the s5 at the very least when it concerns TouchWiz in the software application I will certainly do a complete comparison video clip in between the 2 so remain tuned for that make certain to subscribe and also follow me on Facebook Twitter Google+ always in the strip need to be listed below and also as always men thanks quite

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