Moto X Pure Edition Unboxing and Impressions

every one tip Scofield here from Cuba King 77 deck I’m here with Motorola’s latest flagship the Moto X pure addition that was customized through moto maker which is really cool to use I really like it a lot actually so I’m gonna go ahead and unbox this guy show you what’s in the box I know it comes with a protective bumper as well so I’m going to show that off give some first impressions on the device run-through show off some things so let’s go ahead and open it up okay so the box is just a little bit bigger than I had actually expected it to be let’s go ahead and see I guess why with the extra-large box I should say also I have some couple phones I want to do the whole size comparison with including the note 5 and the Moto G ok so let’s go ahead and pop this open and you see it opens just like this and here is Moto X pure edition greeted with the device right away very simplistic you’ll see I’ll peel this front cover off and it’s just essentially a grey and with a blue back right here you’ll see

Moto X pure edition it’s just cardboard and then open this up and you got the accessories and then booklets on the left here that we’re under the Vice so let’s see what quick real quick what booklets there are classic readme and stay protected and smart not easier device looks like you have a sim ejector as well right here and then of course you have your turbo charging which is actually a pretty big AC adapter right here and then connected so not a USB cable that’s so strange so when you want to plug it your phone into your PC or something you can you have to use another one so that’s a little weird they do that you’ll see it actually even says turbo at the end of that connector right there so let’s go and grab the phone and turn it on press and hold that power button embedded 3000 milliamp hour battery and then here is that bumper case that I want to test out real quick so you’ll see it has no back I can put my arm through it if I want to and then let’s go ahead and snap it on ok after a little while I figured out the easiest way to get this a snap on and that would be to actually pop the top in from the back like this and then it

snaps on really easy so once you get that particular method down you’re good to go so here it is with the actual bumper case on you’ll see it kind of protrudes out obviously it’s gonna protect the outside of the device if you do drop it or something I will test it I’ll let you guys know how it is in the full review video but the sake of this unboxing I’m actually just gonna go ahead and take it off its pretty easy to take off you just kind of pop like that and that we can kind of look again a little closer look I should say at the device itself let’s go ahead and run through the setup all right so essentially stock lollipops setup with Wi-Fi date/time all that stuff I’m not gonna do a migration as well from anything and it takes you directly to the home screen so here it is the Moto X pure edition now here’s a bit of a close-up of the design and you’ll see that texture that’s on the back which is actually on the Moto G as well it that little dimple below the camera and flash here is where the SIM card goes you have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack up at the top flipping it over down at the

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bottom you have a microUSB slot and then of course on the front here is where your speakers are your dual speakers you got up one up the top and then one down at the bottom they do protrude out just a little bit they aren’t flush with the device they do kind of pop out a little bit now the buttons on the right side of the device are similar to the previous ones where the volume rockers are below the power button and the power button has a bit of a texture to it that you can kind of distinguish between the volume buttons in the power button which I actually personally like a lot anyways let’s run through a couple things so here’s that 5.7 inch display on the front you do have sensors in the bottom corners and up at the top along with the front-facing camera here is the Moto G actually with a five mega pick I’m in 5-inch display so you’ll see there’s a bit of a difference size-wise in the clipping on over you’ll see it looks very similar on the back just kind of looks like a little bit of a larger one however the device the buttons feel a little more premium less

springy and then here’s the Galaxy Note 5 with the same size display to give you a bit of an idea it looks like the note 5 is a little bit taller I should say just a bit taller and then I guess weight wise they feel very similar real world wise so to give you an idea then thickness the Moto X is a bit more of a curve to it as opposed to a flat flat look to it as well and with the Moto X pure edition you essentially get stock Android with a couple added tweaks as well that Motorola likes to add in which I’m okay with you’ll see android 5.1 which is the latest operating system which is lollipop of course hopefully gets an Android M update soon after em actually does get released hasn’t even been released yet but five point one is the latest so you’ll see it does come with moto which is one way you can make it yours they adjust automatically go hands-free for driving notify you at a glance and reacts to movement are you in yes so we’re gonna try this out I’m gonna do this maybe later and you’ll see you can pick a phrase I’m gonna do that later as well so touch the mic to save things and then right here you’ll see actions so I react to motion

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approach chop twice for flashlight lift remote a voice or twist for quick quick captures now the one I want to try is lift for Moto voice I haven’t used this one just yet so you’ll see you just put it up to your ear and then it’s going to essentially be like you’re on a call you can make a command so let’s try it I’m gonna throw it up to my ear real quick hey how are you doing so it beeped once it was in my ear as if through the earpiece right there it’s not gonna work because I don’t have any data connection but you’ll see it popped up you can say different things calls weather anything like that and of course you have moto display as well that reacts to motion or if you get a notification you can view it real quickly I want to go ahead and snap a quick picture and let’s go ahead and do so so we are just gonna focus on something right there and take a picture maybe over there as well now swipe over go to the gallery and here we go so here’s a picture obviously nothing too crazy I’m gonna go ahead and do a lot more testing before my full review so I can let you guys know how it is I really hope it’s good because the Moto X 2014 was just kind of okay

but overall the bezels seemed smaller than the previous generation I can actually grab it and show you so the bezels are smaller of course and gives it a very sleek look to it I’m pretty excited to try this out if the camera and battery life are up to par I could potentially seeing this being one of the best phones out there it has a Snapdragon 808 which has been just fine in previous testings on other phones that have that processor so overall let me know you think if you think you should wait and wait and see what Google does with the next especially because this is very similar to stock Android with all of these apps animations all of that stuff there’s not a lot of blow just so it’s added in nice and neat features so let me know you think about the Moto X pure edition leave a comment you found Facebook Twitter Google+ subscribe to my channel as well like I said review video coming soon that’s about it guys so thank you very much have a good day

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